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Hashwriter.org and @hashwriter is run by a University trained scholar obsessed with quality cannabis and ice-water hash. With a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature Criticism and Theory from the University of California Santa Cruz, my literary talents are fine tuned. My degree in education prepares me to share my life-long study of cannabis with oothers. With two Associate Degrees from Santa Rosa Junior College, my writing hinders on a humanitarian approach and appreciation for cannabis, not as a cash crop. My study of literature, professional writing, digital media theory, film study, legal theory, and human rights influence all of my work. My training and work as a literary scholar enabled me to fill a vacant need for consumer education, information, and some desperately needed direction for the emerging markets.

As a 20 year prior resident of Steamboat Springs, CO, I have now witnessed two states implementation of retail cannabis laws. Cannabis was enmeshed in my life from an early age. By 16 or 17 I began growing hydroponic cannabis and continued to do so for about 5-6 years. I've aided and assisted with some major indoor grow operations, bucking, trimming, harvesting etc. I've fulfilled numerous cannabis consulting roles dating back to Colorado in 2012. I worked in retail cannabis off and on the last several years while attending UCSC.

Since offering my services I've acquired clientele with a list of Cannabis Cup Award winning brands. From solventless edible companies to six-star hash and hash rosin producers and the Humboldt County farms they work with, I've written for and about top tier brands.

I've worked in and around the retail scene and can contribute significant material to bolster your businesses website and blog. SEO determines the order of search results and nothing increases your websites visibility like a well written and thorough blog. Whether it's read or not, your blog is the anchor and answer to low Goolge search rankings. 

In just six short months of running Hashwriter.org, I've surpassed the result rankings of sites like Leafly, Hightimes, WeedMaps and many more. How? By writing. An SEO optimized blog requires links to and from other articles, or back-linking from site to site. Tasked with contributing articles to your blog includes links to my catalog of articles, topics, key-words and terms create search results that blow away local competition



I've also written for commercial and retail producers used to extract and consume them with I've covered and will write abouot your brand the way only a life long cannabis consumer could: honestly. I've garnished a select list of elite brands I'm willing to work with and support and will never sacrifice my principles  in the name of advertisement. Bring the heat or find a copy writer to bullshit about it. I'm familiar with nearly every brand, product, and technique with a firm grasp on the entirety of this budding industry.


Looking at California's Cannabis Industry, the gap in knowledge between producers and consumers was startlingly apparent. The information offered ranges from 420 memes to complex articles for the professional grower with almost nothing in between. Utilize my talents as a literary scholar to represent your brand and product while keying in on consumer concern and demands. My study of literature and language enables me to communicate complex information in language geared toward the consumer. By bridging this gap between producers and consumers, you build brand loyalty, earn consumers' trust, and inspire the long-term success of the brand. Marketing transparency is the current hurdle that requires a lifelong cannabis consumer to adequately do the job. Stop paying generic copy writers to write about Cannabis. It really shows!

With Google Ads campaigns off-limits to cannabis and cannabis related brands marketing options are severely limited. With fewer choices website S.E.O. (anchored by a strong blog), social media marketing, and web-site collaborations are the remaining options. Paying top dollar for the experience of a Digital Media Marketing firm will provide the front and flash but no substance, To meet the expectations of growing a following, steady content and engaging writing is where I come in.


Google-Ad campaigns are off limits with no sign of change in the foreseeable future. Google has commented specifically on the matter stating there will be no paid promotion for psychoactive substances for medicinal or recreational reasons. You need a writer that understands the ins and outs of cannabis along with the extraction technologies fueling consumer demands. After years of cannabis consulting, I have my finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry and have earned the trust and respect of some well-known and respected names and brands in the cannabis community. I have the one thing no one else has and the one need every media marketing agency is after: A voice of knowledge, experience, and direction for cannabis that people are willing to hear.                                       

                                                       Let's chat! 727-424-8504 -Nick Bucci




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