About Us

Having spent over 20 years in Steamboat Springs, CO, before moving to California, I've witnessed the approval and implementation of retail cannabis laws in two states. As a lifelong consumer of cannabis, I have studied the plant, the people, and the culture indefinitely. I present a rare opportunity for professional content writing and coaching from an industry expert with two decades of cannabis knowledge.

I write feature articles, SEO Blog Posts, educational articles, farm profiles, promos, media-marketing, and anything else requiring some phonetic cohesion and critical insight. I take some pretty-wicked macro shots of hash too, seen here. As a one man team, I'm able to offer so much more, for so much less. Ready?

HashWriter.org and @HashWriter Media is owned and operated by a University of California trained scholar with decades of first-hand cannabis insight. With a Bachelors Degree in English Literature Criticism and Theory, my work and my writing utilizes critical thinking to translate complex ideas into easy to understand terms. This prepares me to write engaging, informative, and memorable material for your brand. I offer my writing services and online presence to connect the best hash makers, cultivators, and product creators to their newest fans. I also work with clients/consumers to educate and inform their decision making.













 Nick Bucci @HashWriter