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ASS-HOLES Making Hash Holes & Who Still Smokes The Plant?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

It's hard to believe the hype that has quickly been built around a product which enables deceit in so many ways. I really thought my readers would keep this one at arm's length, and I do believe they have, seeing through the smoke and mirrors to realize the immense drawbacks from such an overpriced-blunder of a product. This article explores a critical look at this new product category, while shedding some light on the topic of smoked cannabis plants in the modern age.

What is a Hash Hole?

A "hash-hole" is a pre-rolled joint or blunt, usually joint, that has about one half gram of rosin snaked and rolled into the center of the joint, surrounded by flower. All said, nearing a gram of rosin and a few grams of flower, these "Hash-Holes" call for an absurd markup in price, while hiding quality behind labels.

Roll your own... Deal

Before I trash them, let me say as always, there is a place and a person for almost every product. Endless cash? Go nuts! New to the scene without a clue how to roll your own? I'd recommend trying and figuring it out (watch KIDS and add a rosin snake). But unless you are made of money, these hash-holes just might mark the newest low in consumer value. And we will never knock someone who wants to roll their own for a special occasion, and you should roll your own, as it's the only way to prevent the issues detailed next.

Hash-Hole Prices

We asked around for some pricing and were blown away by the tag on these things! With taxes and all accounted for, these Hash Holes run anywhere from 45 to 75 dollars a piece! . Who knows what is being rolled into the center of that joint, however.

At best, it allows producers to make use of mid-grade rosin, oftentimes from the batches or flavors that didn't sell. At worst, you get a bit of bulk food-grade rosin rolled up nice and tight, hidden from view. One thing is for certain, don't expect to get to their high grade material, as this provides another outlet for lower quality cannabis.

The assembly-line goes as follows: Ice water hash, fresh press rosin, rosin badder, rosin sauces and rosin vapes, to hash-holes and edibles as a last rosin-resort. And the level of quality of a product mirrors this order of operations from high to low.

The Flower & Service

The flower wrapped around your hash, oh boy, is going to be the usual run of the mill pre-roll shake, relying on the high thc percentage of the rosin to make the flower all but unnoticeable. While I haven't purchased a pre-roll or a hash-hole ever (but have had several), it's no surprise that pre-made products like pre-rolls, force you to pay a ridiculous sum for the service and convenience. Service and convenience is something I totally understand and am willing to pay for, yet this type of scenario happens once, maybe twice per year. However, brands have pumped these out like daily smokes and with so much hash-hole hype, someone needed to offer a consumer opinion.

The Infuriating Part

Since six-star hash was unleashed, and it became possible to remove and preserve the entire trichome gland head cleanly separated not just from the plant, but from the trichome stem as well, our aims were clarified. Nothing else was needed and full melt or six star hash became the pinnacle achievement in the history of cannabis and its extracts. Peep this close-up of a near six star-hash (that I'd honestly consider no higher than a solid 5 star cleanliness) and you will notice maybe one or two trichome stems in the entire picture, surrounded by perfectly round trichome heads:

ice water hash grades and styles and macro to see the details.
Ice Water Hash made up of many Trichome Heads. You can see a bit of green plant material and one obvious trichome stem, amongst trichome gland head heaven.

When the first ice-water hash brands claimed to be free of trichome-stems, it was hard to believe or imagine. We quickly learned how precise ice water hash is, nearly eliminating the trichome stems just like the rest of the plant materials. It's a pretty wild and precise result. A jar full of trichome heads.

Why would you want to smoke anything else, any other way?

And after we zoom out a bit. Ice water Hashish:

ice water hashish and cannabis trichomes photo