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Sterilizing The Plant: Creating A "Culture" Divorced From History, Meaning, and Circumstance

Updated: Mar 20

As the diamond tip of the deadly spear, cannabis is the cornerstone of our modern systems of racism and mass incarceration. And with the creation of legal markets, there's been a tendency to divorce cannabis from the War on Drugs, as it enters the sphere of acceptability...

The cause is two-fold, with passionate smokers like myself wanting to put as much space between cannabis and other substances as possible for real and objectively valid reasons, meanwhile divorcing the plant from the destructive War on Drugs and mass incarceration surrounding us. Power would like nothing more, than for cannabis Prohibition (and its endless list of blatant and dangerous government lies) to be swept from the public mind entirely.

Canvas Print Hand Embellished by Terrell Jones titled: "Moribund Melody"
Canvas Print Hand Embellished by Terrell Jones titled: "Moribund Melody"

Do we use cannabis to help all addicts, especially those still or newly incarcerated, or stand on their heads to push cannabis forward?

It's something I've pondered often, trying to figure out where cannabis sits and orients itself in relation to the people and past and present injustices. Desperation will allow for a long list of unthinkable outcomes, none of which bothers me more than the current short-sighted nature of quick, cannabis greed. From the opioid epidemic, to methamphetamine, and fentanyl, these problems originate from the same place of Prohibition, so it made sense to separate the two for the freedom of cannabis early on. Now that she has all the momentum necessary, its time to remember the rest of the drug war and it's blatant lies for the safety of the community.

For the sake and benefit of this miraculous plant, we've turned our backs to those who need us most, diving headfirst into a "culture" of mass consumption. For Guy Debord, official culture is a "rigged game", where conservative powers forbid subversive ideas to have direct access to the public discourse, and where such ideas are integrated only after being trivialized and sterilized.[8] Just another reason for the holdup in federally legalizing cannabis. Only once it has been tamed and taxed and sterilized for the general public, disconnected from its very real legacy of racism, mass incarceration, and the Prison Industrial Complex will cannabis be acceptable nationwide. To act now would be to admit great failure and damage, some of which could still be undone.

The about face turn in cannabis legislation and public acceptance, implies unsound leadership and propaganda where evidence-based information was needed. But, no one is going to admit the lie, letting enough time pass to pacify memory. It's just like those early 1900's Hashish Parlors in New York, which conveniently were shielded from future generations knowledge.

"Knowledge of empirical facts remains abstract and superficial as long as it is not concretized by being related to the whole situation," said Debord in his 1959 film. As though cannabis is only safe when it's devoid of politics, an inherent contradiction that grows truer by each passing day (and smoking Trump fan). By defusing their revolutionary potential and imposing unnatural dichotomies such as the "separation of art from politics" to use Debord's example, or cannabis & Corrections to use my own, only then are they safe for sale. "Once artistic-intellectual works are separated from current events and from a comprehensive critique of society, they are sterilized and can be safely integrated into the official culture and the public discourseto the benefit of the bourgeoisie.

A comprehensive critique of society, through the lens of cannabis, is a brutal story of violent policing, utter contradiction, and blatant lies, resulting in devastation to communities in poverty. Culture. #culture. or #cannabisculture ... what a word. We have no true culture and this isn't specific to weed. It's a word worth lingering upon.

Culture is the one-way discourse between consumer and corporation. The isolating affirmation of connection "online" or through our possessions, separating each from the others. "Spectators are linked solely by their one-way relationship to the very center that keeps them isolated from each other. The spectacle thus reunites the separated, but it reunites them only in their separateness." The ideal condition for new connections to develop, without the power of the people in perpetuity.

Covid was far too convenient to occur precisely when it did, and the technical prowess and limitations imposed. When they needed everyone's info they knocked a tower down and forced the Patriot Act through. When the people were discontented and proud parties stood in defiance, protesting together, they hit us with Covid and isolated us from our own power; a power they fear the most: Our Numbers.

What we consider culture is what is actually called industry. Culture exists outside the confines of financial incentives and is corrupted by the infusion of a money system. We have lived without a real culture for hundreds of years, making it appear as though we're culturally intensive, despite being confused by mass-consumption propaganda. Propaganda like religious holidays. What we consider culture, is the watered down remnants of an idea, divorced from meaning, and safe for mindless, mass-consumption.





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