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@GOATX_Official BABY, GOATX: The DREAM COME TRUE, Live Rosin from A New Player With Deep Roots

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Ganjery Distribution presents @GOATX_Official, the latest solventless live rosin player with a few enormous advantages over the competition. Well connected after nearly three decades of informing and supplying growers and farmers, Ganjery Distro embarks on its latest mission to deliver the "Greatest of all Terpenes" through the revolutionary art of solventless hash and live rosin. This enables @GOATX_Official to source the best batches of premium fresh-frozen cannabis from the best farms throughout California and the Emerald Triangle. As a purely Tier #1 product, each box aims to present a prime and unique cultivar experience.

goatx live rosin logo with black goatx letters and a green and white circle logo that looks like a crown with three trichomes on the points.
GOATX "The Greatest of All Terpenes" in the House!

GOATX Live Rosin to California Markets

For anyone that is yet to try these modern miracles in progress, there's a whole new world of cannabis just waiting to be explored. Modern methods enable us to experience the plant just as Mother Nature intended, without the plant material, without harsh chemical solvents for extraction, and without smoke. The cannabis dream has now come true.

the GOATX logo of a white crown on a green backround with the crown having round trichome looking points on top.
@GOATX_Official on the GRAM. Give them a follow.

GOATX is on flex

@GOATX_official provided us with a sample platter of sorts, to hear what I had to say about the new brand. For now everything is a cold-cured live hash rosin, or a hash rosin badder, with a few different textures depending largely upon the cultivar or strain. While GOATX was in agreement that fresh press rosin is the bomb, the textures they're hitting on the cold-cures is fantastic. I'm sure some fresh press will leak out in the future (hopefully), but for now these textures are to die for.

hash rosin badder goatx
Wakanda Rosin Badder from GOATX

I was delightfully surprised by @GOATX_Official and their phenomenal new flavors, so let's go...

WAKANDA Live Rosin (not the Kingdom)

(Purple Punch X Nigerian Haze)

Wakanda is a unique and highly sought-after cultivar taking its name from the fictional African nation of Wakanda, popularized by the Marvel Comics and cinematic universe. The variety of cannabis is named for its association with superior qualities and unique effects, akin to the advanced technology and extraordinary attributes of the Wakanda Kingdom. Stan Lee, we raise your Wakanda to the power of cannabis.

love rosin badder consistency in its jar from the brand GOATX
Wakanda From GOATX Live Hash Rosin Badder

A yellow hue has been an indicator for a freakish flavor and Wakanda is all that and a bit more. This profile provides plenty of depth, with both gas and a sweet finish. Leaning more toward a fruity profile, the full bodied gas delivers a real punch, with the sweet finish acting as the proverbial cherry on top.

With minimal agitation from a dab tool (see the #baddertech page) the Wakanda Live Rosin is just waiting to gush with terpene juices and releases a powerful scent of the sweetest chronic. The Nigerian Haze that makes up half of this cross is an interesting specimen and most likely delivers its potent effects. Check out the Nigerian Haze half of Wakanda's genetic lineage:

Grab a few of these, before I smoke them all.

RAINBOW BELTz 3.0 Live Rosin

(Zkittlez X Moonbow)

A hard hitting Rainbow Beltz? Really? Oh, yeah, for whatever the priors lacked, the 3.0 comes staunch and stacked, ready to deliver. Don’t let her color fool you, this one rips with sugary skittle shells. Despite being "everyone's" favorite, there were a lot of flavor-filled cuts that did not pack the punch required last season. I love the rainbow belts flavor profile as much as anyone, yet without an effect, why bother? Thankfully, rainbow belts in its third edition delivers everything we wanted in the first:

Skittle-shell, candy-coated flavoring with a side of pink bubble-gum and potently cerebral effects

a dab of live hash rosin sitting on a dab tool about to be dabbed.
RBB 3.0 Live Rosin Dab Shot. Go give @GOATX a follow!

Expect to find notes of berries, slight citrus, and candy-like sweetness. The taste follows the aroma profile, offering a delightful blend of fruity and sugary flavors coming from the father variety of Zkittlez. A palate shockingly akin to a handful of skittles, here's your chance to experience the unadulterated taste of this rare and exceptionally pleasing flavor.


(Sunset Strudel x Strawberry Fritter)

Genetics are complicated... Oftentimes labeling the parental units ("varieties") does little to narrow things down, making it easy to get lost in a hurry. This Strawberry Strudel is a perfect example so let's break it down:

Sunset Strudel

The Sunset Strudel half is made up of Sunset Sherbet X Fresh Toast. Sunset Sherbet is Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties. Pink Panties is an OG Kush X Burma and works off of the Hindu Kush lineage. Back to Fresh Toast, which is also an OG Kush x Face Off OG. That's about far enough, remembering that Girl Scout Cookies come from ambiguous roots, similar to OG's.

Strawberry Fritter

The Strawberry Fritter half is made up of Apple Fritters X Strawberries & Cream. Apple Fritters is Sour Apple X Animal Cookies and the Strawberries and Cream is Strawberry Jelly X Cookies and Cream. Strawberry Jelly, a real favorite around here, is a Mimosa phenotype from a Clementine X Purple Punch cross. Animal Cookies is G.S.C. X Fire OG. The Sour Apple is Original Diesel X Cinderella 99... and Cookies and Cream is Starfighter X an unknown G.S.C. phenotype. Get the point?

Complexities aside, yum! For real. One of the best smelling and tasting rosins in a long time. Especially in the Strawberry range, with the Strudel supplying a taste and smell of fresh-baked, vanilla-pastry flavor. The Strawberry Jelly, renowned for it's jolly-rancher-style of strawberry, sits opposed to the doughy depths of the S. Strudel. This jar was a bit on the drier side, having more to do with the cultivar as the loud scent and equal flavor say she's in prime condition. There have been plenty of strawberry cultivars over the years, but none with the sweet and doughy flavor of fresh baked strudels and moist muffins. The Strudel made its mark.

white truffle cananbis hash badder live rosin shatter wax crumble styles.
White Truffle


One of the lightest-whitest rosin badders to come around in some time. With a nearly iridescent gleam coming from the heavy terpene coating (reminiscent of Grease Bucket), I was expecting a blast of fruity flavor, but looks are deceiving. Expecting the harsher terps of citrus or fruit on the inhale, the White Truffle delivered a smooth knock-out punch of diesel powered fun. No sweet, all savory here.

hash rosin jar
White Truffle Live Rosin From GOATX. Support and get the full story in "The Hashish Manifesto".

This mysterious new wonder in the hash world comes from unknown genetics, but is said to be crossed with the award winning Gorilla Butter cuts. She exhibits an array of flavors that include pepper or spice, earth, mushrooms, and maybe the slightest hint of garlic mixed with diesel. A real earthy find for the funk and gas-lovers of the world. Gorilla Butter phenos include Death Star, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Original Glue. Prime and proven stock, from a lineage of award winning flavors.

GOATX Live Hash Rosin
White Truffle Live Rosin From Goatx

And she's far whiter and brighter in person than any of these shots captured. As one of the lightest and whitest to come our way in the last year, her punishing effects can be felt around the forehead and temples, replicating the sensation of wearing a headband (and hence how Headband the cultivar received its name). This is a good sign indicating a cerebral effect that is lucid and energizing, while capturing full body feels. Users commonly report tasting a combination of woodiness and herbal tones, creating a complex and enjoyable palate, capped off by a delayed aftertaste of natural sweetness.

"Greatest of all Terps" brand slogan for GOATX
"The Greatest of all Terps," GOATX in the HOUSE! Give them a follow at @goatx_official


I'll never forget my first jar of Live Hash rosin, as it changed everything that was thought possible, smacking me across the face with the flavor of the fresh and living plant. This was the future of cannabis, realized and perfected in the here and now. Looking back, it was known and stated that the finest quality cannabis product will always be nothing but pure trichome glands. Removing and preserving these trichomes was a test for time. A test that's finally been accomplished.

Now a few years old, it's easy to forget how revolutionary these products are, completely dominating the black markets, and finally seeping out of the shadows and closets and onto retail shelves thanks to brands like @GOATX_Offical.

Go give the @GOATX_Official page a follow and let me know what you thought in the comments below.



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