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Going Full Strottle: Art, Science, and Dabs for All

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

When you’re a Strot, you’re a Strot all the way. That’s what they told me at my initiation into the Strottle Gang, which prides itself on advancing “the pursuit of art and science”. Thankfully, no jumping in was involved for membership. Those who stay current on innovative glass trends may know the slurper and blender well at this point, but the strottle (a portmanteau of “straw” and “bottle”) is still a bit more underground.

A Functional Revolution

A curved borosilicate straw, fused to a water pipe style of choice, subverts increasingly complicated nails and revives the ease of a nectar collector without limiting the design of the piece. One of the originators of the movement calls it “the most groundbreaking revolution in dabbing technology the world has ever seen.” As explained by Strottle Gang associate Many Moons Glass, who makes a quartz strottle attachment for existing vessels, the movement started as a hot shop inside joke. Astonishing in its simplicity, giving the design a name in the first place was itself the joke, since it would have been impossible to claim intellectual property over such a low-tech modification. Since then, the Strottle Gang IG page has garnered attention with flicks of increasingly creative anteater-like rigs that don’t just look amusing, but function remarkably well too.

Strottle rig minitube with Brown Bag Seeds rosin and torch lighter
Strottin' my stuff behind Headies Hideout - Columbus, OH

The strottle doesn’t require nearly as much warming up as a standard banger to yield a satisfying dab, taking about 10-15 seconds to heat with a pocket-sized torch lighter and about double that to cool to a safe handling temperature. Even a standard lighter is sufficient to bring the Strottle to dab-ready temps thanks to the thinness of the vaporization area. With no dab tool necessary, users can simply crack open their favorite jar and dip the tip–a surprisingly conservative method for helping a gram make its way around a group session.

Stottle rig minitube and jar of rosin
Dip I dip you dip we dip

Minimizing the Dabbing Setup

Rather than leaving a puddle of liquid to clean up and toss out with a cotton swab, the strottle vaporizes dabs on contact. Any oil that melts and enters the straw has a second chance to vaporize as its surface area spreads out along the entry, and leftover droplets are fairly effortless to rinse out with alcohol or simply push back into the downstem with a flame. Anything that makes dabbing less daunting and more accessible is a win in my book, so an affordable one-piece rig that doesn’t require fiddling with a full-size torch, a loading tool, a cap and pearls, a handful of swabs, or an isopropyl dunk station to get the job done cleanly represents a big victory for sharing.

Lunchbox with strottle rig minitube and water
Lunchbox tek >>> plucked Peli

If electronics like Puffco products or the Evolv Cricket aren’t your tools of choice, the strottle offers an uncompromised outdoor or travel experience with a streamlined setup that fits in a cargo pocket. Carrying just a strottle and lighter, I could roll into town, buy a fresh jar, and sample it while standing up, not even needing a table to set anything down upon.