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The Fresh-Frozen Zeitgeist Unlocks Full-Melt Hash and Live Rosin

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

What if I were to say that no new technology was discovered for modern ice water hash? Because it wasn't. All of the techniques needed to produce the finest cannabis product ever achieved, were already in use somewhere else. So, what changed that led to the immaculate inception of six-star ice water hash and live rosin? ... let's find out!

live rosin
Finished Live Hash Rosin. Today's Best.

While solventless hash has changed the face of cannabis as we know it, recent discussions were revealing. Hydrocarbon BHO extractions dominated the first decade of retail cannabis, as the older methods of solventless were largely forgotten. For generations bubble hash has been made from the trim and scrap material collected during harvest, producing the three-star bubble hash that most are familiar with. Bubble hash was the utilitarian answer to left-over trim.

The problem with prior solventless bubble hash in a two to four-star quality, is that it cannot be dabbed the way even the lowest grade of chemically extracted cannabis can. Chemical extractions and further distillation removes and destroys so many of the valuable aspects contained within the plants trichome glands, that you're left with a clean melting oil (of the lowest possible grade). So while bubble-hash has been around for decades as a 2-3-4 star hashish, it was chemical extracts and BHO that led us to "dabbing".

Rosin Emerges

There was a time in late 2015 that a solventless form of flower rosin made a brief appearance on the shelves. This was a brand-new concept at the time, but receded into the background as BHO was improving fast. The additional price necessary to produce flower rosin made it more expensive than BHO, yet less potent and flavorful. It only took a gram or two of flower rosin to know my money was better spent on the new versions of BHO. Little did I know, the rosin press would soon be an integral part of making the best hash ever.

Again, no new solventless technology was discovered to create perfect six-star hashish or Live Rosin. We already had the bubble hash machines and filter-bag technology, along with the more recent rosin press invention. So, what suddenly changed to turn solventless hash into the perfect cannabis product it is today?

Fresh-Frozen Harvests

The answer was first discovered through BHO. Rather than harvesting and drying the cannabis as we have for decades, someone decided to freeze cannabis plants during the harvest. We know that cannabis loses most of its valuable terpenes, nearly 80%, during the drying and curing process. It would only make sense to flash freeze the crop upon harvesting and keep it frozen right through the extraction process.

Live Resin BHO was born, and quickly replaced the extracts of old. With a vastly superior spectrum of terpenes in the final product, these chemical extractions of Live Resin were set to dominate. At about the same time, solventless leaders put the pieces of the puzzle together and cannabis hasn't been the same since.

Fresh Frozen Wash

Using nearly identical methodology as we have for decades, bubble hash makers started washing fresh-frozen cannabis. The result was perfection. By freezing the plants prior to washing them in ice and water, it allowed for only the very tip or head of each trichome gland to easily and almost naturally break free from the plant. Properly grown and harvested cannabis trichomes have a seal or a joint, where the trichome head attaches to its stem. With minimal agitation the trichome heads can easily fall away from their much less potent stems. Once the bulk of cannabis material is removed from the water, the remaining trichomes are sieved or filtered out with mesh screens. This fresh-frozen method allowed bubble hash to become the Full-Melt or six-star quality of today.

fresh frozen cannabis
Fresh-Frozen Cannabis Being Washed

Live Hash Rosin

Once the wash period is complete and the trichomes have been dried using modern sublimation freeze-driers, only then can it be tested for its quality. If it melts clean it can be sold as ice water hash, but anything less than high five to six-star quality, is put through the rosin press. Now, instead of pressing whole and dried cannabis flowers into flower rosin, we are pressing the trichomes recovered during the ice water wash. By packaging the hash into small micron-specific mesh envelopes, the heated-pneumatic rosin press filters the outer membranes of trichomes and any remaining plant materials or contaminants. Boom- out pours a perfect mix of terpenes and cannabinoids from the source and Live Rosin was born.

Live Rosin Press in Action
Ice Water Hash being pressed into Live Rosin

And it was all thanks to the freeze. Even BHO chemical extracts are massively improved from the use of fresh frozen cannabis flowers. The solventless results are truly revolutionary. Nowhere else in cannabis have we ever experienced anything remotely similar to what live rosin and six-star hashish delivers. The closest product is cannabis flower itself, which is already missing nearly 80% of the terpenes that water hash includes. There's truly nothing else like it.


In Closing

Hash and rosin have quickly replaced all other products for their medicinal and recreational value. A comparison to all other products is not even close, with fresh frozen cannabis retaining all cannabinoids and terpenes present in the living plant. This refinement technique has quickly matured into an art form to be appreciated, as hash makers encapsulate the incredible work of California cannabis farmers.

The future is frozen. Want to experience cannabis the way Mother Nature intended minus smoking a dead plant? Get with the hash and rosin. The Fresh-Frozen zeitgeist is today's miracle, but tomorrow's standard product.

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