Gem Guice is Lit!!! (without the Hype)

Forget the terribly inaccurate portrayal of cannabis as codeine syrup, while recognizing the demand for easily consumable, safe, and solventless products. Enter Gem Guice. The first and only solventless drink enhancer available on California's recreational shelves. While the gummies come in a variety of flavors, the recent Gem Guice tincture is flavored with organic, locally grown fruit from @SmallFruitsFarm. Not only is the cannabis grown right here in Humboldt, but so are the fruits to flavor it! Talk about a hand-made product containing a ton of love. The people at Space Gem truly go all out to provide a consistently cared for product that continually surpasses expectations. Space Gem is the edible company for the California Cannabis market and anything else falls short. Just like the uniquely fruit flavored variety of Space Drops, the new Space Gem Gem Juice is Vegan, Organic, Solventless (of course), and made with the same all natural ingredients used in the gummies. Water, organic real sugar, (no high-fructose corn syrup), ice water Hash, organic coconut oil, citric acid, and fruit flavorings from Humboldt make up the jiggity-Gem-Guice. Gem Guice is a Cannabis infused beverage enhancer that can be added to almost anything or sipped straight from the bottle for fast relief. The High Times Cannabis Cup award winning brand uses solventless hash from Talking Trees Farm to infuse everything they make. The same sun-grown Humboldt hash that makes Space Drop Gummies so special, is used in the Gem Guice. As a local Humboldt County brand Space Gem is able to work with some incredible farms to source the freshest, finest, organic, sun-grown, cannabis thriving like no other place on earth. As the solventless edible originators, Space Gem is truly blessed by their farmers. Thanks to this amazing relationship with Talking Trees Farms, Space Gem infuses their products with premium ice water hash. Space Gem's Water hash is extracted from what is called whole-plant fresh frozen (WPFF) cannabis to provide the real full-spectrum effect. While others claim full spectrum and a host of random terms, their methods of chemical extraction deplete the vast majority of the products crucial components originally contained within the trichome glands. These crucial components originating within each and every trichome gland or "head," contain hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes missing from these other methods. Using ice and water to extract a high grade hashish product is the key to the extremely potent and powerful effects of each Space Drop and drip of their newest Gem Guice. With the concentrate world waking up to the solventless demands, grab your Space Gem's while you still can! Looking across the market there's a few other products using non-conventional techniques to infuse their products. Some are infusing their butter with cannabis directly rather than first extracting the trichomes into bubble hash. While this is preferred to all solvent or distillate edibles, it wouldn't go over so well in a gummy or syrup. It isn't easy to hide the taste and create a gummy from a plant. All the delicious, but almost useless gummies and candies on the market are made with pure THC distillates that are clear and have no taste. While these distillate extracts provide an extremely cost effective product, prices don't always reflect this. However, I do believe most if not all products have their place within the cannabis industry, so keep in mind my opinions on all cannabis products are positive. It's just a matter of putting things into perspective and understanding where they sit, or rank in their proper place. The use of ice water hash is unsurpassed among the concentrate industry and the same is true for quality edibles made from water hash. While other companies jump on the solventless bandwagon and try to infuse gummies with solventless hash, good luck! Space Gem spent the last seven years changing, altering, tweaking, and finally perfecting the art of pastry for the cannabis world. They were onto the water hash from the beginning. Solventless is the future and that revolution mentioned before? Yeah, it's in full-swing. The problem is many of these companies produce numerous products and set aside what is considered "food-grade" quality hash for the edible infusions. That's fine and dandy unless you actually want the same level of quality in your edibles that I hope you demand in your solventless hash. Space Gem's long running relationship with Talking Trees allows them to infuse their product with a premium ice water extract and not leftover scraps or trim run BHO. You will notice what's missing in other products after feeling the effects of the fast acting liquid Gem Guice, powered by water hash. And before all you hardcore types turn away there's a 600mg version available as a tincture too! Made by hand with blackberries picked from Small Fruits Farms! You can almost think of the Gem Juice as liquid gummies, just don't try to dab it. A hand-made product from start to finish that is extracted from cannabis using only ice and water. Many have already seen the miracle and certainly felt it too, with Space Gem and their Space Drops in super high-demand. Grab them and the Gem Guices while you still can!

Forget Mega-tron, Meet the HashAtron by Rosin Tech

Rosin Tech Industries has engineered, fabricated, and produced the undeniable future of the cannabis industry: automated ice water extraction. As ice water hash and rosin dominate the concentrate industry, it’s only a matter of time before the trickle-down effect is felt industry wide. The advancement of solventless extractions has already reached the edible market and prefilled vaporizer cartridges, topical lotions, and all other medicinal products are next in line. The Hashatron is the answer to the enormous demand for solventless extracts no other system can provide. Hook up electricity and water and you are ready to rock with the big boys. Custom Models For Every Size Known for building the highest quality rosin presses, ice water hash automation was Rosin Tech Industries next mountain to climb. The future is solventless extracts and the Hashatron is here to help. This self-contained, automated, and fully customizable design allows a model and option for everyone. From the hobby grower looking to professionalize a small lab to large scale commercial operations, the Hashatron has an option for you. Gain control over the washing process like never before and ensure the highest quality results from every wash. Touch Screen Control The Hashatron is an industry first, automating the ice water hash extraction process normally performed by hand. Combining numerous individual extraction technologies into one system allows the brain of the Hashatron to monitor and control exact details. With its 8-inch LCD touch screen display, the brain of the Hashatron relies on software developed to monitor and oversee all aspects of the water hash washing process. The Hashatron provides the first pharmaceutical grade, stainless steel machine and solventless lab set-up ready to dominate the solventless method. The “Brains” At its core, the Hashatron’s software or “brain” is controlled by the large touchscreen display. The smart design of the Hashatron’s software system is designed to monitor, record, and control variables of ice water hash production. By recording, documenting, and sharing data, the Hashatron’s an open source system of data and information. This means different producers can key in on successful settings developed and determined for different cannabis cultivars. This can save years of R&D by sharing data and configuring the most effective and efficient variables for each wash. By engineering and fabricating numerous pieces of hash washing hardware to work in unison, the Hashatron’s ready to run away with the game. Designed By US, For US Rosin Tech Industries latest brand Rosin Tech Labs produces incredible six-star hash and hash rosin using the exact Hashatron hardware and software now available to the public. The Hashatron was engineered in house for Rosin Tech Labs to meet the strict quality standards necessary to compete with top solventless producers. The proof’s in the pudding (or fresh press rosin that is) with the Hashatron producing certifiably incredible results. Plus, you don’t just get the machinery, you get this amazing group of people with decades of experience helping to get things up and running right. No Plastics The simple process of mixing ice, water, and cannabis before filtering the cannabis trichomes from the water has traditionally been accomplished with everyday objects. Plastic trash cans, plastic boating oars, and a few bubble bags is all it takes theoretically, to get up and running solventless extractions. However, mixing and washing some of the best cannabis on earth in plastic containers just won’t do. Regulation and heavy demand call for commercial and pharmaceutical grade builds. Luckily, the Hashatron is custom fabricated in-house from stainless steel to meet pharmaceutical grade requirements, while allowing the design and dimensions to meet your exact specifications. Customizable Sizes Looking to make unparalleled leaps in the speed and quality of solventless extraction? Starting with the 60-gallon washing vessel on top, the triple walled design brings precise control over the temperature of the wash. Instead of relying on ice and cold water alone, the Hashatron’s smart design monitors and adjusts to keep a consistent temperature throughout the wash. The three-wall design allows built-in cooling features to work as a thermal jacket around the inner wash basket for consistent temperatures. With a built-in water-cooling system, a 20-gallon Glycol chilled collection tank continuously cools and monitors the entire process of the wash. Built in features make this machine a one-man job to replace the grueling man-hours previously spent inside walk-in coolers. The man hours the Hashatron saves is worth the investment alone. Single Operator The guys at Rosin Tech Industries added the final touch by installing a crane arm that allows the Hashatron to be operated by a single person. No ladders, no helpers, as the bulk biomass can be lifted and placed inside the washing vessel with ease. And when the cycle finishes, you can run a second wash with the same water or flush it for a fresh wash with the press of a button. Easily remove the filter basket and lower it safely to the ground. Small features like the crane arm are proof of the years of development, experience, trial, and error necessary to perfect the art of solventless hash production. Better Equipment, Better Hash If you have the flower to match, the Hashatron is ready to pump out batch after batch of six-star ice water hash. No other system and no other equipment are designed for solventless automation, let alone on the scale the Hashatron can produce. It’s the final piece allowing solventless producers to command respect and meet the enormous demand for solventless hash. The Hashatron is the solventless extraction lab of the future, here today. If you’re tired of chasing, get ready to lead with the Hashatron by Rosin Tech Industries. #rosintechlabs #rosintech #rosintechproducts #shometheterps #hashwriter #hashatron #hashAtron #Sho #solventlessexperience #liverrosin #coldcure #hashautomation #futurehash #dabnation #hash #rosin #solventless #singlesource #transparency #cannabis #420 #concentrates #extracts #hashrosin #ROsinbudder #rosinbadder #zuboff #weed #hashwriter #dabnation #OG #hream #fingertech #baddertech #hashonomics #hashisacrime #hashnuts #hashistitepimp

Let's Get Solventless Straight

Storage tech and consumption of the best solventless hash needs a serious refresher course. With solventless hash finally starting to take off it's time to clarify a few things and get everybody on the same page. Here's the fundamental basics differentiating the variety of solventless or SHO products hitting the shelves and what to do with them. In order to never mention it again, flower rosin and bubble hash do still exist as other solventless options outside the process explained below. Bubble hash is washed from dried or cured cannabis rather than fresh-frozen cannabis and flower rosin is pressed directly from flowers, rather than extracting and pressing ice water hash into rosin. Flower rosin is the reason I usually avoid rosin badders, since it's easily mimicked by these older extraction techniques. Storage temperature for these products has little to no influence on the hash. Flower rosin aside, let's cover the key concepts in modern hash-making every consumer should understand. AND NOW, WE BEGIN Stage Numero Uno: ICE WATER HASH Everything begins with the hash. All consistencies of solventless rosin begin as an ice water hash extraction, making this the crucial first step for all live rosin processes to follow. Remember to let your jars of hash warm-up before opening to prevent condensation from forming! Frozen cannabis is mixed in water and ice allowing the trichome heads to gently break free from the plant. The water is then strained with mesh bags to remove and dry the isolated trichome heads before being sieved into a loose, sand-like texture. The hash will start to solidify or "grease" the moment it's removed from the freezer. It can be sold as ice water hash or undergo further refinements. Always keep ice water hash frozen between uses. Allow it to thaw before opening. Let your hash reach room temperature before dabbing and return it to the freezer in between each use. Dried out or caked-up water hash has no remedy, which is why constant freezing is so important. Water hash can be dabbed like normal or pressed into Hash Flags as explained here. Water Hash needs to be dabbed cooler than any other extract at around 500 degrees F. Read more on dab temps here. Fresh-Press Live Rosin Taking the same ice water hash as seen above, it's packaged inside small mesh envelopes. These envelopes of hash are placed between heated metal plates that use immense pressure and minimal heat to squeeze the ice water hash into the highest-grade live rosin. This fresh-press rosin can be packaged and sold or undergo additional processes. This is the stuff that requires freezing or refrigeration to prevent it from buttering-up or drying out. Freezing rosin halts the process. While some fresh-press rosin increases in flavor while buttering, others lose their flavor just as fast. You will find a relative balance between refrigeration and the time spent at room temperature for each dab. The rosin will naturally butter or begin turning opaque and solidifying more with each use. Always let your rosin warm up prior to dabbing. If your rosin was well cared for and remains translucent like below, it should be dense, but soft and gooey when warm enough to dab. You can taste a noticeable decline in terpenes once fresh-press dries out or cakes-up completely. For dry and buddered rosins there's no going back to the clear translucence it once was, but using the #baddertech shown here, will work wonders to revive dry-buttered rosin. Fresh-Press rosin is the most difficult consistency to achieve with the stability necessary. This is why so many producers elect to whip their fresh-press into a uniform badder. Fresh-Press Rosin in 3 Phases. Hash Rosin Badder Electing not to sell the fresh-press rosin, which requires constant refrigeration, the fresh-press rosin can be whipped into a stable badder consistency. Some producers use the cold-cure technique to finalize their rosin into an even and stable badder. Whipping, stirring, and changes in temperature help to turn fresh-press into a light colored rosin badder that can almost be white. As long as we are certain it is indeed hash rosin badder and not flower rosin disguised simply as "Rosin Badder", it can be some of the tastiest and most potent dabs around. While I say no to rosin badder from unknown producers, Papas Select, Rosin Tech Labs, and Frosty-fresh are a few exceptions to this rule. These types of badder maintain their appearance and don't require the care or cold-storage that fresh-press demands. Refrigeration never hurts, especially for longer-term storage, but I prefer to leave my rosin badders at room temperature after opening a new jar. Hash Rosin Sauce (Persy Rosin sauce)(Jar-tech) Recently, Rosin Sauce has become a thing. These mimic the consistency of BHO live resin sugars, but remain solventless. These rosin sauces follow the same pattern of steps as outlined above before some final touches (jar-tech) turn soft rosin badder into a crystalline-like texture known as sauce. These rosin sauces come in a range of consistencies unique to the genetic. Some have large noticeable diamonds, while others remain an apple-sauce consistency. Regardless of consistency, rosin sauce is stable at any temperature and designed for on the go use. That said, cold-storage never hurts, but isn't needed. I leave rosin sauce at room temperature where it's always ready to be dabbed. To Summarize Different forms of rosin begin as a fresh-press rosin of warm, dripping, and clear trichome juices like the shot below. Brands can sell it as fresh-press rosin or whip, stir, heat, cool, and cure their fresh-press rosin to create all kinds of other textures and consistencies. Rosin badders and cold-cures are homogenized, meaning they come in an even and stable consistency. Only two solventless products, ice water hash and fresh-press rosin, rely on temperature to maintain appearances. Make sure to freeze your water hash and keep fresh-press below 45 degrees. Each method has its advantages, and disadvantages, but fresh-press rosin remains the true measuring stick for clarity, quality, and success. Best Dab Consistency Everyone always asks the best consistency to dab fresh-press rosin and the answer is all of them! Each cultivar is best at different stages in the buttering process. Sometimes rosin can have some distinct changes in flavor as it butters and quite often a cultivar will lack the nose until warming up. I always want to try rosin as fresh as can be and at different stages of buttering. 710Labs rosins are often bland until starting to butter, whereas @Papas_Select rosin smacks you in the mouth from the first clear-stringy dab. #hashwriter #hashisacrime #hash #hashrosin #hashrosinbadder #hashrosinsauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #coldcure #jartech #cannabis #concentrates #cannabisconcentrates #hream #antisolventsolventlessclub #assc #humboldt #humboldtcannabis #sungrown #california #calibud #calicannabis #hashhash #tag #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow #growyourown

Hash Edibles Have Arrived

Who's tired of mass-produced edibles infused with the same THC distillate used in cheap vaporizer cartridges? Gross! Or didn't anyone tell you those Khana gummies (and nearly every other edible brand) infuses their products with the exact same extract used in the cheapest low-grade vape-carts? Well it's true. Those vape-carts you may have heard about using "non-cannabis derived terpenes" for taste, well they're adding these "food-grade" terpenes to Distillate. The same single cannabinoid, devoid of all terpenes, has been masked as "medicinal" and stuffed into edibles for too long without consumers fully understanding the science. Lookout distillates, your run is done. There's a good reason seasoned smokers gravitate toward solventless hash and good cannabis flower. Everything else is processed with chemicals and lacks a natural profile of molecules. While some cannabis concentrates use hydrocarbon solvents like butane and can preserve some of the naturally occurring terpenes, this isn't what's being used for edibles. Edibles and vape carts take extraction to its scientific limit by distilling and isolating THC, meanwhile removing hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to the effect. Viewed in the correct light, distillates do provide an incredibly cost effective way to extract THC, but for the average consumer distillates are best avoided entirely. Especially with the epic breakthrough in solventless extraction and the multitude of products offering so much more. Infused with Premium ice water hash from Talking Trees Farms, Space Gem Space Drops and Gem Juice aren't the stock and standard distillate edibles that leave so much to be desired. Nor are they a crossover company trying to do it all and their attention to detail speaks volumes. Space Gem has spent the past seven years working to perfect the solventless, vegan edibles offered today. Experience the real and noticeable effects of 200+ potential cannabinoids and countless terpenes only found in ice water hash. Trust me when I say this: once you go solventless, there's no going back. The concentrate market has firmly grasped this, now it's time for edible consumers to do the same. It takes one Space Drop to realize what others have been missing all along. For the medicinal patient, it angers me that you have been led so far astray. With most edibles still made from distillate, their claims of Sativa and Indica, day-time or night-time, etc. are blasphemous. Aside from removing hundreds of cannabinoids and countless terpenes that could potentially cause these effects, there's more: "Cannabis flowers and sugar leaves aren’t just rich with psychoactive compounds. They also contain essential fatty acids in triglycerides that aid in the absorption of THC and other cannabinoids into the body, increasing their bio-availability and enabling their therapeutic effects." Distillation removes all of these fatty acids, plant lipids, and waxes. So aside from the complex array of cannabinoids and terpenes removed from distillates, even their ability to deliver THC into the body is highly flawed. Research as far back as 2016 found: “Oral co-administration of lipids enhanced the systemic exposure of rats to THC and CBD by 2.5-fold and 3-fold, respectively, compared to lipid-free formulations.” (University of Nottingham UK) Simply stated, cannabis edibles should contain fats to maximize their effectiveness. What better fats to use than the cannabis plant’s own fatty acids? This study showed THC exposure to increase 2.5 to 3 times when combined with fatty lipids, which are removed from distillates. Certain brands have keyed onto this by infusing their edibles with canna-butter instead of distillates and the science is now confirmed. The list of negative aspects surrounding distillates just keeps getting longer the more we know. Washed by hand from small-batch Humboldt County cannabis flowers, the full spectrum preservation of Space Gem edibles is sure to have an impression. Hell, the re-usable tins that Space Drops come in are worth their cost alone! As the OG's of ice water hash edibles, Space Gem has earned my support and willingness to write about both their product and their brand. I've waited for years to find solventless edibles and Space Gem is the first to bring quality solventless edibles to California's Recreational cannabis market. #hash #hashedibles #spacegem #yoouareagem #icewaterhash #bubblehash #fullspectrum #distillates #dabs #cannabis #cbd #thc #solventless #icewaterweed #natural #vegan #organic #handmade #handcrafted #humboldt #humboldtcounty #spacegem #hash #rosin #420 #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #edibles #solventless #SHO #glutenfree #ganja #veganedibles #cannabisedibles #spacedrops #thc #humboldtcountycannabis #cannabis #herb #ganja #hashwriter #hashisacrime #hashlane #hashonomics #Gonzo #gonzojournalism #HST #KV

Focus V Carta E-Rig Smashes: A Real Rig for Real Hash Smokers and Beginners Alike

While today's cannabis extracts are evolving quickly, SHO is running away with the... SHOw. Never have we been able to preserve entire trichome heads, instead using harsh chemical solvents like butane to dissolve trichome heads, before purging the butane to extract THC. Now using just ice and water to extract, today’s hash represents the purest possible expression of each cannabis cultivar, and the highest quality product across the industry. By preserving the whole trichome head, ice water hash can be dabbed or pressed into rosin, but for many people busting out a blowtorch isn’t exactly ideal. Thankfully, the Carta is the perfect rig for everyone regardless of experience, to easily and conveniently enjoy the Solventless Experience. For a third less than other devices, the Carta by Focus V delivers a powerful product suitable for solventless extracts. While good-American quartz and a torch remain king (with a Terpometer), the Carta gives you the freedom to dab outdoors and on the go. For years I’ve been tied to my desk or coffee table when smoking hash with all the little tools necessary for consistently great dabs. The idea of bringing a torch, quartz, a glass rig, a carb. cap, a dab tool, and q-tips outside of home is unthinkable. With the Carta, you can load one small hit of hash rosin, put it in the carrying bag that comes with it and know you’re set wherever you go. A nice dab of hash rosin just 6-clicks away. Plus, it’s getting far more use than originally expected, providing the convenience I’m often looking for. Don’t Usually Dab? For anyone who missed dabbing during the BHO decade, but are drawn to ice water hash and rosin, the Carta is the go-to device. Using the Carta makes dabbing water hash and rosin as easy as loading wax into a pen, yet the Carta provides so much more. From the water filtration, to the atomizer and quartz insert, the Carta is a vastly improved experience compared to prior electronic devices that destroy solventless dabs. Tech While previous pens used red hot coils to vaporize butane hash, these coils destroy solventless extracts. The ceramic cartridge pen eliminates direct contact between your hash and red-hot coils and was an improvement, but still a meager experience considering the possibilities. Combining nearly a decade of research and design, the Carta utilizes the best elements and technologies to deliver the perfect electronic dab rig at the right price. Plus, you get everything necessary without needing to purchase all sorts of accessories. It’s ready to go right out of the box. Set-up Everlast Atomizer The Carta comes with the Everlast atomizer that’s built to last. The atomizer attaches to the Carta base but should be fully assembled first. Use the quartz insert for solventless dabs. It sits directly inside the atomizer base and the ceramic top with rubber sleeve screws on top. The reverse threading of the ceramic top piece prevents over tightening the atomizer and will unscrew right as the atomizer is sufficiently tight into the base. There’s a sweet spot when the atomizer base and ceramic top piece are sufficiently tight, just before the top piece begins to unscrew. Glass and Water The Carta’s no-spill design provides the same level of filtration as any solid dab rig. Remove the glass attachment before filling it with water to prevent damage to the electrical base. Keep the water level low at no more than an inch or two deep. Reattach the glass with the small hole on the bottom facing toward the atomizer. Attach the carb cap and rubber leash and you’re ready to rock! Dab Time Once everything is attached, preload your dab into the Carta’s insert. Five clicks will turn the Carta on. Once it flashes on, press the button again when you’re ready to dab and it will cycle through temperature presets. Each click will cycle through one of four preset temperatures and automatically turn on at the preset chosen. I recommend starting at the first preset for ice water hash and the second preset for rosin. Once the Carta vibrates and flashes green, it's ready to hit. I usually run it for two cycles with each dab. You will begin to get a feel for it and dial things in to your exact liking. Here’s Some Tips Try to apply your dab to the bottom of the insert and not on the walls. This is often the trickiest part and you will notice the walls do not get as warm. Before the first use or when your Carta is cold, let it run one cycle on the lowest preset. This warms the insert some and makes it easier to then apply the dab. Hit the Carta lightly! Inhaling too hard causes the hash to spill out of the insert and down into the atomizer. Long, steady pulls work best, so save your breath early for a good 30 second dab. Immediately Q-Tip the insert after each use. The Carta comes with some alcohol wipes that are useful for cleaning the ceramic top and carb cap. Keep it clean! Q-tips and alcohol will help keep everything running smoothly. For thicker and heavier smoke, the third preset works, but remember to keep hitting it and removing the cap between your hits to prevent it from becoming too hot and burning up your valuable terps. Lose the Carts While pre-filled cartridges used to make do they are an inferior product to today’s solventless methods and do not contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The use of CO2 and the distillation process isolates THC but removes up to two hundred other cannabinoids only found in cannabis flower and ice water hash. It’s beyond time to ditch the pens, prefills, and all other distillate products for modern hash using the Carta by Focus V. A Real Rig for when you need it most For the cost of a good American quartz banger, you can have an entire E-rig without the need for torches and butane. The often intimidating and unsightly blow torch is removed from the equation. The Carta heats up in a matter of seconds, delivering even temperatures that will ensure successful dabs even for the brand-new user. And for all those still rocking the torch like myself, the Carta is a luxury to have around. I've found that the Carta gets a lot more use than I’d have ever assumed. I honestly should have bought one years sooner.

My Temporary Break-Up with 710 Labs

This one isn’t easy but is long overdue. It’s difficult to state how much 710 Labs has meant to me and cannabis in general the last few years. Maybe the very reason I love them so much is because their marketing is so damn good (Hence the same reason I hate them). If you had told me hey, "we’re making a hash company and it will market itself. Thousands of kids all over the country (and the world for that matter), will be hurriedly off to purchase our product at twice the normal cost of concentrates and then market it for us across Instagram. Thousands will fill IG with our product and content for us to re-post, with our account basically growing itself. With our insane media presence and a few loopholes in CA law, we will be big enough to sell direct to the consumer. We will cater to celebrities with monthly or bi-weekly home deliveries to only those who we choose," I’d have said, goodnight. If it weren't for the revolutionary products of 710 Labs and my love of their cannabis, I probably wouldn't care like I do when things go poorly. For all the hype I hear, this company has never been anything but a mile ahead of the competition and anyone claiming it's all hype must be buying their BHO, or is yet to understand solventless extraction replacing chemical extraction with a process so superior, it leaves almost nothing to compare. Time and time again over the last three years they have delivered. Even when I expected shit to go south, thought the quality would decline, or thought they "sold-out" (whatever that means), they quickly proved otherwise and retained my full support. That is shocking from any company in any industry to do. I cannot stress enough how revolutionary 710 Labs has been and continues to be for the cannabis community. This is also why it has been easy to overlook some of the little things, without another option in sight. Cracks… The crack began with the pandemic, arguably a tough time for all and one we are still neck deep in. Cannabis sales sky-rocketed with unemployment benefits for everyone and an additional $600 dollars per week! Every cannabis company started to take off during a pandemic, leaving some producers I’ve spoken with feeling some guilt for their good fortune. With the whole country dying, people decided to look around and stop ignoring the constant and daily reminders that an armed force stands among us, terrorizing huge segments of American citizens. However, 710 did their loyal deed by attesting to the riots as any patriotic American would and recognizing the importance of protest (even when small fractions loot and riot) as fundamental to preserving whatever liberties and freedoms we have left. This, despite serious damage done to their Oakland facility. Seemed like a good time to start saving and slowing down on my hash consumption, but 710 Labs assured me things were cool and even celebrated the event (more genius marketing) by releasing “The Loot” and some other flavors left behind. The Coveted (but public) LIST They seemed to not miss a beat to be perfectly honest, until I heard the coveted List was open to the public. Seemed like a diligent way to show their appreciation to the 710 community by allowing anyone within Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego to get a drop. At the same time, I wondered how those already on The List would feel about it. I’m not sure if the List wasn’t selling out all the way and needed the public support, or if they did it out of the goodness of their hearts, but when semi-personalized email invites kept coming with passwords to order, their word began to not line up. So, for years they flaunted an insider’s List, one that requires an email with a password, that is no longer what it appears to be. I wondered when they would close the list to members only, but it never happened. Having collected as many phone numbers (hashline, text-drops) and email addresses as possible in the months prior to the List going public, anyone who has any interest whatsoever would receive passwords. They showed their hand. Early 2018 Drops Let’s go back in time to see how it started. A friend gave me word that 710 Labs was expanding to California and it seemed just that quick their product was hitting shelves. For their first 6 months to a year or more, 710 Labs would drop at a couple dispensaries in each town. Problem was, they never came back. It was almost a guarantee back then, if you had 710 Labs in your store you probably wouldn’t again. Maybe it was their way of feeling out the dispensaries and seeing who they liked and who to avoid, however if that’s the case they did a very poor job. I can’t tell you how many dispensaries selling 710 Labs hadn’t the slightest clue about the product, that is, if they even bothered to inform their workers that the products on the shelf. Despite dispensary outreach, training, and bud-tender tutorials, it absolutely did not show. For this and many other issues consumers are running into, it is a failure of the dispensary to not explain each and every product to their bud-tenders. Restaurants communicate the menu, the specials, what's new, and what's 86-ed (sold out) at the beginning of every night to their wait-staff. Dispensaries need to adopt this practice fast! No, this was a genius way to drop their unrivaled products and bounce without a trace. As quick as real cannabis hash entered your life, boom it was gone, leaving everyone who had a taste literally hunting (@huntinghash) for more. Throughout the whole state of CA, I watched as the same towns would get the next drop, but always different stores. Seems they had made it a point not to drop at the same place twice. From the very beginning of 2018, almost no one carried 710 Labs, yet everyone had begun to hear their name. This was around the start of 2018 when drops were shown on IG. Finally, a few stores started to become regulars and it was finally possible to locate, purchase, and consume hash the way it’s supposed to be. The gap in knowledge was so wide, I felt it a necessity to begin sharing everything I knew and everything I learned about solventless hash. Anyone smoking those early jars of Live Rosin could see what was coming… The Solventless Revolution of course! Me, the ultra-critical consumer could find nothing bad about these hash gods. They have stayed on top longer than I expected and continue to produce phenomenal quality hash. That is, when they aren’t too busy making $500-dollar neutral-pastel faded sweatpants and three-quarter sleeve crew necks. The merchandise is great, but great when free. This is the kind of stuff they used to hand out in dispensaries after you spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the hash. Whatever happened to the Hash company, that grows for hash, and only sells hash in order to keep #qualityovereverything? It’s bad enough seeing the amount of BHO 710 Labs released the last year or so, and the Vape Cart pods are no exception. I’m yet to buy 710 Labs cartridges, but I also wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Anyone selling BHO is profiting hand over fist, so despite the occasional batch of BHO badder for the phenotype that refuses to produce solventless hash, the rest is motivated by profit margins. The margin for profit is exponentially greater using chemical solvents to blast cannabis into the genetically-modified, profile-altered, reintroduced terpene products we have all consumed the last ten or so years. Bad Hair Day Had the looting of their facility really hurt, we would understand! After months of their admittedly bad hair problem, I found that no one had reached out to make things right. At least ten grams of my live rosin contained some sort of hair or these small black synthetic-looking fibers that my followers were quick to point out. After some brief dealings with 710 Labs before the pandemic, I was in no mood to pursue replacements. I’m not the kind of person who comes bitching for free stuff, but after seeing others have their hash replaced, it seemed only right to ask again. I’d defended 710 Labs for months, assuming the hair was from my own dab tool or the like. I even thought maybe it was burnt cotton from q-tips, plant pistils, rosin bag strings, or debris from the new lids. Then I started to see it in nearly all of my grams and half my photos couldn’t be posted. I’d sent two or three emails and had gotten nowhere. They wanted receipts I didn’t have. That’s why I hit their DM’s hoping someone would look out and make things right, however they saw fit. I had asked that two or three grams be replaced and I would be happy. Aside from the hair, it was still incredible rosin that only two or three other companies can even compete with. I expected to be treated with some decency after showing so much support and understanding, but instead got lost in their bureaucratic bullshit over their own mistakes. Getting Touchy Eh? I made a comment somewhere that caused 710 Labs to finally reach out. It led to an all-day back and forth on I.G. DM’s trying to figure out the hold-up in service. Granted, I emailed the 710 Help rather than C.S. email I was unaware of, but had done the same last year with success. Anyone could have done the right thing and CC’d any of my three emails, or my DM's to the correct department. Several hours and DM’s later, they were still trying to see what went wrong, why there was a delay in service, or who messed up on their end, all the while being made to feel like I messed up. I was blamed for the delay after requesting to see my emails, open them, send screen shots etc., and then asked to send a fourth email so that “all 10 of my grams could be replaced.” That was three days ago, I still have not sent that email. Tattoo You! Let’s try this one on: Get a tattoo club and you receive 20% off for life, until about 15 people got the tattoo and 710 Labs’ lawyers said pull the plug. Understandable, as I was shocked they offered it to begin with knowing it was bound to cause problems, but talk about your word becoming garbage real fast. Too bad the kid was a total asshole or that might have sealed their fate for me. I honestly felt horrible for the poor kid who got the tattoo and received no love. Apparently, those with the ink are grandfathered in, but the whole ordeal just left a bad taste in my mouth seeing them go back on their word. Blocked This was right around the time their prickly sales crew started looking me up, not giving me credit, but wanting to see my #baddertech I assume. I was approached by this smug and disrespectful kid asking why I had their southern California Sales manager blocked. I wasn’t given a reason for why; I wasn’t even given a name. I informed him they weren’t blocked, but if he told me the name I would check, to which no answer came. Days later I asked why their sales manager was looking for my account in the first place and told: “You said you wanted to get to know us” and then he blocked me the next day. Instagram is weird. Hair Hash I wasn’t taken care of. They asked to see emails, open them up, look for their employees’ faults or failure to pass the word along, all the while failing to pass the word along. After hours of this, I was blamed for not sending a 4th total email and instructed to do so. I keep forgetting it was me that fucked up, like it was my fault. Like I’m supposed to go through the work to fix something that should never happen. Sorry 710 Labs for you having hair in your hash and me being a huge inconvenience to the company because that’s exactly how you made me feel. And I know they have made tons of others feel the same way, which is hard not to do when you’re on top. We shouldn't have even had to ask. This was a fuck-up across the board. Rather than forwarding the word along for me at any point of this two month process, they bickered about logistics. OUT-Sourced Tonight, as I was relieved and excited by some super quality tier 3 live rosin that just dropped, something caught my eye. The jars changed again and its probably the only reason I decided to take a closer look. A small sticker on one side says, “Cultivated by Valley Grove”. Outsourced from Valley Grove. The company all about single-source, the company that will only outsource or collaborate if it’s sold as a tier four, the company that didn’t take too much damage from the looting and would roll right along like it never happened, tried to sneak one by. Again, I feel deceived. I feel lied to. Had I not brought the question up I'm guessing it wouldn't have been mentioned. Had they come out and said, "Hey we were hit hard and are going to need others to help cultivate in order to meet the demand," I wouldn’t have blinked an eye. I would have said cool. Instead, now I’ve said all this. One More Chance... I never was good at breaking up regardless of the situation. I'm forgiving and reasonable and I think we can work things out. With competition rising and solventless companies coming out of the wood-work new options will appear. I don't love brands and I don't love companies, but I do love when they put out the highest quality hash. For years that company was 710 Labs and nobody else was even close, but I hope if nothing else, you hear what loyal fans and long-time consumers are saying. This Valley Grove Papaya X Layla is phenomenal. Is it sun grown? Hmmm.... Sun Grown Hash looks like the future...

Space Blog Episode 4: Binary Defying Space Drops [Sweet, Sour, and 1:1 CBD]

Despite the complexities of life everything from prior gender roles (male or female), to our political system (Republican or Democrat), to our prior understanding of Cannabis (sativa or indica) hinges on binaries... Either or. Up or down. Left or right, but without any room in the middle. If only life were that simple, but speaking at least for cannabis (gender roles and political parties too): IT IS NOT! Rather than shopping for cannabis products based on these outdated modes of prohibition rhetoric, its time we reach a deeper understanding of the cannabis we consume. Sativa or Indica? Science Says No While science has debunked the genetically unidentifiable myth of sativa or indica years ago, it remains a top concern to almost every retail consumer. It's really no wonder when these terms are blasted across packaging almost forcing their existence. Luckily, some brands have now gone as far as to issue gag-orders against the words. For all of modern cannabis, original "land-race" varieties have been bred and crossed leaving a hybridized genetic for almost every variety available today. Scientists cannot detect or distinguish indica or sativa genetics and the terms should have faded right then and there. Unable to scientifically distinguish a sativa or indica through regulated lab testing, it would be nothing short of false-marketing to claim a product is one or the other. As the solventless edible pioneer's, Space Gem foregoes these highly questionable marketing trends of labeling their Space Drops sativa or indica and instead offers their ice water hash edibles in Sour, Sweet, and a 1:1 CBD version. But, if science isn't your "thing," there are still more than enough reasons to forget the words sativa and indica when shopping for any retail cannabis product. Don't Be Fooled These terms sativa and indica have become the lingo of corporate marketing and manipulation every cannabis consumer should fear. Using the terminology sativa or indica to describe the effect or high produced, rather than the genetic itself, becomes another binary assumption doing no justice to the intricate variances of cannabis' potential effects. There is a whole lot of middle ground besides couch-lock and high energy, the two opposite effects usually associated with indicas and sativas. It's really become a lazy way to generalize a product without an honest take. The high is much more nuanced than our earlier understanding allows. Most modern cannabis varieties are well-rounded in the effects they produce. This is the idea behind crossing different genetic varieties after all, as you want the best of what each genetic has to offer. That is what Space Gem provides from single-source, sun-grown, Humboldt County cannabis. We have also seen the opposite effect from a strain labeled sativa or indica too many times to take the words seriously anymore. Proving the subjective and individual experience cannabis causes, to assume and label products sativa or indica can be equally misleading. Don't let indica or sativa labels steer you away from trying certain strains and products as the effects are so subjective and open to interpretation that you just might find a new favorite. The Usual Distillates Most of the industry's edible products and vape cartridges are made from the same THC distillate.These distillates are devoid of the terpenes and cannabinoids, which when present lead to the the Entourage Effect and dictate the high. Edibles made from cannabis distillate, are stripped clean of terpenes and hundreds of cannabinoids that are only present in solventless edibles like ice water hash. For most of the edible and vape products, they all contain the same THC distillate that lacks the terpenes and cannabinoids that would cause either an upward (sativa) or downward (indica) kind of high. You get the shell of a high missing all the best substance. It's become a pretty bad joke, using the cannabis communities own terminology to manipulate the unaware consumer. This misleading rhetoric blasted across the cannabis industry does not benefit customers in anyway. Weed itself is no longer good enough unless you have 50 different kinds to choose from and never get to try them all. And yet, somehow with tens of thousands of different cannabis varieties, they are all supposed to fit neatly into two specific categories of effect? I think not. #sativa #indica #sweet #sour #cbd #strain #buyersguide #solventless #hasheducation# hashwriter #hream #strains #phenotypes #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #KV #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #ogsmakebetterog #hashlane #terps #society #cannabiscures #medicalcannabis #love #community #joint #cannabisgrow #terpenes

Space Blog Episode 3: Ice Water Hash Explained

The exciting evolution of modern ice water hash has put new life into cannabis. For many life-long consumers who were turned off by the use of chemical solvents to process extracts from cannabis, the tides have turned. Ice Water Hash is changing everything cannabis related and the simplicity of ice and water extractions is truly astonishing. In theory, it's as simple as filtering cannabis trichomes that break free from the plant while submerged in water and ice. By combining the oldest hash making strategies with modern advances, solventless extraction, (a.k.a. ice water hash) is the epitome of quality in the cannabis community. There's a saying among the concentrate and dabbing community that goes something like "fire in, fire out." This means that solventless hash is only as good as the flower it is extracted from. For edibles, a product is only as good as the extract it is made from. With ice water hash dominating the concentrate industry, the method of extraction means everything to cannabis edibles. Aside from being vegan, organic, and absolutely delicious, Space Gem products are always made from single-source, 100% solventless, ice-water hash. Sifting and Straining Previous generations have used solventless extraction techniques to make hashish for thousands of years. Some older techniques forego the use of water and instead dry sift to filter cannabis through increasingly finer metal screens. Simple agitation like shaking cannabis buds on metal or mesh screens, allows the trichomes to break free from the plant and be collected underneath. Original Bubble Hash The 1960's and 70's introduced bubble-hash to American's utilizing the same basic concepts of solventless filtration that are being used today. While solventless forms of hashish were standard for decades, the use of ice and water was an effective and more efficient technique than dry-sifting the plants or flowers alone. This kind of dark brown bubble-hash that Baby Boomers are privy to, uses the exact processes we are again using to make ice-water hash. Cannabis has improved so much over the years of medicinal and recreational use that bubble hash was bound to improve. The only difference in technique from the 60's and 70's bubble hash to today's ice water hash, has to do with how we harvest the crop and the methods used to dry the hash. Fresh-Frozen Harvests For so long we attempted different forms of extraction and all kinds of chemical solvents, meanwhile overlooking how we harvest the plant. Rather than allowing cannabis to dry out and lose many of its valuable terpenes, cannabis is now flash-frozen immediately upon harvest. Freezing the plants at harvest has proven to have a wealth of benefits for both chemical extraction and solventless techniques. Freezing the crop makes it easier to extract and isolate cannabis trichome heads that break free from the plant in water. This Fresh-Frozen method also delivers a product vastly superior in its terpene and cannabinoid profiles, since it preserves them at their peak state of ripeness. Right off the plant flavor and love. No other extraction technique delivers a full-spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids that contribute directly to the Entourage Effect, like Ice-Water Hash infused products. For those that missed our article, the Entourage Effect is when cannabis is most effective, propelled along by a variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes working in unison to determine the quality of effect. Ice Water Hash Once frozen, the cannabis plants are put in a mesh bag and submerged in a bucket of Ice and water. The cannabis, ice, and water are manually stirred for a bit, before the bulk of cannabis material is removed. What remains suspended in water are whole trichome heads. The agitation under water causes the frozen trichome heads (as seen below) to snap-free from their stems. Any trichome stems that do break off the plant are filtered out, along with any remaining plant material until the only thing left is round trichome heads like those pictured below. Freezing the cannabis first allows these round trichome heads to break free from the stems they sit on. Being non-water soluble (meaning they won't dissolve) the cannabis trichomes are suspended in water until being poured through mesh screens to filter them out. Numerous mesh screens or "bubble-bags" as they are commonly known, are stacked within a bucket in descending sizes, which the trichome rich water is then poured through. Large debris, any plant material, and even the trichome stems are caught and filtered by the first few mesh screens, while the finer screens below capture entire trichome heads. As each mesh bag is removed, the quality of hash underneath improves. Once the material is rinsed, each mesh screen will contain trichome heads that are scraped or spooned off (as pictured below) and set aside to dry. Once the hash is spooned onto trays, modern methods of sublimation help to quickly remove water from the hash without the use of heat. Once the hash dries and hardens, it is shaken in a regular kitchen sieve, like a fine strainer, to create the look of loose white sand. This sand-looking material is tens of thousands of individual trichome heads, like those in the jar of ice water hash below: The mesh screens or "bubble-bags" used to filter trichomes from the water, have micron counts, referring to the number of holes per one square inch. Higher number microns will contain smaller trichome heads, while lower number micron screens will contain the bigger and juicier trichome heads. Producers differ in how they elect to sell their ice water hash products, with some brands selling hash in different micron counts. Space Gem uses only the premium material captured between the 50 to 150-micron range. This provides the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available to consumers anywhere on the edible market. Ice-water extraction techniques have all but perfected the process to not only extract the cannabinoids and terpenes without using harsh chemical solvents, but it also maintains the correct ratios of terpenes and cannabinoids as the plant determines. Solvent-based chemical extractions immediately tear down these trichome heads to remove certain cannabinoids like THC and CBD, thereby altering genetic profiles and greatly reducing any Entourage Effects. Ice water hash respects genetics, removing, isolating, and preserving the whole trichome head that contains over 200 different cannabinoids and countless terpenes. There's truly no better way to experience cannabis and its full psychoactive effects than by consuming only solventless products that are extracted with water and ice. Space Gem products are made from single-sourced, sun-grown, Humboldt County Love. Talk about a hand-made process and product that keeps its consumers first. #spacegems #vegan #organic #maycausemiracles #cautionmaycausemiracles #icewaterhash #sixstar #gemjuice #youareagem #blastofftime #Gemdrops #cananbis #hash #icehash #6star #icewaterhash #solventless #cannabis #extracts #concentrates #wax #sauce #dabbing #edibles #spacegem #hashwriter #hream #cannabishashish #hashish #edibles

Space Blog Episode 2: The Entourage Effect, Bring a Bud(dy)!

There has been a good deal of talk thrown around about the Entourage Effect lately and we decided to tackle it head on. No Fluff, just some facts. Okay, maybe a little fluff... In our last post we discussed how Ice Water Hash contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, while cannabis products made using distillates contain only one or two specific cannabinoids: THC and/or CBD. Ignore all the terpenes missing from distillate products, as they contain only two of nearly two hundred cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It's about time we started tapping into those other 198 cannabinoids (and still counting) through the simplicity of products made from ice-water hash. To understand the true recreational and medicinal value of our ice-water hash infused products we need to cover: The Entourage Effect. Better Together Just as we are better together and among our family and friends, so are cannabinoids and terpenes. Even when discussing CBD applications for medical reasons, research has shown CBD to be increasingly beneficial when used in combination with THC and all the other cannabinoids we hear so little about. This is why you will often see cannabis products containing some amount of THC and CBD in medicinal products. The THC:CBD content is often sold as 20:1,10:1, or 1:1 ratio products. That's fine and dandy, however the other 200-some cannabinoids and all the terpenes are forgotten, despite playing a crucial role in determining a products efficacy. These ratios are made by mixing a THC distillate and CBD distillate, but removes all other terpenes. When all the cannabinoids and terpenes are present in a cannabis extract, (something ONLY Ice-Water Hash achieves), it leads to what researcher's titled The Entourage Effect, or what we sometimes call, a miracle. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) To understand the Entourage Effect, the human Endocannabinoid System or ECS is our answer. The ECS was discovered by Allyn Howlet and William Devane in 1988, showing how cannabis compounds interact with receptor sites in the body and brain. These receptors, known as cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, turned out to be the most abundant of all our neurotransmitter receptor sites. Researchers were able to prove that THC, along with nearly 200 (and counting) other cannabinoids, bind and activate these cannabinoid receptor sites. Discovering the receptor sites helped researchers find naturally occurring neurotransmitters, now known as endocannabinoids. Numerous naturally occurring endocannabinoids bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites located throughout the body and brain. The Endocannabinoid System Continued research found an unknown molecular signaling system that regulates biological functions. This system became known as the Endocannabinoid System or ECS, and is activated by a broad range of naturally occurring endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. Yes, you read that right! We produce endocannabinoids similar to cannabis . Under stressed conditions, the body's natural production of endocannabinoids interact with these CB1 and CB2 receptor sites, helping regulate our internal well-being. The Entourage Effect The Endocannabinoid system is proven to be activated by a range of cannabinoids that produce varied effects. Increasing one cannabinoid such as THC for example, makes very little difference, while the presence and combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes (most of which are destroyed during chemical extractions) activate cannabinoid receptors to distinguish the quality and effects of the high. This combination of terpenes and cannabinoids work in unison with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids causing The Entourage Effect (a freaking miracle). Full Spectrum This term full spectrum has been thrown around so much that it's hard to tell what spectrum, or ratio, or profile we're talking about anymore. Full-Spectrum normally would mean that all the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the cannabis flower remain present in the final product. By extracting whole trichome heads, only ice-water hash products can contain anything close to the entire profile or spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. Therefore, we wouldn't make Space Gem products from anything but ice-water hash. Using Ice and water to extract, a natural ratio and proportion of terpenes are undisturbed by harsh chemical solvents. Our Space Gem Spacedrops and Gem Juice provide a complex array of terpenes and cannabinoids all rolled up in delicious, all-natural, vegan, and chemically unaltered products that just may cause miracles. Are They Really? Many products claiming to be full spectrum have simply reintroduced or recombined terpenes that were removed during the chemical extraction and distillation process. Any product claiming full spectrum profiles that are made from a distillate, are not a full spectrum product. Much like the booming wellness industry, terminology is used at will and marketing material is loosely based on facts, without regulation, standards, or means of testing most of the claims. This is the biggest reason ice-water hash and infused products are the safest, cleanest, and medicinally beneficial form of cannabis extraction available today. Playing God Distillation and other chemical extraction techniques are forced to “play god” so-to-speak, when reintroducing extracted molecules back into the final product. Or, worse yet, adding non-cannabis derived (food-grade) terpenes back into THC distillates. Distillation creates this kind of guessing game, where Mother Nature’s intended profiles (amounts of each cannabinoid and each terpene) are altered, removed, sometimes reintroduced, but always depleted during distillation. Without an Entourage Having already removed hundreds of cannabinoids to isolate the THC molecule, these THC Distillate products go against our current understanding of how and why cannabis works. They ignore our understanding of the Entourage Effect, thereby sacrificing quality exponentially in exchange for profit. The edible market is almost entirely made from distillates, where they don't even bother to reintroduce the terpenes. When it comes to edibles, distillate has defined the industry for nearly a decade already, despite our continually evolving understanding of how and why cannabis works. With so many unknowns still in the cannabis industry, the only sure-fire strategy left is to consume solventless, ice water hash products like those from Space Gem. This is the only way to ensure an experience that rivals the value of cannabis flower consumption. Rest assured, that the few companies producing solventless products and ice-water hash have their priorities straight. Space Gem edibles always puts the consumer first. How couldn't we? You Are A Gem! #spacegems #blastoff #hash #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #hashlane #solventless #hashrosin #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #YouareaGem #Glutenfree #vegan #organic #icehash #icewaterhash #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow

Space Blog Episode 1: A Solventless Revolution

Well, the word in Cannabis for 2020 has surely been hash. A full-circle evolution back to where it all started in the 1960’s, washing water hash from cannabis plants by hand. Baby-Boomers will recall the bubble-hash from decades past, but will hardly recognize today's top tier hash products. Envision the dark brown or black bubble hash of the sixties, seventies, and beyond and you will understand what a three to four-star quality hash product looks like. Today's hash nearly perfected the ancient techniques of sifting and straining cannabis plants to deliver the purest-natural expression available today. The Solventless Revolution To the attentive cannabis enthusiast, the recent changes in extraction techniques, from using chemical solvents (BHO) to solventless extractions (SHO), marked a revolutionary moment in the evolution of cannabis. Not since chemical extractions first hit the scene around 2010, has a method been so revolutionary across the industry. Yet, unless you are an avid “dabber” of cannabis concentrates, the Solventless Revolution may appear to have little bearing on you and your products of choice. However, we wouldn't be calling it a revolutionary technique unless ice water hash was poised to change far more than the dabbing world alone. And that's just what Space Gem is poised to do: Change everything you thought an edible could be. With solventless productions moving full steam ahead in the extract and concentrate space, Space Gem is at the forefront of California's edible market, having made the industry defining turn toward solventless hash infused edibles. The benefits are insurmountable, and the quality ice water extraction provides is unmatched, unrivaled, and set to dominate every aspect of the industry in the years to come. From edibles to medicinal products and eventually even vaporizer cartridges (so we hope!), everything will be made without chemical solvents. With only a few companies state-wide providing solventless products, Space Gem has you covered. It’s time to turn away from products made using chemical solvents and get ready to elevate your being. Did I mention they're also Vegan? Don't "Dab"? Doesn't matter! Many consumers that do not "dab" or consume concentrates believe cannabis extracts do not affect them. What they don't realize is that every product on retail shelves aside from whole cannabis flowers, uses some method to extract the psychoactive and therapeutic ingredients from cannabis. Granted, you could always grind up a bunch of dried buds and mix it in your brownie batter, but we can do better. Say No to Distillates For the last decade, most edibles and especially gummy products, were made with a THC distillate. These distillates are used to infuse edibles, especially gummies and candy, topical products, pills, patches and vaporizer cartridges. These products use harsh chemical solvents such as Butane, Propane, Hexane, and CO2, to extract very specific cannabinoids from the plant. After a crude oil is extracted with these chemical solvents, further distillation (a process not unique to cannabis) isolates either the THC or CBD molecules. Don't take our word for it, here's what WeedMap's has to say about distillates: "Distillate is a cannabis extract in which the final product has been systematically stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid. Distillate is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges". This one specific cannabinoid refers to either THC or CBD. THC is a tasteless, odorless, cannabinoid that was once believed to be solely responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive effects, however we have known for years this isn't the case. Cannabis’ effects are caused and created by a range of different cannabinoids and terpenes, not just THC or CBD. While distillation isolates either THC or CBD, it strips all the other cannabinoids and terpenes present, removing them from the product. Again, don't take our word for it... WeedMaps: "A drawback of removing terpenes is that without them, the final product may lack the therapeutic benefits commonly attributed to the entourage effect. Adding terpenes to distillate later in the process is possible, and many manufacturers do this, though it’s been theorized that any medicinal advantages are reduced by their initial removal." -WeedMaps What is called a “distillate” (isolated THC-a molecules), contains only one of over two-hundred cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. That's the whole idea with any distillation process, (again not unique to cannabis), is isolating, or "distilling" single molecules. With nearly every cannabis edible mass produced from distillates, they all fail to provide consumers with an experience anything like that of high-quality cannabis. Think About This! If vape cartridges are made using a 99% pure THC distillate, why is the total THC percentage listed on the packaging closer to 80% THC? The reason being is they fill the cartridge about 80% full of THC distillate and then do one of the following: 1.Attempt to reintroduce some cannabis terpenes removed during the chemical extraction process and mixing the terpenes back into the distillate by hand. 2. Otherwise and more commonly, non-cannabis derived terpenes are added to your product, in effect watering down the THC content and giving the product an artificial taste. "Scary Frankenstein stuff is going on right under our noses in Cannabis." -Hashwriter This incredibly inorganic process of reintroducing terpenes only happens for vape cartridges and cannabis concentrates. When it comes to products like edibles and many medicinal products, they’re infused with either THC or CBD distillate and will always fail to provide the other 200 and counting cannabinoids or terpenes originating in the cannabis plant. But guess what? Ice water hash contains the full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes nearly identical to the original plant. The Future's in Space (Gems) Unlike Distillates that isolate one cannabinoid, Space Gem's Ice Water Hash edibles provide an entire range of cannabinoids and terpenes. This includes THC and CBD, while also including CBCA, CBGA, CBGV, and a long list like those of other cannabinoids present in cannabis. This equates to superior medicinal products that enhance euphoria and recreational effects. In fact, the least medicinal product available is a distillate. Real science. Unlike distillation and chemical solvents, ice water hash preserves the entire trichome head just the way it was when attached to the plant. Chemical solvents destroy these trichomes in order to extract and isolate THC or CBD, releasing the most volatile terpenes that evaporate immediately. Solventless hash, or ice water hash (same thing) plucks only the very tip or “head” of each trichome from the plants. These trichomes contain a true full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, just as Mother Nature intended. Well, What Does it all Mean? Products made from solventless extraction like ice-water hash contain a full spectrum of terpenes and contains them in the ratio nature intended. The correct ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes is nearly impossible to recreate when trying to reintroduce terpenes into final products. Present and accurate ratios of terpenes and cannabinoids provide a far superior experience where it matters most: the effect. Medicinal value skyrockets. For the recreational user, increased cannabinoids and terpenes cause what's known as the Entourage Effect, that we will detail in future posts. For now, The Entourage Effect leads to increased potency and euphoria along with a laundry list of added medicinal benefits. Go Solventless! Be mindful of how your products are made in order to unlock the true potential of cannabis with Space Gem products made from ice-water hash. Continue reading our next article to understand the ins and outs of the Entourage Effect and you'll quickly realize when compared to the edible marketplace, Space Gem provides a truly out-of-this world experience. #spacegems #blastoff #hash #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #hashlane #solventless #hashrosin #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #YouareaGem #Glutenfree #vegan #organic #icehash #icewaterhash #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow

Hash Flags, Not Hash Tags

So this here techy-poo is far from my idea, but since there’s been a lot of recent interest, I figured I’d explain. Originally, I wasn't interested in flagging my hash and was dabbing it like rosin, but after playing around I began to see the benefits of pressing ice water hash into hash flags. I will share some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way and hope that others will contribute their knowledge or advice in the comments below. Much like the #baddertech, which allows you to easily gauge the size of each rosin dab, hash flags provide a similar functionality. By spreading some of your hash into flags, you can easily judge the size of each dab, or flag as they are called. If you have tried dabbing bubble-hash that is not a full-melt or six-star quality, you will know how the outer layer burns, but refuses to melt off the tool. Trying to dab globs of water hash like its rosin can have somewhat of a similar effect, but by pressing the hash into flags it allows more surface area to come in contact with your perfectly temped quartz. Now, this can be a double edged sword as water hash is very easy to burn, but thanks to @tempguage3d and tools like the @terpometer, the guesswork is over. Keep your quartz at or below 500 ℉ for ice water hash and read more about temperatures and dabbing solventless extracts here. What's Needed Ice Water Hash (Full-Melt or 6 Star rated and NOT rosin) Parchment Paper (or a thin silicone dab mat) If you cannot find parchment paper, thin silicone dab mats have worked for me, especially for smaller amounts of hash or to make a single flag. Lucky for me, @MarchandAsh provided some precut squares of parchment, perfect for pressing hash. Let's Go I take my ice water hash out of the freezer about 20 to 30 minutes before I open the jar. Never open a frozen jar and wipe the moisture away as it defrosts. Opening it too soon can cause moisture to seep into the hash. No Bueno. All the ins and outs of proper storage can be found here. Use about 1/4 of a gram minimum to make some substantial flags. After scooping what you want from the jar, you can put the rest of the hash back in the freezer to preserve those precious terps. Lay out some parchment like below: Place the hash in the middle of the sheet of parchment and fold the parchment in half. Pinching the tip of the tool with the parchment folded around it, I use my other hand to carefully pull my tool out, leaving a glob of hash near the center of the paper as shown below: And the fun begins. I use my fingers just to get things started, but try to avoid using my fingers or hands as much as possible after that. The heat from your hands will cause the hash to stick to the paper, making it impossible to get clean flags. As mentioned by someone else as well, I use an old 710Labs pre-roll container like a rolling pin to flatten and spread the hash. Someone mentioned using a cold beer as a rolling pin, but you would need to make sure it's completely dry. Once the hash is spread thin and appears even, I let it sit for five minutes or so before trying to open the parchment. Some pop the hash and parchment in the fridge for a minute before opening. Giving the hash a minute to sit still will allow it to settle and stiffen just a bit, making cleaner flags in the end. Once you think it's ready, a quick skillful yank is key. You want the parchment to open with all the water hash pressed out on one half of the parchment. Sort of like my partial success below: Now you can choose how many flags you want to cut the hash into. Don't worry about them being absolutely perfect, like my less than perfect performance above. Once again, it will help to set the hash aside for a few minutes allowing it to settle before trying to cut it into flags. Once you think it's ready, carefully drag your dab tool across the parchment, cutting lines to define each hash flag. From there you are one clean and swift yank away from enjoying the best dab experience currently known on Earth. Place your dab tool on a flag, and yank, hoping it comes clean and ready to rock. You can dab all the flags at once, or return any excess flags to the refrigerator in the parchment paper alone. I will usually dab all the flags within the same day of making them, which is why about a quarter gram is a decent, but minimal amount of hash to make flags of. Check out my all-time favorite flag of Orange Cream X Lemon Heads from 710 Labs: Happy Melting and check out @710.pharoah on the gram for the ONLY melt shots I enjoy watching. Comments, tips, tricks, welcomed! Comments below! Badda-Bing! #hashflags #hash #flags #hash #hashrosin #hashwriter ##writer #cannabis #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #stonernation #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow

Buyer's Guide Part 3: Shopping By THC %

The early days of recreational cannabis production are plagued by over-regulation, strict packaging laws, labels, warnings, and precautions. Lab testing is required, but is more concerned with what isn't present, rather than testing for what is. Residual solvents leftover from extraction, unsafe levels of nutrients, mold, mildew, and bacteria are all tested to make sure they are NOT present in the final product. While this helps ensure safe consumption, it tells us next to nothing about the product itself. There's a surprisingly limited amount of information available on packaging, despite the over-regulation and heavy packaging and labeling laws. In fact, for cannabis extracts in California, aside from dates, batch numbers, and phenotype (strain name), only two of over two-hundred cannabinoids are tested and labeled: THC and CBD. This doesn't even begin to consider all the various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that cannabis contains. With only two of over two-hundred cannabinoids tested and labeled, it's no wonder consumers are so concerned with THC percentages. Originally, I was too as it's the only number there is to compare. I was looking for something I could understand, something I could grasp, and utilize to make sense of the cannabis market. Overwhelmed, consumers naturally latch on to whatever they can understand, whatever story they have been told, trying to find stable footing in a shaky market. Luckily, it didn't take me long to realize THC percentage has very little to do with the high that is produced. Naturally, I stopped paying attention to THC percentages long ago, realizing cannabis refuses such simplistic interpretations. A Brief History of Legal Cannabis Extracts Some of the previous cannabis extracts available neared 90 percent THC, yet failed to provide an experience anything like today's hash products. Crumble, shatter, and wax all neared the 90% THC mark, yet are left behind as our understanding of cannabis improved. Fresh Frozen Realizing that much was missing from purified THC, BHO or Butane Hash Oil extractions began using freshly frozen cannabis flowers, rather than dried and cured cannabis to extract Live-Resin sauce, sugar, or badder. Using freshly frozen cannabis allowed for a significantly higher number of terpenes in the final products, causing THC percentages to naturally decrease. By The Numbers Take a look at the boxes below: 710 Labs lists their THC content in milligrams converting into the same percentage of THC. The Wedding Cake is about 77% THC, while the Sour Tangie is closer to 76% THC. Deduct a rough 2% of CBD from each and we're looking like roughly 20 percent of both products is unknown. In other words, out of 1,000 mg total or 1 gram, the wedding cake is 769.92 mg of total THC and CBD. Subtract that from a total of 1,000 mg and we have exactly 230.08 mg of unknown ingredients in the Wedding Cake. Until testing and regulation progresses, what remains in this other twenty percent, or 230.08 mg, does not have to be shown. Thankfully, as I've said before, I trust my ganja farmer to provide a vast profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, which make up the other twenty percent or so of my hash. Being the professionals they are, 710 Labs lists the top five most abundant terpenes in each of their cultivars online, giving the attentive mind an idea of what is contained in the remaining twenty to thirty percent of the product. Potential What we can tell despite the lack of testing, is the potential for cannabinoids and terpenes to be present. If a product is 98% THC, it leaves room for no more than a possible 2% in all other cannabinoids and terpenes. Compare that with today's best hash products containing around 60 to 70 percent THC. A 70% THC cannabis extract may contain up to another 30 percent of terpenes and cannabinoids, all contributing to what's known as the Entourage Effect. Solventless extractions natural ratio of THC to cannabinoids and terpenes provides a far more medicinally beneficial experience. For the recreational user, the increased terpenes not only provide flavor and smell, they have been shown to contribute to the Entourage Effect, providing a fuller, more euphoric high. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) To understand the Entourage Effect, the Endocannabinoid System or ECS is the answer. The ECS was discovered by Allyn Howlet and William Devane in 1988, proving cannabis compounds interact with receptor sites in the brain. These receptors, known as cannabinoid receptors, turned out to be the most abundant neurotransmitter receptor found in the brain. Researchers were able to prove that THC, along with other cannabinoids, bind and activate these cannabinoid receptors. Discovering cannabinoid receptor sites helped researchers to find naturally occurring neurotransmitters, known as endocannabinoids. Numerous naturally occurring endocannabinoids have been identified and bind to cannabinoid receptor sites. Continued research found an unknown molecular signaling system that regulates biological functions. This system became known as the Endocannabinoid System or ECS and is activated by a broad range of naturally produced endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. Under stressed conditions, the body's natural production of endocannabinoids interact with brain receptors, helping regulate our internal well-being. The Entourage Effect Long story short, the ECS is proven to be activated by a range of cannabinoids to produce varied effects. Increased THC appears to make very little difference, while the presence and combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes (most of which are not tested for or not provided on packaging labels) activate cannabinoid receptors and dictate the quality and effects of the high. This combination of terpenes and cannabinoids work in unison with THC, causing what's known as the The Entourage Effect. Conclusion The demand for high THC percentages doesn't line up with our current understanding of how and why cannabis works. Considered in right size and in proper proportion, THC is just one of many variables to be considered. Quality cannabis extracts should not be judged by THC content, a number I often fail to acknowledge anymore, choosing instead to focus on the technique of extraction, how recent it was made, and brands I can trust. For solventless products extracted with only ice and water, the plant's trichomes will naturally dictate the ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes along with the THC content. The same cannot be said for all chemical extractions who often manipulate 99% THC distillates with food grade terpenes to make cartridges and edibles. Long gone are the days when 90+ percent THC wax is desirable. The more terpenes and cannabinoids that remain in a cannabis extract (proportionally speaking), the more medicinally beneficial it will often be. The same is true when seeking a euphoric, recreational high. Rethink how you think about cannabis extracts to unlock the potential overlooked when placing THC first. And so it goes... #710labs #ogsmakebetterog #antisolventsolventlessclub #mothership #cannabis #rosin #hash #assc #baddertech #hashwriter #hream #rosintech #sholabs #associatedpress #qualityovereverything #sho #2gram#solventless #cannabis #420#710 #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #wax #sho #liverosin #leafly #hightimes #dope #literature #theory

CBD Extracts: Hemp versus Cannabis

Written for and published by CannaWrite There has been continuous and largely unresolved debate about cannabidiol or CBD as it is commonly referred, and its potential for medical application. It seems every product under the sun claims to contain CBD and there are thousands of products to choose from. With cannabis remaining illegal under federal law, much of the necessary research around CBD remains unknown, however CBD isn’t only produced from cannabis. Before diving right in, a little background information will help clarify and distinguish CBD products from hemp versus CBD products from cannabis. What is CBD? Cannabidiol is one of over 200 active cannabinoids contained within cannabis that is also found in hemp. Cannabinoids have been found to create a range of effects, with CBD having one of the greatest potentials for medicinal, therapeutic, and even psychological well-being. While the Cannabinoid THC is known for its psychoactive effects, CBD has long been considered a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD’s interaction with the Endocannabinoid System has been shown to promote general well-being and therefore is considered non-psychoactive, but not necessarily free of mind- or mood-altering effect. Due to CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system, a gradual and overall improvement in outlook, well-being, or state of mind can be achieved without the intoxicating effects of THC. What is CBD For? With CBD’s popularity and hemp’s newly legalized status, CBD research is continually finding new application for the second most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. It has been shown that CBD works as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-anxiety, and seizure suppressant. Continued medicinal research is finding new applications and learning additional ways CBD can be beneficial or used medicinally at a staggering rate. Due to the recent legalization of hemp derived CBD, testing and research can now be conducted with many uses still being discovered and others needing the scrutiny of scientific testing and peer review. Where Does CBD Come From? While CBD is most often associated with cannabis, Cannabidiol can also be extracted from cannabis’ relative, the hemp plant. Since recreational use cannabis was legalized in numerous states, extraction techniques are better than ever, which allows for the effective extraction of CBD using chemical solvents, from either cannabis or hemp plants. How is CBD Extracted? The cannabinoid CBD may be extracted from either cannabis or hemp plants. Once a crude extract is completed either using butane, propane, or CO2, distillation provides another level of filtration and allows for cannabinoids to be isolated. Since CBD can be isolated and purified to contain no THC, what’s the difference between CBD extracted from hemp versus cannabis? The answer is nothing. The organic chemical compound CBD is a molecule that once extracted, can be isolated from either cannabis or hemp plants. There is no difference pharmacologically speaking, between CBD collected from cannabis versus CBD collected from hemp, when looking at the CBD molecule alone. However, most CBD products are not an isolate or distillate, but rather, they contain trace to small amounts of additional cannabinoids, including THC. Many of these cannabinoid compounds we still know very little about, however the early science indicates potential for the medical application of numerous cannabinoids. Scientifically speaking, CBD is CBD, but with today’s over the counter CBD market, there are some stark differences in the legalities and additional cannabinoids often found in CBD products extracted from Cannabis. Hemp derived CBD products contain less than 0.03 percent. CBD Legalities Thanks to The Farm Bill of 2018, hemp is legal again across the United States and a surge in medical evidence is rising. With CBD sales projected to reach $89 Billion globally by 2026, the question often remains: Is there is a difference between CBD extracted from hemp and CBD extracted from cannabis? Having discussed the similarity of the CBD molecule itself, let’s look closer at the two sources of CBD. History of Prohibition At the turn of the 17th century, America’s Founding Fathers grew hemp. George Washington was a starch proponent for Hemp as a cash crop. It was abundant and used in everything from textiles to consumer goods. Despite flourishing as an agricultural crop, the Marijuana Tax act of 1937 made cannabis and hemp illegal, destroying the prospering hemp market, while preventing medicinal cannabis research for well over 75 years. Thanks to relaxed cannabis laws, The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized the commercial production and manufacture of hemp once again, with CBD extractions fueling the hemp market. What is Hemp? What was once a common plant, hemp has caused a lot of confusion over the years with its relation to cannabis. Despite looking similar and being from the same species as cannabis sativa, hemp contains almost no THC. Without the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, hemp produces little to no Euphoric effect. Industrial hemp contains less than 0.03% THC, which remains the legal limit and cut-off point in deciding legality. C.B.D. from Hemp When extracting CBD from Hemp, there’s some distinct differences in the laws. CBD remains illegal when derived from cannabis under the federal law, whereas any form of hemp and hemp derived CBD is legal since 2018. Hemp and hemp extracted CBD can be produced, manufactured, and sold nation-wide without fear of legal repercussions. The Controlled Substance Act, C.S.A., excludes CBD harvested from hemp, while it continues to list cannabis derived CBD as a controlled substance. Hemp CBD is legal both on the state and Federal level across the country, causing a surge in America’s hemp producers. Despite its legal status Hemp CBD remains loosely regulated in the United States. This is reason to educate yourself before deciding on a CBD product. Look for testing and see if your hemp CBD product has undergone any third party testing. It is possible for hemp CBD to gain USDA approval as organic, to help ensure safe consumption. Do your research before purchasing hemp CBD and look for trusted brands, testing, and certifications to ensure safety. CBD from Cannabis While hemp contains extremely low THC levels, cannabis can range drastically in its CBD and THC content. Thanks to recreational cannabis and expanded scientific testing, the parameters surrounding legal hemp CBD say it must remain below 0.03% THC content. In states that have legalized recreational or medicinal cannabis use, products are sold varying extensively in cannabinoid content. With THC contents reaching over 30% in some cannabis varieties, CBD products extracted from cannabis are likely to contain high amounts of CBD and THC, causing psychoactive effects that are extremely apparent. While CBD extracted from cannabis can be isolated, it usually isn’t. Most cannabis derived CBD products will have their THC to CBD ratios as 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, and up to 20:1 CBD to THC ratios. While these numbers determine the ratio or amount of CBD to the amount of THC, they do not reflect what the total amount of either number is. For that you must look again and find the total milligrams of THC content to understand the ratio between the two numbers. A 20:1 CBD to THC content will cause little to no psychoactive response. A 1:1 product will be psychoactive and have increased medicinal potency. Cannabis CBD Legality While cannabis derived CBD appears to be more medicinally beneficial, it remains illegal on the federal level. With cannabis still classified as a schedule one drug, it is claimed to have no medicinal benefit, making research hard to come by. Many states are changing their cannabis laws, but it’s important to remember that even pure CBD is still federally illegal when extracted from cannabis. Ten states have legalized cannabis use and many more have passed medicinal cannabis laws, making cannabis derived CBD legal on state levels only. The Entourage Effect With cannabis derived CBD causing stimulation, euphoria, and other psychoactive effects, recent discoveries of the Entourage Effect show why Cannabis derived CBD is often more medicinally beneficial than hemp derived CBD. Having isolated THC only to realize it lacks effect, the Entourage Effect discovered how CBD works in unison with THC, cannabinoids, and terpenes to produce and determine effects. Many of the cannabinoids that contribute to the Entourage Effect are lacking in Hemp derived CBD and can only be found in CBD products extracted from cannabis. While the CBD molecule remains identical from cannabis to hemp, it is the full-spectrum profile of cannabinoids and terpenes causing the Entourage Effect. Non-Psychoactive CBD If you’re looking for non-psychoactive health benefits, CBD extracted from hemp is the go-to. Another benefit of hemp derived CBD is that organic, FDA approval is possible. assuring you it’s safe for consumption. Solvent extraction from hemp doesn’t have to be concerned with high THC levels, instead collecting full spectrums of CBD. What’s More Effective? CBD has been shown to be more effective in treating ailments when taken in combination with THC rather than ingesting CBD alone. Those who need CBD for serious illness, ailments, or injuries, cannabis derived CBD is going to be more beneficial than hemp derived CBD, but this has little to do with actual CBD content. It has much more to do with the range of cannabinoids and even terpenes that are present and work in combination (entourage effect) with CBD to produce medicinally beneficial results. Conclusion The legalization of hemp will bring research to the cannabis field and CBD, with discoveries appearing around every corner. The future is bright for CBD extracted from Hemp and Cannabis, with each plant helping to further the cause of the other. #CBD #THC #cannabidiol #ECS #entourageeffect #hemp #hempcbd #cannabiscbd #cbdhealth #cdbthc #copy #copywriter #copywriting #extracts #cbdoils #cbdtherapy #chronicpain #wellness #healthcare #hightimes #dope #cannabissativa #710labs #ogsmakebetterog #antisolventsolventlessclub #mothership #cannabis #rosin #hash #assc #baddertech #hashwriter #hream #rosintech #sholabs #associatedpress #qualityovereverything #sho #solventless #cannabis #420#710 #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #wax #sho #liverosin #leafly #hightimes #dope #literature #theory

Let's Talk Temps: Dabbing Solventless Hash & Rosin

Solventless Dabbing: 101 When perfect genetics, a flawless garden, and meticulous solventless extraction produces six-star hash and rosin, there inevitably comes a point when satisfaction depends upon the technique of consumption. Proper dab temperatures are key and have been an ongoing conversation in the dabbing world; A conversation that needs revisiting for solventless concentrates. Thanks to a reliable group of hash enthusiasts, followers, and friends, about one hundred hash-heads were polled to find some working averages that will allow you to get the most out of those precious-solventless dabs. Just as important as refrigeration and cold storage for solventless hash products, is the reduced temperatures at which solventless concentrates are properly dabbed. After taking extreme measures to deliver small-batch, handcrafted, solventless extracts to retail markets, the ultimate experience and level of enjoyment falls back into the consumers hands. Too hot, and many of the valuable terpenes that set solventless extractions apart are scorched, burnt, and wasted. Dabbing at temperatures too low prevents burning, but may be insufficient in vaporizing all the desired terpenes and cannabinoids. While it isn't ideal, you can re-torch for a second or two if it isn't quite hot enough, but there's no going back after burning your terps. Low-Temp. Dabs Compared to What? "Low-temp." dabs have long needed the rebranding away from "low-temp," replaced by adequate or properly temped dabs. When stated as “low-temp,” there's room for "high-temp" or "mid-temp" dabs to appear functional, despite science and experience telling us otherwise. All the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes vaporize at temperatures equal to or less than the boiling point of THC-V. Aside from tasting terrible, dabs that exceed the boiling point of THC-V by too much will burn and ruin most of the dab. So, while there can be some variance in your preferred dabbing temps, it's a small range that should be relative to the science. This is the reason cold-start tech makes so much sense, as you prevent the terpenes from being immediately fried on a hot banger or nail. Rather than each dab hitting a searing hot nail and then cooling, cold-start technique puts the dab in the banger first, and then heats the nail. This ensures that everything will vaporize independently as temperatures increase, but a slow and consistent heating method is yet to surface, leading many of us away from cold start dabbing. The Science The hash should never exceed "428ºF (220ºC), since this is the temperature that the two cannabinoids with the highest boiling points, CBC and THC-V vaporize," says longtime cannabis scholar Michael Backes. In his updated version of Cannabis Pharmacy, Backes states that "vaporization works in stages, in that the lighter mono-terpenes boil off first, then the sesquiterpenes, then the cannabinoids" that include alpha-pinene and THC. Next to vaporize as temperatures increase are limonene and myrcene. Then the "cannabinoids CBC and CBN, and finally the cannabinoids THC-V and CBC," which vaporize at the high temperature mark of 428ºF. Therefore, everything desirable vaporizes at temperatures around 428ºF and below, but these numbers do not translate directly to proficient dabbing temps. Some of this has to do with inaccurate measurements, but it's mostly the amount of heat absorbed from the quartz into the dab. The heat that is lost from the transfer is why average dabbing temperatures lie around 500ºF. Average Temps and Recommendations To find some average dab temperatures, each person responded with two temperatures: one for dabbing ice-water hash and the second temperature for dabbing rosin. There’s basically two different systems to measure temperature, one from the bottom of the quartz banger like @temptechusa or other infrared thermometers. The second type measures the actual dabbing surface from the top or inside of the banger with a @Terpometer. Having recently been blown away by the accuracy and consistency of the Terpometer, I'll begin there. Terpometer Tech Before blurting out numbers we need to talk technique. It was apparent from the first use that the Terpometer can produce varied results unless used accordingly. About ten to twenty seconds after I finish torching my quartz banger I turn on and insert the terpometer into my banger where it sits hands-free like the photo below on the left. This crooked alignment of the Terpometer, leaning against the sides is inaccurate, but serves as a reference. Once my Terpometer hits about 650ºF hands-free, I center the tip of the terpometer in my banger, holding it perfectly upright and allowing the full weight of the device to do its thing. DO NOT press down hard into your banger as the metal coils at the tip can bend. Just hold it loosely so that the full weight of the Terpometer is applied and supported by the tip. My Preferred Temperatures Holding the Terpometer upright, I take it out and immediately drop in my dab once it reaches a temperature of 535ºF for hash-rosin or rosin badder. I'd stay just under 550ºF for Solventless Rosin Sauce, Jam, or Persy Sauce. For Ice-water Hash, temperatures must be reduced by about 50ºF to avoid a burnt taste. Dabbing ice-water hash at 490ºF is perfect and will result to look like the photo below: Terpometer Averages For the Terpometer, temperatures reported were fairly close together with an average of 520ºF for dabbing Rosins and Rosin Badder. For Ice-water hash using the Terpometer, the average was a well dialed 477.5ºF. I stand by both these numbers and support them as accurate and reliable temps to work off. TempTech Averages Skipping to the TempTech and laser guns, the numbers had quite a bit of variation, compared to the Terpometer. Like I did for the Terpometer averages, I threw away the highest and the lowest number before calculating an average of 554ºF for Rosins and 536ºF for Ice-water hash dabs. For this one, you are on your own as I didn't get a chance to personally use and discover the ins and outs of measurement the way I did with the Terpometer. I believe that many people are dabbing their water hash much too hot, so I'd recommend lowering the water hash temps some, but the average temperature for rosin looks just about right. Conclusion What should always be taken into consideration when determining dab temperature, is the size and shape of your quartz banger and its level of heat retention. A good banger that holds its temperature well might be better served at slightly lower starting temps, while a cheap, old, or thin banger may need increased starting temps to make up for the lack of heat retention. The size of the dab will also affect the ideal temperature ranges, requiring higher temperatures for bigger dabs. These are things you can dial in after going off some of the averages reported, as you get a feel for solventless hash. Temperature for dabs is admittedly a tricky subject and a set answer cannot be formulated that will work for every set-up. By narrowing down some of the variables, I think these reported averages, when gauged consistently, will provide an effective jumping off point to dial in your set-up. There's nothing low-temp. about dabbing in the most effective temperature range. #710labs #dabtemp #dabbing #dabtemperature #terpometer #temptech #tempstechusa #rosin #hash #pricing #710labs #710labsflower #cannabis #cannabisindustry #cannabisconcentrates #solventless#hashrosin#Tier #420community #weed #education #cannabiscommunity #concentrates #ogsmakebetterog #persy #persyrosin #persyrosinsauce #persysauce #710 #oil #marijuana #copywriter #hashwriter #cannabiseducation #cannabisculture #hashoil #BHO #hydrocarbonextracts #weedwriter #hashwriter #fingertech #baddertech #hashwritertech

Badder-Tech for Dry Hash-Rosin

Disappointed by solventless hash rosin that is already buttered-up? I have a solution! You can turn dried and buddered rosin into a dripping wet badder by reading the techniques below. Different strains, or phenotypes of Hash rosin act and react differently. This means certain strains or phenotypes will butter up faster than others. Cold storage of solventless hash is crucial at all times, to keep hash in a fresh and translucent state. If hash rosin warms at any point after production, it will begin to lose the stable and clear consistency everyone is looking for. I've written about storage and the process of rosin buttering-up here, but regardless of why your rosin is buttered, here's a couple of secrets from the Hash Gods working wonders for myself and many others. For the unfortunate jars of Rosin coming buttered-up, like the gram below (no longer translucent and solidified into a shade of white), let it warm up to room temperature. Once your gram has sat out and completely warmed up, use a tool to break off any outliers, or thin pieces of rosin on the walls or rim of the jar, but DO NOT WHIP. There's no "whipping" or "stirring" after rosin budders. Whipping only works with fresh rosin and will work against buttered rosins, drying them out even more. Once everything's gathered, place your finger on the hash and then gently apply pressure until you can feel the gram give just a bit. I used to sit there and use my tool, slowly working over the hash, but found it's much faster to start by smashing everything together under my finger. Press just hard enough to have felt the whole chunk of rosin slightly give or shift into the bottom of the jar. Work around by pressing or tapping and very carefully packing the rosin down with one finger. Sometimes that's really all it takes, as the heat from your finger and the agitation really works to soften the hash and bring some of the moisture out. Flattening the surface works sometimes and other times disturbing the top layer is all that is necessary for it to change. You will begin to get a feel for the tech and the rosin the more times you try it with your finger. Every jar is different. By pressing down on the rosin, it allows for agitation without exposing additional layers to the air. Wear a glove or get some finger condoms if you want, but I just wash my hands first. The heat from your finger can have a significant impact and fast, so tread lightly until you get a feel for it. Once the hash rosin is flattened, l work around the edges with my dab tool as it gathers the rosin toward the center of the jar. Otherwise use your tool to gently tap and shape the rosin, packing it all together like the shot below. In the video below you will see how I used to slowly work the rosin down and together with repeated light taps and shallow chops into the surface of the rosin. Now, I usually start by using my finger and then using the technique in the video below to finish the job and bring out the terps. Either way works. Careful agitation is everything. Using a thin metal dab tool, like the steel punch-card ones from @710labs, slightly chop about a millimeter or so into the surface of the hash rosin if it's hard or wax like. Slowly knead the rosin almost like dough, trying to work it all around without cutting too deep and exposing excess surface area. Quick, small-tapping chops repeatedly across the surface of the hash will help liquify the terps. Do this carefully across the entire surface of the hash, while trying to keep anything from crumbling. As molecules begin to warm from the heat of agitation, hash rosin can turn into a soft-fluent consistency, even when you least expect it. This is when you can really smell and taste your hash like never before. I'm often surprised how strong the terpenes stink while it undergoes this #baddertech process. You will also be surprised by how incredibly different the consistency can turn as well. This is especially true for 710 Labs Persy rosin, that always bounces right back. I usually leave my hash rosin out at room temperature for a few hours after the #baddertech to let everything settle and a thin terpene layer to rise, smooth, and glisten. I refrigerate it after this and in between uses as normal and it will maintain this rosin badder texture. The texture achieved in the shot above is when those wet terpenes will really sweat out and smell up the room. Knowing I can achieve this consistency regardless of the starting material, makes dried hash rosin no big deal anymore. I'm not nearly as dissappointed to see a fresh jar already buddered. After the hash sits and settles it will slightly harden, but maintain the glossy-wet appearance and be easier to dab. Remember to take your time and work the rosin slowly, and you will begin to see the hash transform. There's a few different ways to achieve the same wet badder results I'm looking for, as each jar and strain acts differently. While some people prefer to whip their fresh and translucent hash rosin into a badder right away, I recommend allowing the rosin to budder naturally before turning it into a badder. This way you will get to try the rosin in all of its consistencies, from translucent to chap-stick and back to badder. The tech becomes a near necessity once you get it down, and takes just minutes to enjoy wet-baddery solventless hash rosin, every time. Enjoy. #hashwriter#hream#ogsmakebetterog#tier2#2gram#solventless#cannabis#420#710 #hash#rosin#solventless#cannabis#hashwriter#mothership#KV#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates#hashlife#hashonomics#terps#terpenes#organic#ogsmakebetterog#hashlane #baddertech #cannabis #cannabisconcentrates

Buyers Guide Part 2: Choosing Cannabis Varieties

Unless you have a specific strain you absolutely need for medical purposes, I would downplay the idea of shopping across brands for a particular phenotype or strain. I put far more weight on the company growing my cannabis and producing my hash, than worrying what strain to choose. This isn't to say cannabis varieties do not have different effects, because they most certainly do, but without genetic testing to identify strains, you are taking a company's word for it when choosing to purchase from a particular brand. It's much easier to locate the best brands and explore their genetic library by whatever happens to be fresh and available. Despite thousands of strain names, cannabis genetics are not as varied or diverse as everyone may think. Decades of prohibition breeding reduced variation and keyed in on all the same genetic traits. So, while thousands of cannabis varieties appear on retail shelves, there's very little distinction between most modern cannabis strains. In Cannabis Pharmacy, Michael Backes says, "these new varieties have been chosen and bred for one thing: their ability to produce THC. And while this has made for some extraordinarily psychoactive varieties, it has also resulted in some highly inbred cannabis." This clearly isn't entirely the case for certain cannabis producers, but shows how important it is for brands to have diverse genetic libraries, that take years if not decades to acquire. Backes continues to say that "modern cannabis has very little that is unique, and quite a bit that is identical" in medical applications. For recreational concentrate use, we're @herefortheflavor. Regardless of which strains they have available, 710 Labs, Papas_select, and Kalya are some of the only brands I trust for solventless hash. They're also the only brands I've given money to over the last two years. Having found brands like those mentioned, I shop confidently knowing that whatever I take home, I'm sure to enjoy. I trust my ganja farmers and try to experience all the varietals they bring to the market, especially in a solventless form. With every crazy name possible for strains, only widespread genetic testing can actually prove if the strains are what they claim to be. Until the industry makes some serious progress it's really on the consumer to figure out and organize the noise. The best way for this to happen is to learn about each brands practices, methods, and techniques as you narrow down the winners. Its strange that of all the industries, cannabis is the one where brand matters most. And no place in cannabis is this clearer than in the world of cannabis concentrates, where a limited number of cannabis varieties are ever offered at one time. Small batch quality brings a rotation of strains to always keep things fresh from top brands like 710 Labs. This rotation and evolution of strains is like a collection of fine wine. You want to try each one. #strain #buyersguide #solventless #hasheducation #hashwriter #420 #710 #hream #strains #phenotypes #cannabis#710labs#710labsflower #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #KV#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #ogsmakebetterog #hashlane #terps#society #cannabiscures #medicalcannabis #love #community #joint #cannabisgrow #terpenes

Big Air and Broken Bones: The Beginning

At 16, after a summer at the Olympic Training Center in Park City, Utah and several months skiing the glacier in Whistler British Columbia, the sun began to set as the jump was illuminated for my first professional big-air skiing contest. At the base of the Steamboat Springs ski area (my local mountain), was this 60-foot table-top jump, built specifically for this event of night time big-air skiing. This was in 2002 when snow sports were progressing at a remarkable rate. Only a handful of elite skiers worldwide had learned the latest trick named after Mike Douglas himself, called a D-spin. I’d all but mastered it on the trampolines and jumping into pools at the Olympic training center that summer, but I’d never attempted it on snow. The D-spin basically looks like a third of other big flip tricks in the X-Games today, but in 2002 it blew people’s minds. Today they also have formulas and fixed plans to evaluate and design jumps with proper in-runs allowing you to reach the speeds necessary to clear the table-top and land on an inclined slope of the out-run. Not enough speed and you “deck” it, landing painfully short. Worse still is taking too much speed where you out-jump the table-top and the inclined landing area. This is about as painful as it gets, falling from twenty feet in the air without any degree of slope helping to break the fall. Ankle bones and feet have exploded within ski-boots from landing so hard. Just ask the Sean White of skiing, Tanner Hall, whose ankles burst in a famously awful video clip. The World Cup was in town for mogul skiing, bringing the best skiers in the world together with this big-air invitational setting the stage for the next day’s mogul events. I was years away from competing in World Cup mogul competitions but was fourth in the nation under 18. I’d been disqualified in previous mogul skiing competitions for throwing back-flips off the second jumps when going inverted was grounds for disqualification. You might remember the years of Johnny Moseley (who was all over MTV shows for years) winning Olympic Golds in moguls for both his mute grab 360, and his trick the Dinner Roll, which was his off-axis answer to the restriction of inverted jumps. Just a few years later the rules changed, and now inverted tricks in mogul skiing are the norm. Anyways, I’d all but given up on mogul competitions, choosing to take my talents to the newly expanding world of free-ride, big air, and slope-style skiing. Mogul skiing was progressing slower than I was, realizing I was made for big air. I’d hit this newly built jump four or five times around sunset, warming up for the competition. I was so comfortable in the air back then; I could spin as much or as little as I wanted with absolute control of my body in the air. Long story short, I pulled it off coming up just slightly short of the ideal landing area. It wasn’t pretty, but with only one other competitor doing D-spins, my chances to win were strong. I had landed two or three exhilarating D-spins in a row, each one slightly cleaner than the last. With one last practice jump before the contest began, the sun disappeared behind the mountain as the jump was fully illuminated, glowing in the night. All I remember from my last jump is coming out of the inverted and corked 720-degree “D-spin”, to spot my landing in terror realizing it was soaring by beneath me. There is a moment of divine clarity resulting in terror or joy when coming out of a rotation and spotting the landing. It’s in that microsecond that my brain sensed destruction. l was probably fifteen feet in the air still as my rotational momentum carried me from inverted, to upright, and again horizontal with the ground, landing directly on my back. I’m told I bounced. I couldn’t breathe with the wind crushed from my lungs. The last moments of setting sun had hardened the snow on the in-run causing me to have a great deal more speed than I wanted. The impact caused me to lose my sight and my hearing in a moment of total darkness. As life seemed to rush back into me, I just remember hearing the roar of the crowd as I struggled to move. I was held down despite trying to get up, and taken to the hospital on a stretcher where I learned I’d shattered several vertebrae in my lower back. I was angry I’d missed my first and last pro event. I wish my ski career ended in injury, but that isn’t the case. Despite broken and cracked vertebrae, I was back on skis within a matter of weeks. The injury didn’t require surgery, but it did include Oxycodone. Yeah, I wish the injury only took skiing from me. That first prescription of opioids led me from the mountaintops to the darkest corners on earth. Three overdoses, numerous treatment centers, and years in the state penitentiary for victimless, non-violent, drug-possession charges, I'm now going on eight years opioid free. Sitting in Colorado's sprawling Canon City Prison Complex back in 2013, I found a love and purpose in literature and decided to pursue a college degree. It has taken a couple years longer than expected, but this June of 2020 I will graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz with my bachelor’s degree in English Literature. In the immortal words of the good Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, “Too weird to live, too rare to die”.

Buyers Guide Part 1: Ending The Sativa Indica Myth

A competent understanding of California's retail cannabis market is hard to come by these days. Many of the most widely held beliefs about cannabis are unfounded and in need of an updated explanation for the retail shopper. I'd be much less concerned with numbers, percentages, and assumed effects and focus instead on the types of products (I do NOT recommend vape cartridges), and how they are made, grown and extracted. I will give some general pointers and advice for shopping and deciding on products in the amazing, but overwhelmingly misleading world of retail cannabis. Rather than shopping for cannabis based on outdated modes of prohibition rhetoric, its time consumers reach a better understanding of the marketplace. But, there's really, nowhere to turn to find information about modern hashish and rosins that the average consumers are most in need of. It took a good year of trial and error with the switch from live resin to live rosin, learning a lot the hard way in 2018. I figured the product was so new that very few if any were truly familiar with the intricacies of consuming solventless products, which was clearly confirmed during daily trips to dispensaries around the Bay Area. It didn't take long before I was explaining the products, then the tiers, and of course storage to the stores and bud tenders carrying 710 Labs. I excused this since the products are quite unprecedented, only to realize the gap in retail cannabis knowledge is truly profound. I wrote this for everyone else that has the same questions I did about hash, and shopping in the regulated retail cannabis industry. #1 Sativa or Indica... Try It All. While science has debunked the genetically unidentifiable myth of Sativa or Indica years ago, it remains the top concern to almost every retail customer. I've paid little to no attention to these terms for a decade now. 710 Labs mentioned a company policy and gag-order against using the words. For all of modern cannabis, "landrace strains" have been bred and crossed leaving a hybridized genetic for almost every strain available today. Having been crossed at some point or not, science cannot detect or distinguish indica or sativa genetics, and the terms should have died right then and there. Unable to scientifically distinguish sativa or indica, it would be nothing short of false-marketing for a brand to claim their product is one or the other. 710labs practices informed consumerism through transparency and to list their product as either sativa or indica, would be a dishonest and unproven claim. But, if you do not believe in science and think the Earth is flat, there are still more than enough reasons to forget about the words sativa and indica when shopping for retail cannabis. Even using the terminology sativa or indica to describe the effect or high produced, rather than the genetic itself, would be an overly simplistic, binary, assumption that does no justice to the intricate variances of cannabis' effects. It's a lazy way to generalize a product without an honest take. Since the vast majority of budtenders never try the products they sell (an issue deserving an article by itself), the terms sativa and indica have become the lingo of corporate marketing and professionalism every hash-head should fear. The high is far more nuanced than this earlier understanding allows, as modern cannabis strains are well-rounded in the effects they produce. Very rarely will a certain variety of cannabis either be extremely uplifting or extremely heavy, but otherwise the highs are often comparable. We have seen the opposite effect from a strain labeled sativa or indica too many times to take the words seriously anymore. Proving the subjective and individual experience cannabis causes, our prior understanding of cannabis is no longer valid or adequate to describe weed. Don't let indica or sativa labels steer you away from trying certain strains and products as the effects are so subjective and open to interpretation that you just might find a new favorite. For most of the industry's products, the Sativa or Indica labels are laughable considering the products are made from cannabis distillate devoid of the terpenes and cannabinoids, which when present determine cannabis' effects. Edibles are mainly made from this cannabis distillate, stripped clean of terpenes and cannabinoids. Most cartridge companies use this ultra-purified THC-a distillate and mix in "food-grade, non-cannabis derived terpenes" for flavor and smell. Heavy Hitters is one to use non cannabis terpenes in their cartridges, yet continue labeling products as sativa or indica anyways. It's a pretty bad joke to see the industry steered by marketing ploys, that prey upon the misinformed. Even using the cannabis communities own terminology to manipulate consumerism. This misleading rhetoric blasted across the cannabis industry does not benefit customers in anyway and is intended solely as a marketing angle to increase consumption. Weed itself is no longer good enough, unless you have 50 different kinds to choose from and never get to try them all. And yet, somehow with thousands of different varieties, they are all supposed to fit neatly into two specific categories of effect? I think not. For cannabis flower and hash the highs vary, but for most of the edible and vape products, they all contain the same distillate that lacks the terpenes and cannabinoids that would cause either an upward or downward kind of high. You get the shell of a high missing all the best substance. So, while you shop, decipher the marketing trends and find products and methods that work for your needs. #strain #buyersguide #solventless #hasheducation# hashwriter #420 #710 #hream #strains #phenotypes #710labs #710labsflower #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #KV #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #ogsmakebetterog #hashlane #terps #society #cannabiscures #medicalcannabis #love #community #joint #cannabisgrow #terpenes

710 Labs Tier Pricing Buyer's Guide

710 Labs built their second facility in Oakland a few years back, as California's recreational market was severely lacking solventless products and good indoor flower. Having made quite the name for themselves in Colorado's intensely competitive markets, 710 Labs "honed their iron" long before expanding into California's market. With an almost strictly solvent based California extract market, it's been a warm welcome to 710Labs. The Tier Pricing System Expanding from Colorado, 710 Labs unleashed the first 6-star solventless hash onto California's unsuspecting retail market. They redefined quality, setting the bar high for butane extracts, while all but introducing solventless hash. And with the quality 710 Labs is known for, their tier pricing model is another industry innovation that just makes all too much sense. Tier 1 = The Best (of the best) ($$$$) Tier 2 = Perfection ($$$) Tier 3 = Greatness ($$) Tier 4 = Goodness ($$)* 710 Labs implemented the Tier system to account for the natural and unavoidable variances in quality from batch to batch. As a small-batch, craft producer, the tier system accounts for these variations in batches allowing them to be priced accordingly. Each product from 710 Labs will have a small circle on the label with the number one 1 through 4 indicating the tier (as seen below). The tier system allows consumers to pay considerably less for tier 3 and 4 products, while reducing the guess work in finding the absolute best hash available. Tier 1: $85 -$130+ Only perfection from seed to sale of exotic, low-yielding, or difficult strains will ever obtain the Tier One rank. For most of 710 Labs genetic library perfection from seed to sale equates closer to a tier two. This allows for special batches to be released as a Tier one for those looking for peak quality. I've seen Tier 1's going from $140 down to $80 bucks. Tier 1 is often reserved for the wealthy connoisseur, who isn’t fazed by exorbitant prices. This allows 710 to offer incredibly low yielding strains that are otherwise unprofitable as water hash. Tier 2: $7o to $95 a Gram Tier 2 is considered perfection from seed to sale for many of the strains, or phenotypes 710 labs fans have come to know and love. While the tier rating system takes unlimited variables into account, you can rest assured that a Tier 2 product is an elite extract. This group is reserved for healthy harvests and full-melt water hash. Since not all strains can be considered a Tier 1, Tier 2 is often the cream of the crop. While Tier 1 prices can occasionally skyrocket, like recent Black Mamba Persy Rosin for $130.00, Tier 2 pricing remains on the higher end of the scale, but without the price hikes. By making tier 2 flawless cannabis extracts, it also helps illuminate the intricate quality of a Tier 1. Tier 2's usually fall in the $70.00 to $90.00 range at California's normal retail costs. Tier 3: $55 to 85$ Tier 3 is more affordable than Tier 2’s, yet they still often resemble Tier 1 or 2 products. For high-yeilding, easy and fast growing, plentiful varietals they often fall into a Tier 3, without losing or lacking any of the quality seen in the Tier 2 range. This allows for some of the more common and easier to produce solventless strains to be offered at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Pricing on Tier 3 Rosins are beginning to rival the price of the markets higher end B.H.O. products. A batch that is less than perfect, but often still phenomenal will get the Tier 3 rating. It can be slightly hit or miss on tier 3's, but as 710Labs continues to dial in their operation the characteristics between Tiers is reduced. Check out this Tier 3 Blueberry Haze that was recently picked up for $54.oo: Tier 4=$65 or less. Tier 4’s are a steal and used for two things: Affordable extracts and collaborations. I’ve seen quite a few 710 Labs B.H.O. products listed as Tier 4’s lately and sold for extremely reasonable prices that rival other B.H.O. products. While this is the low grade for the company, 710 Labs is committed to only selling hash that they themselves would smoke. I’ve had a few Tier 4’s that were amazing, especially considering their price. Recently, second press live rosin has been sold under this Tier 4 rating as well. While second press rosin lacks a bit of the flavor compared to first press, second press can often have a heavier, sedative, couch-locked effect. This is due to a higher conversion of THC-a to CBN from the additional heat of a second run through the rosin press. You get all the boom for your buck in second press pricing. Tier 4 is also reserved for collaborations, as 710 Labs honors their commitment as a Single-Source provider. This means that everything that comes out of the 710 Labs facility was grown, extracted, labeled, and packaged in house. For the rare and occasional collaboration 710 Labs does with other brands, the products will be Tier 4 on this principle. I’ve only seen one or two collaborations from 710 Labs, but I hear there are more collaborations headed our way. Let’s hope they honor the Tier 4 collaboration rating as well as price An area of common confusion around tier ratings needs to consider that all strains are not tier one worthy. This means one strain can be perfection with a Tier 2 rating, while another strain capable of Tier 1 quality can become a tier 2 if it's just less than a perfect batch. The Tier system judges specific varieties of cannabis against previous batches of the same varietal. The result: two different strains or varieties both with tier two rankings don’t necessarily equate in quality. As each phenotype has different characteristics, the tier ratings consider numerous aspects of the batch. Everything from flavor and smell to its melt-ability and the amount of ash left behind from dabbing it as water hash, is all considered and compared to prior batches, and overall quality of the hash. One downside to the tier pricing model fell outside the immediate control of 710 Labs. With these retail stores new to carrying the product or with a limited selection, the tier pricing can be ignored causing customers to pay tier 1 or 2 prices for tier 3 or 4 hash. This happens when stores try to set a consistent price without taking individual products into account. 710 Labs has done well in preventing this sort of thing, and it has also worked in the customers favor at times. By grading their cannabis against previous batches, “quality over everything” is achieved as growers learn the specifics of each strain. Batch to batch comparison for the same phenotypes gives consumers a level of transparency when choosing products, while helping the growers and extractors dial in a particular variety. This system allows not only for the best cannabis to be produced, but also a range in prices making quality solventless hash and hash rosin accessible to all sectors of the cannabis community. "Persy" We have seen some pretty creative ideas behind everything 710 Labs does, but despite hearing numerous interpretations, Persy is just what it sounds like: "personals". Slang representing the best of the best, the pick of the litter, etc. etc. Persy Rosin applies to 6 star water hash that's been pressed into rosin, whereas the normal live rosin doesn't make the same guarantee. The Live Rosin is pressed from hash considered just under 6 star and doesn't have a perfect melt. Persy Rosin is pressed only from the finest of 6 star/full-melt ice-water hash extractions. This way the Persy Rosin is always sold for slightly higher costs then the live rosin and can still come in the full range of Tier rankings. Persy Sauce (solventless) 710Labs most expensive product is their Persy Sauce. Despite many's ideas, Persy Sauce is indeed a solventless form of water hash pressed into rosin and then undergone a secretive operation turning a perishable hash rosin into a shelf-stable product that mimics BHO sauce and diamonds. And like everything else coming out of 710 Labs, the Persy Sauce is also graded by the tier system. L.S. (living soil grown)- If your hash has the initials L.S written on the package after the variety type, it indicates the cannabis was grown in Living Soil beds. Growing indoor living soil allows for a pesticide and fertilizer free method of sustainable indoor growing. Living Soil products can sometimes call for a $5 price hike compared to non LS products. This isn't always the case and occasionally I will receive a living soil gram without even realizing it until I get home as stores often fail to list this detail on their menus. The packaging often has a small sticker or slightly altered decorative boxes showing fungi and other undergrowth. Living Soil hash often has an extra layer of earthy, wholesome terpenes altering the flavor just slightly into a more robust sensory representation. Re-Cap: 710 Labs implemented the Tier system to account for the natural and unavoidable alterations in quality from batch to batch. The tier system allows for these variances in batches to be priced accordingly. Only perfection from seed to sale of exotic strains, low-yielders that are rare and difficult to work with will ever obtain the tier one rank. For most of 710 Labs genetic library, perfection from seed to sale equals a tier two. This allows for certain special batches to be released as Tier 1 with customers understanding that a tier one is a true gem to be gauged as special, unordinary, beyond the usual scope of perfection. Tier 1 is reserved for perfection, from seed to hash. Tier two are top notch batches with nearly full-melt water hash that hits on every level. A Tier 3 product is still high quality, and should be viewed as an average quality batch. Tier fours produce nearly unmatched quality in solventless hash to almost any other solventless brand, but are not their best work. Every batch of flower is graded on this tier system allowing varying batches to be priced accordingly and reflected. From the OG's Themselves: #hash #pricing #710labs #710labsflower #cannabis #cannabisindustry #cannabisconcentrates #solventless #hashrosin #Tier #420 #420community #weed #education #cannabiscommunity #concentrates #ogsmakebetterog #persy #persyrosin #persyrosinsauce #persysauce #710 #oil #marijuana #copywriter #hashwriter #cannabiseducation #cannabisculture #hashoil #BHO #hydrocarbonextracts

California Cannabis Caught Sleeping

As Cannabis pivots toward Solventless Extraction, Dispensaries Remain Oblivious to Top Brands. I wondered how long it would take for California to be caught sleeping, while the rest of the nation raced to catch up. When California's first and best cannabis company is from Colorado, it doesn't reflect well on California's cannabis scene. This is especially true after this primarily hashish making company started selling flower to meet a vacant demand for top shelf cannabis. As states turn toward legalization, California's bogged down by needless bureaucracy, and a useless desire to remain stagnant. This one has been weighing on my mind for some time now and I’ve inferred it in previous articles. When I look and see 710 Labs fresh as can be in Berks County, Pennsylvania, my birthplace of all places, I assumed someone got a lucky shipment. Once I realized this was a common occurrence and that 710 Labs hash and hash rosins are being sent and smoked all over the nation, I couldn’t help but feeling jealous. Incredible marketing reach I thought, until I started seeing 6-star hash and hash rosins grown and washed by local brands in states like Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee, New York, Michigan, and more. To make matters worse, I learned people in PA are often paying less for 710Labs than many California residents are forced to pay. While I'm stoked seeing quality cannabis back east finally, I've become so accustomed to living in CO or CA where the weed is undoubtedly among the absolute best for the least. I'm not so sure that's the case anymore. Living in Santa Cruz, CA the birthplace of Haze, there’s over 18 retail cannabis stores within a 15-mile radius. Four or five new stores opened in the last several months and a few other’s opened second stores, or reboots of previous failed efforts. At least three shops here have recently re-opened, re-branded, and repeated offering the same bottom feeder concentrates as all the others. Of all those stores, only one shop carries 710 Labs, (used to carry*) and the rest wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Trust me. I’ve been to every shop numerous times over the past few years, while constantly scouring online menus across the entire Bay area. Solventless hash is usually an unlikely rumor at best. While 710 Labs remains the highest measure of quality and I live just hours from their production facility, finding 710 Labs requires road-trips. Road trips that I willingly take, meanwhile passing numerous brand new, beautiful stores carrying the same generic menu’s as everyone else. Possibly even more alarming than the lack of producers, is the complete gap in knowledge from "cannabis professionals" about a product revolutionizing the market and re-defining cannabis as we know it. Solventless extracts and 6-star hash are easily the biggest innovation in cannabis since butane extracts created dabbing around 2009. It’s no wonder why the complaints keep pouring in, with retailer's failure to understand the products they sell. This after the informational and educational seminars that 710 Labs sales teams are known for. Shops keep popping up day after day, failing to provide consumers with the level of quality the rest of the nation has come to demand. After nearly three years of recreational cannabis sales, some local producers and manufacturers are slowly starting to step up. After 710 Labs landed on California shelfs back in 2018, they remained the sole solventless producers of six star hash and hash rosin for well over a year, while a handful of others scrambled to understand that quality doesn't equate to maximum profit. A fact that black market supply ignores, seeking instead to maximize profits through the facade of chemical solvents in mass production. It has been a painfully slow transition to quality solventless cannabis in California. Growing up in Steamboat Springs, CO, cannabis was an immersive experience and something everyone’s parents would partake in (and the reason why the adults ride chair-lifts alone). Cannabis was immersive without needing to mimic E.R. and Hospital signs with the giant green crosses marking dispensaries all over town. Billboard advertising for Weedmaps, Leafly, and other distribution, data, and analytics services would be fawned at. Personally tailored touches to boutique styled stores (whose products are anything but craft or boutique) try to paint an image of pot that it isn’t. It was an organic cannabis scene growing up in Colorado without the persistent and needy reaching and hunting for consumer demand. Quality was the only thing that mattered to growers and producers, risking everything for their pure love of the cannabis plant and the desire to share their cannabis with those who love it. Money was made, but it came behind community, culture, and most importantly, principle. No way were the risks worth the meager financial rewards of pre-medical era, clandestine cannabis growers. While medical cannabis approval allowed the science to skyrocket in Colorado, it was knowledge shared. California’s Medical Cannabis regulations appear to have driven Cannabis and Cannabis knowledge burrowing ever deeper into California’s Clout-encrusted underground. While Colorado regulated and oversaw the medical industry closely, they did so with the intent of a smooth and informed transition into recreational cannabis sales. I didn't realize it until after recreational cannabis was in effect and Netflix aired a documentary about a medical cannabis dispensary and their transition into recreational law. This store had no intention of serving only medical needs for long, as medical dispensaries were granted first access to recreational licenses. If you hadn't been operating a dispensary under the states medical guidelines, you had to wait until year two to apply for a recreational cannabis license. This was incentive to operate a medical dispensary, despite enormous costs and minimal profits, you were given first access to recreational licensing. The store in the Netflix series was in its final year of medical cannabis sales and counting down the days until recreational cannabis sales could officially begin. The medical market was more detailed and stringent than California's, helping make for a smoother transition without enormous tax costs and unreasonable packaging and labeling demands. California, having legalized medical cannabis in 1996, did so nearly a decade before Colorado's first medicinal dispensary opened. California couldn’t have foreseen the coming of recreational legalization, opting instead for a loosely regulated medical industry that keeps quiet, and proceeds however it sees fit. While legalization has always been the ultimate goal, as the first state to approve Medical Cannabis, California’s medical program wasn’t geared toward recreational approval in legislative detail. Instead it created a gray-area or loophole where medical cannabis could be easily infiltrated by greed and criminality, which has seeped into the psyche of a high-priced-low-grade cannabis market. A market trying to squeeze consumers out of every last penny they can. This caused a complex underground system to close its doors to the general public, making cannabis more niche and more dangerous than ever before. Something I tend to forget is the intentionality of Colorado residents apart from life-long generational residents in California. It’s somewhat rare to meet someone in Colorado who is from Colorado and its been that way dating back to the early 1990’s. In terms of numbers, Colorado barely registers as California’s 39.5 million citizens dwarfs Colorado’s 5.7 million. Per-Capita numbers would put cannabis users in a much higher percentage in Colorado, a number that assuredly multiplies in ski resort towns. For example if 1 in 10 CA residents smoke cannabis, Colorado would be more like 8 of 10 residents are avid cannabis users. I made those numbers up, but you can get the idea I am after, which is simply a common sense evaluation of how and why Colorado's market is thoroughly solventless, meanwhile Cali sells butane extracts for sixty bucks a gram. Stores here in CA have some serious catching up to do. Being in two states to go recreational, nearly a decade apart, regulation and testing in CA can only be blamed so far. With changing regulations, California’s cannabis extract shelves sat empty for much of June and July 2018, while testing labs were backed-up and overwhelmed. I gave it some time to iron out the wrinkles and now nearly three years into California’s Recreational Cannabis market, the industry remains as stagnant as before, aside from two or three companies who are onboard the solventless revolution. The stores that put in the effort to carry these elite quality brands of cannabis will survive while the other 18 dispensaries I drive past continue to operate like its 2009.

Cannabis Extracts for the Informed Consumer: Solvent or Solventless

Trying to navigate the recreational market of cannabis concentrates has proven difficult even for experienced consumers. This article will explain the evolution in cannabis extraction technologies, the major methods defining extraction techniques and give an insider’s perspective of the finest cannabis extracts available today. As cannabis markets continue to gain traction, inconsistent and largely unpredictable markets have left recreational consumers in an informational fog. Try as the industry may, or may not to inform consumers, the lack of knowledge was evident when an established Colorado hash company opened a second operation in California. Expecting high demand for their solventless concentrates, the demand for their solvent-based counterparts came as a surprise. Initially hoping to eliminate solvent extracts from their product line-up, the company was forced to devote about half their overall production to solvent extracts, until information spreads and attitudes start to change. Over the past year several companies have joined the solventless side of history, but consumer understanding remains largely stagnant. For those immediately overwhelmed by terminology, cannabis extracts, concentrates or hash are all interchangeable terms describing concentrated cannabis. Under these umbrella terms, two distinct categories emerge depending upon whether chemical solvents were or were not used to extract the hash. Hence: solvent or solventless. A brief overview of cannabis concentrates will help consumers to understand the evolution away from solvent extractions and toward a superior solventless future. Before regulated cannabis markets, cannabis extracts had long been in use. These old-world methods of cannabis extraction use very basic solventless techniques to create more potent, concentrated forms of cannabis. Dry sifting is easily the oldest form of cannabis extraction and a prime example of one solventless technique. Something as simple as shaking dried cannabis over metal screens and collecting the residue underneath creates a solventless product called kief. Dark brown bubble-hash, made popular decades ago, is another ancient technique using only ice and water to perform extractions without chemical solvents. After decades of stagnant and limited old-world methods, changes in legislation allowed cannabis sciences to flourish. These old-world hash methods were quickly forgotten, replaced by the astonishing progress of modern solvent extractions. Solvent Based Extractions The emergence of solvent extracts revolutionized cannabis around 2011, creating new categories of cannabis products that exploded onto the scene. Not only did solvent extracts produce the most potent and cleanest forms of hash ever seen at this point, it also created new possibilities for hash-oil vape cartridges and cannabis extract infused edibles. These solvent extracts use butane, propane, or other hydrocarbon solvents to extract, or “blast” cannabinoids from the plant. By running solvents through cannabis and then purging or removing leftover, residual solvents, a super-potent, premium hash oil product is achieved. Regulated markets require testing to ensure only a safe level, if any, of the solvent used in the extraction process remains in the final product. This technology ushered in the first wave of concentrates to medical and recreational markets under the descriptive titles of wax, shatter and crumble. While these effective and affordable products can still be found today, far superior products have largely replaced wax and shatter. Distillation techniques can further purify and isolate THC-a, while removing harmful residual solvents. For a time, Solvent-free was used to describe this ultra-purified distillate, but the needless term has fallen out of use. Solvent-free is still a solvent extraction using chemical solvents, don’t be fooled. Distillation and CO2 extractions have fallen into general disfavor as they destroy the flavorful terpenes and valuable cannabinoids, that when present create an “entourage effect.” The Entourage Effect This “entourage effect” happens when the medicinal and recreational properties are most effective, pronounced, and impactful due to a full range of terpenes and cannabinoids being present in the final product. With companies manually reintroducing terpenes to their final extracts, it’s an attempt to restore what was lost during solvent extraction processes. Many brands claim to use cannabis derived or food-grade terpenes to infuse or reintroduce terpenes into their purified hash oils. While this adds flavor and taste, especially to distillate cartridges, it’s far from an ideal solution. Armed with this new information, the informed consumer looks for a full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids in their hash. Fresh-Frozen and Live Resin BHO With terpene preservation a new priority, all aspects of hash making were reevaluated. By using fresh-frozen cannabis flower, solvent extractions quickly reached new heights. Using the same techniques as prior solvent extractions, the cannabis plant is frozen immediately upon harvesting, rather than trimming and drying the crop. Freezing the plant preserves valuable terpenes helping to create a new category for hydrocarbon extracts under the general label of live resins. This live resin, containing vastly greater profiles of terpenes and cannabinoids than earlier waxes, shatters or crumbles is sold as live-resin sauce, sugar, badder, frosting, diamonds and more. Many versions of live resin re-use previous terms that describe consistencies. These live resin solvent extracts outperform the wax, crumble, and shatters of old, and are priced accordingly. Some of the best solvent extracts available today use butane to extract hash oil, which forms THC-a crystals and diamonds seen in live resin sauces. Having learned the value of terpenes and cannabinoids, early efforts to purify THC were clearly misled. The industry defining use of fresh-frozen cannabis flowers greatly improved the quality of all extracts having realized the psychoactive effects are largely dependent on the various profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes. Pure THC-a crystals and isolates are easily achieved with solvent extractions but, produce inferior effects both medicinally and recreationally. Discovering the “entourage effect” as described earlier, these elements of cannabis allowed old-world solventless techniques to be re-inspired and reinvigorated with the benefit of healthy genetics and a hearty understanding of past mistakes. Having gone full circle, solventless techniques are again at the forefront of the cannabis industry, having attained near perfection for our current understanding of cannabis anatomy. Ice-Water Hash Using the lessons and tendencies of prior extractions, the solventless method, in all its final forms, begin with the same initial process to make ice-water hash oil. Often referred to as solventless hash oil (SHO), fresh-frozen flowers are submerged in ice and water, soaked and agitated before the water is filtered through mesh screens. As these mesh screens are measured by microns, the increasingly finer mesh works to separate and extract only the trichome heads that break free from the cannabis plant. The 120- and 90-micron mesh screens usually collect pristine trichome heads. After scraping the remaining material from the screens, its sieved onto trays where the hash can dry using modern techniques of sublimation. The results are beyond phenomenal and are sure to shock even life-long cannabis consumers. This technique isolates only the most potent and psychoactive parts of the plant, to produce white to clear solventless ice water hash. When done with precision 6-star ice water hash is formed. The hash can be sold and consumed as is or undergo additional solventless techniques to produce hash-rosin. Hash Rosin Not to be confused with live-resins, rosin uses pressure and slight heat to squeeze ice-water hash, into hash-rosin. Some companies have elected to whip their rosins into a solventless badder or allow their hash rosins to undergo a cold cure process that creates textures and varieties like hash rosin sauce. Regardless of the final solventless product, they all begin as ice water extractions. These simple, natural methods of extraction are quickly being adopted by companies known for live resin. As solventless extracts are safer, cleaner and superior in quality to solvent chemical extractions, the race is on as the industry shifts toward a solventless future. Setting Solventless Apart While I’d be happy to never see another solvent extract again, without the miraculous breakthroughs and advances in all aspects of cannabis manufacturing and production we may have not yet arrived where we are today. When using solvents to extract, the trichomes, which contain the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, are dissolved by the solvent, which is then evaporated, leaving behind dissolved trichomes. In solventless hash, these trichomes remain whole and are never dissolved or broken down. Instead they are broken free by agitation in ice and water, separating the trichome heads from their less-active stems. These valuable trichomes heads contain everything pertinent and are never destroyed, dissolved or melted like solvent-extractions are forced to do. The benefit of keeping the heads of these trichomes whole results in a far superior product expressing the full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids the way mother nature intended. This natural profile of trichomes lends itself directly to the entourage effect that solvent extracts were found to be missing. Extraction techniques are not equal and depend upon whether quality or mass production is the aim. Solvent extracts have quickly begun to represent the old-guard of mass-produced cannabis concentrates, with the solventless new-guard focusing on quality, small batch, hash-rosin excellence. analysis analytics bubble bud budder business butane butter cannabinoid cannabis carbon dioxide cartridge cbd co2 concentrate crumb crumble distillate distillation dry effect entourage extract extracting extraction hash hydrocarbon ice keif kief legalization legalize legislation license live marijuana market mesh oil potency processing product propane quality residual resin rosin screen shatter sift solvent solventless terpene test thc THC-A thc-v trichom

Terp Theory: Concretization of Cannabis Hash and Lingering Skeuomorphs

In my studies of new media theory, I came across some fascinating conceptual ideas that pertain well too many aspects of recreational cannabis. In Katherine Hayles’ deep study of humankind and technology called How We Think, she identifies technological inventions that in turn change how we think. The easiest example is bipedal locomotion, which freed our hands and our minds to create tools. The technology of learning to walk on two feet changed our perceptions, allowing the cognitive capability to invent hand tools. Her theory goes that without discovering one technology, ie. bipedal locomotion, we wouldn’t possess the cognitive ability to invent tools. The tools created are then improved upon continuously from generation to generation suggesting a sort-of feedback loop between humans and the technologies created, taking place in our unconscious or non-conscious lives. This unconscious exposure to tech changes how we think and perceive the world and “demonstrates the interpenetration of living and technical beings.” Luckily for cannabis, new technologies in one area have led to the groundbreaking methods of extraction that may have otherwise, remained unthinkable. The combustion engine (like cannabis extracts) combined numerous strategies and technologies, leading to inventions that were inconceivable before their time. Roads, highways, gas stations, auto-parts stores, car washes, etc., all resulted from the first cars. For cannabis, extraction allowed for products like cartridges, tinctures, topicals, and edibles to exist. The automobile itself is the perfect example of what Simondon calls, “concretization” as different technologies combine into a solution. Concretization of cars began with improving performance, horsepower, etc., before realizing new concerns like fuel economy and limiting emissions to reduce environmental damage. We can think of Teslas and other electric cars then as the perfect example of “concretization,” that Hayle’s claims “is at the opposite end of the spectrum from abstraction, for it integrates conflicting requirements into multipurpose solutions.” This pertains specifically to cannabis extraction sciences that have undergone several evolutions in their methods and technologies. I’m thinking here of solventless extractions that reached their limit in terms of quality, remaining stagnant for centuries until new technologies, like butane hash oil extraction, changed how we think about harvesting cannabis and thus, the extraction process as a whole. Learning that terpenes and other cannabinoids are all crucial components of quality extracts, led to fresh-frozen harvest techniques, where cannabis is immediately frozen rather then dried. B.H.O. products extracted from freshly frozen harvests allowed a significant increase in the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids, and these harvesting techniques eventually carried over into the solventless realm. Utilizing fresh frozen cannabis, solventless Hash made monumental leaps in improvement to re-gain the concentrate throne. As extracts underwent a process of concretization, earlier rosin techniques were also re-inspired. Instead of pressing whole flowers, rosin presses are instead used to press ice-water hash into hash rosin. Concretization goes a step further as many solventless rosin producers are creating a solventless sauce, mimicking the BHO diamonds of butane extracts by relying on similar processes of natural terpene separation. The advances in one area are repurposed into another. “At the opposite end of the spectrum from abstraction,” solventless 6-star hash is the pinnacle concretization of cannabis science, adapting and evolving, despite cultures incessant desire to live in the past. After a decade of butane extracts, old habits and ideas have proven difficult to break. In order to heed the warnings of technological theory, examples of skeuomorphs show just how hard old habits die. This idea of skeuomorphs reveals our interconnectivity across time and space by linking the present to both the past and the future. Skeuomorphs can be defined through another automobile example of stitching leather. In previous decades leather needed to be handstitched, yet today’s cars still contain evidence of fake stitching, with some going as far as to create fake patterns and seams, with fake stitch-marks included. The seats are either glued or sewn internally, but these fake threads present an image of a "hand-made" past. This example of a skeuomorph shows traces of the past still lingering in the present, without serving a utilitarian need. These Skeuomorphs are seen across the cannabis industry with glass blowers still making male connections on dabbing rigs. When dabbing techniques originated, the bowl-piece used to consume concentrates was made of titanium which expanded when heated. Since we blow-torch our dabbing nails, the heat causes the titanium nail to expand and shatter glass dab-rigs when inserted into a female connector. I’ve seen it happen. Rather than having the nail with a male connection, function demanded female fittings that could expand around a pipe’s male connector when hot. Jump ahead five years to today and titanium rarely exists, eliminating the need for male connections on dab rigs, yet they often remain. Even further back, we used to heat a loose piece of quartz shaped like an actual nail that was loosely inserted into male connections on dab rigs and then partially covered by a female glass hood or dome. This style is over a decade old, yet some glassblowers still include female domes on male rig connections, despite everyone switching to the preferred quartz shaped “bangers” with male connections. Calling a quartz banger a "nail" is another example of a skeuomorphic term that no longer describes or defines the improved object renamed a banger. These are three examples of skeuomorphs in the current market and there are plenty more. The whole premise surrounding Indica and Sativa is a skeuomorph, and a left-over belief from the uninformed era of prohibition, despite current science proving otherwise. Scientifically indistinguishable between Sativa and Indica, most of the cannabis was bred underground, and hybridized time and time again. These terms are scientifically impossible to distinguish in the product or plant and yet, the terms remain prominent across the industry and displayed on packaging as a skeuomorphic marketing ploy. These skeuomorphs remind us of what came before, and can often act as a comforting agent, something familiar even when we know its function is no longer of use. What does this say about cannabis and its incredible evolution? It's still too early to tell, but the information and advanced science has concretized the world’s best cannabis extracts into solventless 6-star hash and hash rosins. And there's another skeuomorph: solventless. Hopefully this term "solventless" will die soon, since it is only in reference or response to the solvent extracts ruling the market for the last decade. The term solventless is an ugly reactionary term, or skeuomorph, inadequate and awkward for labeling the best cannabis hash ever made. Hash extracted by ice and water is already the new standard and is finally catching on for its superior quality that customers are beginning to demand. Along with this acceleration of ice-water hash, I see a near future where extracts, edibles, topicals, and even crappy cartridges are made entirely without the use of chemical solvents. #hashwriter#hream#ogsmakebetterog#tier2#2gram#solventless#cannabis#420#710 #hash#rosin#solventless#cannabis#hashwriter#mothership#KV#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates#hashlife#hashonomics#terps#terpenes#organic#ogsmakebetterog#hashlane #baddertech #cannabis #cannabisconcentrates

Real Live Hashish: Water-Hash Basics

Some people call it “connoisseur grade”, a high-end "luxury product", or “boutique-bud”, but I just call it hash. Hash the way hash is meant to be made. I call the rest of what's bought and sold in today's market, largely the mid-grade results of corporatism, sucking quality right out of Cali's recreational cannabis market and it's endless bureaucracy. And with the high price investment of closed-loop butane extraction labs and equipment, brands have dug their heels in and resisted the solventless revolution. But this is not another trend, its cannabis hashish the way its meant to be and consumers should demand nothing less. Gone are the days when vastly different priced butane extracts made sense. They all fail to compare with the quality and amount of cannabis flower necessary to produce modern solventless hash. Instead, BHO should sell for half its current cost, with a standard price range that doesn't vary so much from brand to brand. As demand increases for solventless hash so will the supply. The increased demand will force brands to go solventless or sink, and provide consumers more for less. The idea of ice-water hash is to isolate and preserve only the very tip or "head" of each cannabis trichome as seen pictured below: This process was made possible by freezing cannabis immediately after harvest to preserve as many terpenes as possible, which naturally degrade over time. This technique was developed for hydrocarbon B.H.O. (butane hash oil) extracts to make live resins, but allowed solventless hash to reach new heights. Borrowing the fresh-frozen technique, raw cannabis is submerged in water and ice. The cannabis is gently mixed in the water as trichomes break free from the plant material. In theory, only the round heads of each trichome will break free, leaving their stems and everything else behind. Thanks to the non-water solubility of cannabis trichomes, the heads remain suspended in water until filtered out. Using mesh screens, often referred to as "bubble bags," they are stacked in descending order allowing the finer material to pass through the first few larger sized micron screens, but are caught before falling through the finer micron screens toward the bottom. The trick is to isolate only the round trichome heads, filtering out all the plant material including trichome stems. The valuable trichome heads contain a full-profile of terpenes and cannabinoids in the same ratio as Mother Nature intended. Some cannabis varietals, or strains, develop bigger trichome heads than others. Getting to know their genetic library allows producers to understand and gauge the average size of trichome heads for different strains or varieties of cannabis they grow. This means that some varieties of cannabis retain the greatest amount of trichome heads in the 120u micron size screen, while others produce better from the 90 micron sized screens. Next time you see a tray or a jar of white, sand-looking, cannabis hash, you can know you are looking at tens of thousands of isolated trichome heads piled on top of each other. Despite looking like loose sand in the jar, these trichome heads bond to one another in a surprisingly firm and stationary extract. From there, you can scoop and dab, or elect to press the hash between parchment paper in order to better gauge the amount or size of each dab. After pressing the hash in parchment it can be cut into small squares, called "flags", which are then dabbed as normal. Regardless of how it is consumed, there is no better extract made anywhere on Earth. Ice-water hash is the pinnacle achievement in hashish, combining generations of information to achieve full-melt, 6-star, ice-water hash. Below is a perfect example of ice-hash naturally turning to an oil as it reaches room temp: #hashwriter#hream#ogsmakebetterog#tier2#2gram#solventless#cannabis#420#710#hash#rosin#solventless#cannabis#hashwriter#mothership#KV#HW#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates#hashlife#hashonomics#terps#terpenes#organic#ogsmakebetterog#hashlane#baddertech#cannabis#cannabisconcentrates#strain#buyersguide#solventless #hasheduationhashwriter#hream#strains#phenotypes#710labs#710labsflower#hash#rosin#solventless#cannabis#hashwriter#mothership#KV#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates#hashlife#hashonomics#terps#terpenes#organic#ogsmakebetterog#hashlane#terps#society#cannabiscures#medicalcannabis#love#community#joint#cannabisgrow#terpenes

420 of 2020 and Police Interference

"For the law holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" -Sir Matthew Hale I’m here in Santa Cruz, California on 4/20 where the University of California does all they can to smear cannabis as a criminal enterprise. As a Federally funded state institution, cannabis use of any sort has been deemed illegal on campus. The state that was the first to allow medical use, decriminalize cannabis, and finally legalize recreational cannabis use, intends to send another uninformed generation of cannabis naïve kids into the world. For a state who profits hand over fist on Cannabis taxes, regulations, certifications, applications, and annual fees, it’s all too ironic that its Universities present a draconian perspective of criminality associated with cannabis. Here's the other end of Sir Matthew Hale's dictum: Driving onto a deserted campus who sent a majority of its students home due to Covid-19, (in addition to firing an entire class * of graduate students) I passed three Santa Cruz City Police cars on the single lane loop that winds through campus just now. With the campus having its own personal fear mongering operation of campus police, there’s no need or reason for city cops, sheriffs, or state cops to be patrolling the campus * like this. Aside from the absurdity of placing police departments within our universities, colleges, and schools (a topic for another day) you would think 420 celebrations could be handled by campus police alone. Why else do they exist, especially when far more urgent needs exist? The last thing on Earth California cops should be concerned with stopping is 420 smoking, especially with unemployment and the impending aftermath of extreme poverty looming. And had I not witnessed this same display last year on 420, I might actually believe this is a Covid-19 pre-caution, concerned with our well-being. But that’s just not the case, as the same threats were emailed to everyone last year, as an absolute abundance of swine poured onto campus. They stood guard in their little blue uniforms, harassing our youth and threatening to arrest anyone in the areas that 420 gatherings used to occur. Rest assured that today these cops are also patrolling on foot, surveilling walking paths and the bridges connecting the campus areas. A major operation with two or three lines of surveillance stacked one on top of the other in hierarchical descent to defend a nearly deserted UCSC against that horrible satanic sinner herself… You know who. (but if you don't know I'm talking about Mary-Jane). Cannabis is illegal on campus we are told, and this includes for medicinal reasons at any and all times. It’s irrelevant of whether you live on campus or off, just happen to be visiting, going to classes, hiking, or biking around the* campus trails. The line of bullshit they feed us is: “well, its federally funded and as a federal institution cannabis remains illegal everywhere on school land”. What a crock of shit. Cannabis is federally illegal, yet states and especially California openly disregard what the federal government thinks to protect its citizens from absurd, draconian legislation. California is also a sanctuary city or state, refusing to work with or relay information to ICE for the mass deportations the federal government loves so much. Time and again California has been a leader, a trend setter, and unafraid to stand-up for its residents’ human rights. It’s the reason I moved to California and remain here. And while cannabis is a minor topic amongst a major health pandemic, 420 provided the perfect opportunity** to reveal aspects of the system funneling students into a stagnant state of corporatism, unfettered by informed consumer demand. They prep the mind and body through constant anti-cannabis rhetoric at our universities, calling cannabis use “criminal” and threatening arrests to create an uninformed or misinformed bias to those who never question the status quo. They try to dictate this line of thinking with propaganda younger students often accept, despite unknowingly being coerced. ** It’s just another reason and another way to assert authority, inserting police into every aspect and dimension possible as power overflows and seeps into the minds of tomorrow. This surveillance state of corporate capitalism promotes an uninformed general public who flocks toward corporate leadership, as idealized by the country's corrupted Presidency. So, as tens of thousands, * hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are spent harassing citizens and arresting peaceful civilians on 420, maybe it’s time we rethink our positions of authority and where our tax dollars are being spent. * While I agree and understand we have some need for police, it's beyond time we remeasured their reach. When positions of authority no longer serve a useful purpose to society, they begin embodying a nationwide symbol of injustice and oppression. It’s time to reel in those with a badge remembering they are our employees after all. * Signals every time a police car drove by me while I was writing this article.

Everything You Need to Know About Storing Solventless Hash and Hash Rosins

Time to talk hash. I’ve had a bunch of people hit me up lately asking how to store ice water hash and hash rosins. While I can offer some quick guidelines, the topic of storing solventless cannabis concentrates is situational, and requires a longer explanation than I care to give more than once. I decided to share my experience with solventless cannabis extracts over the past three years for anyone who cares to read. The simple storage answer is to freeze your water hash, refrigerate hash rosin, and leave B.H.O. like live-resin sugar at room temperature. They didn’t used to recommend leaving BHO at room temp., but B.H.O badders are on another level after warming-up and getting all jiggly and moist. But for solventless extracts of all sorts, its an imperative that you keep them cold, while remembering not to open a frozen jar. Always let hash warm up before opening the jar to prevent condensation from forming and destroying the hash. These are the basics that will adequately protect and preserve your hash, however there are far more intricate aspects of storage that I will discuss below. WARNING: NEVER open a frozen jar of hash or rosin. Always allow your water hash and rosin to warm-up before opening to prevent condensation from forming that can damage the hash. Forking over a significant amount of money for some of the world’s finest cannabis concentrates, its nice to know you are getting all you can out of them. These solventless extracts require more attention as storage tech plays a key part in enjoying the solventless side of life. Unlike B.H.O. and other chemical-solvent extractions of cannabis that are shelf-stable at room temperature, solventless hash and hash rosin begin losing volatile terpenes right away. This is why they require freezing or refrigeration, to preserve as many terpenes as possible. As the volatile terpenes naturally deteriorate the hash or hash rosin will transform in appearance, texture, and consistency. It will also significantly increase the aroma and the taste, making the hash more aesthetically pleasing and often easier to work with up until a certain point. Once an extract has surpassed this point, it will harden and remain that way until consumed. It's a natural process of working with undisturbed resin glands that are ruptured by chemical solvents, causing many terpenes to evaporate long before B.H.O. is put in the jar. This is often the reason that many hydrocarbon extraction techniques require the infusion of "food-grade terpenes," rather than terpenes which are cannabis derived. Furthermore, BHO takes a wild guess at the correct ratios and profiles of cannabinoids while re-infusing terpenes at the end. Only with solventless extractions can you get a true expression of that phenotype or cannabis varietal. Honestly, there's absolutely no better way to experience and explore different cannabis varieties, as hash rosins contain a superior spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids in profiles mother nature intended. Welcome to the new and improved world of solventless extractions. Rosin When it comes to hash rosins the process explained above is called "buddering-up," or "ripening" as I like to call it (despite actually losing terpenes). If the hash rosin has been well cared-for, meaning it remained below 47 degrees consistently throughout transportation and dispensary storage, it will usually be a translucent shade of yellow or white. Once the hash rosin begins to warm in temperature it can budder-up quickly, which is why it's important to properly store hash rosin after each use. Some strains will budder far quicker than others, with some buddering before it ever reaches the consumer. For certain strains this is normal as every cannabis variety reacts differently. Sometimes a pre-buddered hash rosin is a sign that someone failed to properly store the hash, as most dispensaries in California are still unfamiliar with solventless extractions and underestimate the need for refrigeration. For hash rosin that is completely translucent like the photo to the left, its a good idea to let it warm up some before storing it in the refrigerator rather than the freezer. Freezing hash rosin works to stall the buddering process, while refrigeration will allow the translucent hash to budder-up slowly, developing an opaque crust and a gooey center. Most hash rosin enthusiasts agree the ideal time to consume hash rosin is midway through the buddering process. The challenge is to balance the process using refrigeration to help dictate the rate at which buddering occurs. Below is another example of the same rosin, after 24 hours at room temperature. You can see how after 24 hours at room temperature the rosin above begins to develop a haziness as it turns from a gooey oil into a solidified state. Its perfectly O.K. to dab hash rosin in any state of appearance, but its much more flavorful and enjoyable while undergoing the buddering transformation. Allowing the extract to sit at room temperature, it took about four days before completely solidifying known as caking-up. The product is still incredible, but is missing some of the most volatile terpenes that can evaporate when your hash is exposed. This is a reason to always put the lids back on your solventless extracts during and after each use. The photo below is a fully buddered hash rosin in a caked-up consistency that some people really enjoy. For those disappointed to spend big bucks only to find out your hash is already buddered, remember that certain varieties of cannabis act and react different than others. If your hash rosin appears to be caked-up, allow it to reach room temp and try some agitation using your dab tool to release some moisture. Many companies are electing to whip or stir their hash rosin into a stable rosin badder, which can occur naturally with rosin and agitation. Below are pictures of what appeared to be a caked-up hash rosin, that was largely just a strain dependent effect. You can see the moisture that is released by making it into a rosin badder. You can see above how this Wedding Cake hash rosin from 710 Labs turned right into a gooey, wet, delicious badder that was incredibly easy to dab and one of the most satisfying textures to work with. By simply allowing the hash rosin to reach room temperature, sometimes, you can turn caked-up rosin into such a perfect consistency as is shown below. If the hash rosin crumbles with agitation, I'll carefully use my finger to compress the hash rosin down in the bottom of the jar, as the heat from my finger helps it to stick back together. After popping it back in the fridge for an hour or so, I'm able to use a thin metal dab tool to lightly scrape the top layer off for each dab. Just as a reminder, no matter what I've said, you should always allow all solventless concentrates to warm up before you dab them to prevent sizzling and burning from condensation. Sometimes with caked-rosin scraping the top layer off after compressing it will surprisingly cause some moisture to appear. Either way it is much easier to work with, especially to gauge the amount of each dab once its compressed. Below are examples of hash rosin I compressed in the jar. Below is a shot of some hash rosin that appeared to be buddered, but showed its soft center as I scraped a few dabs off the solidified shell that was forming. It had buttered up on me, but was a joy to play with as I formed and shaped it back into something of a hash rosin badder coin. Fast, light-tapping with my dab tool loosens the rosin up, especially Persys, and will often transform into a perfectly moist rosin badder. If my hash rosin reaches this 50/50 point of translucency like the papaya hash rosin below, I'll usually freeze that jar of hash rather than refrigerating it between uses to maintain this perfect consistency. When purchasing multiple grams of hash rosin its a good idea to freeze all but a gram or two and put them in the refrigerator instead. Hash rosin will slowly begin to budder-up in the refrigerator, often at a perfect rate to be consumed within the week. You will get to know companies and their strains that will effect your storage plans. 710 Labs kimbo-kush hash rosin for example, is super stable and usually takes several days at room temperature before buddering becomes visibly noticeable. Papas Selects premium hash rosins have earned a lofty reputation for their surefire clarity and consistent translucency across strains and batches. You should also freeze any bulk purchases of hash or rosin and it never hurts to seal them in a zip-lock or air-sealed bag before freezing to be certain that moisture cannot seep in. The buddering process in rosin continues to amaze and makes dabbing solventless hash rosin more enjoyable and more involved than any other extract form. Ice Water Hash For ice water hash, the same process unfolds as thousands of individual trichome heads containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids combine as water hash "greases-down". Once it has "greased down" err..." -up?", the thousands of pristine individual trichome heads meld together into a natural cannabis oil. Only high grade 5 and 6 star ice water hash will undergo this greasing process. Lesser bubble hashes contain too many contaminants like plant material and trichome stalks to ever "grease down" into a dabbable form of oil. It is recommended that you keep ice water hash frozen between uses to prevent it from completely "caking-up" or drying-out. It is still perfectly good hash for consumption, it just loses some of the terpenes that naturally evaporate from all forms of cannabis after harvest. With six star hash and hash rosin made from freshly frozen, rather than dried cannabis, most of the terpenes that are included would already be long gone by the time cannabis flowers are dried. This is what makes solventless concentrates so incredible so don't let caked up hash or rosin prevent you from thoroughly enjoying this huge advance for cannabis and the culture of hashish. Below are some examples of ice-water hash and the greasing process that ensues. Note how the thousands of tiny heads coagulate turning from a sand-like appearance into a unified oil. This sand like appearance is the ideal consistency of a well preserved hash that has remained frozen or close to it. After warming up and starting to grease down, ice water hash will turn from a sand-like appearance into an oil. The picture below is a perfect example of water hash greasing down after the agitation of pulling out a dab And the unfortunate scenario of having your ice water hash go beyond the greasing process and completely caking-up. EDIT- The picture above is from Santa Cruz Naturals who store their solventless Hash and Hash Rosin from 710 Labs in a warm dry storage area. This is what happens even if the jar is never opened from sitting at room temperature. It is equally as important to allow frozen jars of hash to defrost and thaw out a bit before removing the lid as this will cause condensation that can potentially damage the hash. The same is true for hash rosin, but with hash being in a more natural state, it is recommended that you keep ice-hash frozen when not in use. If after several uses your water hash hasn't greased-down into an oil, try leaving it out for a bit to kick-start the grease-down at room temp. The ideal consistency for water hash only occurs with the best of the best, as the water hash forms a natural rosin without the need for the pneumatic rosin press. Papas Selects water hashes are unlike any others, and have become the paramount example of 6 star, perfection in water hash extractions. Here's an example of my last gram that was incredibly consistent and held up as an oil even after a couple days at room temp: Personal preference varies, but most hash heads are in agreement that the pristine time to dab hash rosin is halfway through the buddering phase, similar to hash heads who are looking for a partial grease down before dabbing water hash. For the other varieties of solventless hash such as 710 Labs Persy Sauce, the concept is that it no longer requires refrigeration and is a stable product the way B.H.O. extracts are. This makes it much easier to handle, being able to take it with you without concern for refrigeration. The same is relatively true for hash rosin badders that should be refrigerated when possible to help preserve terpenes, but really will not change noticeably in texture or appearance at room temperature. The evolution that hash and hash rosin undergoes is a part of the enjoyment of smoking only the best. There really is no wrong or right way to do things, but the general consensus appears in agreement that these valuable terpenes contribute not only to the taste and smell but also to the effects or "the high". As terpenes and cannabinoids interact to create the "Entourage Effect", proper storage and care will help unlock the full potential of solventless dabs. #hashwriter #hream #ogsmakebetterog #tier2 #2gram #solventless #cannabis #420 #710 #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #KV #HW #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #ogsmakebetterog #hashlane #baddertech #cannabis #cannabisconcentrates #strain #buyersguide #solventless #hasheducation# hashwriter #hream #strains #phenotypes #710labs #710labsflower #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #KV #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #ogsmakebetterog #hashlane #terps #society #cannabiscures #medicalcannabis #love #community #joint #cannabisgrow #terpenes

Avoiding "Heady-Halos": Single-Source

"Health Halos" are created through savvy P.R. and advertising campaigns to influence consumers under false or faulty pretenses. What researchers call "cognitive misers," are the inherent bias's helping to stream-line our conceptual thought and decision making, especially when inundated with a barrage of choices and information. Studies have shown for example, that customer's are more likely to order unhealthy side-dishes if they believe the entree to be of significant health. In doing so, calorie counts become drastically under-estimated, manipulated by the conceptional pretense of a "Heath-Halo". As cannabis goes mainstream, the same savvy P.R. and marketing departments will try to make their mark on herb, creating new fields of consumer manipulation under the guise of what I'm calling: "Heady-Halos". Like "health-halos," "Heady-Halos" can take on numerous identities, capitalizing on our "cognitive misers" or bias', through the use and misuse of simple terminologies. We have all learned and probably forgotten, the differences between low-fat, reduced-fat, and no-fat, with "organic" and "sustainability" becoming the major themes, from which the narratives of "health-halos" grow. In an effort to combat corporate cannabis and empower consumers, I will get back-to-basics to clarify catch-phrases, claims, and terminologies made by the top producers in California's recreational cannabis industry beginning with: "Single-Source." “Single-source” is a common term across consumer industries that carries significant importance to culinary operations and cannabis alike. Single-source for cannabis brands means the company is responsible for growing, extracting, packaging, and selling their product. This is one component of quality cannabis, especially for live-rosin and ice-water hash. By growing cannabis in-house for extraction purposes, it allows for fine tuning of variables that promote plant growth ideal for extraction. For 710 Labs, "Quality Over Everything" is the motto and the truth. "We are single source craft producers," meaning "everything that comes out of our [710 Labs] facility is grown by us," says the brand. In order to maintain the level of excellence and consistency necessary to produce some of the world's best hash, 710 Labs chooses to remain largely a "single-source" company. They go to these lengths "because handling of the resin from seed to sale is crucial to ensuring quality". With everything produced, manufactured, and packaged under one roof, a holistic approach ensures the highest quality and consistency of all recreational hash and flower they produce. The company goes a step further to offer door to door delivery for loyal customers of their 710 Labs brand. This eliminates the product markup for retail costs and ensures proper handling of the product, something retailers often fail to embrace. There's something extremely valuable, earning immense respect for a company that grows the cannabis that they extract. It proves the OG status rightfully claimed, having all but mastered the process from seed to sale. There's no one I'd rather have making my cannabis hash products, than the same people who grow the weed. Currently many extract companies in California aren’t single source. Instead, they focus solely on extractions, leaving the growing operations to someone else. This worked well in the days before solventless hash became prevalent; when B.H.O (butane hash oil) was king. The ease of hydrocarbon, solvent extractions allowed many inadequacies in the growing process to be overlooked when out-sourcing cannabis. With companies extracting mainly from fresh-frozen material, it made it easy for producers to freeze, sell, and ship the raw cannabis material to extractors who specialize in their art. On the one hand, this allowed numerous talented individuals and companies to collaborate and build lasting connections. On the other hand, it leaves sub-par cannabis manufactures competing, trying to promote and sell a crop to extractors who depend on their weed. The personal relationship a grower has to a particular strain or phenotype is lost as cannabis exchanges hands. With the level of professionalism required to produce six-star ice water hash, a collective project is often paramount to success. Other companies have had success in this transition toward solventless extractions, but are not single-source. There's an exception to every rule with companies like @papas_select outsourcing the cannabis they use to make some of the best ice-water hash around. Their awards speak for themselves. They have adopted a strong relationship with the farmers and growers, overseeing the harvests to optimize solventless extractions. Papas_Select is proof that single-source isn't always necessary to produce the best hash. Hash-heads have argued that out-sourcing cannabis material will create more opportunities to explore different genetic libraries, and to collaborate with the best growers in the world. While I agree with this thesis, the opportunity to collaborate remains for a single-source company, whereas others are regularly dependent on outsourced material. There are upsides to both single-source and outsourcing cannabis flower depending upon the relationships and hands-on approaches in collaboration. I lean toward single-source hash companies, believing that the greatest hash is made with love from those who grow their own. #hashwriter#hream#ogsmakebetterog#tier2#2gram#solventless#cannabis#420#710#hash#rosin#solventless#cannabis#hashwriter#mothership#KV#HW#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates#hashlife#hashonomics#terps#terpenes#organic#ogsmakebetterog#hashlane#baddertech#cannabis#cannabisconcentrates#strain#buyersguide#solventless#hasheducation#hashwriter#hream#strains#phenotypes#710labs#710labsflower#hash#rosin#solventless#cannabis#hashwriter#mothership#KV#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates#hashlife#hashonomics#terps#terpenes#organic#ogsmakebetterog#hashlane#terps#society#cannabiscures#medicalcannabis#love#community#joint#cannabisgrow#terpenes

The Equalizer: How the Opiate Epidemic Crossed Cultural Divides

They claim opiate addiction obeys no cultural, racial, or economic divides. This is true, opiates reach every corner of society and grab hold of the richest and poorest alike. A democratic drug, for this democratic nation. The C.D.C. reports daily overdose deaths surpassing 128 people in 2018, with the opiate epidemic significantly more lethal than all drug epidemics preceding it. And still people are often more familiar with the crack-cocaine epidemic, remaining largely ignorant to the wide-spread destruction that opiates and heroin still cause. How has heroin infiltrated parts of society that older generations and drugs couldn't possibly fathom, meanwhile flying largely under the radar of public concern? Let me try to explain: It's often overlooked that the country has already experienced opiate addiction and widespread heroin use, long before drugs like crack or methamphetamine were around. With the industrial revolution came consumer products, often containing morphine and its derivatives in over the counter medical and health supplies. Patented by Bayer Pharmaceuticals as early as 1890, Heroin was their cure-all, but tolerance and reports of addiction led legislation to clamp down on wide-spread opiate use. While consumer products were forced to eliminate morphine derivatives, the First and Second World Wars brought enough suffering to promote rampant drug use. Heroin had devastated inner-cities in the decades before crack cocaine, but is overlooked by the violent crimes crack cocaine caused. To my baby-boomer father who couldn't understand why or how a middle-class white kid growing up in a ski-resort town could possibly be addicted to heroin, the answer is our government. He had witnessed heroin's effect on friends and the black community in the years surrounding the Vietnam War. To my father, heroin was a ghetto drug, but not the case anymore. Not until the unsuspecting approval from the FDA did Purdue Pharmaceuticals extend the notion of a heroin user beyond inner city ghettos and poverty stricken crack-houses. It took a hundred years of waiting before they popped the next slick opiate agenda and the 1990's became Oxycontin central. The FDA and everyone else knew that heroin and morphine derivatives were highly addictive, yet the medical establishment and policy makers were hoodwinked. Opiate pain pills were prescribed for every ache, injury and illness, as big pharma and Purdue Pharmaceuticals profited hand over first on the death of my friends, family, and community. With vamped up production, falsified claims, fake-research, and malignant fraud, the U.S. government allowed Big-pharma to knowingly and wittingly expose millions of unsuspecting Americans to the highs and utter lows of heroin. My first dose of heroin came when I was 16 and the doctor prescribed Lorcet (Oxycodone) for the pain of a pulled tooth. Clearly unnecessary, I think I could have gone without. The first step to uncovering the hidden trail of heroin, is calling a spade, a spade. In the depths of my addiction, I preferred government regulated opiates to the uncertainty and impurities contained in street drugs. Oxycontin became a legal and illegal gold mine of consistency and purity in the eyes of the opiate dependent slave. While its been well established that Oxycontin is pharmaceutical grade heroin, the comparisons have largely failed to communicate the same dangerous potential among all pain pills, including some that were once considered "non-narcotic," like Tramadol. Opiates and synthetic opioids are all interchangeable substances and should be thought of the way one cannabis strain compares to the next. It took me several years of full-blown addiction to pain-pills before experiencing the similarities between pharmaceuticals and heroin first-hand. That's why when I look back to the start of my dependence, my first drug-dealer and supplier had no issue dealing drugs to children: He was the family practitioner. #hashwriter #opiates #opiateepidemic #heroin #oxy #oxycontin #bayer #bigpharma #bigcannabis #Purdue #PurduePharmaceuticals #purduePharma #hash #copywriter #copywriting #writer #blog #California #ucsc #uc #opioids #opioidepidemic #overdose #narcan #suboxone #subs #ReckittBenckiser #crooks #crime #criminals #pharmacists #familycare #practitioner #lorcet #hyrdocodone #oxycodone #Oxycontinoveerdose #oxycontinabuse #addicted #recovery #sober #clean

The Power of Cannabis Content Writing

With the Corona Virus reorganizing our daily lives, retail cannabis markets are booming. With the number of cannabis consumers growing exponentially, educational cannabis content written by an experienced writer and consumer is a powerful tool. As brands attempt to reach consumers, legal parameters prevent the usual marketing and advertising tools, with cannabis remaining Federally illegal. The solution lies in cannabis blogs, social media, and engaging content writing. Those at Netfly say, "content is the most important part of a website," driving traffic through S.E.O (search engine optimized) articles. With online marketing and advertising campaigns geared largely toward fleeting banner ads, a better solution lies in quality content writing. Content marketing campaigns often make the mistake of relying on short-term ROI (return on investment) figures. While paid search banner ads may generate a handful of clicks tomorrow, the next day they’re gone. They require all new investments for repeated or additional exposure to continue displaying ads. Quality content writing and blog posts are a one-time investment with permanent and compounding returns. After the initial investment of an educational blog post or article, it will continue to drive traffic day after day, for free. Spending on quality content writing for cannabis education is the best way to create continuous and compounding leads, while exposing your brand and earning the trust of consumers. These types of S.E.O. articles lead to customer success and satisfaction, an invaluable asset as market competition matures. Emerging from years of prohibition, cannabis science and research is skyrocketing and consumers are looking to the brands they consume for authoritative answers and explanations they can trust. If you‘re looking to grow your brand, take advantage of my training as a literary scholar and content writer to boost your online exposure and increase customer engagement. Feel free to contact me concerning projects, ideas, suggestions, and offers to augment your brand's blog or write informational guides and educational promotions. -Nick ☠️ #strain#buyersguide#solventless#hasheducation##blog #blogwriter #copywriter #cannabiscopywriting #cannabis #solventless #hashwriter #hream #strains #phenotypes #710labs #710labsflower #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #KV#icehash#sixstar#macro#concentrates#hashlife#hashonomics#terps#terpenes#organic#ogsmakebetterog#hashlane#terps#society#cannabiscures #medicalcannabis #love #community #joint#cannabisgrow#terpenes


Finding good hash in California's legal cannabis industry was difficult enough, but now solventless companies selling something on an entirely different level, are reaping the rewards of high-grade hopes. For consumers unable or unwilling to fork over $75 to $100 on a gram of live-rosin from a brand whose quality and consistency has already earned immense reputations, new solventless options have begun to appear. While these products are labeled solventless, they’re sold for nearly half the price of leading brands. What isn't always reflected is the drastically different processes used to arrive at what may appear similar final products. What's forgotten in the shuffle to find live-rosin, is the flower-rosins of old. Remembering that solventless hash can take on many forms and consistencies, the styles of solventless extraction vary as well. Understanding the basics of cannabis extraction without the use of chemical solvents, will inform consumers and eliminate the disappointment of misleading products in a rather opaque retail industry. While the industry defining standard of live hash-rosins and six-star hash is irrefutable, there are simpler and cheaper methods of producing solventless hash. By adapting Old-World methods, bubble-bags became the best technique using only water and mesh screens to filter cannabis extracts from water. This technique starts with dried and cured cannabis (often trim), just like butane extractions of wax, shatter, and crumble originally did. The dry cannabis is mixed into a bucket filled with water. Lining the sides and bottom of the bucket are around seven bubble bags in descending micron sized order. Having agitated the cannabis by stirring the water, the valuable trichomes containing THC break free from the plant. The bulk of cannabis is removed from the water as the first bubble bag is pulled. Each consecutive bubble-bag has a slightly finer micron size, working to filter out plant material, fats, lipids, waxes, etc. until only cannabis trichomes remain. After pulling several bags that are usually trash, hash is scraped from the desired micron size bubble bag screen and left to dry. By combining two or three different micron size extractions, usually the 90u and 120u sized bags, a larger profile of terpenes are present, but the overall quality can decline. Some hash is sold as full spectrum and others are labeled 90u or 120u if sold separately. Starting with dried cannabis left bubble hash with a low ceiling for improvement and quality remained stagnant for decades, until advances in cannabis science evolved with medical legalization. Bubble-Hash Solventless hash extracted with only water and mesh filters is an old-world method still in use around the world today. This style of bubble hash can produce halfway decent extracts, but it cannot be dabbed on a quartz banger. Instead of melting on a quartz nail like butane extracts, lower grade bubble-hash products must be added to a bowl or sprinkled in a joint. Trying to dab bubble-hash rated four-star and below (on a scale of one to six stars) simply will not work unless dabbed on a red hot nail. This type of solventless bubble-hash is sold very cheap, but don’t be confused, you are not receiving anything close to the six-star hash you may have heard about or seen. Bubble hash produces a dark brown to tan product, still containing plenty of excess debris. This was the type of hash smoked between red hot kitchen knives long before a melting and dabbable extract was ever conceived. Thank science it was. Flower-Rosins Jump back seven or eight years to around 2014 when a kid with his mom’s hair straightening iron invented a new solventless extraction method. By pressing a cannabis flower between the heated plates of a hair straightening iron, the pressure forces rosin to seep from the cannabis flower. Discovering the ease of this new technique, numerous companies capitalized on the concept by designing and manufacturing cannabis specific, hydraulic rosin-press machines. Made in all sizes, personal rosin presses allow this extraction technique to become an at home hobby. Between sheets of parchment paper, commercial rosin presses heat and squeeze rosin from the cannabis flower allowing the extractor to gather rosin from the surrounding wax paper. At this point the flower is basically trash, but a full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids are contained as a “dabbable” rosin. Unlike old-world bubble hash, flower-rosin melts on a quartz banger, allowing for lower temp- dabs that have become standard practice. This is the process used to make many half-priced, solventless products that are easily confused with high-grade hash-rosin at the dispensary. A clear distinction in terminologies will eventually stabilize, reflecting the drastically different quality and high, but for now companies who make flower-rosin are riding the coat tails of the solventless revolution. Be aware of products with only solventless labels, usually failing to distinguish which solventless method was used. Flower-rosin should be labeled clearly and although some companies do, the distinction between flower rosin and hash-rosin is often confused by bud-tenders, store menus, and misleading or unclear packaging. Bud-tenders often fail to mark these distinctions as the newly emerging industry of solventless extracts begins to mature. With such an immense amount of packaging and regulations, it’s ironic how rare it is for a consumer to see or smell a product before its purchased. Spending 50-60 dollars on what appears a great deal from a new company can be a major disappointment. Not that there is anything wrong with flower rosin or bubble hash as they’re apart of the evolution, but the confusion they cause can quickly lead to frustrated consumers. I've often found myself wishing I'd spent ten or twenty dollars more for a hash rosin brand I trust. Understanding exactly what you are purchasing will eliminate these disappointments and help classify flower-rosin as a distinctly affordable option that won’t break the bank. Since there are plenty of cannabis dispensaries where you never see the full packaging, or the product prior to purchase, solventless products are easily confused. Obviously, not all rosins are equal in quality, but the extraction processes differ as well. With flower-rosin once again appearing on shelves, learning the logistics helps consumers decipher price versus quality with clarity. Ice-Water Hash The grading scale of one star to six stars does not apply to rosin, but only to ice-water hash. With the invent of fresh frozen harvests, the same process used for bubble hash, done perfectly in a refrigerated environment, can produce six-star ice water hash. Judged partially by looks, the ability to melt when dabbed is the ultimate deciding factor for the quality of the hashish. This is where the term “full-melt” originates, referring to the hash's melt-ability. In Cali’s cannabis industry, any hash that can be dabbed as usual is of or near six-star quality. Starting with frozen cannabis, the bubble bags are used the same way, and sublimation technology helps to dry the extracted hash. It is then sieved into a fine powder. Done to perfection, nothing but the heads of trichomes will remain, stacked one upon another in a perfect jar of hash heads. Unlike solvent extractions that dissolve the trichome heads, solventless ice water extracts preserve the full trichomes as nature intended. Dabbing six-star ice water hash is the closest method of experiencing a plant’s natural terpene and cannabinoid profile available today. And finally, this ice-water hash is the necessary starting material from which additional extraction processes and techniques are applied to create varying styles of solventless hash. Live Hash Rosin Leading companies making fresh frozen ice-water hash can elect to purify the product further by bringing out the rosin press. Instead of pressing dried cannabis the way flower-rosins do, hash-rosin producers smash five to six-star ice-water hash into a live hash-rosin product that dominates connoisseur demand. It’s a world apart from flower-rosin that is fairly shelf stable, while hash-rosin and six-star ice-hash must remain frozen or refrigerated to prevent a change in consistency and to preserve the volatile terpenes heavily depleted in dried cannabis and solvent extractions. Live hash-rosins and ice-water hash do not distort the integrity of the trichomes natural terpene and cannabinoid profiles Mother Nature intended. This fuller profile leads to positive effects in everything from taste and smell, to appearance, but especially an improved high. The entourage effect is dependent upon different compositions of terpenes and cannabinoids, a profile that solvent extracts can only try to recreate by reintroducing extracted terpenes into the final THC-a extract. With ice-hash, there isn't a need for reintroduction as the trichome heads remain largely in tact, undamaged, and containing the full profile of each strain, or phenotype. Even pressing five and six star ice water hash into rosin can damage terpenes slightly as the heat melts trichome heads into a luxurious and translucent hash rosin, some terpenes do escape. Pressing ice-water hash works to clean five-star hash into a fully dabbable product. Some brands press their six-star hash, although unnecessary for dabbing, to remove any last impurities creating a premium hash-rosin product. Regardless of ice-water hash ratings, its fair to say hash-rosin is a monumentally superior product to flower rosin, having nearly completed the extraction process before turning to the rosin press. With the industry disturbing trend of solventless hash and hash-rosin products, only a couple elite producers have been able to maintain the standard they set. These elite solventless companies are undoubtedly worth the price, once an understanding of the care and craft quality necessary to achieve these results is better understood. While flower rosin is a solid and affordable product, to the concerned buyer, it lacks much of what less expensive butane extracts provide. With advancements in technology and skill, hydrocarbon extracts are better than ever making them an easy and cheaper option to higher priced flower-rosins. This makes it difficult to convince anyone that solventless flower-rosin is worth the increased price, over hydrocarbon solvent extractions. Head to head at equal prices, flower rosin is normally superior to B.H.O, but the prices don't match. Hash-rosin on the other hand is worth every cent, and is distinguished entirely from all butane extracts. Rosin Badders and Sauces After extracting ice water hash from fresh frozen cannabis, it is put through the rosin press before additional steps can be added. Some brands are choosing to whip their rosins into a hash rosin badder that's slightly easier to work with than fresh-press hash rosin. Others are utilizing a cold-cure technique to create numerous consistencies for solventless products including live hash-rosin sauces, that allow terpenes and THC-a crystals to naturally separate. This is the area where information and explanations are the hardest to come by. Solventless ice-hash and hash-rosins are no longer a secret, but the varying dynamics used from there is still largely unknown. The idea behind solventless sauces and diamonds is to create a shelf stable product, unlike its predecessors of 6star and hash rosins that require constant refrigeration. With hash rosin companies producing in extremely limited batches, only a handful of retail stores across California are able to carry their products. This is not for a lack of demand, but precisely the opposite. Companies are unable to produce and manufacture enough quality hash and rosin to keep up with endless demand. This is where flower-rosins try to fill a void to the unsuspecting buyer, but words out, and brands are all scurrying to catch up. With even more demand, prices will eventually go down as more and more companies elect to go solventless. As consumers become educated of the intricacies of production and the demand for solventless peaks, many manufacturers will be forced to ditch the chemistry sets used in Butane hash oil extractions, in favor of hand-made, small batch, fresh frozen hash products. Instead far too often the best products sit unsold, with bud-tenders unwilling and uninformed to the latest industry products and trends. Now, as an industry designed around solvent extracts pivots to keep up, a lot of messy and borderline “rosins” are showing up in moderately priced jars. 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No Home, No Longer Human.

The civil rights inherent to our society are something which hides in the shadows of legal jargon, precedence, and subjectivity, for which they originally aimed to solve. The vast lack of informed and educated citizens has allowed an all-out slaughter on the individual liberties and rights, abhorring a free society. Armed with every protection imaginable, these police officers capitalize on the uninformed fear of our citizens. While conducting interviews with homeless men and woman, their legality, logistics, and rights remained unclear. Not only were questions of law unanswerable, the more I asked and read, the more uncertain, unknown, and unidentified the laws and rights became. The men and woman I spoke to stress the uncertainty and absence of clear-cut laws, which subject uninformed homeless to a constantly uncertain state of criminalization. While the use of public space to sleep was upheld in 2018, the language in this law works to undermine itself. The Federal Appeals judge upheld the eighth Amendment in 2018, which prohibits "criminal penalties for sitting, sleeping, or lying outside on public property for homeless individuals who cannot obtain shelter," said the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The court "may not criminalize conduct that is an unavoidable consequence of being homeless”, unless, it is believed there is vacant space in a homeless shelter. Not only is it impossible to know if space exists within these shelters on a day to day, night to night basis, but officers are expected to decide for themselves. This allows officers to engage with and interrogate whoever they want, whenever they want. In lieu, many states have adopted additional measures aiming to clarify and legalize these aspects and conditions of poverty. While multiple states have passed what’s known as “The Homeless Bill of Rights”. California, Colorado, and Washington continue to work together in developing and drafting a practical solution to the dehumanizing criminalization of homelessness. While appearing to help those without shelter, a “homeless bill of rights” deems the homeless as something other than U.S. citizens. These labels separate and distinguish the rights of all with the rights or lack thereof, for the homeless. While extensive measures need be performed to aid and assist an increasingly desperate and growing homeless population, a specific “homeless bill of rights” undermines American liberty. It says those without shelter do not possess the same rights as every other American. This is wrong and disgusting. The inclusion inherent to American democracy is fractured by assigning specific civil rights, which are already in effect. With this understanding here is an example of Traverse City, Michigan’s “Homeless Bill of Rights”: Access basic requirement necessary for sustaining life, including shelter, sanitation, medical care, clothing, and food; Move freely in public places in the same manner as other persons without harassment or intimidation; Have equal opportunities for employment; Receive emergency medical care; Exercise equal civic privileges, including the right to register to vote and the right to vote; Have personal information protected; Have a reasonable expectation of privacy in his or her personal property; Receive equal treatment by state, county, and municipal agencies; and Allow for access to resources for housing and supportive housing. It is alarming that these rights needed to be stated as though the civil rights inherent to American Democracy, do not apply to certain populations. These commonsense measures prove that the homeless population is stripped of its basic rights. The need for additional rights points to the cruel, barbarous indecency displayed by police. I had aimed to provide general knowledge of laws in which the homeless may use to protect themselves from the police and unnecessary incarceration, but what has emerged is the underlying problem of fascist policing tendencies to treat citizens according to their economic and social status. Often, it is police officers who are in the greatest need of a constitutional education. They have clearly forgotten what it means to be free and American, although they are never taught the laws they supposedly enforce. That is the district attorney’s job after arrest. Police departments have been allowed to operate with little oversight and far too much trust, for much too long. Armed not with a gimmick, but an education and an understanding of one’s laws and rights, we will prepare and defend the innocent from the rampant criminality among police and other flawed government agencies. Homeless inclusion requires the basic civil rights, promised and guaranteed to all U.S. citizens. At odds with a government of the people, by the people, for the people, I promise you, the homeless are PEOPLE. .

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