Oh Right, Light Deps./Depping on a Modern Cannabis Farm and Getting Dicked in the Closet

It has been a perfect gift in a small and excruciatingly painful way, but nevertheless coming back to the world of cannabis after some years forced away, has allowed me to see into the questions and curiosities of the typical consumer. So many terms and concepts are used frequently in and around dispensaries, but lack a common understanding, such as CRC. With outdoor cannabis from Northern California producing the best hash on earth, it's time to tackle Light Deprivation. A Bit of Backstory Seeing that the market was transitioning once again, solventless refinement needed as many voices as it could get. With a plan to write, cannabis came calling at just the right moment, as I completed a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and was poised to speak on a multitude of issues and life experiences. I'd witnessed legalization in Colorado back in 2013 and trust me, it wasn't legalization that interested me again, but the solventless revolution. With cannabis going legal the year before in California, the solventless revolution was unstoppable. It was enough to re-inspire my obsessive compulsion to study and learn everything I could about hash making in a practical way the average consumer could understand and make sense of, leading to It was clear that little had changed in my years away and the more I learned about solventless refinement, the more I realized how little was known about chemical extractions and the ugly state of that industry. Point being I was away from cannabis and the industry long enough to see the operation with wonder and awe, that I had lost. Hell, I burnt out from a distance, until seeing my first gram of legit hash rosin in 2017. I didn't understand how it was even possible, but knew instantly that solventless refinement would change everything. I grew cannabis enough in my late teenage/early twenties to have an appreciation and immense respect for the plant and for the life and life-cycle that growing taught me early on. This changed the way I view cannabis and only a nasty opioid addiction could have ripped me away, as it did. Overcoming addiction and returning just in time for the incredible evolution of solventless hash, left poised to educate. Light Cycle I have many of the same questions as everyone else and this concept of the "light-dep" seems to have come from nowhere, as they so often do in the Cannabis Community. Coming from Colorado myself, outdoor growing was rather foreign to me, but the principles and light cycles are the same. Light Deprivation or Light Deps, are an outdoor growing concept, one that has been heavily used the last decade, but is said to have originated in the late 1980s and 1990's Humboldt craft-cultivation scene. Light Deprivation, allows outdoor farmers to harvest two-to-three times per year, instead of only once in the Fall. By covering the plants with large-dark tarps or covers, outdoor farmers harnessed control of the light cycle. Think Indoors First To help understand the concept of light deprivation outdoors, let's think about an indoor grower and his setup first. The grower controls the length of light each day for his plants. Most indoor growers have their lights set on a timer, mimicking the longer spring and summer days with eighteen or even twenty-four-hours of light per twenty-four hour period. After a month or two of this Vegetative Growth (as it's called) or whenever the grower chooses, the light cycle is changed and the daylight hours are cut back to twelve hours of daylight, versus the previous eighteen or more. And that's it! That is all that is necessary to induce flowering. A Quick Sexing Cannabis Story When I was about seventeen or eighteen and learning about growing cannabis, sexing the plant was worrisome. So, when I started growing from seeds a year later, I was truly mesmerized when simply changing the light cycle actually worked! I learned most of what I know through trial and error, but despite hardly believing it would work, I cut my lights down to twelve hours per day to induce the flowering stage. Sure enough, just a few days later I could notice a change. Within the first two-weeks of flowering, I'd lost five of my six plants after they rudely revealed their hideous male packages to me: Gross. Dicks in the Closet. Shockingly, within days of turning the light cycle back the plants begin to reveal their sex, as the males develop these tight pods of pollen-sacks, looking thoroughly, like male balls at first. The females develop hairs in wisps, looking quite different and much more familiar to consumers, in just a matter of days. Now luckily for the modern cannabis farm, they grow female clones instead of seeds and don't have to worry about sexing-out, or removing the males, but the flowering process and light-cycle concepts remain identical. Clock Work Green Like clockwork, cannabis will flower with less daylight, as the shortened period of light signals the coming of Fall and Winter when plants would naturally flower. Controlling the light cycle allows indoor growers to have numerous harvests per year, or a seemingly endless harvest of batches in perpetual rotation. The outdoor grower doesn't have this luxury, instead depending upon Mother Nature's seasons. This means planting in the spring and waiting until fall, when plants will naturally flower for one big harvest per year. That is, ... without light deprivation. Light Deprivation Using tarps, tents, and high-tech automated systems, farmers now use light deprivation to create shorter daylight hours for their outdoor and greenhouse gardens. This technique allows outdoor farmers to harvest up to three times per year using natural light and light deprivation to block it out. For once the concept is as simple as the name implies, but the logistics of covering outdoor areas is a much different issue. Manual Light Deprivation Light deprivation comes in all types and styles including the hand operated tarps farmers must hang up at the end of every day and take down before sunrise every morning. Farmers use PVC pipes (see below) to create rows, which allow tarps to be draped over them. It's a labor-intensive ordeal that demands a rigid schedule. Leafly's article quotes Rachel Turiel of Herbanology saying, “Every day, someone has to be home to pull tarps. It absolutely ties you to the land," as “you can’t miss a day.” In fact, from my early growing years, messing with a plant's daylight schedule can cause them to turn hermaphrodites, exhibiting both male and female qualities, that must be removed to prevent pollination and seeds. “Every morning, I’m up at 5:30am to make my coffee. By six, I’m pulling tarps. And then again, I have to be home in the evening to do it all again" says Johnny Casali with Huckleberry Hills Farm. High-Tech Light Deprivation As if covering an outdoor garden wasn't inconceivable enough, we now have automated greenhouses that make light deprivation just a part of the daily auto-functions. Take a look at the black areas about twenty to thirty feet apart that go up the sides and over the top of the garden. These are the light deprivation tarp sections that automatically open and close each day on timers. Below is a better shot of one tarp section retracted overhead (that is if you can take your eyes off the flower!). Just left and over this stunning Cheetah Piss from @humboldtkinefarms & @manny_growz_, you can clearly see the black deprivation tarps fully retracted for the daylight period. The tarps will automatically close several hours before sundown and open just before sunrise during the flowering period. That is what light deprivation tents are all about. They deprive the cannabis of natural daylight by covering the plants, or the greenhouses with tarps. For the shortest winter days, mixed lighting greenhouses can provide additional LED lighting to maximize growth during the shortest daylight periods of the winter. Either way outdoor farmers can harvest multiple batches per year thanks to light deprivation methods derived here in Humboldt County, CA. "The Full Seasoners" Then there's the traditional outdoor option of full-season growing as normal. These plants are the ones the size of trees by fall. Crops are planted right around this time of the year, and one large harvest will happen in the fall. Some farmers swear by the full season grow, but I've heard others prefer Light Deprivation. I'll tell you right now, the best hash and rosin I have ever had or seen comes from mixed lighting greenhouses that utilize Light Deprivation. Fresh Frozen Push Thanks to light deprivation farmers have income several times per year, rather than depending on one harvest each fall. The ability to have numerous harvests per year was always a huge advantage for indoor growing, but not anymore. Solventless hash has helped shatter many of my long-standing beliefs that favored indoor cannabis, quickly realizing outdoor cannabis from Humboldt County, CA makes for the best hash on earth. As Light Deprivation has pretty much become standard practice, cannabis farming continues to make massive improvements, partially thanks to the demand for the great equalizer --- The Wash --- The Acid Test --- that is, Ice Water Hash. #lightdep #lightdeprivation #depping #deps #outdoor #hash #rosin #solventless #humboldtcounty #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #weed #marijuana #thc #cannabisculture #cbd #weedporn #weedstagram #hightimes #stoner #indica #sativa #hemp #maryjane #medicalmarijuana #ganja #kush #highlife #growyourown #life #dabs #dank #cannabissociety #highsociety #smokeweedeveryday #smoke #weedlife #cbdoil #bhfyp

Hash Literati Handbook of Terminology: Trichomes

A working and ongoing terminology and definition list to embolden the writings of hash. Trichomes: Trichomes are what we harvest for ice water hash. There are three different types of cannabis trichomes: Bulbous trichomes are tiny bulbs that dot the surface of the plant. They cannot be seen without a microscope and their production of cannabinoids is still in question. They add a sheen to the cannabis plant and add to the stickiness of the flower. Bulbous trichomes are distributed throughout the entire surface of the plant. Capitate-sessile trichomes are more abundant than bulbous trichomes, but still typically only visible with a microscope. Like bulbous trichomes, capitate-sessile trichomes have large bulbs, but with more of a classic mushroom-shaped structure. This trichome is primarily found on the underside of sugar and fan leaves. Capitate-stalked trichomes are the ones we're after. Shaped like mushrooms and containing a large bulb or "head" at the top of a stalk. These are the largest and most abundant trichomes on cannabis, (yes!) and most familiar to consumers. The capitate-stalked trichomes are primarily found on the surface of cannabis flowers and are rarely seen on fan leaves or stems. Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are produced within the trichome cells through biosynthesis. The psychoactive effects of cannabis are determined by the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids contained within these trichome glands, to the best of our understanding. Smoking Hash (trichome heads) Since the entire trichome gland is preserved, it will leave a bit more behind, but it's worth it. This is caused by the thin outer layer that contains each individual trichome. Rosin removes these outer layers to provide only the inside of each trichome, but loses the most volatile terpenes at the same time. There is some give and take with either method, but the best ice water hash should melt clean, leaving very little behind. Dab at about 500 degrees or just under, and allow the hash to slide off your tool - usually onto the sides of your banger, in globs or flags. Just as the hash is sliding down onto the surface area of your quartz, you put the cap on, as each individual trichome head bubbles and pops, releasing the breathe of the cultivar. The essence. It doesn't take a lot of heat to get those trichomes to boil and pop and the effect is divine. -Hash on, man! #hash #cannabis #weed #cannabiscommunity #rosin #terps #thc #marijuana #dabs #weedporn #solventless #cbd #hashrosin #society #kush #dab #hightimes #weedstagram #cannabisculture #sativa #indica #ganja #hashish #community #stoner #life #joint #bong

The Future of Hash: The Hash Clubs of History Will Repeat

While researching the history of hashish through contemporary literature, I was shocked to learn about the widespread existence of hashish parlors that were in every major US city as recently as the 1920s. I've been wanting to lay out an ideal future for where I want to see cannabis and hashish five to ten years from now, along with what we as consumers can do to help get there, when it dawned on me that history is bound to repeat! My vision for the future of hash sounds eerily like the untold "glory days" of a 1900's American hashish parlor. By the late 1800's, inspired by Fitz Hugh Ludlow's incredibly successful book The Hasheesh Eater (you don't want to read it), hashish was introduced to the West. By 1870 Ludlow’s work was republished, bringing hashish into the spotlight with, “hashish candy and hashish clubs popping up around the U.S.” Still, it seems a stretch to imagine public smoking domains, despite the current state of partial-legalization. "Over 500 hash parlors were operating within New York City" and believe it or not, "hash parlors still outnumbered the infamous speak-easys that the era was known for." Hash clubs are nothing new to America, they were just hidden from history, until now. In order to arrive at an ideal future, we need to envision where we are heading, and what everyone can do to support the future of quality cannabis access. Backed by "Too-Big-To-Fail" money, Corporate Cannabis isn't concerned with immediate success and aren't going anywhere fast. They're concerned with owning and controlling assets. Assets too big for me to wrap my meager financial brain around. Corporate industry strives for maximizing profit, regardless of consequence, which will never jive with high quality grass. We aren't going to beat them head-to-head. I mean no single company is going to overcome corporate cannabis. It will take a whole lot more than that, starting with our combined buying power and our full financial support to solventless products only. I see one way, and only one way out of this mess and toward an ideal future for quality hash: Informed Consumerism The way out has been written on my homepage since the first day was created. It's become my slogan of sorts and was the title of my first published article, which provoked me to create The phrase: Cannabis Concentrates for the Informed Consumer, has been the guiding mantra and focus of all my writing. Having spent the past two years influencing the turn from solvent to solventless, I now aim to end spending on any product symbolic of corporate cannabis. Informed Consumption is the answer to fight a corporate-owned and dominated America, but what does informed consumption in cannabis mean? Well, with new brands appearing on a daily basis, let's take a quick theoretical look at product categories to understand what they consist of and what they represent. *(Long-Time readers can probably skip product explanation and jump to my ideal future for the plant). 95% of Products Sold Today are Trash While there are always exceptions, the general premise of my theoretical analogies hold true. The small batch, hand made, solventless method of refinement stands directly opposed to the mass produced, mega-profit margins, of corporate cannabis and distillate extraction products. Vaporizer Cartridges If solventless refinement is the epitome of quality cannabis, vaporizer cartridges are quality's antithesis. Aside from one or two expensive, overpriced and hard to find, if not impossible to find, rosin sauce pens, the rest of the vaporizer cartridges are trash. They're worth little more than the metal and glass they come in, and represent mass-production, Big-Agriculture, Big Pharma, and the corporate elite's best interests. They're made from the worst of the worst cannabis, including crops riddled with mold. In fact, so many cartridges are so poorly made, that it is wise to completely avoid them. STOP PUTTING YOUR FULL-TRUST IN BRANDS What About Live Resin Carts? Most are not and many are proven to simply be distillate with added terpenes. Other than "emergency" situations, quit giving your hard earned money for a product that is a laughable excuse for cannabis. There are too many other high quality options to choose from, than buying the trashy hot-dog-flavored-water cartridges that support and scream corporate cannabis. Edibles Aside from Space Gem, who is phenomenal (And provides an extensive educational blog for it's consumers), every other product on the edible market is made from the exact same distillate concentrate that goes into cartridges, only worse. Unlike the cartridges, no one sees the oil in edibles, allowing producer's to use whatever dark and dirty oil they want. Producers making hash who decide to make edibles, are just cashing in on the useless "food-grade" hash, normally discarded. If one of best and most well-known hash companies are putting out white-label edibles, with ethanol in them, can you imagine how terrible some of the others must be? Avoid big names in the edible field and find @spaceGemca or another local solventless hash edible producer, who is committed to producing solventless edibles first and foremost. Chemical Extracts-BHO etc. Live Resin BHO is a vastly improved product from distillates, also using fresh-frozen cannabis. However, bulk fresh-frozen cannabis meant for Chemical Extraction sells for half the price of fresh-frozen material meant for solventless hash. The price of Live Resin products does not reflect this however, and sells for well over half the cost of solventless hash. I believe the vast majority of Live Resin extracts are one of the most overpriced products in cannabis (aside from distillates). While some Live Resin can be high quality, it is nearly impossible to tell who is running quality fresh frozen and who uses CRC to turn black sludge into passable low-grade cannabis oil. Rapper Flower Ah, yes one of my favorite topics. Celebrity and rapper promoted cannabis brands. Do I really even have to say it? When cannabis is sold under rapper, movie star, rock-stars, or big brands, they're clearly trying to cash in on celebrity and stereotype. Just say no thank you. What to Consume Quality Flower Let's start with cannabis flower. Unchanged by man's chemicals, some is anyways, the picked and dried cannabis flower contains everything desirable and a lot of plant material that isn't. Trying to find a brand that grows quality cannabis can be difficult. So many of the best and latest genetics are being frozen at harvest and dedicated toward hash production. Seek out quality indoor or mixed-light flower, from a trusted grower like @humboldtkinefarms. I recommend all flower smokers to try dabbing solventless hash instead; it is the future and all that tar and smoke, burning up plant material, is unnecessary. Dabbing solventless hash is unlike BHO dabs, despite using the same techniques. Solventless hash will melt and vaporize producing a smooth, flavor-packed, insanely accurate taste and portrayal of a given cultivar. I doubt that you will go back. Solventless Hash and Hash Rosin We have finally discovered how to remove, preserve, and present 100% trichome glands using nothing but water and gravity to refine. That's all we were ever after are the resinous trichome heads covering the surface of the plant. Now it is possible, perfected, and unlike anything experienced in cannabis consumption before. Not only is it a tedious, labor intensive process, but it's all done by hand. Using only water and ice to help remove trichomes, requires a major sacrifice in profit compared to using chemical solvents for extraction. Maybe more important than all of this, is the necessity of using only the highest quality cannabis imaginable, grown and tended to in small batches. The efforts and added interests necessary to grow hash making cannabis, refuse mass-production, and the general depravity of corporate consumerism. *Continued Informed Consumerism Leads Here: Hash clubs and parlors will return as history repeats. Dab-Bars and smoking lounges will allow for the full and proper experience of flavors and smells. Bud Tenders will transform from low-wage cashier's to Bar-tenders, becoming informed on the farmer, the flavors, genetics, heritage, and cultural legacy of each hash genetic, as though they were explaining a detailed Wine List or an intricate Sushi menu. And since so many products today are trash, menus will be free from hundreds if not thousands, of distillate and chemical-based clutter. The solventless method will become standard and work as an equalizer, allowing a blank slate to capture the full depth of each grower's craft and terroir. The solventless method is a grounding block, an acid test, a blind equalizer. While some hash makers are clearly better than others, it is a fairly simple, but heavily labor-intensive process that will level off soon, as the standard method. With the standardization of hash making, the attention of consumer's can finally turn back to the farmers who grew it. It is their cannabis after all. With solventless hash becoming the namesake of all our consumption, the product defies corporate control. With hash lounges popping up in small towns and cities across the country, local, farm-to-table cannabis experiences will be expected. Small local producers with unique genetics and interesting farming practices, will create rich new flavors, exclusively in fresh batches. The small-batch craft cultivation needed to make six-star hash, baffles corporate weed and they are forced to provide bargain-based products sold at a bare minimum. There are far too many sacrifices in profit, in the name of quality, for corporate cannabis to perceive solventless hash as a viable product. Hashish will become Federally legalized, as we branch out from cannabis' Garden of Eden, The Emerald Triangle, and explore the vast landscape that is America through the growth of this miraculous plant. You can already see the widespread popularity of small batch hashish taking off, with incredible cannabis coming from all over the country. We are yet to grow natural, outdoor-cannabis in so many different areas under different climates and conditions, leaving a lot in store to be discovered. The sooner consumers focus their buying power to quality solventless products, the sooner our hash tasting future can arrive. "Hey waiter! Excuse me, we'll take two dabs each of your finest specimens!" #cannabiscopy #hashcopy #hashwriter #cannabiswriter #weedwriter #copywriting #copywriter #marketing #digitalmarketing #copywritingtips #marketingdigital #content #advertising #art #yourself #print #instagram #fashion #original #copy #love #follow #digital #photography #like #tiktok #empreendedorismo #m #watch #c #shoes #drawing #bhfyp #tekstschrijver #bhfyp #branding #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing #business #contentwriting #graphicdesign #seo #contentcreator #design #creative #emailmarketing #writing #contentwriter #entrepreneur #copywriters #advertisingagency #onlinemarketing #marketingonline #website #instagood #contentcreation #ecommerce #businessowner #facebook #entrepreneurship #covid #b #copywritersofinstagram #success

Cannabis Copy Writing: A Blogging Solution for Dispensaries, Deliveries, and Brands!

There's Great News! Paid advertising is off limits to cannabis and related brands! For Corporate Cannabis this is a huge bummer, but it plays right into the hands of small businesses and providers, especially dispensaries, who can take advantage of a democratized advertising field, before it's overrun! It's an exciting and opportune time to gain internet notoriety, as proven by's ability to crack into Google's number one spot, without paid advertising: With dozens of new cannabis stores opening constantly, whoever wins the google search results game, will be successful. Here's what The Search Engine Journal, a leader in digital marketing, had to say in their lengthy piece devoted entirely to Cannabis SEO or Search Engine Optimization: "Organic Google traffic and SEO are the new best friends of the cannabis industry." Your Business depends on Google Search Rankings, and I have THE SECRET! Google's top search result spots would usually go to the highest dollar, but lucky for small businesses, "Paid advertising is either tricky or straight up impossible for many cannabis-related products due to the terms of service of many advertising platforms." With the two largest marketing companies, Google and Facebook declining all cannabis related ads, The Search Engine Journal, understands why SEO is the industries new best friend. A Catch 22 The site with the most traffic will show up first on Google, but for a new brand or store, this is a catch-22. If you had heavy site traffic, you wouldn't be concerned with improving your SEO or reading this blog. So how do you get traffic to your site, without Google rankings to drive it? Without paid advertisements to gain site traffic, most cannabis websites remain exiled in internet purgatory: A "ten-thousand-dollar professional site" is useless to consumer's and search engines alike, without SEO blogging. If we can't pay for the top search spots, who gets them? Sites Optimized for accessibility from all devices Sites that people spend the most amount of time on (possibly reading blogs) Sites that show their expertise and reliability (through relevant blog articles) Articles show reliability through readership and back-links to other websites and blogs (join's massive network of blog-links). Blogging is the Solution (even if no one reads the blog) I can't stress this enough. It does not matter whether people read your blog posts or not, Google does. Just like this article, whether its heavily read or not, whether it brings immediate business opportunities or not, it's going to vastly improve my sites chances of appearing in searches for "cannabis blog writers" and various cannabis marketing searches. Forever! Google crawls webpages constantly to read the material and provide the most relevant results to each search. A few blog articles is usually all it takes to blow the competition out of the water and is proof. With a responsibility to educate and endless material to write about, blogging should be every dispensaries highest priority for a list of reasons. Since a few posts is all it takes for a dispensary to hurdle the sweltering local competition, earn consumers trust, and communicate with fans, what are you waiting for? And it gets better. Double Edged Sword of Visibility Driving followers to your website through an Instagram feed is the perfect way to gain traffic to your website and improve your google rank. Since google has an ocean of material to choose from, I took advantage of my Instagram following to initially drive traffic to my blogs. After a few hundred social media followers read my blog, it had the traffic to rank and improve on google search results. Google understands if the person likes the article, which can increase your reliability and eventually prove your site's mastery over topics relating to your business. Now those same blog articles appear often in relevant Google search results, leading to my site, and even back to my social media. Its a double edged sword of visibility that should be every new cannabis brand or store's preferred method of marketing. Permanent Compounding Returns Thanks to a few hundred reads by my Instagram followers, those blog posts now work for me and continually strengthen my website, my business, and my online visibility, forever. This is why there is no better investment for cannabis brands, cannabis dispensaries, and all related businesses than the permanence of a simple blog page and its compounding returns. To Conclude I have been shocked at the ease of cannabis SEO, a clear indicator that the big boys are yet to venture into this domain. Beat them to the punch now, with personalized educational blogging that your consumers are going to thank you for, anyways. The rewards and incentives to pay for blogging are vast and diverse, covering so many positive aspects that it's hard to find a more valuable way to invest in your own success. Nine times out of ten, the only reason someone will come across that "ten-thousand-dollar-website," is because you paid a blog writer a few hundred bucks to write a post. You will quickly wonder why you paid for an expensive website, without including a blog. This is an opportunity to communicate who you are and earn loyal support by informing your consumers through a powerful blogsite. I sell my prior educational work as Copy for reduced prices and write fresh material for branded blogs. Book a free thirty minute zoom, send me an email, a DM on IG, or give me a call and lets get the ball rolling! Don't have a website? I can build you a simple site with your blog. Want an article about your brand on Reach out and if it's up to my standards, I may agree to write about your brand or product on #cannabiscopy #hashcopy #hashwriter #cannabiswriter #weedwriter #copywriting #copywriter #marketing #digitalmarketing #copywritingtips #marketingdigital #content #advertising #art #yourself #print #instagram #fashion #original #copy #love #follow #digital #photography #like #tiktok #empreendedorismo #m #watch #c #shoes #drawing #bhfyp #tekstschrijver #bhfyp #branding #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing #business #contentwriting #graphicdesign #seo #contentcreator #design #creative #emailmarketing #writing #contentwriter #entrepreneur #copywriters #advertisingagency #onlinemarketing #marketingonline #website #instagood #contentcreation #ecommerce #businessowner #facebook #entrepreneurship #covid #b #copywritersofinstagram #success

Legend of the Almighty Tech; A #Baddertech Bro-Ship.

My true thoughts and feelings regarding the #Baddertech can be expressed succinctly, through the words of Earl Woods, announcing Tiger to the Pro Golf world: "My heart filled with so much joy when I realized, that this young-" (#Baddertech) "was going to help so many people. This is my treasure: please accept it and use it wisely," know what I'm saying? And the #baddertech will "bring to the world a humanitarianism that has never been known before." -Earl Woods Whew, that wasn't over-the-top was it? Who else saw the HBO series about Tiger, or saw the preview run a thousand times with his dad saying the above in a profoundly, disturbed way? I am joking completely, I assure you. But knowing the satisfaction it brought me, I knew the #baddertech would make many others extremely happy, but was surprised by how fast it spread. When I first wrote that quote down a few months back I thought it was funny, in a ridiculous way, but shockingly, I'm finding more and more truth to the statement. Enough truth to change this entire start and write about sharing instead. The #baddertech is a tool every hash rosin smoker should know by now, passed along, read about, and shared freely to others. Putting a hashtag and a name to the tech is simply, the best way to help others. If you don't like to help others, as is so often the case, then feel free not to use the hashtag. Putting a hashtag and a name to the tech is simply, the best way to help others. If you don't like to help others, as is so often the case, then feel free not to use the hashtag. But, before I go on, ALLOW ME TO CLEAR A FEW THINGS UP The #Baddertech IS: for CONSUMERS. for FRESH PRESS style ROSIN (that is no longer semi-clear and "fresh") a tool to use "as needed," but not necessarily preferred. The #Baddertech is NOT: Whipping, Stirring, or Mixing fresh, fresh press rosin or hash rosin badder. for cold -cure rosin (Although it works, and works well, most forms of agitation will work just fine on cold-cure badder). Desired - It saves dry hash, but I want my hash fresh and clear. taking claim for anything on the production end (rosin badder or cold-cure badder). The #baddertech is designed for the consumer. It has helped with bigger jars but is meant as a trick to save single-gram jars of dry, fresh press hash rosin. A new jar of rosin that has already buddered, is a long way from the semi-transparent, soft-gooey rosin everyone expects to see. Once rosin is dry and buddered, any other method will cause the gram to crumble to pieces, rapidly accelerating the loss of moisture and declining in quality. Condensing the hash rosin together first, and carefully kneading over the surface (aka #baddertech), will transform dried out fresh press into a wet, shiny, "cold-cure-style" badder, which no longer requires refrigeration and will remain a stable consistency. For many who cannot afford numerous grams, the #baddertech is the quick, easy, solution to a dry jar. A solution that turns angry customers ready to return their product (myself included), into a fan of the tech and the hash. It's a win-win for all involved, and several producers are on board. The Imitators Despite pitching the #baddertech to 710 last August, I was confused why they hadn't shared it already. They all came looking and asking about it last year. It's obvious now, they cared more about saying "fuck off" to me, than they did about helping the core of their customers. This was a major aspect, leading me to write my first critical article, but I left this point out, as to not appear self-serving. Their swift no was a clear indicator of their ego and priority. Not that there was any need to pitch the idea. For well over a year, there have been numerous daily posts, including their tag, my tag, and the #baddertech hashtags. It was something they couldn't avoid, yet totally ignored. This refusal to help fans was right in-line with the "hair-in-rosin" fiasco, which took months for me to receive replacements, while receiving lots of company scorn. I could just imagine how they treated so many others. Their feed was full of complaints and hundreds, if not thousands, would have been so relieved to learn how to handle their "Sahara Desert of dried-up hash rosins". So, it came as no surprise when they tried to sneak one by last week, explaining the tech without mention. I'd been waiting for that to happen and expected nothing less. Pure imitation at it's finest. At least the post was instantly littered with #baddertech comments you can "see" here. Fresh Press Preferred While I enjoy the wet looking cold-cure badders, nothing can compare with fresh press live rosin. It is the least manipulated of all rosin consistencies and the most telling of a grower and hash makers skill in their craft. The problem with fresh-press rosin is the need for constant refrigeration and the inevitable point where the rosin hardens or budders. The #baddertech solves this problem entirely, allowing me to experience the fresh press rosin through the buddering stage, and turning it back to a perfect style of cold cure badder once it hardens. The #baddertech lets you experience the best of both worlds from fresh press hash rosin products. Tons of Love Hundreds have come to me overjoyed with the amazing and unexpected results. Not exactly easy to accomplish, there are ways to mess it up. Most figure it out from the article, but every now and then I'll get someone who needs to be talked through it a few times. These are the ones who have never made a woman orgasm, I deduce. It's all about the touch. Best of Both Worlds With the #Baddertech in my back pocket, I can take a few gooey globs of fresh rosin and then decide if I want it to budder and use the #baddertech. As is the case with most Papas Select, they're incredible when clear and fresh and rarely require the #baddertech. But for all those indoor grams that budder in minutes, the tech is vital. The same is true for all the out-of-staters. Everyone knows the one company who's fans are most in need of the #baddertech and yet, they were unwilling to communicate it to their fans, despite plenty of their employees using it. The companies that appreciate and are grateful for the tech, are those making impeccable hash and rosin, where the tech is rarely required. Go figure- Interesting Aspect I've found the #baddertech to have more in common with producers methods than I thought. In a recent conversation with @weedlivetv, I heard more about the process of cold-curing hash rosin and heard numerous similarities in the process. By pressing or condensing the hash rosin in the cold-cure, air trapped inside is released, causing liquid terpenes to rise and sit on the surface. Accomplishing this texture on a single gram of dry rosin is difficult, but the #baddertech makes it possible. State of the Industry While much of my time away from cannabis was forced, there was plenty of me that simply wanted nothing to do with the scene. Having experienced recreational cannabis nine years earlier in Colorado, the industry immediately shot for the stars, rapper weed, and the rest. It has already become an incredibly consumer-based culture, with everyone racing for more. These are the same self-serving attitudes, which resulted in nearly 80 years of absurdist Prohibition, that we are still unable to overcome. The Vile Maxim, "all for myself and nothing for anyone else," radiates from much of the community. Rather than sharing the tech, many want to change the focus. Weed quickly went from helping others, to a crazy consumer good. The vile maxim dominates every phase of life and cannabis is the one area where we can prevent this. Or try to. Give the tech, share the tech, respect the tech; It's the fucking #baddertech. Stay tuned for much more from and hit the services page if you want to support the blog in any way or support us with a sponsored post! Advertise on today or let me write for your own blog, and get a massive leg-up on the SEO competition. #hashwriter#hasheducation#hashculture#hashcommunity#hashdeeznuts#hwream#hream#hashisacrime#cannabiseducation#cannabisindustry#hashrosinhowto#learn#features#tiger#mrpotatohead#mrservice #cannabiseducation #cannabisindustry #cannabisconcentrates #hashishforidiots #hashforfools #hrweam #solventlesshash #hashisshforbrains #hashishin

Where it All Begins: “The Farmer and the Hash Writer”

Imagine, a new industry arrived. One that from its inception is deemed a nine-billion-dollar industry, fully functioning in the shadows long before the “industry” ever began. An industry that will yield with it, monumental riches, heaping on generational prosperity to those with the gall to act. Imagine, being able to get in on the ground level of this Gold-Rush turned green, buying up land and throwing up greenhouses. While a cannabis farm has been a dream for generations of youthful smokers, today it’s a dream anyone in their right mind would share in. Eyeing an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, Eric Walz of Humboldt Kine Farms made the move many of us will only dream about. From the sunny So-Cal shores of San Diego to the Emerald Triangle and Humboldt County, California, the weed-world (pun-intended) is thankful for this solventless savant. Pumping out the finest Fresh-Frozen harvests in Humboldt County, helped the esteemed Humboldt Kine Farms surmount last year’s opposition, cleaning up in the most sought-after product category in cannabis: Ice Water Hash. He showed his first glimpse of genius by choosing to trust @Papas_Select. With the absolute excellence and precision quality Papa’s Select is now known for, Walz top spot in the Emerald Cup was solidified by a second-place finish for his Peanut Butter Breath. With Papa’s Select taking four out of the top five spots, I’d say both parties were on to something truly special. The two are working together to provide the best hash and rosin yet to reach California’s retail cannabis shelves. Only five years removed from So-Cal, Eric Walz has built a farm, a following, and a future for cannabis. A future that few are pushing further than the solventless producers of the new, ice-water-world of hashish. Leaving behind the warm winters of SoCal for a cold and rainy Emerald Triangle, Walz has the vision and wit to see opportunity, but more importantly, the nerve to lead and the will to act. When met with opportunity many would shy away from, Walz was forced to test his resolve. His actions and drive to further cannabis and anchor himself to the ground-floor of a brand-new industry, leaves Walz to be best described as brazen in his efforts. He’s connecting the best with the best, to be the best, and the results are irrefutable. In his first season in Humboldt, there was plenty to learn as one would expect and the first harvest was relatively small, but the evidence of quality was there. Over the next two years he would take things to another level, bringing the hash world some of the terpiest, tastiest, and most distinguished profiles of any genetics I have ever come across. Eric Walz’s outdoor, living-soil runs of THC-Bomb are nothing short of perfection and one of the clearest representations of what the new ice water hash experience is all about. It’s one of those terpene profiles best described, and quite perfectly described I might add, by Big-League Chew bubblegum, in Ground-Ball Grape. Lip-smacking, sugary-sweet, grape goodness with a euphoric blast to rival any other genetic. As if the gold medal THC-Bomb and silver medal Peanut Butter Breath wasn’t enough, @HumboldtKineFarms brought one bad-mother to the shelves this past year. The 2020 runs of Zberries are a delight that truly cannot be described. There is no way to do justice to the elaborate, heavy glass-staining flavor, coating your mouth with the strongest cherry and berry vapors imaginable. The abundance of sweet cherry is perfectly intertwined with touches and notes of gas and chronic. It is the “full-fledged-package” and I readily expect another top finish for the reigning Champ, as Emerald Cup judging is currently underway. Quickly acquiring a nice little genetic library of his own, Walz’s home farm is the optimal hash making terroir. Split down the middle with five thousand square feet of living soil beds that are harvested twice a year, and five thousand feet of Tier 2, mixed light greenhouses. Eric has no shortage of options when it comes to different cultivation techniques to produce optimal terpene profiles. The outdoor beds allow for full living soil and low input farming, where mother nature plays a key role in determining the profile of each batch. This allows for variation from batch to batch and year to year that can be distinguished as Vintage Variations. Walz believes in both full-sun, living soil and mixed lighting options to grow the terpene rich cannabis his home terroir is quickly becoming recognized for. Unlike modern and automated greenhouses, Humboldt Kine Farms runs a totally organic system of fertilizers that are “brewed” into a “tea”. To sustain life-forms in a living-soil garden, it requires a mix of organic ingredients. This “tea” as it’s called, is brewed, and then taken down the rows of both indoor greenhouses, watering his home plants by hand. The same is done on his outdoor rows, as each plant gets specific attention daily. Another legend among the Humboldt Cannabis scene @Mr.Miyagiwax is Head of Cultivation, formulating specific feeding programs centered around hash production. Walz credits Mr. Miyagi with the recent increase in quality, directly translated from @Mr.Myagi’s many years of experience and skill growing cannabis. Walz home farm is growing for hash, which means among other things, fresh-frozen harvests. This eliminates drying the cannabis flowers, preserving the full terpene profile of the living plant. After doing a quick, light-trim the cannabis is immediately bagged and frozen to perfectly preserve the trichomes covering the surface of the plants. With his farm functioning on all cylinders and @Papa’s_Select producing elite level hash and rosin from Humboldt Kine, Walz looked to expand his elite style of cultivation. A partnership was formed with Humboldt Cannabis legend, @Humboldt_Exotics and the partnership has led to the highest quality mixed-light flower operations. Setting a standard for Humboldt indoor quality, their first farm can be found @quantumhumboldt with more farms coming online soon! Utilizing the greenhouse’s protection, climate control, and various other automations common to indoor gardens, but with the added benefit of access to the sun, they're raising expectations. As a tier-2 certified, mixed-light garden, the maximum allowable Watts per square foot are greatly increased to 25. This allows for the maximum amount of light in addition to the fresh air and UV rays. These greenhouses utilize automated tarps to control light cycles, extending the winter days and shortening the summer light. Year-round harvests are possible thanks to “light deprivation,” which has become a common practice across the cannabis industry. Walz and co. are constantly optimizing every aspect of the garden. From the automated light deprivation tarps that expand over the garden and retract by themselves daily, to a fully automated watering system that nurtures the plants. This is modern cannabis farming at its absolute finest, combining a list of the best growing practices known today. Humboldt Kine Farms and Papa’s Select have changed the way people think about outdoor cannabis, beginning with the author of this article. It wasn’t until fresh-frozen harvests and ice water hash, that the true quality of outdoor growing was truly perceived. Prohibition’s reign had me stuck on indoor techniques for nearly a decade before the recent advances in hashish refinement helped refocus my attention back on Emerald County farmers, who are the heart and soul of the cannabis industry, after all. The cannabis world has quickly changed gears, allowing me and everyone else to appreciate the Emerald County growers like Eric Walz and his @humboldtkinefarms. Using the best of both worlds in a mixed-light garden, is symbolic of Walz’s drive to succeed through creative collaboration. As one of the first farmer’s I met after moving the operation to Humboldt, Humboldt Kine Farms and Papa’s Select have allowed me to see into a world I once dreamed of. I thought I missed my opportunity years ago, but perseverance and a handful of incredible people have allowed this amazing plant to provide opportunities where there appeared none. Make sure to Subscribe to and follow @Hashwriter as I continue to learn and write about this incredible plant and what’s happening in post-Prohibition’s Emerald Triangle. Walz's early success has helped me and those around him to succeed, a trait that is rare in today's economy. Keep your eyes out for much more success and many more legendary cuts coming from Eric Walz’s @HumboldtKineFarms, @Papas_Select, and COPY FROM UPCOMING WEEDWORLDMAG #hashish #hash #weed #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #thc #weedporn #hashporn #cannabisculture #terps #hashrosin #cbd #solventless #rosin #bubblehash #icewaterhash #dabs #hightimes #weedstagram #ganja #joint #stoner #hashishin #charas #drysift #extracts #kush #terpenes #dank #hashsociety #smoke #hemp #chillum #psytrance #indianpipe #psytranceparty #chillom #solventlesshashoil #italianchillum #chilum #fullmelt #canapa #chilam #ganjagirls #concentrates #goatrance #hashishlovers #goa #cilum #sho #boombolenath #community #cilom #hashlovers #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #weed #marijuana #thc #cannabisculture #cbd #weedporn #weedstagram #hightimes #hemp #maryjane #medicalmarijuana #ganja #kush #highlife #growyourown #life #dabs #dank #cannabissociety #highsociety #smokeweedeveryday #smoke #weedlife #cbdoil #bhfyp

Funny-Ass Facts for Gummies: The Saga Continues

My boy, Brian "Box" Brown, has provided a nice little evaluation of the situation with 710Labs. I must say, I was a bit shocked by the blow-back on the 710Labs article. I thought more people were aware of how producers do things, not much different than any culinary establishment who makes their soups from the leftover entrées and ingredients from the kitchen. Making ice water hash is systematic, with each mesh screen getting finer and finer, until nothing but clean water pours out of the bottom. There are naturally several grades of hash that are pulled, with a few mesh filter bags becoming "food-grade" hash. There's a valid reason why hash outside the 75-150u sizes is considered "food-grade" and it has nothing to do with me or my vocabulary. Brian "Box" Brown handled the situation well by articulating the factual find and legitimate resource of California State Lab testing. It was not "my test", as I heard numerous times. The Lab testing is the standard state B.C.C. (Bureau of Cannabis Control) testing that is required for every product that hits the shelves. Every dispensary is mandated to have copies of these lab tests, otherwise known as C.O.A.'s (Certificate of Analysis). The test was on record at my local dispensary, just as they are everywhere in legal California cannabis stores. In fact, back in 2017 when this all started, I remember being able to look up the exact terpene and cannabinoid profile for every last gram of @rawgarden I smoked. This area of transparency, designed to protect the consumer, seems to have fallen out of popularity as the market moves on. I've written on several of the topics in this comic and if you want to read more about C.R.C. (color remediation column) used in many BHO labs, that link is right here. State testing in California is more concerned with what is not in the product than they are in letting consumers know what remains within the product. It's understandable for safety reasons to test for things like mold and pesticides, but it tells us literally nothing about the product itself. Other than a quick scan of cannabinoids present, nothing else is shown for edibles. If my article on 710 Labs showed nothing else, the cut-off points, a.k.a. the L.O.Q. and L.O.D.'s are missing the mark. The Limit of Quantitation is the smallest unit that is given or reported numerically in the results and Limit of Detection is the minimum range that will register as detected. In the case of the 710 Labs gummies, the Limit of Quantitation is 0.1 , but the Limit of Detection is set plenty low at 0.0333 mg. What this means is that any of the cannabinoids being tested for containing at least 0.0333 shows up on the tests. However, a cannabinoid content under 0.1 but over the limit of detection 0.0333, will read as <LOQ. Common sense would seem to say that anything under 0.0333 holds little value, but the limit of quantitation needs to be lowered in order to decipher an exact amount. If there isn't a minimum of one tenth of a milligram or more we won't see specific results. Yet let me remind you again, anything over 0.0333 was tested for, it was detectable, and shown in these original C.O.A. tests. When something is rendering tests down to 0.0333, I'd say that's getting ridiculous. Possibly the L.O.Q., which is naturally greater than the L.O.D., may have been intended as a bare minimum amount that will have any sort of effect on the consumer at one tenth of a milligram. That would make sense to set a minimum effective range instead of deciphering one millionths of a milligram, however the L.O.Q. should be the same number as the LOD. That way we will get specific results for anything testing with at least 0.0333 of one milligram inside. As of now California does not require terpene testing for edibles and tests for other products are not mandated and do not appear on packaging. There are a few exceptions with producers electing to print cannabinoid and terpene ratios on the outside of their packaging. This is one thing that I highly commend Cali Stripe Extracts for doing. Hopefully others will elect to supply this information to consumers. With numerous solventless brands coming out left and right, something like transparency in product profiles can help some over the hump. The whole situation is strange, taking a plant criminalized for so long and now trying to squeeze it into set parameters, testings, and regulations the plant often refuses. Things will improve, but only if we the consumer continue to justly criticize constructively. Now if only producers could handle the criticism appropriately.... #710labs #hash #rosin #hashrosin #livingextracts #rosin #icewaterhash #bubblehash #solventless #hream #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #hashwriter #fullmelt #humboldtcounty #humboldt #cannabis #peace #love #papa #trichomes #hightimes #leafly #badder #sauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #premium #premiumrosin

Punch Extracts Throws Down: Welcoming Punch Extracts to the Game

I searched, smoked, and waited, but found nothing wrong with @punchextracts to criticize. It's almost easier to criticize than it is to praise, coming from the soul of a Philly native and sports die-hard. It's become a matter of self-preservation to adopt the awfully negative frame of mind that says to "hope for the best, but always expect the worst" when it comes to our teams. Seeing some surprisingly low prices, I was well prepared for whatever, but Punch came through leaving me relatively speechless. And since, I'm about a month past due on writing this article, I figured I'd better get to talking... "Hope for the best, expect the worst." So many years of loss and defeat will do that to a city who goes above and beyond to support their teams. A similar mindset is appropriate for retail cannabis industries, since 90% of the products are something I would certainly never buy and prefer not to consume. With measured reserve, I was delighted at the truly impeccable and unexpected quality of Punch's cold-cure and fresh-press rosins. Their open box design speaks volumes in transparency: Their packaging is sleek and has the bottom portion removed showing the clear glass jars inside. The perfect-simple packaging to show off the product, without having to open it. This kind of packaging seems super-appropriate for a newer company, who really believes in their product and these guys certainly do. There's no hiding a poorly kept fresh-press or a dark-colored rosin badder, in an open-box display. As a newer company, I'd been hoping to find Punch Extracts for a while now. Originally, known and produced as Punch Edibles, the company has bought all-in on the solventless method. Hard to blame them as solventless concentrates are by far and away the most effective form of cannabis available today. The pure pleasure of enjoying clean trichome heads and experiencing a jar of fresh press rosin transforming throughout the curing stage, is a pleasure that can only be realized first hand. Thankfully, Punch Extracts is putting out no shortage of fresh press rosins for a price that has left many scratching their heads. This seems like the perfect opportunity to mention fresh press rosin. Everyone always asks which style I prefer and while the answer is usually fresh press, they can all be great depending upon the cultivar. General questions that require generalized answers don't work so well, but normally fresh press consistencies are the test of a companies skill. With all solventless varieties stemming from ice water hash refinement, the second process is always to make fresh-press rosin. Pressing the ice water hash creates streams of translucent rosin. The question is, whether it's done with the precision necessary to maintain that clarity until reaching the consumer. For most, the answer is no and they elect to whip the fresh press rosin into a uniform badder, as the third step or third consistency stemming from water hash. From there, others turn badder into a wet sugar or rosin sauce as a fourth step, but by the order of application, fresh press is the least manipulated of three or four rosin varieties. By simple matter of mathematics, I deduct fresh press as the elite version, but as many have proven, cold cure badder done the right way can be phenomenal too. Much like this Garanimals Cold Cure by Punch: Most rosin badders aren't exactly as appealing as the translucent clarity of fresh press, but when done well, there's certainly something desirable in cold-cures. When the badder retains a wet look, very much like these badders from Punch, it never lets me down. Check out the clear terpene layer drenching this Garlic Cream Cold Cure Badder below: With plenty of companies putting out rosin badder, which I often avoid, it's good to see someone using the cold cure tech the right way. Dark, dry-rosin badders can be less than desirable at times, but all the badders I've seen from Punch look absolutely scrumptious. Thankfully, Punch Extracts is using a Tier Pricing System, which explains the head scratching prices. The tier system, used by other producers that I have written extensively on here, benefit consumers with low prices for less than perfect batches. You can read all the ways and the reasons why tier pricing makes so much sense for the new industry here, And just like that, I found this: All of my grams were Tier 1, so keep my opinions measured and applicable to other Tier Ones from Punch. I have seen some solid looking Tier 2's and Tier 3-rated products going for the most reasonable rates in the industry. Thanks to a little automation and this tier system, Punch is bringing some of the best flower from Humboldt to their product line-up. All considered, I vouch strongly for punch as an affordable, yet high-quality route to exploring modern cannabis genetics. When I first threw the idea out there of writing about Punch, I offered to write an article on the #baddertech, but instead I'll leave that link right here. Since then they've really stepped up their game with a ton of super fresh grams on the gram. Keep your eyes on @punchextracts who have big plans for the near future, and as you can see, their hash speaks for itself. #weed #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #weedporn #thc #weedstagram #cannabisculture #cbd #stoner #weedlife #hightimes #indica #sativa #smoke #ganja #kush #maryjane #highlife #life #smokeweedeveryday #high #dabs #medicalmarijuana #dank #highsociety #hemp #daily #community #bhfyp #bong #growyourown #weedgirls #bhfyp #love #weedmemes #weedsociety #joint #cannabissociety #stoners #smokeweed #marihuana #instaweed #terps #pot #bud #ganjagirls #art #photography #memes #stonernation #vape #hash #edibles #dab #weedculture #blunt #follow #weedcommunity #music

Pelle Polare: Get Yours and Join Hash Royalty

Hash makers seem to flock together and nothing solidifies your spot in the Kingdom of Hash Maker's Heaven like some highly functional, customizable lab insulating gear from the fellas at Pelle Polare. Rock your brand and rock it loud with Pelle Polare protecting your investments, improving the longevity of your equipment, preventing condensation leading to rust and corrosion, all while significantly lowering temperatures to maintain the consistency of your wash. And to make things just that much better, another Italian-owned family business joins Hashish history. @pelle_polare (Italian for polar skin) will provide far more function than you may think possible. Cut and hand sewn by this family run business who has worked professionally with these materials for over thirty years. Made in the USA, Pelle Polare offers insulating covers for all types of hand-wash baskets and in whatever size or color you need. Pelle Polare wraps come in 5, 10, 20, 32, 44, 55, 100, 150, 300, and even up to 1,000-gallon sizes for all your growing and washing needs! Fully customizable branding will have you washing in style, while seamlessly promoting your name. Plenty of colors and options to choose from when designing your very own Pelle Polare. Whatever your insulating needs, Pelle Polare has you covered. For those home washes, don't even think of using a five-gallon bucket and your 220u work bag, without a Pelle Polare. The difference it makes in eliminating condensation, keeping wash temperatures consistently cold, and significantly cleaning up the look and feel of your home labs is astounding. Drastically cut back on the necessary amount of ice in your five-gallon buckets, Brute cans, and even your oddly shaped, auto-wash machines with wraps made to fit. Even minor impr0vements equate to massive gains in the highly scrutinized art of hashish refinement and consistent temperatures are key. Pelle Polare is for keeping that ice water colder for longer! And for those custom shaped 5-20 gallon automatic washers? Well auto-washers, we have you covered like a Polar Bear's Skin (not pictured is the top lid or "beanie" skin also available): Unlike the competitors, Pelle Polare uses Neoprene, rather than Scuba, since Neoprene far outperforms the older scuba material. Neoprene is a “closed cell” rubber-based product with polyester or nylon fabric on both sides. It is a military grade product used by deep dive suit companies, NASA, and Navy seals. The “scuba”/koozie type material used by our competitors (which is why they are a little cheaper) is an “open cell” product used in cheap wet suits and other clothing. For the surfers out there, you can understand the immense improvement of modern neoprene wet suits. The same technology allowing wet suit thicknesses to be cut in half, provides incomparable results for temperature control. Clear Testing Results With a neoprene insulator surrounding an average five-gallon bucket, the side by side comparison is clearly graphed below: You can see that the first half hour is when the temperature increase is the greatest without insulation. This first half hour-to an hour can make all the difference in the world for those light first washes. While you can see the consistent improvement with the Pelle Polare insulator, it maintains the coldest possible temperatures during the most critical moments of washing. Maintaining the coldest possible wash temperatures with less ice means less damage done to trichomes. Less ice, lower utility bills, more consistent water temperatures, and you already know the rest... BETTER HASHISH! Product Longevity The Pelle Polares are hand crafted with longevity in mind for both the items it insulates, as well as your Pelle itself. Thanks to the durable over-sized plastic zippers, your Pelle can be easily unzipped and removed for washing. Make sure to remove your Pelle and turn it inside out to dry. You can rinse it with clean water and when necessary soak the Pelle in warm water with a mild detergent like Woolite. Hang dry on a wide hanger to prevent creasing or lay flat to dry. This will keep your Pelle looking nice, while ensuring the Neoprene lasts years into the future. Commercial and Grow-House Application Rocking a Commercial build that requires 55 gallon tanks, barrels, and drums? No problem, as they have all shapes and sizes to set you up right. Pelle Polare can cut commercial costs when wrapping your reservoirs. Protect your valuable nutrients from UV harm, while keeping them cooler for less. Eliminate dripping condensation entirely, while reducing those surging utility bills with Pelle Polare in 1,000 gallon sizes. Custom Deluxe Wash Model For those looking for a serious upgrade from plastic trash bins, Pelle Polare now offers custom built washing containers with all the options a Hash maker could ever desire. Set-up your complete commercial hand-washing lab, or order one for yourself and take home washes into the professional realms with stainless steel, insulated wash bins now by Pelle Polare. Custom Hand-Wash Stainless Steel or Plastic Systems Brought to you through a special collaboration between @pelle_polare and @solventlessbnv, the Deluxe polished and refined hand wash vessels you have been waiting for are here! The newest TRIPLE-PLY Pelle Polare System has 12gA food grade stainless steel walls and an inch and a half drain valve that is even with the floor, providing full drainage with a custom Pelle false bottom (Our false bottoms are now available in 10, 20, 32, 44, and 55-gallon barrels). Choose the optional sight glass, temperature gauge, or the 220u mesh drop in work screen, and have everything shipped safe and secure in a Real Crate to protect your investment. Backed by top flight customer service and you have yourself a no-brainer shopping Pelle Polare. Conclude The Pelle Polare can be used in numerous applications. Anything from insulating a Deep Water Culture bucket to turning a five-gallon bucket into an ice cooler without all the bulk. Wrap everything from five gallon buckets to 1,000 gallon reservoir tanks. Check out their store for accessories and the latest hash maker's gear, like their insulated and waterproof Lab Jackets. Clean up your lab, clean up your hash, look good, feel good, stay cool, and make better hash when equipped with Pelle Polare! Save 5% off your order and support by Using Code: 5%WRITER at check out! #pellepolareco#rosinclass#hashishian#hash#hashmaker#hashequipment#icextractequipment#icewaterhash#icewater#icewaterextraction#icewaterextract#iwe#wpff#rosin#rosinequipment#bubblehash#bubblehashrosin#bubblehashish#pellepolare#condensationisyourenemy#colderforlonger#solventlessextracts#solventlesshash#rosinlife#hashlife#colderthanthecompetition#colderthanyourex#sho#hream#pellepolaregang

Real Blasphemy on Blast: 710Labs Gummi Warning!

This one's too easy. I thought I would just show up and do my journalistic duty to lay down the clear-cut, lab-tested evidence, but I got bored and decided to eat a few. The cubes of "tapioca syrup, cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, and vitamin C" taste great, but block any "nuance" of their "private library of cultivars." I thought they were plain in order to warrant the marketing of single strain flavors, but trust me, flavor is the least of our concerns. At this point everyone is well aware that 710Labs outsources cannabis from a few Northern California farms, a problem no one seems to have issue with more than 710Labs themselves. Their repeated false claims as "single-source" inherited cult-like vibes long ago. With "Elefante" and "Created by Elefante" on their label, they appear to have a much different understanding of single-source, since I first praised them in "Avoiding Heady Halos: Single Source." But fine, work with Elefante, as I'm sure they're some cool San Francisco based, vegan Chefs, making the rare 710 Labs "Gummi" by hand for at least the last hundred-million years (I joke). I was surprised by the cheap, white, hard-to-open, generic-mylar envelope, so unlike 710Labs to skimp on packaging. Especially when their competition comes in a custom-reusable tin for ten bucks less. The labeling holds no qualms about it, spewing "single source" rhetoric, while claiming their "Full Spectrum Hash Rosin" cubes are unlike other "single compound THC Distillate" edibles, so I simply asked for proof. Since many of these terms hold little value in regulation, let's deal in facts. The C.O.A.'s (Certificate of Analysis) reveal trace elements of some pretty shocking finds, however we will save the best for last. Here's the COA reports thanks to one upside of California's prop 64 regulations: we can request state logged COA's on every product a cannabis dispensary carries. Thanks to some solid regulatory bookkeeping at my local spot, (Hey) two of the three COA's for 710labs gummies were located. Here's the Ghost Hulk gummie: For the Ghost Hulk #25 by 710Labs, there is one and only one cannabinoid present: THC. Despite the label's true claim that, "most edibles on the market use single compound THC Distillate," the tests would appear to confirm 710 Labs does too. There isn't a trace of additional cannabinoids that would be present in a solventless product. For comparison I made sure to collect some other records in my role as weed sleuth. Since I have previously supported an edible company for their Hash Gummies, I figure I'd better put myself on blast and compare Space Gem's cannabinoid content: You can see how Space Gem's edibles produced with Ice Water Hash contain the cannabinoids THC, CBG, CBC, and CBN. I'd expect nothing less from the original Hash edible brand Space Gem, who sources their cannabis from Humboldt's own Talking Trees Farms. I compared several products COA's, all to the same results. Most of Space Gem's products contained an even greater array of cannabinoids. The terpene question is one that 710labs elected not to provide, as it requires an additional testing fee. This is suspect in it's own right, granted terpene content of edibles is a tricky subject, with food flavorings containing non-cannabis derived terpenes interfering with tests. As I glanced at the testing for the Orange Cream #27, that's when it hit me: Now the repeated claims of being "single-source" and "full-spectrum" are pretty brutal, but these aren't even solventless! My worst assumptions from afar proved to be more accurate than I'd honestly thought possible. Appears they assumed everyone would be the victim of their "heady-halo," too blinded by the 710 awe to check the tests. Ethanol and traces of Methanol and Isopropyl Alcohol are all chemical solvents present in the gummies. A dead giveaway this is not a solventless product. The lack of cannabinoids and now the presence of harsh chemical solvents further my analysis. First thing I did was checked out Elefante's website, which was conveniently included on the packaging. And there we have our answer to the unusually cheap, white, envelope style packaging. The packaging and product come from another brand. For anyone unfamiliar with white label products, they let you slap whatever brand or logo you want over their generic cannabis products. Absolutely nothing wrong with white-labeling products in the growing economy, but honesty is everything, with regulation clearly failing to monitor or define many producers' common claims. And right on time, I found Elefante's flagship item that looks and sounds eerily identical to 710s gummies: "Combining carefully sourced THC Distillate," with 710Lab's stickers is a surefire way to get thirty bucks for a two-dollar product, while spitting in the face of their consumers. Especially for those truly in need of medicinal quality cannabis products, this is disconcerting to say the least. The increasing production of 710Labs cartridges (which are almost assuredly distillate-based as well) was bad. The increasing BHO products and the massive merchandise overreach was worse, but drop-selling distillate edibles as a "solventless full spectrum hash rosin" product marks a new industry low. I'm personally offended to have paid for these. I can no longer support this brand in good faith. The thing is they don't care and have said as much and acted in conjunction. They created the "headiest" of all "heady-halos," pulling the old rope-a-dope, to abuse brand loyalty and fool their own fans. In case you're wondering, the entire pack of gummies hit me, quite hard at first, only to be a fleeting high completely unnoticeable an hour and a half later; The true mark of a distillate edible. I tried to warn you, "the List" really is for Custys... As I've previously vouched for Space Gem, I did so for legitimate reasons. There is no question anymore, with the proof of Ethanol in 710's "Tapioca" pudding. #710labs #hash #rosin #hashrosin #livingextracts #rosin #icewaterhash #bubblehash #solventless #hream #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #hashwriter #fullmelt #humboldtcounty #humboldt #cannabis #peace #love #papa #trichomes #hightimes #leafly #badder #sauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #premium #premiumrosin

Meet the Craft Series by Hash.Atron

Hash.Atron has engineered, fabricated, and produced the undeniable future of the cannabis industry, by automating ice water hash refinement for the hobbyist to the pros. As solventless ice water hash and rosin dominate the concentrate industry, we're seeing the trickle-down effect go industry wide. The Hashatron is the answer to the enormous demand for solventless hashish that few other methods can provide. Hook up electricity and you are ready to rock with the big boys. Automated and Plastic-Free The simple process of mixing ice, water, and cannabis before filtering the cannabis trichomes from the water has traditionally been accomplished with everyday objects. Plastic trash cans, plastic boating oars, and a few bubble bags is all it takes theoretically, to get up and running with a solventless home lab. However, mixing and washing some of the best cannabis on earth in plastic containers just won’t do. Regulation and heavy demand call for some aspect of automation, along with commercial and pharmaceutical grade builds. Luckily, the Hashatron is custom fabricated from stainless steel to meet regulations, while being fully customizable to meet your exact specifications. Craft Series Goes Small The future is solventless extracts and the Hash.atron is here to help, including at home. The standard 50 gallon craft series will fit through standard doorways, with its compact design. Opt for a double wall design and glycol cooler or to use your own, for superior temperature control. From the hobby grower looking to professionalize a small lab, to the largest scale commercial operations, the Hash.atron has an option for you. Gain control over the washing process like never before and ensure the highest quality results from every wash. Craft Series Transforms Small Operations The perfect answer to scaling, improving, or professionalizing the hobby grower or home hash maker's operations. The Craft Series Hash.atron comes pre-assembled around a 50-gallon mixing tank, allowing a ten-thousand-gram maximum wash capacity. Break free from synthetic washing bags, using our 220 micron stainless steel mixing basket. The basket traps your bulk material while allowing only the ideal range of trichome sizes to flow into your collection tanks below. Gravity fed, the Craft kits will supercharge production, allowing you to focus in on the finer details of the wash. With preset and adjustable wash speeds, you can also change mixing directions to find your desired result. Once it is dialed in you can save your settings for a consistent and repeatable process. Expanding? Growing... or should I say, planning to expand or increase production in the future? No problem, as all the products are retrofitted to work together. This gives you the flexibility to add additional features to Craft Models, like a glycol chilled collection tank or water re-circulation pump, in the future. Everything's custom fabricated to provide whatever design or dimensions you may require. The “Brains” The Hashatron’s software or “brain” is controlled by the large touchscreen display. By recording, documenting, and sharing data, the Hashatron’s an open source system of information. This means different producers can key in on successful settings developed and determined for different cannabis cultivars. This can save years of R&D by sharing data and configuring the most effective and efficient variables for each wash. By engineering and fabricating numerous pieces of hash washing hardware to work in unison, the Hashatron’s ready to run away with the game. Designed in the US of A The Hashatron was engineered to meet the strict quality standards necessary to compete with top solventless producers. The proof’s in the pudding (or fresh press rosin that is) with the Hashatron producing certifiable results. Plus, you don’t just get the machinery, you get an amazing group of people with decades of experience helping to get things up and running right. Along with a flawless install process, these guys ensure everything functions efficiently, with training to get up and running fast. Commercial Pro Series Hash.Atron Looking to make unparalleled leaps in the speed and quality of solventless hash-making? Starting with the 60-gallon washing vessel on top, the triple walled design brings precise control over the temperature of the wash. Instead of relying on ice and cold water alone, the three-wall design works as a thermal jacket around the inner wash basket, for consistent temperatures. A 20-gallon Glycol chilled collection tank continuously cools the entire process of the wash. Finish the setup with a water cooler and sprayer head to rinse your hash. Built in features make this machine a one-man job to replace the wet and grueling man-hours previously spent inside walk-in coolers. Single Operator The final touch was made by installing a crane arm, for a true single operator design. No ladders, no helpers, as the bulk biomass can be lifted and placed inside the washing vessel with ease. And when the cycle finishes, you can run a second wash with the same water or flush it for a fresh second wash with the press of a button. Dry spin lets you rinse most of the water before removing the filter basket and lowering it safely to the ground. Small features like the crane arm are proof of the years of development, experience, trial, and error necessary to perfect the art of solventless hash automation. Better Equipment, Better Hash If you have the flower to match, the Hashatron is ready to pump out batch after batch of six-star ice water hash. It’s the final piece allowing solventless producers to command respect and meet the enormous demand for the product. The Hashatron is the solventless extraction lab of the future, here today. If you’re tired of chasing, get ready to lead with the full suite of Hashatron hardware. Need the Whole Damn Lab? Completely customizable options for prefabricated, commercial grade, solventless labs in 20 and 40 foot options. Have the lab delivered to you, with shipping, set-up, and training included. Check out the features and some pics of our pre-fab. lab designs: Fully customizable with all the options shown below: #hashwriter #hashatron #hashAtron #Sho #solventlessexperience #liverrosin #coldcure #hashautomation #futurehash #dabnation #hash #rosin #solventless #singlesource #transparency #cannabis #420 #concentrates #extracts #hashrosin #ROsinbudder #rosinbadder #zuboff #weed #hashwriter #dabnation #OG #hream #fingertech #baddertech #hashonomics #hashisacrime #hashnuts #hashistitepimp

Fade Space S-tier Inserts

People have been trying every way possible to tap into the heady marketplace, but very few products stand the test of time. Some products failed so long ago, that they're being re-released to another generation of high paying, one-time customers. It isn't the first time and it won't be the last. But, as it is with anything, people are looking for different results. As a daily hash and rosin smoker, I was happy when FadeSpace reached out to try their S Tier insert, especially for dabbing ice water hash. Who this? I'd originally heard of FadeSpace for the #fadespacesavedmypeak hashtags. With their SiC inserts (Silicone carbide), the company really improved the all-around experience for the original Puffco Peak electronic dab device. Since leaping to popularity, I'd been asked enough times by my followers, to realize a keen interest exists. Their popularity caught on and by the time they asked me, I was already looking forward to trying their inserts, especially for ice water hash. The Tech These guys have discovered several different high-grade materials perfect for maintaining temperatures and increasing vapor and flavor production during the dab. From the original Silicone Carbide, or SiC inserts, came the improved S-Tiers made from Aluminium Nitride, and for the biggest ballers of all, they offer the X-tier, a Single Crystal Silicon Carbide... (maybe someday). All these high-end materials come from other technology, usually applications requiring high thermal conductivity. By thinking outside the box, FadeSpace has borrowed materials developed for other industries, to improve the efficiency of solventless dabs. Finding crazy new materials to smoke on or out of, is what we have always done before, mastering the art of building a bong out of quite literally, anything. They sent me the 25mm S-Tier model that fit right in my Bear Quartz banger, (that I love, stand-by, and purchase frequently, Yo @bearquartz!). The insert is well made, laser engraved, and came in a dope FadeSpace printed card-board box. The Materials The S-Tier insert is a chemically inert ceramic, called Aluminium Nitride. Here is what a ceramics engineering facility in New Jersey called Accuratus says: Aluminum Nitride, formula AlN, is a newer material in the technical ceramics family. While its discovery occurred over 100 years ago, it has been developed into a commercially viable product with controlled and reproducible properties within the last 20 years. High Thermal Conductivity The high thermal conductivity allows hash to vaporize at lower temperatures while creating thicker, denser vapor during the dab. Their site says the S-tier insert has "Extremely High Thermal Conductivity of over 200 w / m / K - " that is "133x Greater Than Quartz." While the SIC insert offers thermal conductivity 80x greater than quartz, the S-tier doubles it. Don’t worry if you don’t understand thermal conductivity yet, because you will with every dab. Heat-up For the S Tier, I was glad it recommended using it as usual, instead of a drop-in type set-up. I’ve played around with most set-ups and none have ever stuck with me. From inserts to cold starts and various other shapes of quartz, I’ve always gone back to the simplicity of decent quartz, a torch, and a carb cap. With the S Tier insert, I’m able to leave it inside my quartz banger, heating it simultaneously through the quartz. Instructions recommend this or else a cold-start, where the insert provides an added layer of protection against burning. Rosin Dabs I’d been hearing a lot of low dab temperatures lately from people I often trust. Right away using the insert I understood how some veteran smokers dab at or below 500 degrees. I started with rosin and found I needed to reduce my starting temp from 535-40 down closer to 500 degrees. It was evident from the first dab, how well the insert maintains heat, but what shocked me was the flavor. Quite honestly, I haven't had anything taste this strong since the first and only time I ever purchased a CRC chemical extract from Cali Kosher. That's what I was reminded of as pure flavor dumps out of the insert. I had to take another dab to make sure I wasn't losing my sanity, a thing that goes missing more frequently than ever before. By reducing overall starting temperatures, the flavor is bound to be increased. And while reducing the starting temperature of dabs works since the insert maintains heat longer, the insert also produces a noticeable vapor at temperatures far below any quartz. So despite beginning a dab nearly fifty degrees lower, it will maintain that ideal temperature range of 450-500 degrees for much longer, while also continuing to produce vapor down to nearly 300 degrees! Pretty amazing, honestly. Ice Water Hash Water hash is a difficult concentrate to dab and at times can be extra finicky. Certain melts seem to want to burn, or else only produce very fine vapor, leaving something to be desired. With ice water hash being the shining star hash heads worldwide congregate toward, the difficulties in dabbing are made up for in effects. Despite owning an InduxLabs electromagnetic rig and several electronic dab rigs, I still only smoke hash on quartz. None of the products currently available work well for ice water hash besides a good temperature reading device and a quartz banger. I had hoped this insert could be part of a solution. It is. I dialed in a few flags of some full melt @Papas_Select hash, dabbing around 475 degrees. The flavor can only be described as enormous. Seriously, with each passing dab I am enjoying the S-Tier insert more and more. It allows water hash to melt, bubble, and vaporize with a fullness or density of smoke, unaccustomed to ice water hash dabs. I had a particularly tricky batch of 120u hash, and the difference in vapor production with and without the insert was astounding. After two difficult dabs of water hash without the insert, I hit the next dab perfectly with it, and the S-Tier instantly became my new hash friend. The surface of the S Tier increases flavor, especially towards the end of a dab. When my quartz alone would cease to smoke, the S Tier keeps it going. I can get a couple extra pulls off each dab with a noticeably thin vapor you can feel more than you can see. Downsides I’m usually about quick and easy and do not like having to clean and maintain more than is necessary for me to get lifted. With the insert, it requires longer torch times and can take forever to burn off inside my quartz. After a few dabs, I noticed the insert turned dark under the torch and took me several minutes of direct torching to burn off. I think it gets seasoned on the the first few dabs, and after the initial burn-off, q-tips and alcohol have kept it from happening again. Tweezers you can hold the insert in, while torching it directly, are crucial. The only other drawback, a huge drawback personally, is the increased time it takes to heat up. Granted the material absorbs heat incredibly well, heating much faster than the quartz surrounding it, but it's still more material to heat up. For its flavor and vapor production with ice-water hash, all negatives can be easily over looked and I'm completely sold. For rosin dabs, I'm somewhat torn, using it half the time. Conclude The design and construction of the S Tier insert is clean and well crafted. It will certainly improve the dabbing experience and can protect some of the burnt hash out there from overdoing cold-starts. As mentioned earlier, it is not often that a new tool becomes a part of my holiest-of-holy dabbing routine. I look forward to trying the S-Tier Carta version, using the temperature-controlled app, as I've had some success with it on the go. Fade Space delivers with some amazing materials that will definitely improve your experience, while flattening the learning curve for ice water hash dabs. If all else fails, I'll slap em' on my BMW, as I'm overdue for a brake change, anyways. 🤪 #weed #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #weedporn #thc #weedstagram #cannabisculture #cbd #stoner #weedlife #hightimes #indica #sativa #smoke #ganja #kush #maryjane #highlife #life #smokeweedeveryday #high #dabs #medicalmarijuana #dank #highsociety #hemp #daily #community #bhfyp #bong #growyourown #weedgirls #bhfyp #love #weedmemes #weedsociety #joint #cannabissociety #stoners #smokeweed #marihuana #instaweed #terps #pot #bud #ganjagirls #art #photography #memes #stonernation #vape #hash #edibles #dab #weedculture #blunt #follow #weedcommunity #music

The Similarities Are Staggering Cops & Convicts

The closest comparison that can be made to a police officer, is not the usual run of the mill arrestees, but the real institutionalized convicts covering America the prison system. No other person or position in modern society compares as equally and wholly to a police officer, than the gang members they mimic. The level of hatred for police came almost as a surprise to me. A level of pure hate that I cannot fathom, realizing my fight is not at all like theirs. I had to set my sights much higher, finding true displeasure in those responsible for such legislation. Maybe it was the convict code and certain behaviors that truly displayed the level of hatred toward the man and anyone caught talking to the man alone. The usual convicts daily battle both in prison and on the streets is simply to evade them, fool them, and get away with petty drug deals chasing bottom feeder dollars. Right there's the counterpart cops to best handle those most similar in stature. Or maybe it was the level of civility that confounded me. I realized right away that doing time meant going unnoticed. On the inside, the cop always wins, and so a level of decency bordering on respect is normally paid from convict to Overseer. This deep seeded hatred for the men in blue was juxtaposed by a civility and respect between offender and guard, that I needed to learn. Both parties despise a rat, which guards made surprisingly clear. Choosing to enter these horrible confines daily, the police evolved into an element more criminal than any I've ever come across to this day. They emulate the convicts they oversee, feeling inadequate to control groups of gang members. Watching convicts work out daily, leads the cops to do the same (using the same prison gyms). The yard's plastered in full-sleeve tattoos, leading police to hand their hard-earned money over to someone who is probably an ex-convict, to further emulate those they oversee. There wasn't a guard in prison without full sleeves finished or in the works. Between working out and getting tattooed, these cops have embodied the criminals they supposedly dislike. I watched as new cops were employed, and saw how fast they transformed in less than a year, becoming a kind of convict themselves. Is this a surprise? NO. Hell no. They are followers and only following along with what society deems normal, (despite society remaining clueless about what is really occurring). You do not sign up to be a prison guard without the intention of being a cop, otherwise some guards are retired cops. It goes both ways. I don't know what is worse now that I think about it: A prisoner expected to function in society after such barbaric and inhumane treatment, or the new cop sent to protect society, who is also coming fresh from years of institutionalization. They pose equal threats outside of prison and to society at large, although one of them always has a gun... #criminaljustice #criminaljusticereform #criminal #criminaldefense #crminal #justice #incarceration #massincarceration #hash #rosin #hashrosin #livingextracts #rosin #icewaterhash #bubblehash #solventless #hream #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #hashwriter #fullmelt #humboldtcounty #humboldt #cannabis #peace #love #papa #trichomes #hightimes #leafly #badder #sauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #premium #premiumrosin #fuckpigs #fuckcops #closethepolice #hashisacrime #innocenceproject #lastprisonerbullshit

Cannabis Marketing & New (digital) Media: Advertising Democracy

Update: I got my Instagram back, but this is the article I wrote in the days without it. When I began to write, I wrote out of passion and with a sense of urgency. I had no clue people who didn't know a thing about cannabis, (and don't care) would fawn over my rhetoric for the reasons they did. I love the support and was absolutely thrilled to find thousands who sought the same answers I had previously sought. But I also learned about copy writing and how a good writer can gather a handful of sought after terms, keywords, from any industry, and use them to write blog articles to significantly improve their search ranking results on Google. Now I'd known of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website ranking, (hence several top Google ranking blog pages of my own), but with a long list of other options, mainly money, blogging was just one small element of getting your website and brand seen. Paying to run ad campaigns through Google and Facebook, would top the marketing list. Up against financial adversaries, a blog seemed low on the list of priorities, yet I could feel a specific demand for my work. I didn't realize the harsh restrictions on brick and mortar cannabis marketing existed online, as well. I soon realized the two largest online advertisement companies, Google and Facebook, completely refuse cannabis and anything cannabis related from paid advertising. This includes cannabis culture brands and educational sources. Unable to pay for physical or online exposure, marketing would almost appear... fair. I immediately understood the value of blogging, without paid marketing. A legitimate blog is the main measure setting one company's site over the other in search results. Especially over the long-run, as SEO organized blogs act as a permanent draw to your website, improving and multiplying a brand's online visibility over time. Without the usual alternatives in paid advertising, the ability to write about and discuss the complexities and details of hash and hash culture is sought after among advertisers. And whether people read these blogs or not isn't important. They are read by google and used to determine your websites reliability and rank during every google search. The value of SEO blogging is maximized for cannabis brands who can tie into my network of top brands across the industry, with back-links to (Services) With paid advertising strictly off limits by Google and Facebook, Instagram appeared to have completely democratized marketing for the cannabis industry. Used daily by over 3 million people, a number constantly growing, Instagram is a free and easy way to showcase a brand. The perfect medium for brands and businesses to have free access to their consumers, was too good to be true. A transparency was forming through the digital community, allowing people like myself, to help inform other consumers and weigh-in on new brands. It even was helping to hold producers accountable, but we can't have too much of that in surveillance capitalism, now can we? The algorithm that is Instagram appeared to democratize the very undemocratic advertising industry, allowing everyone to have similar access to brands, products, patients, enthusiasts, and even the farmers. Unable to pay off the search engines, a wicked social media campaign can be a brand's best friend. For the high-end hash community a picture says a thousand words. IG appeared to level the playing field with an equality I was surprised by. New brands that people love, catch on quick and the market appeared to be working in competition to expose fakers and reveal the highest quality hash-makers thanks to the visuals and reviews. You know, the idea behind capitalism. Free market competition is supposed to promote the best product, but advanced marketing campaigns have long since intervened. For all industries quality is not the goal. This fact illimunated by the long list of manipulating tactics imparted through the marketing material. Product competition hasn't been true in any industry for eons. As much as I feared losing my account due to Instagram's regulations, from everything I'd read and gathered I would be alright. It seemed only drug dealers and those selling cannabis were being shut down. I also thought an education page would be left alone with thousands of others blatantly breaking laws and so much more, right in public view. I was wrong. I had conversed with thousands, and had always been respectful and clear, responding no and no thank you to anyone offering or asking anything from me. Nothing was ever bought, and nothing was ever sold from my account. Hell, nothing was given either (except information). If there ever was a responsible, and well-intentioned use of the platform, it was @hashwriter (aside from maybe some story jokes). My Instagram was intended for one thing and that was helping to educate others. It ended up becoming more than I expected as an opportunity to express myself with a sense of humor. Then it was gone... Understanding the temporary nature of Instagram from the get-go, I made sure to secure the permanence of a website, knowing the gray area was thick and deep for social media and cannabis. Good thing I did. For all the good that was coming of Instagram, the transparency, and democratizing marketing, the very opposite is true when you pick and poke specific accounts. And this is where the problem is rooted in something much larger, and much darker than just cannabis marketing rules. The ability to single-out, delete, censor, and silence any account at any time, proves the basic nature of social media is not a way to express and communicate but rather a way to control and limit, to silence and regulate, to observe, to predict, to dictate behavior. It is behavior modification at its finest and creates a fluid and flexible Panopticon that would impress (or scare the shit out of) Michel Foucault. It's funny, I didn't study marketing in school, (I have addiction to thank for manipulation), but I did study some digital media theory, a theory that's stood since Marshall McLuhan prophetically stated in the late 1950's: "The medium is the message." "The medium is the message", is truer nowhere than the heady glass and hash communities that revolve around IG posting for nearly everything. For the hash smoker its transformed the ritual of enjoying good hash. The consumer has become an advertiser for brands we purchase. As Instagram infiltrates a massive market, their message is as clear as ever: We are in control. You have no control and no say over who will get to play and who will not. We dictate who succeeds and who gets deleted without warning, usually silencing a voice. The message is one of control. The same man would also say: "We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us." With paid ads removed from the marketing equation, the industry is advertised by the people paying to smoke it. The medium of Instagram is the message as the app strategically changed the way many smokers enjoy hash. Melt-shots and Black-market brands exist right alongside California's legal producers. And forced to walk on eggshells, brands rely on creators for content without being banned themselves. Legalization left so many unable to keep up with the regulations, who had previously produced products sold at the same dispensaries open today. Many of these brands continue to produce retail style products, promoted and sold exclusively on IG, right next to legal brands. There have been plenty of instances where I cannot distinguish the legality of a company or what state they are in. And with tens of thousands of followers, Instagram allows some traditional market brands to thrive in a national or even global market, meanwhile shutting down legal accounts and small brands. What a mess the regulators created. Honestly, I knew deep down there was nothing democratic or fair about media marketing when the app determines who is seen and who isn't. With control over who's content is shown, how frequently, and to how many, the process had always been concerning. They amplify the influence of whoever they pick and choose (think melt shots). I was able to live in denial for a year, considering access alone to be significant. This level of unknown select-ability I could live with, growing my account to over four thousand before rudely being shown the door. Engagement allowed me to forget the discrepancies of the algorithm. Despite seeing others lose their accounts, it's easy to be sucked into the very world I'd feared from the start. Just like in everything else I do in life and everything I think about, I always remember the little guy. Did 710labs send me a few grams to make-up for the thousands I'd spent on hash rosin full of hair? Yes, but only after months of emails and arguing and even me writing an article titled "My Temporary Breakup With 710Labs" that nearly a thousand people read. What did that tell me? It told me that thousands of consumers who don't have a voice were being shit on. I'd heard plenty of stories about how awful they were treated by 710 Labs, but I defended the brand forever, until witnessing it decisively firsthand. I bring this up as I think about how many people, and how many other brands and accounts are deleted and prevented from having an opportunity or a voice. This is a micro version of a macro problem, highlighting how general internet oversight, especially an extremely biased oversight, is an oppressive force that infringes on our freedom of speech. Fuck your rules. We don't have it wrong Instagram, you have it wrong. With one state after another legalizing, there's absolutely no just way to remove an account about an industry deemed essential. Maybe I will get my account back, but it's highly unlikely with cannabis advertising anything but democratized. What to do now...... #cannabizz #cannabiscommunity #cannabiseducation #cannabistheory #solventless #hash #rosin #hashrosin #livingextracts #rosin #icewaterhash #bubblehash #solventless #hream #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #hashwriter #fullmelt #humboldtcounty #humboldt #cannabis #peace #love #papa #trichomes #hightimes #leafly #badder #sauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #premium #premiumrosin

Enjoying Hash Part One: The Perfect Rosin Dab & Dabbing Without All the Toys.

After being forced to refrain from "the plant" for years, I went through the re-learning process of dabbing and found very little help anywhere. I'll lay out some of my guiding indicators, you could say, to figuring out how to hit the perfect rosin dab without owning a temperature tool. But first, what is the perfect dab? Too Cold It's become evident many are dabbing at temperatures so low everything fails to vaporize. Is it delicious and an enjoyable dab at temperatures of 450 or less? Of course, but does it effectively vaporize everything? No, I do not believe so. In my article on Dab Temperatures, I laid out the science behind cannabis vaporization and the temperatures at which cannabinoids and terpenes are proven to vaporize. THC-a vaporizes at the high temperature mark of 430 degrees F., so while a beginning dab temperature of 450 gets close, it just doesn't provide the full effects I'm looking for. Too Hot Dabbing too hot causes THC to convert to CBN (cannabinol), which induces sleep and a heavier high. For nearly a decade, my dabs increase in temperature as the day goes on, knowing about this conversion. Those 450 temps work for my day-time dabs, but as the day grows old, slightly increased temperatures have always created a heavier high for me. Weedmaps says, "CBN is something of a “sleeper” cannabinoid" and that THC also turns to CBN over extended periods of time. Good enough for me. Skeptical Science I always look for sources and references for my facts, but I've become increasingly skeptical of who is writing and with what science. Our research and studies are decades old, performed on lab rats, and god only knows with what starting cannabis material. I trust my experience. We could always grab temps from the first Google search result, that says the following: "The medium temperature for dabbing is around 700°F." Yeah, if you like to scorch and ruin every single dab you take. Thanks Yo Dabba Dabba. While something around 450 is slightly too low, you never want to dab any type of concentrate over 600 degrees F, and even that is extremely hot. Conflicting Methods Confuse What has struck me currently is that temperatures are being discussed, and even argued, despite entirely different systems and set-ups. 450 may be too low for a quartz banger that will quickly decrease in temperature compared to an e-nail, that maintains a steady temperature of 450. Furthermore, the quality of quartz and the use of inserts or even terp pearls cause a banger to cool off much slower. With traditional dab tech, you could start at a lower temperature than someone else, if you are using inserts to help maintain heat. There are a ton of elements that alter beginning temps, but 450-550 is the correct range. No temp device? Here ya go..... You finally decided there was something to this and splurged on an 85 dollar gram of hash or rosin. You either decided you wanted to smoke big-fat, delicious melt-shots of clear gooey rosin-globs or make flags of six star, full-melt hash with the big-boys... eh? Or you just realized six star ice water hash and rosin is just too incredible not to try. Regardless, you made the correct decision and narrowed in on the pinnacle product of cannabis refinement. Grab your quartz and torch and let's go. For the newest of New-News: While there's a ton of toys and different techniques, the usual method is as follows: Torch the piss out of your quartz, until its glowing red or just about. Wait until the quartz banger cools down to between 550 to 450 degrees F. (depending upon the type of concentrate). Using some kind of tool, scoop a dab from the jar and place it inside the hot quartz banger. Immediately place some sort of cap over the quartz banger. Inhale- (While inhaling you can turn the bubble cap to push the oil around the quartz) Exhale Grab a Q-Tip- While everyone tries to avoid the q-tip tech at first, it's not optional. Once you take a few dabs you will see why. The banger will turn black, smoke like crazy, and require several minutes of direct torching before burning off the prior dab. Q-tipping after each dab will prevent a ton of wasted butane, a lot of nasty black burning smoke, and allow you to taste your hash, while it vaporizes efficiently. Wasted Dabs Defined You might waste some hash. Let's get that out of the way so you don't get all crazy about things. Even a "wasted" dab will still get you high. My definition of a "wasted dab" is one that is far too hot, causing the dab to smoke briefly for a second or two, before burning into your quartz. If your dab only smokes for a second and no oil remains to q-tip, it's burnt. It's going to take a few dabs to dial things in, but if you aren't burning your hash into the quartz, we can work with that. You can always re-torch a cool dab for a few seconds here and there, but there's no coming back from a scorching hot dab. Timing Time your torch. It's as simple as that. Time how long you torch your quartz banger for, and time how long you wait before dabbing. If I always torch for thirty seconds, I know to wait 1:35-1:40 seconds before dabbing. This is the best way to find some consistency in your routine. A key to timing the dab is to fill your torch with butane before every use, so you are getting a consistent flame. I usually torch for 45 seconds and allow 1:45 to 1:55 before dabbing. This is by far the best way to find some consistency in your method. The key is to start low, where you are q-tipping a yellow oil after the dab. You want the leftover oil to be a dark shade of brown, but not black or combusted into the atmosphere. Points of Reference After a while you will be able to gauge how hot your dab was by the color of the oil remaining. Dabs that leave a light-yellow oil behind can be hit with the torch for a few more seconds and inhaled again. Re-torching a dab, there's a distinct line to cross when suddenly it loses all flavor and begins to taste noticeably burnt. This is how you know you got every bit from the dab, before it crosses over and begins to burn. By timing your torch and cool downs, you will be able to dial in your dabs as close as you can to this perfect level of full vaporization. To define what the perfect dab is: The perfect dab is one that effectively vaporizes all terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, without anything of a burnt taste. If you have the money to waste, you can sacrifice the efficiency of each dab in exchange for maximum flavor. This way it might take a few extra dabs to receive the full effects. For the rest of us, full-flavor and full effect is the idea behind every dab. It's one hit at the highest possible temperature (550 usually), without converting THC-a to CBN, or noticeably burning the terpenes. With experience, you will learn each variety of cannabis and variety of concentrate changes the desired temps slightly, but in theory, the objectives remain the same. #cannabiscommunity #notemptool #howto #howtodab #howtodabhashrosin #dabs #dabnation #globs #globmops #papasselect #710 #710community #hash #rosin #hashrosin #livingextracts #rosin #icewaterhash #bubblehash #solventless #hream #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #hashwriter #fullmelt #humboldtcounty #humboldt #cannabis #peace #love #papa #trichomes #hightimes #leafly #badder #sauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #premium #premiumrosin

Feds Fake a Bill: More Bullshit and Blocks to Restorative Justice

From my recent notes: NBC reports "The House voted Friday on the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, or MORE Act, which decriminalizes cannabis and clears the way to erase nonviolent federal marijuana convictions." However, 'the Senate is unlikely to approve the bill," as usual. Nice effort I guess. I have several felonies for cannabis, which would be unaffected. Federal marijuana convictions are extremely rare as they fall to the state level where retroactive reform is needed. It may get there, but not like this. Cannabis hasn't built a rebellious economy in dozens of states by going through conventional channels. Otherwise, we would still be waiting on our bipolar system, for Federal oversight. I was just writing about how cannabis prohibition is the last remaining issue from the civil rights movements of the 1960's and '70s. It's the only issue that hasn't been won-over, or changed, on anything but the state level. And while states have rolled back cannabis laws, they basically refuse to expunge prior Felonies. With the real damage done after serving time or being convicted, nothing has changed. In Colorado, the state leading legalization efforts, it's still a fight and a battle to expunge past cannabis convictions. It is not approved or put into law and you do not have the right to expunge or "seal" your criminal record, even for cannabis. A long, drawn-out procedure of court appearances require an attorney, costing thousands of dollars. Like other states legalizing cannabis, the procedure to seal or expunge prior convictions is an intentionally complicated process, leaving victims confused and overwhelmed. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, almost half a million people were arrested over the past decade for cannabis in California, while "California courts have received just 1,506 applications for reclassifying past marijuana-related crimes, since state residents gained the option to do so last year." Just last year did the process become available and this is a state with medicinal cannabis dating back to the mid-nineties! Those numbers reveal what everyone convicted already knows. The same corrupted courts that convicted a defendant pick and choose the cases to seal or to expunge. Why bother? It's no wonder why only 1500 out of a half million cases filed for relief. California residents have just about as good a shot as I would trying to seal my felony THC charges from Rick Scott directly, in Florida's horrific system. Longer criminal histories are just one of many reasons for courts to reject the petitions to seal or expunge a defendants case. There are many legal logistics you would otherwise never hear about, unless reading what I am about to say. The following is one of a hundred ways prosecutors prevent restorative justice, long before the opportunity arises. When I was 21, having no criminal record, I proceeded to leave a house party with my car, in a black-out, however I was parked in. Determined to not let a little truck stop me, I backed into it quite a few times before quitting. When I was arrested, I had about six charges against me, but after the District Attorney got his greasy-gross hands on the case, the number jumped to sixteen. Sixteen charges with nine felonies! A bit harsh, but truly nothing out of the ordinary for how this system operates, as I would soon learn. In the end everything was dismissed, except one misdemeanor and one deferred Felony for Criminal Mischief. Complete two years of probation and the felony goes away, but the misdemeanor doesn't. Why the meaningless misdemeanor that I can't even remember? Because it prevents my case from being sealed or expunged from my record, even with successfully completing probation. This is just one of the many tricks played by prosecutors who have the scales of justice cemented in their favor. Side Note: Without accepting the misdemeanor and deferred felony deal, I would face all sixteen charges at trial. That's a risk very few are willing to take. Meanwhile it's basically an admission from the DA that 14 of the charges are bullshit, yet refusing their plea offer meant facing all nine felonies and six misdemeanors at trial. This Bill has no chance in the Senate, but the energy and momentum of several states approval joins a global rise in cannabis advocacy. In her article on Cannabis law reform Sophie Quinn says, "It is part of a global movement to end prohibition. The U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted this week to remove marijuana and marijuana resin from the category of the world's most dangerous drugs, paving the way for additional research opportunities," opportunities our Federal laws prevent. Just as the 70's civil-rights movements were generated around the world, cannabis advocacy is having a domino effect. But until Federal law changes and state law follows with retroactive reform, hundreds of thousands of victims continue to suffer as convicted felons, despite the admitted injustice. “[The bill] creates a horrible precedent by retrofitting criminal sanctions for past conduct every time a new law is changed or passed,” Carolyn Tyler, a spokeswoman for Republican Attorney General John Suthers, told The Denver Post at the time. It's morons like this that hold us back. A fitting statement for someone who doesn't want to be told she is wrong or admit to mistakes, even when the law says to. A long and dark history of injustice prevents anyone involved with the Prison Industrial Complex from looking back and admitting to necessary change. Cruel, foul, ignorant-injustice will be the lasting sentiment of this system, especially with thinkers like Suthers leading the way. #blindedlegality #practicelawonyourownlife #hash #rosin #hashrosin #livingextracts #rosin #icewaterhash #bubblehash #solventless #hream #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #hashwriter #fullmelt #humboldtcounty #humboldt #cannabis #peace #love #papa #trichomes #hightimes #leafly #badder #sauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #premium #premiumrosin #cannabislaw #criminaljusticereform #cannabislaw #gloriousignorance #stubbornignorance #ignoramus

The Evolution of Cannabis Concentrates From Solvent to Solventless

Trying to navigate the recreational market of cannabis concentrates has proven difficult even for experienced consumers. This article will explain the evolution in cannabis extraction technologies, the major methods defining extraction techniques, and give an insider’s perspective of the finest cannabis hashish available today. As cannabis markets continue to gain traction, inconsistent and largely unpredictable markets have left recreational consumers in an informational fog. Try as the industry may, or may not to inform consumers, the lack of knowledge was evident when an established Colorado hash company opened a second operation in California. Expecting high demand for their solventless concentrates, the demand for their solvent-based counterparts came as a surprise. Initially hoping to eliminate solvent extracts from their product line-up, the company was forced to devote about half their overall production to solvent extracts, until information spreads and attitudes start to change. Over the past year several companies have joined the solventless side of history, but consumer understanding remains largely stagnant. For those immediately overwhelmed by terminology, cannabis extracts, concentrates or hash are all interchangeable terms describing concentrated cannabis. Under these umbrella terms, two distinct categories emerge depending upon whether chemical solvents were or were not used to extract the hash. Hence: solvent or solventless. A brief overview of cannabis concentrates will help consumers to understand the evolution away from solvent extractions and toward a superior solventless future. Before regulated cannabis markets, cannabis extracts had long been in use. These old-world methods of cannabis extraction use very basic solventless techniques to create more potent, concentrated forms of cannabis. Dry sifting is easily the oldest form of cannabis extraction and a prime example of one solventless technique. Something as simple as shaking dried cannabis over metal screens and collecting the residue underneath creates a solventless product called kief. Dark brown bubble-hash, made popular decades ago, is another ancient technique using only ice and water to make hash, without chemical solvents. After decades of stagnant and limited old-world methods, changes in legislation allowed cannabis sciences to flourish. These old-world hash methods were quickly forgotten, replaced by the astonishing progress of modern solvent extractions. Solvent Based Extractions The emergence of solvent extracts revolutionized cannabis around 2011, creating new categories of cannabis products that exploded onto the scene. Not only did solvent extracts produce the most potent and cleanest forms of hash ever seen at this point, it also created new possibilities for hash-oil vape cartridges and cannabis extract infused edibles. These solvent extracts use butane, propane, or other hydrocarbon solvents to extract, or “blast” cannabinoids from the plant. By running solvents through cannabis and then purging or removing leftover, residual solvents, a super-potent, premium hash oil product is achieved. Regulated markets require testing to ensure only a safe level, if any, of the solvent used in the extraction process remains in the final product. This technology ushered in the first wave of concentrates to medical and recreational markets under the descriptive titles of wax, shatter and crumble. While these effective and affordable products can still be found today, far superior products have largely replaced wax and shatter. Distillation techniques can further purify and isolate THC-a, while removing harmful residual solvents. For a time, Solvent-free was used to describe this ultra-purified distillate, but the needless term has fallen out of use. Solvent-free is still a solvent extraction using chemical solvents, don’t be fooled. Distillation extractions have fallen into general disfavor as they destroy the flavorful terpenes and valuable cannabinoids, necessary to create the “entourage effect.” The Entourage Effect This “entourage effect” happens when the medicinal and recreational properties are most effective, pronounced, and impactful due to a full range of terpenes and cannabinoids being present in the final product. With companies manually reintroducing terpenes to their final extracts, it’s an attempt to restore what was lost during solvent extraction processes. Many brands claim to use cannabis derived or food-grade terpenes to infuse or reintroduce terpenes into their purified hash oils. While this adds flavor and taste, especially to distillate cartridges, it’s far from an ideal solution. Armed with this new information, the informed consumer looks for a full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids in their hash. Fresh-Frozen and Live Resin BHO With terpene preservation a new priority, all aspects of hash making were reevaluated. By using fresh-frozen cannabis flower, solvent extractions quickly reached new heights. Using the same techniques as prior solvent extractions, the cannabis plant is frozen immediately upon harvesting, rather than trimming and drying the crop. Freezing the plant preserves valuable terpenes helping to create a new category for hydrocarbon extracts under the general label of live resins. This live resin, containing vastly greater profiles of terpenes and cannabinoids than earlier waxes, shatters or crumbles is sold as live-resin sauce, sugar, badder, frosting, diamonds and more. Many versions of live resin re-use previous terms that describe consistencies. These live resin solvent extracts outperform the wax, crumble, and shatters of old, and are priced accordingly. Some of the best solvent extracts available today use butane or CO2 to extract hash oil, which forms THC-a crystals and diamonds seen in live resin sauces. Having learned the value of terpenes and cannabinoids, early efforts to purify THC were clearly misled. The industry defining use of fresh-frozen cannabis flowers greatly improved the quality of all extracts having realized the psychoactive effects are largely dependent on the various profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes. Pure THC-a crystals and isolates are easily achieved with solvent extractions but, produce inferior effects both medicinally and for recreation. Discovering the “entourage effect” as described earlier, these elements of cannabis allowed old-world solventless techniques to be re-inspired and reinvigorated with the benefit of healthy genetics and a hearty understanding of past mistakes. Having gone full circle, solventless techniques are again at the forefront of the cannabis industry, having attained near perfection for our current understanding of cannabis anatomy. Ice-Water Hash Using the lessons and tendencies of prior extractions, the solventless method, in all its final forms, begin with the same initial process to make ice-water hash oil. Often referred to as solventless hash oil (SHO), fresh-frozen flowers are submerged in ice and water, soaked and agitated before the water is filtered through mesh screens. As these mesh screens are measured by microns, the increasingly finer mesh works to separate and extract only the trichome heads that break free from the cannabis plant. The 120- and 90-micron mesh screens usually collect pristine trichome heads. After scraping the remaining material from the screens, its sieved onto trays where the hash can dry using modern techniques of sublimation. The results are beyond phenomenal and are sure to shock even life-long cannabis consumers. This technique isolates only the most potent and psychoactive parts of the plant, to produce white to clear solventless ice water hash. When done with precision 6-star ice water hash is formed. The hash can be sold and consumed as is or undergo additional solventless techniques to produce hash-rosin. Hash Rosin Not to be confused with live-resins, rosin uses pressure and slight heat to squeeze ice-water hash, into hash-rosin. Some companies have elected to whip their rosins into a solventless badder or allow their hash rosins to undergo a cold cure process that creates textures and varieties like hash rosin sauce. Regardless of the final solventless product, they all begin as ice water refinement. These simple, natural methods of separation are quickly being adopted by companies known for live resin. As solventless concentrates are safer, cleaner and superior in quality to solvent chemical extractions, the race is on as the industry shifts toward a solventless future. Setting Solventless Apart While I’d be happy to never see another solvent extract again, without the miraculous breakthroughs and advances in all aspects of cannabis manufacturing and production we may have not yet arrived where we are today. When using solvents to extract, the trichomes, which contain the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, are dissolved by the solvent, which is then evaporated, leaving behind dissolved trichomes. In solventless hash, these trichomes remain whole and are never dissolved or broken down. Instead they are broken free by agitation in ice and water, separating the trichome heads from their less-active stems. These valuable trichomes heads contain everything pertinent and are never destroyed, dissolved or melted like solvent-extractions are forced to do. The benefit of keeping the heads of these trichomes whole results in a far superior product expressing the full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids the way mother nature intended. This natural profile of trichomes lends itself directly to the entourage effect that solvent extracts were found to be missing. Extraction techniques are not equal and depend upon whether quality or mass production is the aim. Solvent extracts have quickly begun to represent the old-guard of mass-produced cannabis concentrates, with the solventless new-guard focusing on quality, small batch, hash-rosin excellence. analysis analytics bubble bud budder business butane butter cannabinoid cannabis carbon dioxide cartridge cbd co2 concentrate crumb crumble distillate distillation dry effect entourage extract extracting extraction hash hydrocarbon ice keif kief legalization legalize legislation license live marijuana market mesh oil potency processing product propane quality residual resin rosin screen shatter sift solvent solventless terpene test thc THC-A thc-v trichom

The Master List of Hash and Cannabis Terminology

This will be a working list because attempting to conquer it at once has prevented me from starting the project. This way I can simply add to it as I go. Don't take it too seriously. Open to interpretation and almost always up for discussion. No fixed definitions and regional and cultural influence may apply. Leave comments or drop a term on the Forum, anywhere I'll see it, and I will add the appropriate ones to the list. Custy A word that only a true "custy" would know to use. Cannabis Concentrates: Terminology and Concepts Hash, Hashish- Concentrated Cannabis made without the use of chemical solvents. Solvents rupture trichome glands to extract molecules from inside the trichome gland, while hash removes trichomes. Hash has become a catchall term for concentrates, although it is more appropriate for solventless products alone. Solventless methods differ entirely by sieving or removing trichome glands from the surface of the plant and preserving them. I use hash for all solventless varieties originating from an ice water process or other method of mechanical separation. Fancy talk for shaking weed around and collecting the trichomes falling off. And or pressing collected trichomes into a more traditional hashish (dried cannabis flowers) or live rosin (freshly frozen flowers). Hash is a process of refinement and preservation that does not extract but removes trichomes from the surface of cannabis material. Ice-Water Hash- Hashish made from Cannabis that's frozen moments after harvest. Ice Water hash is graded from one to six stars. Only five and six star quality ice water hash is capable of being "dabbed" alone. Bubble Hashish- Made the same way in ice and water, but with dried Cannabis flowers. Solventless-(see Hash) Hash made the way it was meant. Solventless uses ice and water or other methods to concentrate cannabis without chemical solvents. Not to be confused with Solvent-Free, solventless hash and or rosin products, remove and preserve trichomes naturally. Rosin- (all consistencies here) A process that uses pressure and heat to remove cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. Hydraulic or pneumatic presses are used to squeeze cannabis flowers or hashish into a dabbable concentrate. Lots of varieties of rosin exist as explained in full detail here. Live Rosin-(see rosin) Live rosin, much like live resin, uses fresh-frozen cannabis flowers to begin with. It also becomes a live rosin when ice water hash is pressed, rather than pressing whole cannabis flowers. Flower Rosin-(see rosin) Flower rosin uses the same process, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to squeeze the contents directly from cannabis flower material. Cold Cure Rosin or Rosin Badder-(see rosin) Rosin is left to sit or cure, and whipped or stirred to make fresh press rosin into a rosin badder. Rosin Sauce, Jam, (Jar-Tech)- (see rosin) Rosin badder that uses pressure, heat, and time to allow terpenes to naturally separate from THC-A, which crystalizes. The final texture of rosin sauce can be full of micro-crystallization, mimicking the texture of a chemical extract like live resin. BHO or Chemical Solvent Extractions These products sold and marketed responsibly, will pride themselves on transparency. They will readily reveal their style of technology and be happy to call it BHO to distinguish it from hash. Due to the solvents dissolving trichome glands from the plant, it becomes a process of extraction, rather than solventless refinement. There's a list of different solvents used, such as Butane, Propane, Hexane, Ethanol, and more. They can all be labeled as BHO or hydrocarbon extractions. Hydrocarbon Extractions Hydrocarbon extracts are a great way to make use of leftover trim material or cannabis flower that refuses to produce in ice water hash. Most of these extracts use similar chemical processes as major consumer brands, who extract and concentrate nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils from organic material. Problem is cannabis doesn't work the way large producers had hoped. The recreational and therapeutic effects of cannabis are not caused by the THC molecule alone, throwing a serious kink in the plans of chemical industries. Thank You Hash Gods. In fact, the chemical solvents used destroy hundreds if not thousands of cannabinoids and terpenes that lead to maximum results, aka The Entourage Effect, when present. An affordable method of extraction, but one that cannot compare with solventless methods. Solvent-Free- (see BHO) Here we go with the market manipulation. Often used to describe cold-pressed CO2 extractions. Solvent-free is anything but. Solvent-free uses chemical solvents but purges them 100% clean from the final product. Problem is, we aren't worried about leftover or residual solvents as much as we are concerned with cannabinoids and terpene content. While solvent-free may be 100% clean of residual solvents, it doesn't change the fact that trichome glands were ruptured and dissolved in the process of collection. Furthermore, solvents and rupturing trichome glands cause volatile terpenes to off-gas and be missing from the final product. Distillate-(see also BHO) A distillate uses the process of distillation, not unique to cannabis, to not only extract cannabinoids from inside cannabis trichomes, but to isolate single cannabinoid molecules, namely THC or CBD. As is the case for all chemical extractions, they remove cannabinoids from inside each trichome gland growing on the surface of the cannabis plant. Distillation provides an isolated distillate, containing pure THC, used widely across the industry. Distillates provide only one of over 200 cannabinoids, and depletes the product of all terpenes. It's an economic way to remove THC from cannabis byproduct, trim, waste, etc., but provides the least effective results of any cannabis product. CBD Extractions Right now, they're running with this CBD thing after decades of propaganda in support of the single molecule (read above on hydrocarbon). It's the latest molecule to be exploited for all its worth, as the cure-all, despite evidence of THC-A's necessary interaction. They fail to distinguish CBD made from hemp, that lacks even minimal traces of THC proven to aid dramatically in the absorption and efficacy of CBD . Yes, CBD is highly beneficial, that is not where my gripe lies, but CBD alone cannot compare to the medicinal value of CBD in combination with THC and hundreds of terpenes and cannabinoids. Furthermore, whether it comes from cannabis or hemp is too often ignored. I support one company for CBD products. Ask me and I'll tell. Badder Can be made with or without the use of chemical solvents. Mixed, whipped, or stirred BHO or Solventless Rosin. Full-Melt 6 star Ice Water Hash that has full melt-ability for clean and functional dabbing. Rated from one to six stars, Full-Melt hash is considered technically to be six-star hash. Dabbed at the proper temperature it will leave almost no residue behind. A slight char is all that will remain after dabbing full melt on quartz. "Buddered" or "Cured" Rosin Buddered, buttered, cured, or Dry rosin. Rosin is pressed clear, but turns to an opaque solid once removed from cold storage. This process is readily apparent ,as clear rosin will completely changes texture and appearance. It will often marbleize, get milky, and turn to a solid. Caked-Up This is the worst thing that can happen to ice water hash. Similar to rosin, Ice water Hash can become dried up and turned into a hardened and "caked" consistency. There's no coming back as many terpenes will have dissipated. It's still fine for consumption, but is missing much of what sets ice water hash apart to begin with. Dabbing Temperatures- Here. Growing Terminology and Concepts Landrace noun: landrace; plural noun: landraces a local cultivar or animal breed that has been improved by traditional agricultural methods. Landrace "strains", more appropriately called cultivars, are cultivars growing naturally without influence or human selection. In this day and age, landrace cultivars are nearly impossible to locate, if any exist at all. Only a handful of places on Earth had landrace genetics free from outside influence. These landrace strains have evolved to survive whatever conditions or environments they have grown in. All of today's modern genetics combine numerous Landrace genetics. Strain/Cultivar/Variety (genetic) noun: cultivar; plural noun: cultivars a plant variety that has been produced in cultivation by selective breeding. Cultivars are usually designated in the style Taxus baccata “Variegata.”. Strain never sat well with the big bosses and is a term leftover from black market ideas. More aptly titled cultivar, a cultivar is the specific genetic of cannabis plant. It is the specific variety of cannabis such as, "Blue Dream" or "Purple Haze". For the young bloods, "Papaya" or "GMO" are two different varieties or cultivars . Phenotype noun: phenotype; plural noun: phenotypes the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. Each of our genetic cultivars makes up specific phenotypes. The phenotype is often labeled with a number such as "Papaya #35". Papaya is the genetic or the cultivar and it is the 35th phenotype. This is where pheno hunting comes in. Having ten Papaya seeds, each one will become a different phenotype. Not all seeds from the same cultivar or genetic will produce the desired characteristics in its environmental settings. These types of specifics were largely out of play to the consumer until solventless hash making took off. With the extremely low yields of ice water refinement, selecting ideal phenotypes can make or break solventless success. Trichomes: Trichomes are what we harvest for ice water hash. There are three different types of cannabis trichomes: Bulbous trichomes are tiny bulbs that dot the surface of the plant. They cannot be seen without a microscope and their production of cannabinoids is still in question. They add a sheen to the cannabis plant and add to the stickiness of the flower. Bulbous trichomes are distributed throughout the entire surface of the plant. Capitate-sessile trichomes are more abundant than bulbous trichomes, but still typically only visible with a microscope. Like bulbous trichomes, capitate-sessile trichomes have large bulbs, but with more of a classic mushroom-shaped structure. This trichome is primarily found on the underside of sugar and fan leaves. Capitate-stalked trichomes are the ones we're after. Shaped like mushrooms and containing a large bulb or "head" at the top of a stalk. These are the largest and most abundant trichomes on cannabis, (yes!) and most familiar to consumers. The capitate-stalked trichomes are primarily found on the surface of cannabis flowers and are rarely seen on fan leaves or stems. Light Deprivation/Light Deps Vintage Variation The different batches of the same cannabis genetic or variety can be attributed to vintage variations, where each batch is slightly different and especially across different growing styles and locations. Batches grown outdoors are influenced by nature and weather patterns. With modern hashish we are able to really key-in and taste the dynamic flavors and nuanced changes from one batch to another. With the same producers, we should be able to notice slight changes in the same genetic from year to year. Kief_poop Cunt-hair-Thanks Dad. BHO-Not really weed. Hydrocarbon Extraction-Not Weed. Sieve

The Ice-Water "Acid Test" & Humboldt Kine Farms

Dissenting in Abrams v. United States, Justice Holmes proclaimed that “the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” Economic markets have since become a pervasive metaphor for free speech, with market tendencies, sales numbers, and all-around HYPE dictating truth and quality. In a culture of consumption, the ability for a brand to speak their truth (the truth that they are in-deed the best) is often relegated to market manipulation and advertising that capitalizes on post prohibitions rightfully uninformed cannabis consumers. Thankfully, solventless hash-making serves as an "acid test" of sorts, helping to distinguish the best cultivators and cannabis across the industry. With Humboldt Kine Farms and @Papa's_Select taking Gold and Silver in the 2019 Emerald Cup, it's the category I cling to. Ice water hash is the truest measure of quality cannabis in California and Humboldt Kine Farms is the current number one. Who better to begin with as I tell the next chapter in hash making history? With the cannabis consuming community slowly waking up to the quality solventless products require, I've been waking up to the immense quality of sun-grown Humboldt County cannabis. With the precision required to produce solventless full-melt hash and rosin, I'll be honest when I say, I didn't think outdoor flower stood a chance. It took some time and some solid evidence from @papas_select to win me over after a lifetime of indoor preference. Thanks to the undeniable "acid test" of ice water hash and rosin, I'm a believer in sun-grown Humboldt hash and I'm not one to jump ship (proven by my Philadelphia fandom). The results are irrefutable however, and carving out a new place for hashish royalty, rightfully enough, back where it all began. There's no better example of pristine sun-grown cannabis than the reigning hash champion of the Emerald Cup and my favorite hash producing farm: Humboldt Kine Farms. With their over-the-top grape flavored THC-Bomb, washed by the very best at Papas Select, Humboldt Kine locked up the Gold Medal during 2019's Emerald Cup for solventless ice water hash. Don't let the name fool you, the THC-Bomb tastes like a mouthful of Ground Ball Grape Big League Chew. Sugary-sweet grape bubblegum candy, packing a punch that remains the best hash and rosin I'm yet to come across. Just in case there was any doubt, they took the Silver Medal also, for their impeccable rendition of Peanut Butter Breath. And with their latest Zberries Premium Rosin pictured below, you could say Humboldt Kine's a cut above... After putting together an impressive resume of prestigious awards, Humboldt Kine is taking the fresh-frozen hash-making and cannabis world by storm. And for most cannabis smokers who are yet to venture into the dabbing domain, the secret is out- the best hash on earth, undoubtedly comes from the best flower. No other product rips away the flashy veneer of swanky packaging and rapper recognition, quite like solventless hash. Using only cannabis, ice, and water to remove and preserve cannabis trichomes, there's little room for error and cultivation practices are put under a microscope, quite literally. Solventless hash is an industry indicator and true test of one's ability to grow thriving, healthy, and hash-producing cannabis crops. With ice water hash successfully yielding no more than five or six percent of the total starting cannabis material, you can begin to imagine the precise metrics involved. It has taken just four short years since relocating from sunny So-Cal to his new Humboldt County farm to strike gold. Working with Papa's Select, who hunts the most sought-after farms across the Emerald Triangle, makes Humboldt Kine's early success even more impressive. With Eric Walz at the helm, Humboldt Kine has quickly gained notoriety and is geared for long-term success in the new industry. Using tried and true methods of living soil, full-season beds, and two dynamic mixed-light greenhouses, a professional touch of old-school wisdom comes included with the infamous @Mr.Miyagiwax helping to tend the gardens. Generations of cannabis growing and hash producing wisdom converge to grow the finest cannabis and hash producing plants on Earth at Humboldt Kine Farms. With a keen interest in cultivating, Walz wasn't just determined to succeed, but to succeed in the most prestigious of cannabis growing climates. A bold move for anyone and one that is paying off handsomely, in ways that weren't entirely foreseeable before fresh-frozen harvests and solventless hash making took off. Ice water hash has helped uncover gems across the region and right now, no one is prized higher than the mighty Humboldt Kine. The climate of Walz farm is proving to be perfectly suited for solventless hash making and the results are impeccable. With such minimal yields using only ice and water, minute climactic detail can make a world of a difference. The latest miracle in the evolution of solventless hash is happening outside, in the Emerald Triangle. While Mother Nature can be recreated and even dialed-in to minimize variables and maximize indoor results, there’s just no substitute for fresh air and California sun. And while cannabis has grown freely under the sun elsewhere before, few places on earth can compete with Humboldt County’s climates, serving ice water hash expertly. The area’s uniquely fertile hills and valleys are nothing short of miraculous, earning the Emerald Triangle global cannabis fame. That legacy is quickly turning from quantity to the highest quality hash and craft-cultivated cannabis. Luckily enough, we are sure to be seeing plenty more from the likes of @Papas_Select and @HumboldtKineFarms. #humboldtkinefarms #humboldtkine #humboldtcountycannabis #humboldthash #humboldtkinehash #livingsoil #sungrown #hash #rosin #solventless #singlesource #ogsmakebetterog #qualityovereverything #transparency #cannabis #concentrates #extracts #hashrosin #ROsinbudder #rosinbadder #zberries #zuboff #hashrosin #surveillancecapitalism #weed #hashwriter #weedwriter #OG #hream #fingertech #baddertech #hashonomics

A Historic Transfer. Traditional Cannabis Tincture Meets Solventless Hash & Gem Guice Tincture

With the nation gripped in suspense, a historic transfer of power is underway in America. An unprecedented change from the days of low-quality, chemical cannabis extractions and cheaply made trim-run BHO products, pods, and Presidents. With the solventless transition of power unfolding before our very eyes, our community of cannabis lovers are waking up to the benefits of over 200 cannabinoids not present in chemical extractions. With a marketplace packed full of unedible-edibles made from distillates (cheapest and least effective cannabis extract), thank heady-heaven there's Space Gem and their new 600mg THC Gem Guice! But what exactly is a "tincture" and why does the word "tincture" matter? I'll get there, but after downing three quarters of a shockingly delicious bottle last night, I woke up still feeling good and realized I was still high. I sipped another quarter of the bottle about an hour ago and I am legitimately toasted. Yup, that's about enough for tonight. Wow! Sorry, now, where was I? While Space Gem's latest rendition is technically labeled a "tincture," it's a solventless tincture. Let me say it again. Gem Juice is a Solventless Tincture. It took a few times around the block for this to register first hand but began to clarify with a little research. I'll tell you straight out the gate, "tincture" is a category necessary to sell more powerful concoctions under CA state regulations. As a product I've never desired, once again Wendy proves me wrong. After completely changing what I thought an edible can be, the same has already happened for this modern take on a classic cannabis concoction. In order to offer a stronger product, Gem Guice Solventless Tinctures forgo traditional methods, to create a new form of liquid ice water hash. Tincture Defined The Merriam Webster dictionary defines "tincture" as: “A tincture is typically an extract of plant or animal material dissolved in ethanol (ethyl alcohol)". Well then, Gem Guice tincture isn't your Great-Grand-Father's kind of cannabis tincture, that's for sure. Try ice water hash added to a syrup of fresh picked local fruit. It's just that simple, like a liquid hash. Such a thing didn't register to me at first and took a few explanations before things were clear. Before explaining anymore, let's take a look back at traditional cannabis tinctures to understand the premise of one using ice water hash. Tincture Time in America By the early 19th century, cannabis tinctures were an easy way to extract a more powerful liquid form of cannabis, which was intended to be taken sublingually, absorbed under the tongue. Cannabis tinctures are said to have been the most widely available preparation for Cannabis in America during the early 1900's, prior to prohibition. Cannabis Tinctures were being produced by a long list of pharmaceutical companies who remain in business today such as, Pfizer, Merck & co, Brystol-Meyers-Squibb, and many more. How nice of Big-Pharma to have profited enormously off cannabis tinctures prior to prohibition, before quickly finding new and deadly prescription pills to flood the nation with. But in the Cannabis Tincture hay-day, when cannabis tinctures could be bought and sold in every apothecary style of store or pharmacy, it was everywhere. Often manufacturers used custom in-house methods that all worked around the use of what can be considered the first chemically extracted, solvent-based methods of making tincture. After soaking raw cannabis material in ethyl alcohol for extended periods of time, the mixture is strained, squeezed through a cheesecloth to remove plant material and leave only a concentrated liquid behind. Most of the alcohol would eventually evaporate, but it was common for some alcohol to remain and create a cannabis tonic, as well as a tincture. While this method is still in use for herbs and essential oils today, it's much more appropriate for whole leaf herbs and spices, and not cannabis trichome collection. Solventless Tinctured Traditionally speaking, tinctures take cannabis material and soak it in ethyl alcohol for an extended period. The alcohol is intended to eventually evaporate, leaving behind a concentrated cannabis tincture. NO THANK YOU! We prefer to put our weed in water instead and leave the booze for the bar! With Space Gems edibles flying off the shelves, they have a whole new take on tinctures. Introducing the first Humboldt County sun-grown, solventless elixir of fresh-local fruit and ice-water hash. It's certainly a taste of Humboldt County cultivation, cannabis, hash, berries, and all. Prior techniques using alcohol solvents could only dream of the optimal quality ice water hash provides. As a tincture is both a product and a form of extraction, Space Gem Gem Guice Tincture refers merely to the "style" of a liquid product and not the method it was made. No alcohol is ever used in the making of Space Gem's "solventless tincture". Since the water hash is removed from cannabis prior, the hash is simply steeped in a syrup. Space Gem’s tincture begins with water hash and foregoes the alcohol. Since tinctures began with cannabis plant material, the alcohol acted as a solvent to dissolve trichomes from the plant for traditional tinctures. Here lie the roots of BHO history, but this isn't desirable when ice water hash consists of preserved trichomes, the same perfect trichomes alcohol dissolves. Instead the Ice Water Hash is infused into an elixir of freshly picked Blackberries from Humboldt County's own Small Fruits Farms. Using California's finest cannabis grown by Talking Trees Farms, Space Gem infuses a sweet and delicious syrup of fruit and water directly with ice water hash. Not only the best, but the best tasting liquid hash drink around. Did Someone Say Cannabinoids? The 600mg of THC contained in Gem Guice Solventless Tincture is only a fraction of the whole picture. Our understanding of how cannabis works has evolved quicker than the legislation governing it, as THC is almost the only thing labeling laws care to recognize. With over 200 cannabinoids contained within each trichome, there's clearly a whole lot more to be desired in solventless products. The cannabinoids other than THC, can make up a significant percent of the full cannabinoid profile present in the plant. If you read Space Blog Episode 2, you will understand the significance of cannabinoids and their interactions causing the Entourage Effect. While terpenes are huge in determining effects, the cannabinoids seem to be forgotten again. Thanks to the solventless model, an abundance of cannabinoids remain present and active in the Gem Guice Tincture like: CBG, CBN, CBD, THC-V, CBC, CBDV, and more. As solventless edible options start to infiltrate the market people will immediately realize how much was missing from their prior distillate product of choice. Later The more people understand the processes involved in making cannabis products, especially from chemical solvents, the more they realize the significantly improved model for solventless methods. They are distinctly different products in whats included or not. The days of these chemically altered and modified cannabis products are almost up, as people begin to understand the key concepts. Splash some of the new Gem Juice Solventless Tincture down and take a break from the worries of the weirdest world. 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Indux Labs Reflux Revealed & Reviewed

EDIT: Since writing this article @Zachharrisondesign dropped the #glowstick which has become my go-to insert.-12/12/20 Well, well, well. So, I've written several articles that thankfully, I did not publish about the Indux Labs Reflux. My opinions on this device have ranged more drastically than I could have drawn up. First, I'll just explain what the hell the thing is and how it works, which will answer a lot of misdirected questions, and hold most of my thoughts until after. The Reflux The Indux Labs Reflux is the first and only electromagnetic smoking apparatus, putting it in a class of its own. There is no other comparison, even in the mechanical function of the unit. The titanium rods or inserts heat-up independently of the glass or metal frame. It comes built to withstand WW3, so that's nice, especially right about now. This thing's seriously, solid aluminum plates bolted together into a classic desktop design. Commercial Build A heavy-duty commercial cord comes free from the back of the unit and attaches with a three-prong plug into the wall. On the back is the main power switch and probably a built-in surge protection. Once it's turned on there's the timer knob and the start/stop buttons to operate. You can turn the timer up to 100 seconds and press go! It runs almost silent, aside from the noise certain inserts can make spinning in the glass vial, but otherwise the machines operation is silent. Titanium Rods The Indux Labs Reflux comes with a bunch of titanium rods or inserts and with them, went my hopes and dreams of never using titanium to smoke with again. There are a ton of these titanium rods that come organized and labeled in individual plastic containers. You place whatever configuration of titanium rods inside a glass vial along with your precious hash, raising the first red flag. The vial, hash, and titanium rods are screwed back into the large round metal lid (Reactor) like below. Set-Up This big circular piece of aluminum seen above (the Reactor), sits partially inside and partially above the desktop unit itself. It's threaded underneath where the glass vials are screwed in. Once the small glass vial is screwed directly into the underside of the circular steel "Reactor," that's right, a silicone hose is attached directly above the glass vial. Didn't see silicone making a comeback did you? Me neither and another red flag in my initial evaluations. A titanium attachment comes as a mouthpiece and fits a 14mm female rig when inserted to the bottom of the glass fitting. I found it much easier however, to smoke it straight from the hose rather than connecting a glass rig or water-pipe. Airflow With everything ready to go, you insert the top half inside the desktop unit. You can see how it lines up above just before inserting. Looking inside the machine there's a thick coil the glass vial is inserted into the center of. The rest is just there to hold things steady, but with one hole and a silicone hose sucking air out of the glass vial, where does the air come in? Bingo! You're looking at it. One hole sucks air out of the glass vial and the smaller hole is where air comes in. You can see this is about as basic a set-up as it gets. You're sucking air into and out-of a two inch glass vial and the circular steel contraption just holds them in place. Some Spin The hole is flawlessly drilled however, and some of the titanium parts are made to spin inside. The two #terpedo sizes and a couple thicker inserts will spin. Most sizes of titanium rods require several at once. The lower temperature configurations call for 8 to 16 of the thinnest rods, leaving little room for any movement inside. My Reflux Run-Through (quick-start guide) All assembled with a fresh dab of hash rosin and one 5/32 sized titanium rod, I hit the on button and wait... and wait... and wait... until the device turns off. I immediately turn it back on for another 100 second cycle and just then can I take the first decent hits. I will usually get one good taster hit around the 100 second mark with minimal to no smoke and wait another 15 seconds before taking a second pull. I've learned to take tiny sips of air for a second or two during the initial 100 second cycle, but anything more throws the heat-up off entirely. About midway through the second 100 second cycle is when I can take several big back-to-back hits comparable to a dab-rig. I've dialed the 5/32 bit in as described and have used it this way ever since. Hard inhalation is necessary to cause the titanium rod to spin and evenly vaporize the rosin. Soft or normal strength hits aren't quite enough and until it's almost up to temperature the hash prevents the titanium heating element from wanting to spin. With some experience you get the feel for it. If you have the patience for a much longer heat-up, using numerous thin rods makes it easy to hit since the rods do not spin. Most of the titanium sizes require anywhere from 3 to 16 rods at once. I use the one or two sizes that are used alone. Temperature Fluctuation Since you are sucking air directly in and out of a two-inch glass vial, the temperature decrease can be massive. The Reflux timing can change depending on how you inhale with the same sized titanium. The good news is there's endless combinations to try with room for error. Different configurations can have less fluctuation between hits and the temperature reductions are only really noticeable as its still heating toward a usable temperature. Learning Curve With this much said, it brings us to everyone's concern of usability. To answer the first question, "what is the learning curve?", for me it was extreme and outrageous! I wasted a ton of hash that a very simple guide or write-up like this one would have saved me. Pretty shocking to think, not a single publication or website picked this one up, yet they remain sold-out and are paid for in advance. Full Transparency- I wasted enough good hash in the first two weeks to never want to touch this thing again. I'd completely given up and was writing about the Reflux as the latest stoner scam, but I had a nagging feeling there was more to it. I didn't think a minute long heat-up made sense (it doesn't really, but works)! I also spent hours trying each titanium rod size, unaware 8 to 12 rods are needed at once! I think it was @Wolverinedabs that rescued my Reflux from dissolution, long after I'd given up hope. With only a timer and an on/off button it's all about your technique meaning how long you wait before the first hit. Having found a size that makes sense, the 5/32, the 100 second heat up before inhaling is crucial. Now the learning curve is massively reduced! It Gets Me Higher! So It actually works and provides better hits than anything else around. Switching to the larger titanium rods helped me to figure it out. A huge selling point and the main reason I continued to use the Indux over my rig, is how much higher I get from the same jars of hash! There was a strong and noticeable difference in effect, enough to keep using it while I learned the ins and outs. "Do you really get like ten hits?" This is the most common question needing to be broken down. When I take a dab of rosin with a torch and quartz, I get at least two or three big hits. I usually hit it repeatedly for almost a full minute before my dabs are done. If you are dabbing at proper temperatures you should already be getting numerous large hits from each dab. I will say, I use slightly more hash for the Reflux than one normal dab, but It does make each dab last longer. Concept and Concern The Reflux has raised a lot of questions and unforeseen concerns. The titanium inserts can't spin or move, for that matter, until they heat up and the rosin melts. With the thinner rods heating slower than the 100 seconds it takes the 5/32 to smoke, you can imagine the inconsistent vaporization this can potentially cause. Loading dabs can be difficult and result in product not vaporizing if it isn't low enough in the vial. The Reflux raises a lot of questions that deal with vaporization temperatures and terpenes I'm sure to write on more. Cold Starts Rule The Cold start style wins. I've written before about the drawbacks of starting your dabs on hot quartz and vaporizing them as the quartz cools, like traditional dabs. Yet, I still prefer regular dabbing as cold-starts can be difficult to gauge. Dialed-in the Indux becomes the perfect cold-start tech. Running the 5/32 titanium rod in the Indux, it creates smoke by the 100 second mark and is too hot or at full temperature sometime in the third 100 second cycle. I haven't found another device or configuration that heats up fast enough to be satisfying, without burning hash quite like the Indux. I smoke to taste, but equally to get high. To Conclude The Reflux is intended for smoking high end concentrates and while I can run rosin through it successfully, it's not the device for my full melt hash. It is a fascinating idea and anyone who can afford the $1200.00 is getting something built to commercial standards that surprisingly, has a ton of adaptability and different styles of use. I hear it's great for the Sesh or customer sampling, which I can imagine. The concept has room for improvement or alteration as new heating elements are being designed, and different air-flow options are being explored. This makes the design adaptable and improvable over time without changing the base. This is what the Indux is: A genius new idea that needs a whole lot of engineering to perfect or it's on you to figure stuff out. With that said, it's functionally proficient in the meantime and provides some seriously tasty hits. I use two glass vials in rotation and the same size titanium rod for each rip. Once you find your settings it can be an awesome way to smoke, share, and taste all of the terps. I guess you could say it has become a necessary part of my daily smoking routine. The longer I've had it, the more I like it and aside from accidentally losing titanium rods, its fail-proof with broken atomizers becoming a thing of the past. #hashwriter #hashisacrime #hash #hashrosin #hashrosinbadder #hashrosinsauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #coldcure #jartech #cannabis #concentrates #induxlabs #indux #induxreflux #induxlabsreflux #cannabisconcentrates #hream #antisolventsolventlessclub #assc #humboldt #humboldtcannabis #sungrown #california #calibud #calicannabis #hashhash #tag #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow #growyourown

Gem Guice is Lit! (without the Hype)

Forget the terribly inaccurate portrayal of cannabis as codeine syrup, while recognizing the demand for easily consumable, safe, and solventless products. Enter Gem Guice. The first and only solventless drink enhancer available on California's recreational shelves. While the gummies come in a variety of flavors, the recent Gem Guice tincture is flavored with organic, locally grown fruit from @SmallFruitsFarm. Not only is the cannabis grown right here in Humboldt, but so are the fruits to flavor it! Talk about a hand-made product containing a ton of love. The people at Space Gem truly go all out to provide a consistently cared for product that continually surpasses expectations. Space Gem is the edible company for the California Cannabis market and anything else falls short. Just like the uniquely fruit flavored variety of Space Drops, the new Space Gem Gem Juice is Vegan, Organic, Solventless (of course), and made with the same all natural ingredients used in the gummies. Water, organic real sugar, (no high-fructose corn syrup), ice water Hash, organic coconut oil, citric acid, and fruit flavorings from Humboldt make up the jiggity-Gem-Guice. Gem Guice is a Cannabis infused beverage enhancer that can be added to almost anything or sipped straight from the bottle for fast relief. The High Times Cannabis Cup award winning brand uses solventless hash from Talking Trees Farm to infuse everything they make. The same sun-grown Humboldt hash that makes Space Drop Gummies so special, is used in the Gem Guice. As a local Humboldt County brand Space Gem is able to work with some incredible farms to source the freshest, finest, organic, sun-grown, cannabis thriving like no other place on earth. As the solventless edible originators, Space Gem is truly blessed by their farmers. Thanks to this amazing relationship with Talking Trees Farms, Space Gem infuses their products with premium ice water hash. Space Gem's Water hash is extracted from what is called whole-plant fresh frozen (WPFF) cannabis to provide the real full-spectrum effect. While others claim full spectrum and a host of random terms, their methods of chemical extraction deplete the vast majority of the products crucial components originally contained within the trichome glands. These crucial components originating within each and every trichome gland or "head," contain hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes missing from these other methods. Using ice and water to extract a high grade hashish product is the key to the extremely potent and powerful effects of each Space Drop and drip of their newest Gem Guice. With the concentrate world waking up to the solventless demands, grab your Space Gem's while you still can! Looking across the market there's a few other products using non-conventional techniques to infuse their products. Some are infusing their butter with cannabis directly rather than first extracting the trichomes into bubble hash. While this is preferred to all solvent or distillate edibles, it wouldn't go over so well in a gummy or syrup. It isn't easy to hide the taste and create a gummy from a plant. All the delicious, but almost useless gummies and candies on the market are made with pure THC distillates that are clear and have no taste. While these distillate extracts provide an extremely cost effective product, prices don't always reflect this. However, I do believe most if not all products have their place within the cannabis industry, so keep in mind my opinions on all cannabis products are positive. It's just a matter of putting things into perspective and understanding where they sit, or rank in their proper place. The use of ice water hash is unsurpassed among the concentrate industry and the same is true for quality edibles made from water hash. While other companies jump on the solventless bandwagon and try to infuse gummies with solventless hash, good luck! Space Gem spent the last seven years changing, altering, tweaking, and finally perfecting the art of pastry for the cannabis world. They were onto the water hash from the beginning. Solventless is the future and that revolution mentioned before? Yeah, it's in full-swing. The problem is many of these companies produce numerous products and set aside what is considered "food-grade" quality hash for the edible infusions. That's fine and dandy unless you actually want the same level of quality in your edibles that I hope you demand in your solventless hash. Space Gem's long running relationship with Talking Trees allows them to infuse their product with a premium ice water extract and not leftover scraps or trim run BHO. You will notice what's missing in other products after feeling the effects of the fast acting liquid Gem Guice, powered by water hash. And before all you hardcore types turn away there's a 600mg version available as a tincture too! Made by hand with blackberries picked from Small Fruits Farms! You can almost think of the Gem Juice as liquid hash, just don't try to dab it. A hand-made product from start to finish that is extracted from cannabis using only ice and water. Many have already seen the miracle and certainly felt it too, with Space Gem and their Space Drops in super-high demand. Grab the Space Drops and Gem Guice while you can! (COPY)

Let's Get Solventless Hash Consistencies Straight: A Quick-Start Guide to Hash

Storage tech and consumption of the best solventless hash needs a serious refresher course. With solventless hash finally starting to take off it's time to clarify a few things and get everybody on the same page. Here's the fundamental basics differentiating the variety of solventless or SHO products hitting the shelves and what to do with them. In order to never mention it again, flower rosin and bubble hash do still exist as other solventless options outside the process explained below. Bubble hash is washed from dried or cured cannabis rather than fresh-frozen cannabis and flower rosin is pressed directly from flowers, rather than extracting and pressing ice water hash into rosin. Flower rosin is the reason I usually avoid rosin badders, since it's easily mimicked by these older extraction techniques. Storage temperature for these products has little to no influence on the hash. Flower rosin aside, let's cover the key concepts in modern hash-making every consumer should understand. AND NOW, WE BEGIN Stage Numero Uno: ICE WATER HASH Everything begins with the hash. All consistencies of solventless rosin begin as an ice water hash extraction, making this the crucial first step for all live rosin processes to follow. Remember to let your jars of hash warm-up before opening to prevent condensation from forming! Frozen cannabis is mixed in water and ice allowing the trichome heads to gently break free from the plant. The water is then strained with mesh bags to remove and dry the isolated trichome heads before being sieved into a loose, sand-like texture. The hash will start to solidify or "grease" the moment it's removed from the freezer. It can be sold as ice water hash or undergo further refinements. Always keep ice water hash frozen between uses. Allow it to thaw completely before opening. Let your hash reach room temperature before dabbing and return it to the freezer after each use. Dried out or caked-up water hash has no remedy, which is why constant freezing is so important. Water hash can be dabbed like normal or pressed into Hash Flags as explained here. Water Hash needs to be dabbed cooler than any other extract at around 500 degrees F. Read more on dab temps here. Fresh-Press Live Rosin Taking the same ice water hash as seen above, it's packaged inside small mesh envelopes. These envelopes of hash are placed between heated metal plates that use immense pressure and minimal heat to squeeze the ice water hash into the highest-grade live rosin. This fresh-press rosin can be packaged and sold or undergo additional processes. This is the stuff that requires freezing or refrigeration to prevent it from buttering-up or drying out. Freezing rosin halts the process. While some fresh-press rosin increases in flavor while buttering, others lose their flavor just as fast. You will find a relative balance between refrigeration and the time spent at room temperature for each dab. The rosin will naturally butter or begin turning opaque and solidifying more with each use, or time out of the fridge. Always let your rosin warm up prior to dabbing. If your rosin was well cared for and remains translucent like below, it should be dense, but soft and gooey when warm enough to dab. You can taste a noticeable decline in terpenes once fresh-press dries out or cakes-up completely. For dry and buddered rosins there's no going back to the clear translucence it once was, but using the #baddertech shown here, will work wonders to revive dry-buttered rosin. Fresh-Press rosin is the most difficult consistency to achieve with the stability necessary. This is why so many producers elect to whip their fresh-press into a uniform badder. Fresh-Press Rosin in 3 Phases. Hash Rosin Badder Electing not to sell the fresh-press rosin, which requires constant refrigeration, the fresh-press rosin can be whipped into a stable badder consistency. Refrigeration isn't necessary. Producers use the cold-cure technique to finalize their rosin into an even and stable badder. Whipping, stirring, and changes in temperature help to turn fresh-press into a light colored rosin badder that can almost be white. As long as we are certain it is indeed hash rosin badder and not flower rosin disguised simply as "Rosin Badder", it can be some of the tastiest and most potent dabs around. While I say no to rosin badder from unknown producers, Papas Select, Rosin Tech Labs, and Frosty-fresh, Have-Hash are a few exceptions to this rule. These types of badder maintain their appearance and don't require the care or cold-storage that fresh-press demands. Refrigeration never hurts, especially for longer-term storage, but I prefer to leave my rosin badders at room temperature after opening a new jar. Hash Rosin Sauce (Persy Rosin sauce)(Jar-tech) Recently, Rosin Sauce has become a thing. These mimic the consistency of BHO live resin sugars, but remain solventless. These rosin sauces follow the same pattern of steps as outlined above before some final touches (jar-tech) turn soft rosin badder into a crystalline-like texture known as sauce. These rosin sauces come in a range of consistencies unique to the genetic. Some have large noticeable diamonds, while others remain an apple-sauce consistency. Regardless of consistency, rosin sauce is stable at any temperature and designed for on the go use. That said, cold-storage never hurts, but isn't needed. I leave rosin sauce at room temperature where it's always ready to be dabbed. To Summarize Different forms of rosin begin as a fresh-press rosin of warm, dripping, and clear trichome juices like the shot below. Brands can sell it as fresh-press rosin or whip, stir, heat, cool, and cure their fresh-press rosin to create all kinds of other textures and consistencies. Rosin badders and cold-cures are homogenized, meaning they come in an even and stable consistency and won't change. Only two solventless products, ice water hash and fresh-press rosin, rely on temperature to maintain their appearance during storage. Make sure to freeze your water hash and keep fresh-press below 45 degrees if you don't want them to butter . Each method has its advantages, and disadvantages, but fresh-press rosin is the true measuring stick for clarity, quality, and success. Best Dab Consistency Everyone always asks the best consistency to dab fresh-press rosin and the answer is all of them! Each cultivar is best at different stages in the buttering process. Sometimes rosin can have some distinct changes in flavor as it butters and quite often a cultivar will lack the nose until warming up. I always want to try rosin as fresh as can be and at different stages of buttering. 710Labs rosins are often bland until starting to butter, whereas @Papas_Select rosin smacks you in the mouth from the first clear-stringy dab. #hashwriter #hashisacrime #hash #hashrosin #hashrosinbadder #hashrosinsauce #rosinsauce #rosinbadder #coldcure #jartech #cannabis #concentrates #cannabisconcentrates #hream #antisolventsolventlessclub #assc #humboldt #humboldtcannabis #sungrown #california #calibud #calicannabis #hashhash #tag #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow #growyourown

Hash Edibles Have Arrived

Who's tired of mass-produced edibles infused with the same THC distillate used in cheap vaporizer cartridges? Gross! Or didn't anyone tell you those Khana gummies (and nearly every other edible brand) infuses their products with the exact same extract used in the cheapest low-grade vape-carts? Well it's true. Those vape-carts you may have heard about using "non-cannabis derived terpenes" for taste, well they're adding these "food-grade" terpenes to Distillate. The same single cannabinoid, devoid of all terpenes, has been masked as "medicinal" and stuffed into edibles for too long without consumers fully understanding the science. Lookout distillates, your run is done. There's a good reason seasoned smokers gravitate toward solventless hash and good cannabis flower. Everything else is processed with chemicals and lacks a natural profile of molecules. While some cannabis concentrates use hydrocarbon solvents like butane and can preserve some of the naturally occurring terpenes, this isn't what's being used for edibles. Edibles and vape carts take extraction to its scientific limit by distilling and isolating THC, meanwhile removing hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to the effect. Viewed in the correct light, distillates do provide an incredibly cost effective way to extract THC, but for the average consumer distillates are best avoided entirely. Especially with the epic breakthrough in solventless extraction and the multitude of products offering so much more. Infused with Premium ice water hash from Talking Trees Farms, Space Gem Space Drops and Gem Juice aren't the stock and standard distillate edibles that leave so much to be desired. Nor are they a crossover company trying to do it all and their attention to detail speaks volumes. Space Gem has spent the past seven years working to perfect the solventless, vegan edibles offered today. Experience the real and noticeable effects of 200+ potential cannabinoids and countless terpenes only found in ice water hash. Trust me when I say this: once you go solventless, there's no going back. The concentrate market has firmly grasped this, now it's time for edible consumers to do the same. It takes one Space Drop to realize what others have been missing all along. For the medicinal patient, it angers me that you have been led so far astray. With most edibles still made from distillate, their claims of Sativa and Indica, day-time or night-time, etc. are blasphemous. Aside from removing hundreds of cannabinoids and countless terpenes that could potentially cause these effects, there's more: "Cannabis flowers and sugar leaves aren’t just rich with psychoactive compounds. They also contain essential fatty acids in triglycerides that aid in the absorption of THC and other cannabinoids into the body, increasing their bio-availability and enabling their therapeutic effects." Distillation removes all of these fatty acids, plant lipids, and waxes. So aside from the complex array of cannabinoids and terpenes removed from distillates, even their ability to deliver THC into the body is highly flawed. Research as far back as 2016 found: “Oral co-administration of lipids enhanced the systemic exposure of rats to THC and CBD by 2.5-fold and 3-fold, respectively, compared to lipid-free formulations.” (University of Nottingham UK) Simply stated, cannabis edibles should contain fats to maximize their effectiveness. What better fats to use than the cannabis plant’s own fatty acids? This study showed THC exposure to increase 2.5 to 3 times when combined with fatty lipids, which are removed from distillates. Certain brands have keyed onto this by infusing their edibles with canna-butter instead of distillates and the science is now confirmed. The list of negative aspects surrounding distillates just keeps getting longer the more we know. Washed by hand from small-batch Humboldt County cannabis flowers, the full spectrum preservation of Space Gem edibles is sure to have an impression. Hell, the re-usable tins that Space Drops come in are worth their cost alone! As the OG's of ice water hash edibles, Space Gem has earned my support and willingness to write about both their product and their brand. I've waited for years to find solventless edibles and Space Gem is the first to bring quality solventless edibles to California's Recreational cannabis market. (COPY) #hash #hashedibles #spacegem #yoouareagem #icewaterhash #bubblehash #fullspectrum #distillates #dabs #cannabis #cbd #thc #solventless #icewaterweed #natural #vegan #organic #handmade #handcrafted #humboldt #humboldtcounty #spacegem #hash #rosin #420 #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #edibles #solventless #SHO #glutenfree #ganja #veganedibles #cannabisedibles #spacedrops #thc #humboldtcountycannabis #cannabis #herb #ganja #hashwriter #hashisacrime #hashlane #hashonomics #Gonzo #gonzojournalism #HST #KV

Focus V Carta E-Rig Smashes: A Real Rig for Real Hash Smokers and Beginners Alike

While today's cannabis extracts are evolving quickly, SHO is running away with the... SHOw. Never have we been able to preserve entire trichome heads, instead using harsh chemical solvents like butane to dissolve trichome heads, before purging the butane to extract THC. Now using just ice and water to extract, today’s hash represents the purest possible expression of each cannabis cultivar, and the highest quality product across the industry. By preserving the whole trichome head, ice water hash can be dabbed or pressed into rosin, but for many people busting out a blowtorch isn’t exactly ideal. Thankfully, the Carta is the perfect rig for everyone regardless of experience, to easily and conveniently enjoy the Solventless Experience. For a third less than other devices, the Carta by Focus V delivers a powerful product suitable for solventless extracts. While good-American quartz and a torch remain king (with a Terpometer), the Carta gives you the freedom to dab outdoors and on the go. For years I’ve been tied to my desk or coffee table when smoking hash with all the little tools necessary for consistently great dabs. The idea of bringing a torch, quartz, a glass rig, a carb. cap, a dab tool, and q-tips outside of home is unthinkable. With the Carta, you can load one small hit of hash rosin, put it in the carrying bag that comes with it and know you’re set wherever you go. A nice dab of hash rosin just 6-clicks away. Plus, it’s getting far more use than originally expected, providing the convenience I’m often looking for. Don’t Usually Dab? For anyone who missed dabbing during the BHO decade, but are drawn to ice water hash and rosin, the Carta is the go-to device. Using the Carta makes dabbing water hash and rosin as easy as loading wax into a pen, yet the Carta provides so much more. From the water filtration, to the atomizer and quartz insert, the Carta is a vastly improved experience compared to prior electronic devices that destroy solventless dabs. Tech While previous pens used red hot coils to vaporize butane hash, these coils destroy solventless extracts. The ceramic cartridge pen eliminates direct contact between your hash and red-hot coils and was an improvement, but still a meager experience considering the possibilities. Combining nearly a decade of research and design, the Carta utilizes the best elements and technologies to deliver the perfect electronic dab rig at the right price. Plus, you get everything necessary without needing to purchase all sorts of accessories. It’s ready to go right out of the box. Set-up Everlast Atomizer The Carta comes with the Everlast atomizer that’s built to last. The atomizer attaches to the Carta base but should be fully assembled first. Use the quartz insert for solventless dabs. It sits directly inside the atomizer base and the ceramic top with rubber sleeve screws on top. The reverse threading of the ceramic top piece prevents over tightening the atomizer and will unscrew right as the atomizer is sufficiently tight into the base. There’s a sweet spot when the atomizer base and ceramic top piece are sufficiently tight, just before the top piece begins to unscrew. Glass and Water The Carta’s no-spill design provides the same level of filtration as any solid dab rig. Remove the glass attachment before filling it with water to prevent damage to the electrical base. Keep the water level low at no more than an inch or two deep. Reattach the glass with the small hole on the bottom facing toward the atomizer. Attach the carb cap and rubber leash and you’re ready to rock! Dab Time Once everything is attached, preload your dab into the Carta’s insert. Five clicks will turn the Carta on. Once it flashes on, press the button again when you’re ready to dab and it will cycle through temperature presets. Each click will cycle through one of four preset temperatures and automatically turn on at the preset chosen. I recommend starting at the first preset for ice water hash and the second preset for rosin. Once the Carta vibrates and flashes green, it's ready to hit. I usually run it for two cycles with each dab. You will begin to get a feel for it and dial things in to your exact liking. Here’s Some Tips Try to apply your dab to the bottom of the insert and not on the walls. This is often the trickiest part and you will notice the walls do not get as warm. Before the first use or when your Carta is cold, let it run one cycle on the lowest preset. This warms the insert some and makes it easier to then apply the dab. Hit the Carta lightly! Inhaling too hard causes the hash to spill out of the insert and down into the atomizer. Long, steady pulls work best, so save your breath early for a good 30 second dab. Immediately Q-Tip the insert after each use. The Carta comes with some alcohol wipes that are useful for cleaning the ceramic top and carb cap. Keep it clean! Q-tips and alcohol will help keep everything running smoothly. For thicker and heavier smoke, the third preset works, but remember to keep hitting it and removing the cap between your hits to prevent it from becoming too hot and burning up your valuable terps. Lose the Carts While pre-filled cartridges used to make do they are an inferior product to today’s solventless methods and do not contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The use of CO2 and the distillation process isolates THC but removes up to two hundred other cannabinoids only found in cannabis flower and ice water hash. It’s beyond time to ditch the pens, prefills, and all other distillate products for modern hash using the Carta by Focus V. A Real Rig for when you need it most For the cost of a good American quartz banger, you can have an entire E-rig without the need for torches and butane. The often intimidating and unsightly blow torch is removed from the equation. The Carta heats up in a matter of seconds, delivering even temperatures that will ensure successful dabs even for the brand-new user. And for all those still rocking the torch like myself, the Carta is a luxury to have around. I've found that the Carta gets a lot more use than I’d have ever assumed. I honestly should have bought one years sooner.

My Temporary Break-Up with 710 Labs

This one isn’t easy but is long overdue. It’s difficult to state how much 710 Labs has meant to me and cannabis in general the last few years. Maybe the very reason I love them so much is because their marketing is so damn good (Hence the same reason I hate them). If you had told me hey, "we’re making a hash company and it will market itself. Thousands of kids all over the country (and the world for that matter), will be hurriedly off to purchase our product at twice the normal cost of concentrates and then market it for us across Instagram. Thousands will fill IG with our product and content for us to re-post, with our account basically growing itself. With our insane media presence and a few loopholes in CA law, we will be big enough to sell direct to the consumer. We will cater to celebrities with monthly or bi-weekly home deliveries to only those who we choose," I’d have said, goodnight. If it weren't for the revolutionary products of 710 Labs and my love of their cannabis, I probably wouldn't care like I do when things go poorly. For all the hype I hear, this company has never been anything but a mile ahead of the competition and anyone claiming it's all hype must be buying their BHO, or is yet to understand solventless extraction replacing chemical extraction with a process so superior, it leaves almost nothing to compare. Time and time again over the last three years they have delivered. Even when I expected shit to go south, thought the quality would decline, or thought they "sold-out" (whatever that means), they quickly proved otherwise and retained my full support. That is shocking from any company in any industry to do. I cannot stress enough how revolutionary 710 Labs has been and continues to be for the cannabis community. This is also why it has been easy to overlook some of the little things, without another option in sight. Cracks… The crack began with the pandemic, arguably a tough time for all and one we are still neck deep in. Cannabis sales sky-rocketed with unemployment benefits for everyone and an additional $600 dollars per week! Every cannabis company started to take off during a pandemic, leaving some producers I’ve spoken with feeling some guilt for their good fortune. With the whole country dying, people decided to look around and stop ignoring the constant and daily reminders that an armed force stands among us, terrorizing huge segments of American citizens. However, 710 did their loyal deed by attesting to the riots as any patriotic American would and recognizing the importance of protest (even when small fractions loot and riot) as fundamental to preserving whatever liberties and freedoms we have left. This, despite serious damage done to their Oakland facility. Seemed like a good time to start saving and slowing down on my hash consumption, but 710 Labs assured me things were cool and even celebrated the event (more genius marketing) by releasing “The Loot” and some other flavors left behind. The Coveted (but public) LIST They seemed to not miss a beat to be perfectly honest, until I heard the coveted List was open to the public. Seemed like a diligent way to show their appreciation to the 710 community by allowing anyone within Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego to get a drop. At the same time, I wondered how those already on The List would feel about it. I’m not sure if the List wasn’t selling out all the way and needed the public support, or if they did it out of the goodness of their hearts, but when semi-personalized email invites kept coming with passwords to order, their word began to not line up. So, for years they flaunted an insider’s List, one that requires an email with a password, that is no longer what it appears to be. I wondered when they would close the list to members only, but it never happened. Having collected as many phone numbers (hashline, text-drops) and email addresses as possible in the months prior to the List going public, anyone who has any interest whatsoever would receive passwords. They showed their hand. Early 2018 Drops Let’s go back in time to see how it started. A friend gave me word that 710 Labs was expanding to California and it seemed just that quick their product was hitting shelves. For their first 6 months to a year or more, 710 Labs would drop at a couple dispensaries in each town. Problem was, they never came back. It was almost a guarantee back then, if you had 710 Labs in your store you probably wouldn’t again. Maybe it was their way of feeling out the dispensaries and seeing who they liked and who to avoid, however if that’s the case they did a very poor job. I can’t tell you how many dispensaries selling 710 Labs hadn’t the slightest clue about the product, that is, if they even bothered to inform their workers that the products on the shelf. Despite dispensary outreach, training, and bud-tender tutorials, it absolutely did not show. For this and many other issues consumers are running into, it is a failure of the dispensary to not explain each and every product to their bud-tenders. Restaurants communicate the menu, the specials, what's new, and what's 86-ed (sold out) at the beginning of every night to their wait-staff. Dispensaries need to adopt this practice fast! No, this was a genius way to drop their unrivaled products and bounce without a trace. As quick as real cannabis hash entered your life, boom it was gone, leaving everyone who had a taste literally hunting (@huntinghash) for more. Throughout the whole state of CA, I watched as the same towns would get the next drop, but always different stores. Seems they had made it a point not to drop at the same place twice. From the very beginning of 2018, almost no one carried 710 Labs, yet everyone had begun to hear their name. This was around the start of 2018 when drops were shown on IG. Finally, a few stores started to become regulars and it was finally possible to locate, purchase, and consume hash the way it’s supposed to be. The gap in knowledge was so wide, I felt it a necessity to begin sharing everything I knew and everything I learned about solventless hash. Anyone smoking those early jars of Live Rosin could see what was coming… The Solventless Revolution of course! Me, the ultra-critical consumer could find nothing bad about these hash gods. They have stayed on top longer than I expected and continue to produce phenomenal quality hash. That is, when they aren’t too busy making $500-dollar neutral-pastel faded sweatpants and three-quarter sleeve crew necks. The merchandise is great, but great when free. This is the kind of stuff they used to hand out in dispensaries after you spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the hash. Whatever happened to the Hash company, that grows for hash, and only sells hash in order to keep #qualityovereverything? It’s bad enough seeing the amount of BHO 710 Labs released the last year or so, and the Vape Cart pods are no exception. I’m yet to buy 710 Labs cartridges, but I also wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Anyone selling BHO is profiting hand over fist, so despite the occasional batch of BHO badder for the phenotype that refuses to produce solventless hash, the rest is motivated by profit margins. The margin for profit is exponentially greater using chemical solvents to blast cannabis into the genetically-modified, profile-altered, reintroduced terpene products we have all consumed the last ten or so years. Bad Hair Day Had the looting of their facility really hurt, we would understand! After months of their admittedly bad hair problem, I found that no one had reached out to make things right. At least ten grams of my live rosin contained some sort of hair or these small black synthetic-looking fibers that my followers were quick to point out. After some brief dealings with 710 Labs before the pandemic, I was in no mood to pursue replacements. I’m not the kind of person who comes bitching for free stuff, but after seeing others have their hash replaced, it seemed only right to ask again. I’d defended 710 Labs for months, assuming the hair was from my own dab tool or the like. I even thought maybe it was burnt cotton from q-tips, plant pistils, rosin bag strings, or debris from the new lids. Then I started to see it in nearly all of my grams and half my photos couldn’t be posted. I’d sent two or three emails and had gotten nowhere. They wanted receipts I didn’t have. That’s why I hit their DM’s hoping someone would look out and make things right, however they saw fit. I had asked that two or three grams be replaced and I would be happy. Aside from the hair, it was still incredible rosin that only two or three other companies can even compete with. I expected to be treated with some decency after showing so much support and understanding, but instead got lost in their bureaucratic bullshit over their own mistakes. Getting Touchy Eh? I made a comment somewhere that caused 710 Labs to finally reach out. It led to an all-day back and forth on I.G. DM’s trying to figure out the hold-up in service. Granted, I emailed the 710 Help rather than C.S. email I was unaware of, but had done the same last year with success. Anyone could have done the right thing and CC’d any of my three emails, or my DM's to the correct department. Several hours and DM’s later, they were still trying to see what went wrong, why there was a delay in service, or who messed up on their end, all the while being made to feel like I messed up. I was blamed for the delay after requesting to see my emails, open them, send screen shots etc., and then asked to send a fourth email so that “all 10 of my grams could be replaced.” That was three days ago, I still have not sent that email. Tattoo You! Let’s try this one on: Get a tattoo club and you receive 20% off for life, until about 15 people got the tattoo and 710 Labs’ lawyers said pull the plug. Understandable, as I was shocked they offered it to begin with knowing it was bound to cause problems, but talk about your word becoming garbage real fast. Too bad the kid was a total asshole or that might have sealed their fate for me. I honestly felt horrible for the poor kid who got the tattoo and received no love. Apparently, those with the ink are grandfathered in, but the whole ordeal just left a bad taste in my mouth seeing them go back on their word. Blocked This was right around the time their prickly sales crew started looking me up, not giving me credit, but wanting to see my #baddertech I assume. I was approached by this smug and disrespectful kid asking why I had their southern California Sales manager blocked. I wasn’t given a reason for why; I wasn’t even given a name. I informed him they weren’t blocked, but if he told me the name I would check, to which no answer came. Days later I asked why their sales manager was looking for my account in the first place and told: “You said you wanted to get to know us” and then he blocked me the next day. Instagram is weird. Hair Hash I wasn’t taken care of. They asked to see emails, open them up, look for their employees’ faults or failure to pass the word along, all the while failing to pass the word along. After hours of this, I was blamed for not sending a 4th total email and instructed to do so. I keep forgetting it was me that fucked up, like it was my fault. Like I’m supposed to go through the work to fix something that should never happen. Sorry 710 Labs for you having hair in your hash and me being a huge inconvenience to the company because that’s exactly how you made me feel. And I know they have made tons of others feel the same way, which is hard not to do when you’re on top. We shouldn't have even had to ask. This was a fuck-up across the board. Rather than forwarding the word along for me at any point of this two month process, they bickered about logistics. OUT-Sourced Tonight, as I was relieved and excited by some super quality tier 3 live rosin that just dropped, something caught my eye. The jars changed again and its probably the only reason I decided to take a closer look. A small sticker on one side says, “Cultivated by Valley Grove”. Outsourced from Valley Grove. The company all about single-source, the company that will only outsource or collaborate if it’s sold as a tier four, the company that didn’t take too much damage from the looting and would roll right along like it never happened, tried to sneak one by. Again, I feel deceived. I feel lied to. Had I not brought the question up I'm guessing it wouldn't have been mentioned. Had they come out and said, "Hey we were hit hard and are going to need others to help cultivate in order to meet the demand," I wouldn’t have blinked an eye. I would have said cool. Instead, now I’ve said all this. One More Chance... I never was good at breaking up regardless of the situation. I'm forgiving and reasonable and I think we can work things out. With competition rising and solventless companies coming out of the wood-work new options will appear. I don't love brands and I don't love companies, but I do love when they put out the highest quality hash. For years that company was 710 Labs and nobody else was even close, but I hope if nothing else, you hear what loyal fans and long-time consumers are saying. This Valley Grove Papaya X Layla is phenomenal. Is it sun grown? Hmmm.... Sun Grown Hash looks like the future...

Space Blog Episode 4: Binary Defying Space Drops [Sweet, Sour, and 1:1 CBD]

Despite the complexities of life everything from prior gender roles (male or female), to our political system (Republican or Democrat), to our prior understanding of Cannabis (sativa or indica) hinges on binaries... Either or. Up or down. Left or right, but without any room in the middle. If only life were that simple, but speaking at least for cannabis (gender roles and political parties too): IT IS NOT! Rather than shopping for cannabis products based on these outdated modes of prohibition rhetoric, its time we reach a deeper understanding of the cannabis we consume. Sativa or Indica? Science Says No While science has debunked the genetically unidentifiable myth of sativa or indica years ago, it remains a top concern to almost every retail consumer. It's really no wonder when these terms are blasted across packaging almost forcing their existence. Luckily, some brands have now gone as far as to issue gag-orders against the words. For all of modern cannabis, original "land-race" varieties have been bred and crossed leaving a hybridized genetic for almost every variety available today. Scientists cannot detect or distinguish indica or sativa genetics and the terms should have faded right then and there. Unable to scientifically distinguish a sativa or indica through regulated lab testing, it would be nothing short of false-marketing to claim a product is one or the other. As the solventless edible pioneer's, Space Gem foregoes these highly questionable marketing trends of labeling their Space Drops sativa or indica and instead offers their ice water hash edibles in Sour, Sweet, and a 1:1 CBD version. But, if science isn't your "thing," there are still more than enough reasons to forget the words sativa and indica when shopping for any retail cannabis product. Don't Be Fooled These terms sativa and indica have become the lingo of corporate marketing and manipulation every cannabis consumer should fear. Using the terminology sativa or indica to describe the effect or high produced, rather than the genetic itself, becomes another binary assumption doing no justice to the intricate variances of cannabis' potential effects. There is a whole lot of middle ground besides couch-lock and high energy, the two opposite effects usually associated with indicas and sativas. It's really become a lazy way to generalize a product without an honest take. The high is much more nuanced than our earlier understanding allows. Most modern cannabis varieties are well-rounded in the effects they produce. This is the idea behind crossing different genetic varieties after all, as you want the best of what each genetic has to offer. That is what Space Gem provides from single-source, sun-grown, Humboldt County cannabis. We have also seen the opposite effect from a strain labeled sativa or indica too many times to take the words seriously anymore. Proving the subjective and individual experience cannabis causes, to assume and label products sativa or indica can be equally misleading. Don't let indica or sativa labels steer you away from trying certain strains and products as the effects are so subjective and open to interpretation that you just might find a new favorite. The Usual Distillates Most of the industry's edible products and vape cartridges are made from the same THC distillate.These distillates are devoid of the terpenes and cannabinoids, which when present lead to the the Entourage Effect and dictate the high. Edibles made from cannabis distillate, are stripped clean of terpenes and hundreds of cannabinoids that are only present in solventless edibles like ice water hash. For most of the edible and vape products, they all contain the same THC distillate that lacks the terpenes and cannabinoids that would cause either an upward (sativa) or downward (indica) kind of high. You get the shell of a high missing all the best substance. It's become a pretty bad joke, using the cannabis communities own terminology to manipulate the unaware consumer. This misleading rhetoric blasted across the cannabis industry does not benefit customers in anyway. Weed itself is no longer good enough unless you have 50 different kinds to choose from and never get to try them all. And yet, somehow with tens of thousands of different cannabis varieties, they are all supposed to fit neatly into two specific categories of effect? I think not. COPY #sativa #indica #sweet #sour #cbd #strain #buyersguide #solventless #hasheducation# hashwriter #hream #strains #phenotypes #hash #rosin #solventless #cannabis #hashwriter #mothership #KV #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #ogsmakebetterog #hashlane #terps #society #cannabiscures #medicalcannabis #love #community #joint #cannabisgrow #terpenes

Space Blog Episode 3: Ice Water Hash Explained

The exciting evolution of modern ice water hash has put new life into cannabis. For many life-long consumers who were turned off by the use of chemical solvents to process extracts from cannabis, the tides have turned. Ice Water Hash is changing everything cannabis related and the simplicity of ice and water extractions is truly astonishing. In theory, it's as simple as filtering cannabis trichomes that break free from the plant while submerged in water and ice. By combining the oldest hash making strategies with modern advances, solventless extraction, (a.k.a. ice water hash) is the epitome of quality in the cannabis community. There's a saying among the concentrate and dabbing community that goes something like "fire in, fire out." This means that solventless hash is only as good as the flower it is extracted from. For edibles, a product is only as good as the extract it is made from. With ice water hash dominating the concentrate industry, the method of extraction means everything to cannabis edibles. Aside from being vegan, organic, and absolutely delicious, Space Gem products are always made from single-source, 100% solventless, ice-water hash. Sifting and Straining Previous generations have used solventless extraction techniques to make hashish for thousands of years. Some older techniques forego the use of water and instead dry sift to filter cannabis through increasingly finer metal screens. Simple agitation like shaking cannabis buds on metal or mesh screens, allows the trichomes to break free from the plant and be collected underneath. Original Bubble Hash The 1960's and 70's introduced bubble-hash to American's utilizing the same basic concepts of solventless water filtration that are being used today. While solventless forms of hashish were standard for decades, the use of ice and water was an effective and more efficient technique than dry-sifting the plants or flowers alone. This kind of dark brown bubble-hash that Baby Boomers are privy to, uses the exact processes we are again using to make ice-water hash. Cannabis has improved so much over the years of medicinal and recreational use that bubble hash was bound to improve. The only difference in technique from the 60's and 70's bubble hash to today's ice water hash, has to do with how we harvest the crop and the methods used to dry the hash. Fresh-Frozen Harvests For so long we attempted different forms of extraction and all kinds of chemical solvents, meanwhile overlooking how we harvest the plant. Rather than allowing cannabis to dry out and lose many of its valuable terpenes, cannabis is now flash-frozen immediately upon harvest. Freezing the plants at harvest has proven to have a wealth of benefits for both chemical extraction and solventless techniques. Freezing the crop makes it easier to extract and isolate cannabis trichome heads that break free from the plant in water. This Fresh-Frozen method also delivers a product vastly superior in its terpene and cannabinoid profiles, since it preserves them at their peak state of ripeness. Right off the plant flavor and love. No other extraction technique delivers a full-spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids that contribute directly to the Entourage Effect, like Ice-Water Hash infused products. For those that missed our article, the Entourage Effect is when cannabis is most effective, propelled along by a variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes working in unison to determine the quality of effect. Ice Water Hash Once frozen, the cannabis plants are put in a mesh bag and submerged in a bucket of Ice and water. The cannabis, ice, and water are manually stirred for a bit, before the bulk of cannabis material is removed. What remains suspended in water are whole trichome heads. The agitation under water causes the frozen trichome heads (as seen below) to snap-free from their stems. Any trichome stems that do break off the plant are filtered out, along with any remaining plant material until the only thing left is round trichome heads like those pictured below. Freezing the cannabis first allows these round trichome heads to break free from the stems they sit on. Being non-water soluble (meaning they won't dissolve) the cannabis trichomes are suspended in water until being poured through mesh screens to filter them out. Numerous mesh screens or "bubble-bags" as they are commonly known, are stacked within a bucket in descending sizes, which the trichome rich water is then poured through. Large debris, any plant material, and even the trichome stems are caught and filtered by the first few mesh screens, while the finer screens below capture entire trichome heads. As each mesh bag is removed, the quality of hash underneath improves. Once the material is rinsed, each mesh screen will contain trichome heads that are scraped or spooned off (as pictured below) and set aside to dry. Once the hash is spooned onto trays, modern methods of sublimation help to quickly remove water from the hash without the use of heat. Once the hash dries and hardens, it is shaken in a regular kitchen sieve, like a fine strainer, to create the look of loose white sand. This sand-looking material is tens of thousands of individual trichome heads, like those in the jar of ice water hash below: The mesh screens or "bubble-bags" used to filter trichomes from the water, have micron counts, referring to the number of holes per one square inch. Higher number microns will contain smaller trichome heads, while lower number micron screens will contain the bigger and juicier trichome heads. Producers differ in how they elect to sell their ice water hash products, with some brands selling hash in different micron counts. Space Gem uses only the premium material captured between the 50 to 150-micron range. This provides the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available to consumers anywhere on the edible market. Ice-water extraction techniques have all but perfected the process to not only extract the cannabinoids and terpenes without using harsh chemical solvents, but it also maintains the correct ratios of terpenes and cannabinoids as the plant determines. Solvent-based chemical extractions immediately tear down these trichome heads to remove certain cannabinoids like THC and CBD, thereby altering genetic profiles and greatly reducing any Entourage Effects. Ice water hash respects genetics, removing, isolating, and preserving the whole trichome head that contains over 200 different cannabinoids and countless terpenes. There's truly no better way to experience cannabis and its full psychoactive effects than by consuming only solventless products that are extracted with water and ice. Space Gem products are made from single-sourced, sun-grown, Humboldt County Love. Talk about a hand-made process and product that keeps its consumers first. COPY #spacegems #vegan #organic #maycausemiracles #cautionmaycausemiracles #icewaterhash #sixstar #gemjuice #youareagem #blastofftime #Gemdrops #cananbis #hash #icehash #6star #icewaterhash #solventless #cannabis #extracts #concentrates #wax #sauce #dabbing #edibles #spacegem #hashwriter #hream #cannabishashish #hashish #edibles

Space Blog Episode 2: The Entourage Effect, Bring a Bud(dy)!

There has been a good deal of talk thrown around about the Entourage Effect lately and we decided to tackle it head on. No Fluff, just some facts. Okay, maybe a little fluff... In our last post we discussed how Ice Water Hash contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, while cannabis products made using distillates contain only one or two specific cannabinoids: THC and/or CBD. Ignore all the terpenes missing from distillate products, as they contain only two of nearly two hundred cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It's about time we started tapping into those other 198 cannabinoids (and still counting) through the simplicity of products made from ice-water hash. To understand the true recreational and medicinal value of our ice-water hash infused products we need to cover: The Entourage Effect. Better Together Just as we are better together and among our family and friends, so are cannabinoids and terpenes. Even when discussing CBD applications for medical reasons, research has shown CBD to be increasingly beneficial when used in combination with THC and all the other cannabinoids we hear so little about. This is why you will often see cannabis products containing some amount of THC and CBD in medicinal products. The THC:CBD content is often sold as 20:1,10:1, or 1:1 ratio products. That's fine and dandy, however the other 200-some cannabinoids and all the terpenes are forgotten, despite playing a crucial role in determining a products efficacy. These ratios are made by mixing a THC distillate and CBD distillate, but removes all other terpenes. When all the cannabinoids and terpenes are present in a cannabis extract, (something ONLY Ice-Water Hash achieves), it leads to what researcher's titled The Entourage Effect, or what we sometimes call, a miracle. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) To understand the Entourage Effect, the human Endocannabinoid System or ECS is our answer. The ECS was discovered by Allyn Howlet and William Devane in 1988, showing how cannabis compounds interact with receptor sites in the body and brain. These receptors, known as cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, turned out to be the most abundant of all our neurotransmitter receptor sites. Researchers were able to prove that THC, along with nearly 200 (and counting) other cannabinoids, bind and activate these cannabinoid receptor sites. Discovering the receptor sites helped researchers find naturally occurring neurotransmitters, now known as endocannabinoids. Numerous naturally occurring endocannabinoids bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites located throughout the body and brain. The Endocannabinoid System Continued research found an unknown molecular signaling system that regulates biological functions. This system became known as the Endocannabinoid System or ECS, and is activated by a broad range of naturally occurring endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. Yes, you read that right! We produce endocannabinoids similar to cannabis . Under stressed conditions, the body's natural production of endocannabinoids interact with these CB1 and CB2 receptor sites, helping regulate our internal well-being. The Entourage Effect The Endocannabinoid system is proven to be activated by a range of cannabinoids that produce varied effects. Increasing one cannabinoid such as THC for example, makes very little difference, while the presence and combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes (most of which are destroyed during chemical extractions) activate cannabinoid receptors to distinguish the quality and effects of the high. This combination of terpenes and cannabinoids work in unison with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids causing The Entourage Effect (a freaking miracle). Full Spectrum This term full spectrum has been thrown around so much that it's hard to tell what spectrum, or ratio, or profile we're talking about anymore. Full-Spectrum normally would mean that all the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the cannabis flower remain present in the final product. By extracting whole trichome heads, only ice-water hash products can contain anything close to the entire profile or spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. Therefore, we wouldn't make Space Gem products from anything but ice-water hash. Using Ice and water to extract, a natural ratio and proportion of terpenes are undisturbed by harsh chemical solvents. Our Space Gem Spacedrops and Gem Juice provide a complex array of terpenes and cannabinoids all rolled up in delicious, all-natural, vegan, and chemically unaltered products that just may cause miracles. Are They Really? Many products claiming to be full spectrum have simply reintroduced or recombined terpenes that were removed during the chemical extraction and distillation process. Any product claiming full spectrum profiles that are made from a distillate, are not a full spectrum product. Much like the booming wellness industry, terminology is used at will and marketing material is loosely based on facts, without regulation, standards, or means of testing most of the claims. This is the biggest reason ice-water hash and infused products are the safest, cleanest, and medicinally beneficial form of cannabis extraction available today. Playing God Distillation and other chemical extraction techniques are forced to “play god” so-to-speak, when reintroducing extracted molecules back into the final product. Or, worse yet, adding non-cannabis derived (food-grade) terpenes back into THC distillates. Distillation creates this kind of guessing game, where Mother Nature’s intended profiles (amounts of each cannabinoid and each terpene) are altered, removed, sometimes reintroduced, but always depleted during distillation. Without an Entourage Having already removed hundreds of cannabinoids to isolate the THC molecule, these THC Distillate products go against our current understanding of how and why cannabis works. They ignore our understanding of the Entourage Effect, thereby sacrificing quality exponentially in exchange for profit. The edible market is almost entirely made from distillates, where they don't even bother to reintroduce the terpenes. When it comes to edibles, distillate has defined the industry for nearly a decade already, despite our continually evolving understanding of how and why cannabis works. With so many unknowns still in the cannabis industry, the only sure-fire strategy left is to consume solventless, ice water hash products like those from Space Gem. This is the only way to ensure an experience that rivals the value of cannabis flower consumption. Rest assured, that the few companies producing solventless products and ice-water hash have their priorities straight. Space Gem edibles always puts the consumer first. How couldn't we? You Are A Gem! COPY #spacegems #blastoff #hash #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #hashlane #solventless #hashrosin #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #YouareaGem #Glutenfree #vegan #organic #icehash #icewaterhash #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow

Space Blog Episode 1: A Solventless Revolution

Well, the word in Cannabis for 2020 has surely been hash. A full-circle evolution back to where it all started in the 1960’s, washing water hash from cannabis plants by hand. Baby-Boomers will recall the bubble-hash from decades past, but will hardly recognize today's top tier hash products. Envision the dark brown or black bubble hash of the sixties, seventies, and beyond and you will understand what a three to four-star quality hash product looks like. Today's hash nearly perfected the ancient techniques of sifting and straining cannabis plants to deliver the purest-natural expression available today. The Solventless Revolution To the attentive cannabis enthusiast, the recent changes in extraction techniques, from using chemical solvents (BHO) to solventless extractions (SHO), marked a revolutionary moment in the evolution of cannabis. Not since chemical extractions first hit the scene around 2010, has a method been so revolutionary across the industry. Yet, unless you are an avid “dabber” of cannabis concentrates, the Solventless Revolution may appear to have little bearing on you and your products of choice. However, we wouldn't be calling it a revolutionary technique unless ice water hash was poised to change far more than the dabbing world alone. And that's just what Space Gem is poised to do: Change everything you thought an edible could be. With solventless productions moving full steam ahead in the extract and concentrate space, Space Gem is at the forefront of California's edible market, having made the industry defining turn toward solventless hash infused edibles. The benefits are insurmountable, and the quality ice water extraction provides is unmatched, unrivaled, and set to dominate every aspect of the industry in the years to come. From edibles to medicinal products and eventually even vaporizer cartridges (so we hope!), everything will be made without chemical solvents. With only a few companies state-wide providing solventless products, Space Gem has you covered. It’s time to turn away from products made using chemical solvents and get ready to elevate your being. Did I mention they're also Vegan? Don't "Dab"? Doesn't matter! Many consumers that do not "dab" or consume concentrates believe cannabis extracts do not affect them. What they don't realize is that every product on retail shelves aside from whole cannabis flowers, uses some method to extract the psychoactive and therapeutic ingredients from cannabis. Granted, you could always grind up a bunch of dried buds and mix it in your brownie batter, but we can do better. Say No to Distillates For the last decade, most edibles and especially gummy products, were made with a THC distillate. These distillates are used to infuse edibles, especially gummies and candy, topical products, pills, patches and vaporizer cartridges. These products use harsh chemical solvents such as Butane, Propane, Hexane, and CO2, to extract very specific cannabinoids from the plant. After a crude oil is extracted with these chemical solvents, further distillation (a process not unique to cannabis) isolates either the THC or CBD molecules. Don't take our word for it, here's what WeedMap's has to say about distillates: "Distillate is a cannabis extract in which the final product has been systematically stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid. Distillate is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges". This one specific cannabinoid refers to either THC or CBD. THC is a tasteless, odorless, cannabinoid that was once believed to be solely responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive effects, however we have known for years this isn't the case. Cannabis’ effects are caused and created by a range of different cannabinoids and terpenes, not just THC or CBD. While distillation isolates either THC or CBD, it strips all the other cannabinoids and terpenes present, removing them from the product. Again, don't take our word for it... WeedMaps: "A drawback of removing terpenes is that without them, the final product may lack the therapeutic benefits commonly attributed to the entourage effect. Adding terpenes to distillate later in the process is possible, and many manufacturers do this, though it’s been theorized that any medicinal advantages are reduced by their initial removal." -WeedMaps What is called a “distillate” (isolated THC-a molecules), contains only one of over two-hundred cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. That's the whole idea with any distillation process, (again not unique to cannabis), is isolating, or "distilling" single molecules. With nearly every cannabis edible mass produced from distillates, they all fail to provide consumers with an experience anything like that of high-quality cannabis. Think About This! If vape cartridges are made using a 99% pure THC distillate, why is the total THC percentage listed on the packaging closer to 80% THC? The reason being is they fill the cartridge about 80% full of THC distillate and then do one of the following: 1.Attempt to reintroduce some cannabis terpenes removed during the chemical extraction process and mixing the terpenes back into the distillate by hand. 2. Otherwise and more commonly, non-cannabis derived terpenes are added to your product, in effect watering down the THC content and giving the product an artificial taste. "Scary Frankenstein stuff is going on right under our noses in Cannabis." -Hashwriter This incredibly inorganic process of reintroducing terpenes only happens for vape cartridges and cannabis concentrates. When it comes to products like edibles and many medicinal products, they’re infused with either THC or CBD distillate and will always fail to provide the other 200 and counting cannabinoids or terpenes originating in the cannabis plant. But guess what? Ice water hash contains the full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes nearly identical to the original plant. The Future's in Space (Gems) Unlike Distillates that isolate one cannabinoid, Space Gem's Ice Water Hash edibles provide an entire range of cannabinoids and terpenes. This includes THC and CBD, while also including CBCA, CBGA, CBGV, and a long list like those of other cannabinoids present in cannabis. This equates to superior medicinal products that enhance euphoria and recreational effects. In fact, the least medicinal product available is a distillate. Real science. Unlike distillation and chemical solvents, ice water hash preserves the entire trichome head just the way it was when attached to the plant. Chemical solvents destroy these trichomes in order to extract and isolate THC or CBD, releasing the most volatile terpenes that evaporate immediately. Solventless hash, or ice water hash (same thing) plucks only the very tip or “head” of each trichome from the plants. These trichomes contain a true full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, just as Mother Nature intended. Well, What Does it all Mean? Products made from solventless extraction like ice-water hash contain a full spectrum of terpenes and contains them in the ratio nature intended. The correct ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes is nearly impossible to recreate when trying to reintroduce terpenes into final products. Present and accurate ratios of terpenes and cannabinoids provide a far superior experience where it matters most: the effect. Medicinal value skyrockets. For the recreational user, increased cannabinoids and terpenes cause what's known as the Entourage Effect, that we will detail in future posts. For now, The Entourage Effect leads to increased potency and euphoria along with a laundry list of added medicinal benefits. Go Solventless! Be mindful of how your products are made in order to unlock the true potential of cannabis with Space Gem products made from ice-water hash. Continue reading our next article to understand the ins and outs of the Entourage Effect and you'll quickly realize when compared to the edible marketplace, Space Gem provides a truly out-of-this world experience. COPY #spacegems #blastoff #hash #icehash #sixstar #macro #concentrates #hashlife #hashonomics #terps #terpenes #organic #hashlane #solventless #hashrosin #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #YouareaGem #Glutenfree #vegan #organic #icehash #icewaterhash #terps #society #organic #cannabiscures #stoned #medicalcannabis #instaweed #weedlife #love #community #edibles #bud #hash #bong #pot #joint #cannabisgrow #vape #legalizeit #terpenes #rosin #homegrown #dab #stoners #ganjagirls #daily #marijuana #smokeweed #grow