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The 2021 Hashwriter Hash Awards List

I’ll try to keep this one short but use the opportunity to dispel some early myths about ice water hash that I must say, took me by surprise recently. I've had more than one person, (working in the industry) say to me recently, "Yeah, I don't really mess with hash. I don't have any parchment and don't want to bother making flags." After taking a moment to absorb this information somewhat dumbfounded, realizing this is indeed Humboldt County and I was indeed at a dispensary selling hash and rosin, I figured it was a joke. I waited for a grin, thinking this is surely dry dispensary humor like, "I want your highest THC product," but none came.

And then it dawned on me that dispensaries across the state surely share this uninformed opinion about modern Ice Water Hash. As if the extreme difficulty and rarity of achieving full-melt hash wasn't enough, we have industry workers (and writers) (judges) passing along misguided opinions about the finest product to ever grace retail shelves!

You do not need to flag your hash and you don't need parchment paper to smoke it. In fact, flagging hash only works when its still fresh and is more of an aesthetic feature than anything else. The majority of hash dabs are not flagged out and are dabbed just like any other style of concentrate, only at reduced temperatures (below 500).

Ice water hash is the ultimate cannabis product and the beginning of every rosin and cold-cure rosin badder that we smoke. All of today's rosin is pressed from less than perfect hash. When hash is perfected, that is the only time you will see it sold as an ice water hash product. The hash will grease down into an oil and changes at room temperature very much like a fresh-press rosin.

Dabs of ice water hash provide the cleanest and clearest high in cannabis, a sentiment shared across the aisle (so to say). And for anyone worried about the clean-up, I dab hash from the same quartz banger as rosin and nothing more than a few q-tips is required in between. Glass is made for cannabis, not the other way around.


Let's Get it

I saw a ton of amazing hash from a bunch of incredible farms this year. I think we are all very lucky to be sampling the very best of what these northern California farms have to offer. Modern hash making calls for the very best cannabis grown specifically for its resin production and ability to produce in water hash. Only the wash will tell how a crop will fare, but the whole process has helped shine a light on the best batches of cannabis growing today.

At a time when everyone's "work" (so to say) is being laid out for the rest of the cannabis world to see, here's the best hash that still has a glimmer of hope and a spark of love and peace from the original glory days of the Counter-Culture.


5th Place Hashwriter Awards


Luma Melons

Ahti Hash

Luma Gardens

I can't tell you how excited I was to see Ahti back in the game! Especially with such a severe shortage of actual hashish brands selling hash! I tried several killer ice water hash varieties from Ahti and they were all legit. I'll be watching close for the next drops to come and expect to see a growing following behind these solventless masters.


4th Place Hashwriter Award



Booney Acres Farms


Mimosa Phenotypes cleaned up this year with some unique and interesting qualities to each. While this Kombucha took 2nd in the Emerald Cup, another Mimosa phenotype won the gold labeled as Strawberry Jelly. I almost left this off my list, having received it so late in the year, but when I realized how limited ice water hash has already become, I needed options. She ranks right up there with the best, as all of my top five picks are something to behold.

Yeah, she's funky-fresh alright, with that mimosa-clementine taste I love so much and an added air of funk. Bringing that fermented idea to life in a scent, this one appeases both palettes with enough sweet and funk for all.


3rd Place Hashwriter Awards


The Gruice is Still Loose and Papa Still Don't Play

Garlic Juice



When you see the Gruice...

... you buy the Gruice!

Anytime or should I say every time I see @papas_select with the @southfacefarms on the box, I get a little excited. Let that be a huge shopping tip to you, my friends. Mac kills it in every way and on every level and I couldn't be more grateful to enjoy his masterpieces. He is the type of person that I feared was wiped from the industry by this point. A kind, thoughtful person that I'm incredibly grateful to have befriended. Watch out for @unclemacs, his own solventless brand (who I gave the rosin title to) as Mac is a fundamental master of the game.


2nd Place Hashwriter Award


The Papaya of all Papayas



Not only has this been by far my favorite Papaya in the biz, but a friend from Colorado visited California recently and left agreeing, it's the best papaya there is. She has it all from texture to consistency, to powerful papaya terps with just a hint of purple smarties. And on top of everything else, the high is unparalleled. "Powerful, thick, and full" is how I would describe the effect. Certainly, a keeper and one we will surely be seeing a lot more of.

Emerald Queen keeps rolling out winner after winner. I'm looking forward to everything they bring to the market and hoping to get an Emerald Queen article for the site in the coming months. Look-out!


1st Place Hashwriter Awards





Eric Walz and I collaborated on an article that was run in a six or seven page spread in Weed World Magazine last month, that you can read right here. He trusted me to steer the ship straight and thanks to his brilliance and ability to manage an incredible operation, (not to mention his editing skills) we had the content to crush it.

Oh, and in case anyone forgot, he cleaned up in the 2019 Emerald Cup (back before they used Puffcos to judge hash), taking Gold and Silver for his work in 2019. I had little doubt that he would win it again this year, but instead he gets an even more meaningful win right here from the consumers who buy and smoke his hash the most.

That yellow hue is remarkable! Can't wait for one of my all-time favorites, The Humboldt Kine Farms Zberries, to be released in hash. Eric's the champ no doubt about it. This is my favorite hashish of all-time. Straight-up. Thank you for delivering this hash of pure joy!



The ancestral lineage that has bred this crop from a wispy weed, where making concentrated forms of hashish was the only viable way to feel its effects, to the massive colas today, it has always been about the trichomes covering the surface of female plants. Not in the plant, or even of the plant, but simply the resinous trichome glands that cover the plants surface.

By flash-freezing the freshly harvested crop, these trichomes naturally break right off when submerged in ice and water and can be sifted back out with ease. Having learned the relative range of sizes that trichomes appear in, mesh netting allows producers to strain the isolated trichomes from the water. Simple stuff, done with mind blowing expertise! The ancient methods are reborn and right on time for a whole new zeitgeist of fresh-frozen hashish.

Make sure to read my Fresh Press Rosin Awards and Cold-Cure/Badder award articles. Until next years awards, may your water stay cold, and your hash melt clean.


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