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Everything You need to know about Butane Torches for dabbing

Updated: Jun 30

So much has been passed from generation to generation, with odd slices of the information pie falling through the cracks. Information like, use a butane torch not a propane torch. The most widely read articles on are often the simplest topics. Topics that didn't appear to need any further conversation. To keep the "Everything You Need to Know About..." series rolling, it's time to tackle to the torch. Here’s everything you need to know about Butane Torches for Dabbing Hash and Rosin and my top picks.

I'm writing this without contribution from manufacturing brands, but if you utilize my Amazon Links included throughout the article, I make a small commission to support our continued work. Appreciate it. Now onto the topic.

While a lot of generic torches have rolled out over the years, there's a few mainstays that are considered the standard in dabbing. There has also been quite a few knockoffs in recent years that I cannot necessarily speak for entirely, but many of these generic knockoffs will fail. Having tested numerous other butane torches over the last decade plus, we have identified the real deal winners that will hold up and continue to motivate big fresh dabs of the dank.


In about 2012-2013, living in the steamy swamp of St. Petersburg Florida and just finishing parole, I found the Blazer Big Shot on Amazon and it proved to be the best torch going. I've purchased two or three of these over the years, as reflected below. I'm happy to report that the torch purchased below still functions flawlessly to this day (while my first Blazer resides in the evidence department of the Pinella's County Court House).

a blazer big shot butane torch with a white background and product info from amazon
My last Big Shot Purchase in 2015!

Blazer Big Shot GT8000 Dab Torch

This is the textbook Legend as far as we're concerned, heating quartz for over a decade without change or compromise. As far as we know, the exact model of the Blazer Big Shot remains the same today as it was fifteen years ago, proving a near-flawless design. With the majority of torches coming in the mid size range with fairly thin bodies that are all pretty much alike, only the Blazer Big Shot stands out for its ability to hold nearly double the butane compared to other models.

With the design remaining the same, Blazer has come out with branded Big Shot torches like the Higher Standards one below. Special editions and a long list of different colors are now available, along with plenty of customizable options from Blazer and other brands.

A nice little accessory, but not a necessity, is the throttle guards made by Blazer (and others). These cover the hot tip area of the torch and help to prevent accidental burns. They also make TorchKoozee's to customize the look and feel of your torch like the green one below. A few other companies have made parts and pieces for the Blazer Big Shot to customize its look and feel.

Big Buddy by Blazer

Blazer also makes a few other models, none of which have really caught on. There's several models I would avoid, unless they're specifically for travel purposes. For your daily driver, only the Blazer Big Buddy can compare. A decent torch, but one that holds quite a bit less butane than the Big Shot. It's a solid and trusted piece of dabbing equipment you can count on with a slightly smaller flame than the Big Shot.

Venturing away from the Blazer platform, there aren't too many options that exist. Most models are cheap generics. There is one other company that makes some of my all-time favorite torches however. They used to be widely available in smoke shops, but they're not around as much anymore. In fact, I should probably keep this insider secret to myself... but that just wouldn't be the Hashwriter way.

NEWPORT butane Dab Torch

Looking for perfect function in a slightly smaller model of torch that compares closely in size with the Blazer Big Buddy? Look no further than the Newport Zero line of torches. They make my favorite design and are the best looking dab torches around. Newport makes a couple different models, including one the size of the Blazer Big Shot, but I'd stick with their mid-sized and smaller models.

Newport Zero

The zero torch is six inches tall, and will function fine for years to come. Well built just like the Blazer, it's truly the only other brand I would consider purchasing and using on a regular basis. Looking for something slightly smaller for on-the-go dabbing use? Their 5.5 inch model differs slightly, with the nob on top. These minis are some of my favorites!

The Zero Mini

And as promised, they do indeed make a torch comparable in size and heat to the Big Shot, the Newport Zero Jumbo edition. I haven't heard great things and have only used this torch once or twice.


Just make sure to stay away from this one....

This Newport torch and many others appear useful, but are meant to light cigars, not heat quartz. Like the one shown directly above, it comes with three small flames instead of one main flame. While it will work, its far from ideal. Many others function much the same, with cigar lighting and wind proofing being the main concerns. I've struck out time and again trying new models and have always returned back to the Blazer and the Newport for on the go.


A new torch appears to be making waves...

Vector Warhead

The Vector Warhead looks mighty appealing if I do say so myself. From looks and appearances, the Vector branded Warhead torch seems to be on par with the Big Shot by Blazer. I'm definitely interested to see and hear from anyone else who has tried this guy out and can compare it to the Blazers. (Drop your comment below, and it might be added to the article).


Dremel makes a small soldiering torch that can get the job done, but is overpriced and not exactly ideal. The Whip-it brand surprisingly makes for a pretty solid little torch. This one was purchased under emergency circumstances, without much expectation, but has proven to be reliable and easy to use. It also has a constant on setting, many fail to include. I'd say the Whipitt model torch comes in as my number three behind Blazer or Newport.

Just don't forget the gas....

Or some alcohol...

Closing Tip

And yet, we still all wait for the day when a vertical facing table torch is invented that can adapt or adjust in height, but be slid under your quartz and operated hands free. Or even better, a flame-less heat source that rests under your banger. We do not need constant heat and most electronic devices are flawed and failed for this reason from the very start. Heat something up to the appropriate temperature, but then remove the heat to dab and you have yourself a real life dab. Until that time here's another sly tip or secret I use daily for hand-less heat ups. Just be careful. Peace.

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Have some insights and or ideas? Lets hear them... The more voices the better and I'd love to know about your favorite torch and any recommendations others may have.

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