"The Hashish Manifesto"

Understanding Retail Cannabis Through the Art of Hashish

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"Pure Consumer Empowerment"

"The (Solventless) Hashish Manifesto: Understanding Retail Cannabis Through the Art of Hashish," compiles the best of the Blog into a cohesive 220 page format to welcome and empower consumers, spread solventless hashish, and raise the collective cannabis consciousness.
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From solvents to solventless, readers will understand how each method effects the final products, to make informed purchasing decisions. Save yourself a small fortune trying and buying and zero in from the start.


The work counters the corporate narrative with new arguments for old debates, before explaining the recent evolution away from solvent-based extractions and toward the supreme quality of modern ice-water refinement.

Table of Contents

  • Title Page

  • Copyright

  • Dedication

  • Introduction

  • Foreword

Part 1: Consumer Concepts to Retail Cannabis

  • The Sativa & Indica Myth

  • Choosing Cannabis Varieties

  • THC Percent & The Entourage Effect

  • Cannabis is Trichomes; Trichomes are Hash (2nd Edition)

Part 2: Concepts of Concentrates and Solventless Theory

  • The Evolution of Cannabis Concentrates: Solvents and Solventless

  • The Water-Hash Concept & Star Grading Scale (2nd Edition expanded)

  • Ice Water Hash Illustrated (2nd Edition)

  • Solventless Options: Hash and Rosin Varieties (expanded in 2nd)

  • The Solventless Dilemma

  • The Fresh Frozen Zeitgeist and Why We Hashish (Expanded 2nd Edition)

Part 3: Into Consumption

  • Dabbing Necessities

  • Storing Solventless Hash and Hash Rosin

  • Let's Talk Temps: Dabbing Solventless Hash & Rosin (expanded in 2nd)

  • Hash Flags How-To (2nd Edition)

  • #Baddertech

(All New) Part 4: Hash History, Theory, & Beyond

  • Hashish History

  • The Great Marijuana Hoax: 1966 & 2021. 2nd Manifesto

  • The Future of Hash: Hash Clubs of History Will Repeat

  • Afterword

  • Selected Sources

  • About The Author


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Part #1 Consumer Concepts To Retail

IS FOR EVERY Cannabis Consumer, regardless of experience. The beginning touches on the state of the industry and the top three MISGUIDED consumer concerns when shopping retail cannabis. The work provides plenty of new and logical arguments for old debates, like shopping by THC percentage, the sativa or indica myth, or chasing a particularly popular "strain".


Readers will be left with a deeper understanding of how the plant works, the Entourage Effect, the trichome structure, and what is/isn't desirable from the plant to prepare readers for Part 2. While covering the basics, a slew of new ideas and arguments are made that will intrigue every reader.


As a thought-leading California cannabis publication based in Humboldt County, was among the earliest to chronicle the emerging solventless evolution and empower the consumer. Working with many of the best hash makers and farmers in the world, is the people's trusted source for cannabis truth.


Part 2: Concepts of Concentrates

Explains the modern evolution of cannabis extracts or concentrates, from simple Old-World solventless techniques, to complicated chemical-solvents, and back to today's simple solventless methods. Learn the logical procedures of solventless ice-water refinement, the order of operations, and distinguishing features of various solventless rosin forms. The evolution of extracts will help clarify much of the confusion, before identifying pros and cons of each method.


Part two is packed with everything needed to understand cannabis and concentrates and therefore, the countless edible and vaporizer products made from each.

"The Hashish Manifesto" 1st edition reached every continent within it's first six months, thanks to a global following and passion for hash. The expanded 2nd Edition is now available only on Amazon.

Part 3: Into Use

Part three includes a significant explanation for storing and maintaining solventless hash and rosin in all of the consistency options. Dabbing temperatures change for solventless and a full article about proper dab temperatures, the tools used to judge temperature, and the best method for both is included. Part three should be enough to get anyone up and running and includes the biggest secret of all: The #Baddertech for reviving dry or buddered fresh press rosin. A chapter on Hash Flags is included in the 2nd Edition.

"Learn everything you need to know to enjoy the solventless side of life."


All New Part 4: History, Theory, & Beyond

All new Part 4 includes crucial essays, responses, & writings from the past three years. Hear Allen Ginsburg's Cannabis Manifesto, follow the historic literary records of Hashish, and the ways it was introduced to the Western World. Learn where the myths originated and find direction for the future of cannabis. These articles are a capstone to the re-worked, expanded, and updated 2nd Edition, and will leave every reader with their finger on the pulse of the Solventless Cannabis Revolution.

"Tap Into the Culture that lives in this work."

A very special thank you to my fans, followers, and friends (new and old) who helped make this book a massive success. The deepest and sincerest respect to all those who sacrificed for the plant, allowing us to make it as far as we have come.

Peace, Love, and Hashish.
-Nick Bucci @HashWriter