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More than five decades after it was first identified as a dangerous drug with no medical value and a high potential for abuse, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has reportedly agreed to reclassify marijuana... A move we have waited our entire lives for, or almost...

Pretending something is true is almost as rewarding as the truth and the government likes to get people's hopes up for a while. From canceling student loans and erasing the student debt to legalizing cannabis, to healthcare for all (and all a good night), the discourse of those in power rarely materializes. Here we go again with rescheduling cannabis from schedule one, alongside other drugs of abuse with no medical value such as psychedelics and opioids, to a... wait, what?


After calling for a review of Federal Marijuana laws back in 2022 by Prez Joey "bitty" Biden, the DEA has proposed a change in Federal classification of cannabis, which is supported by the recent recommendation of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (to no one's surprise). At this point it's a recommendation and a proposal, nothing more.

Here is what would need to happen for the recent rescheduling news to have an effect:

The change requires a review by the White House Office of Management and Budget, after which the DEA will hold a public comment period. Following public comment, the final rule would be published. Marijuana's federal status will then change 30 days after the DEA's final rule is published in the Federal Register.

Additionally, there is a likelihood of litigation through lawsuits filed by conservative State Attorneys General to delay implementation of the rescheduling process altogether (and whatever other anti-plant tactics and methods are yet to be employed).

We just cannot wait for the commentary period, when lied-to citizens wield inaccuracies with the religious fervor of Jesus. Plenty of hoops and hold-ups remain before we get too excited. If student debt relief wasn't a lesson and a warning, you must not have student debt.

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State Programs & State Medical Programs Would Remain Federally Illegal

In terms of the law, rescheduling the plant keeps it a criminal affair, although a misdemeanor instead of a felony. However, legality of the plant on a Federal level is rarely a concern. The Federal government has already agreed to allow states to regulate cannabis as they see fit and a Federal cannabis felon is hard to come by.

Tax Status

If marijuana moves to Schedule III, businesses would be able to deduct expenses on federal taxes, which is where a large majority of support for the change is rooted. A change from Schedule I to Schedule III would remove the punitive provisions of Section 280e of the tax code that have plagued the industry for decades – and fix their balance sheets almost overnight. Another potential upside of reclassification is to allow the research we desperately need and the funding for colleges and institutions to conduct the research.

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Positive Direction or Another Misdirection?

While it is a move in a positive direction, we have waited too long to give in now and cave over something as ridiculous as our drug schedules. We would be in favor of changing all schedules and revamping a vastly outdated system, which denies scientific understanding and ignores much of what has already been learned the hard way in the War (on drugs).

Rescheduling the plant should be the bare minimum offer, a pathetic-whittled down remnant of an original plan or philosophy. The result of rounds and rounds of argument, debate, and compromise with full Federal legalization the object to strive for and the continued criminality of cannabis something we already know (too well). To start at rescheduling is a bar far too low to leverage, which will reinforce if not reinvigorate the remaining set of drug-related statutes, also desperately in need of change bringing us back to where we started...

Psychedelics Have Immense Medical Value

What's needed is a total overhaul and revamp of criminal law pertaining to controlled substances. A children's doctor can hand out opioids more powerful and deadly than heroin (a class one) and they're called a class two controlled substance. Well those class two Oxycontin's killed more people than class one heroin, or led people from one to the other. And with a newly forged general acceptance of psychedelics, the legalization of mushrooms and Ketamine for depression for example, why double-down on misguided legislation? Knowing the many flaws already on the books, making cannabis a schedule three confirms the errors of past beliefs and continues to sanctify psychedelics as dangerous and without medical application, which is clearly false.

There is an endless list of contradictions inherent in our controlled substances list. The time to declassify (and decriminalize) is upon us, rather than new legislation for a future generation to fight. Keep fraudulent and contradictory laws off the books.

Wrap Up

The minimal upside to reclassification is obviously true for legalization and we can wait... Keep cannabis away from Big Pharma and making cannabis a controlled substance is the checkered flag for them to win the race. Rather the plant be illegal, then regulated by the same people responsible for the opioid overdose epidemic.



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