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Slurping Terps with @HaveHashh...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Have you ever pulled into the driveway of an Emerald Triangle farm and thought, "My God, this is the mecca of weed!"? It's been a surreal experience to enter private, personal gardens and spaces I grew up imagining. While I know the indoor garden all too well, cannabis growing freely under the sun? Now, that's an anomaly. I never know quite what to expect when meeting farmers and hash makers on their turf, and while today wasn't a farm or lab visit, I finally had the chance to meet up with the prior Ego-Clash Champ and Humboldt County Hash favorite, Jacob Stockwell of @havehashh.

I've been a low-key @HaveHashh fan for a couple years now, recommending them for their cold cures, but I usually prefer fresh press rosins. In all honesty, I prefer whatever texture of rosin is best for a given cultivar and I do like having the option to choose. In general, fresh press usually requires better starting material and we agreed that it's easier to pull off a cold-cure and mask issues a fresh press rosin may reveal. But, some cold-cures definitely improve the taste and smell of a rosin (and provide a more convenient product form). Some cultivars simply perform better as a cold-cure and vise-a-versa, and I'm happy to buy whichever version the hash maker prefers. Getting to hear Jacob's take and rationale for cold-curing a lot of @havehashh's rosin, let me know it's for quality reasons alone.

dab of rosin badder
Jelly Mac Cold Cure Hash Rosin by @havehash

Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA with a passion for cannabis and making hash, Jacob put in the early industry work when the information struck by 2016. That's when the tech was released to online chat rooms or message boards, and hash rosin ideas began to take off. Some early @HaveHashh influences mentioned were @headsthatroll, @Soilgrownsolventless_, and @solventlessmind, who all played an important role in inspiring solventless methods. They had been washing bubble hash for several years when the rosin press first emerged, and it was a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle together at just the right time. With new tech and a new method taking off, quality cannabis was needed, but connections to legacy farms are far and few between. Thankfully, with relaxed laws, more and more incredible legacy farms are stepping from the shadows with each passing day.

As an experienced glass-blower, to my complete surprise, Jacob used an apprenticeship opportunity with the legendary Mr. Grey, to connect with Humboldt's Legacy farmers and other exotic, small batch, craft-quality growers. He forged the connections and relationships during his artistic foray into glass, to pursue hashish in its unadulterated forms. Spoken by the man himself: "We're here to make the best hash possible in the most sustainable way possible, protecting the environment that provides us with the plants we consume". This dedication to community and sustainability was obvious, showing his displeasure in the amount of packaging used by the industry. His business model lines up with some of the principles we discussed, allowing @havehash to deliver some of the best hash and rosin in the world.

hashish rosin
@havehashh rosin badder and rosin sauce.

Having formulated products on the 215 market as a "legacy brand" (winning Ego-Clash in Spain), @HaveHash put themselves in a prime position to work with some of the finest cannabis cultivators in the Emerald Triangle. Anyone who has experienced the pure bliss that is SpaceGem Edibles, can attest to the quality of sun grown cannabis from @TalkingTreesFarms. The full sun batches of cannabis they grow are used for both brand's products. In addition to a line-up of hash and rosin in three different tiers, @HaveHash washes and refines all of the bubble hash Space Gem uses to make the best edible on the California market. I'm yet to try anything comparable to the quality of SpaceGem's solventless hash edibles. This also provides a productive and sustainable outlet for anything less than a true full-melt hash. This small community of collaboration has led to top notch projects that embody a craft-quality vision for cannabis.

The full-sun, craft-cannabis growing in Humboldt County's unique terroir helps to curate a few insane flavors that have been some of my favorites. Keep your eyes out for anything Zkittlez related, as @HaveHashh has a close and interesting relationship with this difficult cultivar. My all-time favorite zkittlez and zkittlez crosses, have all come from @havehashh. You know you have a good one when a mix of skittles flavors, so reminiscent of the candy it's crazy, smacks you in the taste buds. Yeah, you will know.

I remain open to the possibility of each style of rosin providing the best representation of a given cultivar and would like to trust my hash maker to choose rosin styles accordingly.

We discussed live rosin sauce, and how it is an easy method to use when a batch turns out less than ideal, something I have spoken on before. Add rosin vape carts next on the list of solventless products with decreasing quality. But with some increased demand for these textures, some of the best batches are now going to rosin sauce. This Sunset Mint Live Rosin Sauce we smoked is a good example:

big dabs
Rosin Badder on the Left, Rosin Sauce on the Right. @havehashh made with ice, water, and pressure.

Having numerous outlets for @TalkingTreesfarms, creates an ideal situation for attaining the best hash. With the freedom to pick and choose batches to wash, @HaveHashh can focus on bringing the best hash to the market, without being forced to process and sell lower quality batches. Only unique, desirable, and distinguished varieties are the focus in this ever-evolving art-form of solventless hashish.

And did I mention @havehash is self-supported, refusing outside sources of funding and without corporate interests demanding a bottom line? @Havehashh is a brand with purpose, using the "profession and passion to educate and motivate others to regenerate our planet." Now that is a brand I can get behind and by the way, call me a turp-slurper because I'm sold!

Check them out at .



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