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The Latest Updates and The Hashish Manifesto 2nd Edition Hardcover & Kindle E-Book

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We couldn't release a new edition without a proper blog article and figured this would be a good chance to share some important insights & logistics and do some catching up...

There's a website page dedicated to the work with summaries, previews, and the full table of contents right here, while this blog article will allow me to focus more on the motives, the process, and the story behind the story...

Saving You A Small Fortune

While the website is home to a vast array of cannabis and hashish related topics, The Hashish Manifesto 2nd Edition Hard Cover (and new Kindle E-Book) deliver an unbiased and brutally honest take, revealing a range of unsettling practices and common-if not standard- industry techniques. A few simple demonstrations and comparisons will re-educate readers on the basics, curve negative shopping trends, and save consumers an absolute fortune. Informed consumerism and our combined purchasing power will help to create the market "we the people" actually want for tomorrow.

All in a nicely bound & stitched Collector's-Edition Hardcover, the message finally receives the medium it deserves to last well into the long & bright future of modern hashish.

The Solventless Revolution

Endless hours were spent gathering the material in a life-long obsession with understanding, growing, using, and finding the highest quality versions of the plant. The flame died down with retail markets, but the obsession was reignited by modern solventless methods emerging around 2017-2018. Much of the knowledge shared has been commonly known among industry insiders, but brand new solventless methods made the alternatives (BHO) look like chemotherapy for cannabis.

A few simple demonstrations and comparisons will re-educate readers on the basics, curve negative shopping trends, and save consumers an absolute fortune through informed purchasing decisions.

How & Where It All Started

Having formulated many of the site's articles from common questions and topics regularly confronted with by followers and fellow smokers, became the first cannabis platform empowering new (and even more old) hash and cannabis consumers. A link to each article became the daily DM's in response to an endless sea of consumer questions and concerns.

Number One Ranked Google Results

Nearly all of the articles included in the work now have well over ten thousand reads, with many becoming Google's trusted & top-ranked search result for a long list of hash and cannabis related topics (accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness of writing). Otherwise, articles that teach the necessities to use, enjoy, and understand hash and therefore cannabis, are included to paint a full picture for the modern markets.

The First Edition

What was originally supposed to be a loose collection of essays, turned into much more. After months of transitioning chapters appropriately and removing repetitions, the project had grown some serious legs. Anyways, to spare you the brutal details of self-publishing-despair; To great success the First Edition Hashish Manifesto paperback sold well-over 300 copies direct from Hashwriter.ORG (not including those sold on Amazon), THANK YOU! It hit each continent within its first six months thanks to our global group of hash heads. You guys rule!

2nd Edition Pricing Breakdown

That was a ton of books to ship, so this time it's available only on Amazon (with limited signed edition runs being advertised on Instagram). The new Collector's Hardcover 2nd Edition with premium full-color print interior costs us $28 per book (3x more than the paperback first edition) just to print and ship, but also includes many of my favorite full-color pics.

It's certainly a bit high, but in order to present the best version, cost wasn't a top concern for this version. After Amazon takes their cut, the profit is about $25 to $30 dollars each (hence the reason for the increased price). We're all about transparency, after all. (A paperback 2nd Edition is in the works).

The Second Edition Hashish Manifesto Final Product

It wasn't until the 1st edition was published and in circulation that a few nagging needs became clear. This was the first time putting out a volume of work and the message in totality was close. Extra material was pulled from articles and added to each relevant chapter for a much more complete conversation and to deliver the full message of our intent. While the first edition remains a classic, the Second Edition can be considered as the completed work.

Something For Everyone

Honoring a commitment to shared progress and knowledge, the information is and was shared freely on the site. The Hashish Manifesto 2nd Edition compiles over 92 articles into a cohesive message that can be read, referenced, and understood by ALL. Couple that with critical insight, process, theory, and reflection to honor the plant, and everyone will walk away with something new.

book the hashish manifesto second edition
Full Gloss Hardcover Collector's 2nd Edition of "The Hashish Manifesto: Understanding Retail Cannabis Through the Art of Hashish" and Kindle E-Book out now on Amazon!

The missing areas that no one else talks about that effect the greatest number of people, like overcoming retail's barrage of bullshit to find the few items that are truly exceptional, dabbing, and storing hash are covered in great detail. Tips and tricks for all the solo smokers and beginners, along with a solid explanation of trichomes, what's desirable, and how the plant works will accompany new-age smokers well into the future of grass.

Solventless Perfection

The new techniques of solventless hash making are just getting going and there's a massive swath of the cannabis community, yet to understand, let alone experience the enormous progress being made. This is in large part due to the lack of information and failure to educate industry workers on the benefits, shortcomings, and ultimate limitations in our methods of solvent-extraction and further distillation. Shortcomings, the solventless method solves. A full comparison of extraction methods is beyond convincing, while a complete "How-To Guide" (in Part 3) provides the information to help the solventless consumer-body to grow.

Fan of Your purchase goes directly to supporting the site and our continued work. There’s plenty on the horizon with new hash makers being welcomed into the fold very soon! Subscribe for updates and send everyone with questions to The People's Source for Cannabis Truth: HashWriter.ORG.

Break On Through

As cannabis has always been about empathy, truth, and a deeper understanding, the revelations of six-star hashish and live rosin, along with what they teach us about the plant, epitomize much of the same. Now, in a nicely bound & stitched Collector's 2nd Edition Hard cover, the message receives the medium it deserves to last well into the long and bright future of hash.

Thank you so much to everyone reading, learning, and supporting the mission.



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