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The Latest Updates and The Hashish Manifesto 2nd Edition Hardcover & Kindle E-Book

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We couldn't release a new edition without a proper blog article and figured this would be a good chance to share some important insights & logistics and do some catching up...

There's a website page dedicated to the work with summaries, previews, and the full table of contents right here, while this blog article will allow me to focus more on the motives, the process, and the story behind the story...

Saving You A Small Fortune

While the website is home to a vast array of cannabis and hashish related topics, The Hashish Manifesto 2nd Edition Hard Cover (and new Kindle E-Book) deliver an unbiased and brutally honest take, revealing a range of unsettling practices and common-if not standard- industry techniques. A few simple demonstrations and comparisons will re-educate readers on the basics, curve negative shopping trends, and save consumers an absolute fortune. Informed consumerism and our combined purchasing power will help to create the market "we the people" actually want for tomorrow.

All in a nicely bound & stitched Collector's-Edition Hardcover, the message finally receives the medium it deserves to last well into the long & bright future of modern hashish.

The Solventless Revolution

Endless hours were spent gathering the material in a life-long obsession with understanding, growing, using, and finding the highest quality versions of the plant. The flame died down with retail markets, but the obsession was reignited by modern solventless methods emerging around 2017-2018. Much of the knowledge shared has been commonly known among industry insiders, but brand new solventless methods made the alternatives (BHO) look like chemotherapy for cannabis.

A few simple demonstrations and comparisons will re-educate readers on the basics, curve negative shopping trends, and save consumers an absolute fortune through informed purchasing decisions.

How & Where It All Started

Having formulated many of the site's articles from common questions and topics regularly confronted with by followers and fellow smokers, became the first cannabis platform empowering new (and even more old) hash and cannabis consumers. A link to each article became the daily DM's in response to an endless sea of consumer questions and concerns.

Number One Ranked Google Results

Nearly all of the articles included in the work now have well over ten thousand reads, with many becoming Google's trusted & top-ranked search result for a long list of hash and cannabis related topics (accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness of writing). Otherwise, articles that teach the necessities to use, enjoy, and understand hash and therefore cannabis, are included to paint a full picture for the modern markets.