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A Library of Terps: Terp Kooler & An Updated Storage Strategy For All Hash and Hash Rosin Products

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

​​After a few years on the hash and rosin racing circuit of Northern California, the pit-crew developed a list of consumer SOP's taking the top google search result queries. What a competitive edge that is, but there remain a few things missing and some areas to narrow in on. The guys at Terp Kooler were cool enough to send this fridge for critical analysis, and an updated word on solventless storage strategies.

Terp Kooler
Terp Kooler

It isn't often that I'm pleasantly delighted. For all things cannabis related, expectations further decrease, making my newest Terp Library an astonishing surprise. Longtime followers will remember our budget mini-fridge from Target (which now lives in my car) and will be happy to hear she's still running beautifully. However, this Terp Kooler is a big upgrade, improving on almost everything the budget option entailed, including in many ways you would never have noticed without some first-hand use.

Cannabis For Consumption

Let us begin by reminding everyone that cannabis is both a living plant and a consumable. Not much different than lettuce, celery, or any other type of produce, the plant and its solventless products should be thought of and handled like food. While refrigeration is always recommended, several styles of hash rosin were formulated with shelf-stability in mind.

Rosin Badder/Cold Cure/Rosin Jam or Rosin Sauce

Things have simplified as we have reached a better understanding over the past several years. While your cold cure or rosin badder is best suited in refrigeration, it will not change in texture or appearance and will hold up outside of refrigeration whenever necessary. Rosin Jam does not require refrigeration, but again it’s recommended if or when possible. Rosin Jam is intended to be shelf stable and nothing will change or be noticeable either way. Cold storage for bulk purchases is recommended, as the Terp Kooler is perfect for these styles of rosin.

Extinguish Condensation

The Terp Kooler is King for all things Cold Cure Rosin Badder/Jam/Sauce and is perfect for maintaining your Library of Terps. Unlike the cheap mini fridge options that develop a good deal of condensation, the Terp Kooler stays bone dry. No more destroyed labels and packaging leading to mixed up jars or needing to sponge water from the bottom. Just in case it does create condensation, a small tray in the bottom keeps it away from your jars (those looking to increase the humidity can utilize this tray slot to introduce more moisture into the air). Small things that make for effective use go a long way.

Terp Kooler Open
Terp Kooler is Well Ventilated & Has Adjustable Glass Shelving

Beautifully Displayed Terps

The addition of several glass shelves differentiate the bottom from the lowest shelf and provides a stunning display for your jars. It also has three shelves unlike cheaper models. The Terp Kooler also comes with an internal light controlled by a button on the door. Altogether it makes for a beautiful display of everything inside. For the impeccable quality of modern hash, the Terp Kooler is quite fitting to house and show off your precious resins.

glass shelves for terp kooler
Glass Shelving/Replacement Shelves

Right next to the light button are temperature controls. It’s recommended that you keep it on the coldest settings as temperatures range from 46℉ on up. Testing the fridge with a kitchen thermometer, it stays just under 49℉. This is perfect for maintaining all styles of rosin mentioned above.

Convenient Charging Points

Before covering storage for fresh press rosin and ice water hash, the three USB ports on top of the Terp Kooler appeared to have little use at first. Once I realized its the perfect set up to hold and charge my temp devices, they became a favorite feature. Since cords to these devices are only a couple of inches long, the top of the Terp Kooler is the perfect place to charge Dab Rites, Terpometers, Temp Devices, E-rigs, and even my LED lights. Look for USB-C additions in future models.

Fresh Pressed Rosin (Still Clear) & Ice Water Hash (Fresh)

The Difficult Versions

Other than ice water hash, no other style of rosin demands refrigeration quite like fresh press rosin. That is, when its still fresh. Mere moments outside of refrigeration is enough for the cure to begin, where the rosin begins to harden and turn to a solid shade of tan or white. Ice Water hash undergoes a similar effect with trichomes melting together. The urgent need for cold storage stems from these two styles of hash & rosin.

Custom Wraps Are Dope

A Frozen Plan

In order to preserve the clear and translucent Fresh Pressed Rosin or Ice Water Hash, refrigeration was recommended, but freezing is the new ideal. Anyone planning to hang on to fresh press rosin or ice water hash for a duration of time would be wise to simply freeze them, rather than hoping your fridge stays cold enough. Frozen, Fresh Press rosin and Ice Water Hash retain starting appearances for as long as you need.

The Perfect Prep

The Terp Kooler is just cold enough to maintain fresh press rosin or ice water hash for a matter of weeks, making for a perfect second stage preparation. Holding a temperature just under fifty degrees F, it will allow a slow cure over a period of about two-to-three weeks, depending on the genetics of the fresh press rosin or ice water hash. Any fresh press you intend to consume within the following week or two would be perfectly suited for storage directly in the Terp Kooler. Bulk purchases would be wise to freeze and keep only your smoking stock of these styles on deck.

Terp Kooler to Defrost

Working with something we consume, look at it from a culinary perspective. Best practices say to thaw food slowly in cool water or refrigeration. Rather than leaving frozen hash or rosin sitting at room temperature (or my pocket), it's better to place the frozen jar in refrigeration and allow it to slowly thaw overnight. I place all of my hash and rosin in the Terp Kooler directly from the freezer, that I plan to consume in the days and weeks to follow. Freezing, thawing, and refreezing is never recommended for meat, so I do the same for rosin. A slow thaw appears to allow the rosin to vape more effectively and I avoid re-freezing fresh press rosin. I do the same with ice water hash, relying on the Terp Kooler alone after the first defrost.

*Keep in mind this applies to single gram jars.

Buddered Fresh Press Rosin & Greased Hash

Likewise, once that rosin has solidified, there's no going back. You can certainly #baddertech the dried rosin into a more enjoyable and pleasing badder form, but the clear look of the fresh press rosin will not return. At this point refrigeration is still recommended, however a noticeable change will not occur. Jars of fresh press rosin that have warmed up at any point along the supply line will already be buddered over, leaving little reason to rush that rosin home to the fridge.

Ice Water Hash

While refrigeration used to be recommended for new jars of Ice Water Hash, it’s best to simply freeze them. Freezing ice water hash keeps it in pristine form, while refrigeration allows the trichomes heads to slowly melt. Leave your ice water hash frozen and let it thaw in the Terp Kooler overnight where it will be ready to dab. It will be interesting to see how freezing, thawing, and refreezing effects the hash and is something to consider. The elimination of condensation within the fridge makes it a much more comfortable setting to house and thaw your precious ice water hash.


For most styles of rosin, the Terp Kooler is a brainless solution to all your storage needs. For fresh press rosin and ice water hash, the Terp Kooler is perfect for priming your rosin, short-term storage, and use in combination with a freezer. Moving your frozen hash and fresh press to the Terp Kooler, keeps these prime for daily use until finished. Taking these tips, the Terp Kooler comes highly recommended and is a nice addition to your dabs.


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