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My Temporary Break-Up with 710 Labs

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Update: The Cover shot showed several large black and disgusting hairs on the hash as it came from the "Labs". It became a real eyesore and I finally resulted in editing out the hair for aesthetics. Anyways, just wanted to remind you it was intentional and a common occurrence during the time.

This one isn’t easy but is long overdue. It’s difficult to state how much 710 Labs has meant to me and cannabis in general the last few years. Maybe the very reason I love them so much is because their marketing is so damn good (Hence the same reason I hate them). If you had told me hey, "we’re making a hash company and it will market itself. Thousands of kids all over the country (and the world for that matter), will be hurriedly off to purchase our product at twice the normal cost of concentrates and then market it for us across Instagram. Thousands will fill IG with our product and content for us to re-post, with our account basically growing itself. With our insane media presence and a few loopholes in CA law, we will be big enough to sell direct to the consumer. We will cater to celebrities with monthly or bi-weekly home deliveries to only those who we choose," I’d have said, goodnight.

If it weren't for the revolutionary products of 710 Labs and my love of their cannabis, I probably wouldn't care like I do when things go poorly. For all the hype I hear, this company has never been anything but a mile ahead of the competition and anyone claiming it's all hype must be buying their BHO, or is yet to understand solventless extraction replacing chemical extraction with a process so superior, it leaves almost nothing to compare. Time and time again over the last three years they have delivered. Even when I expected shit to go south, thought the quality would decline, or thought they "sold-out" (whatever that means), they quickly proved otherwise and retained my full support. That is shocking from any company in any industry to do. I cannot stress enough how revolutionary 710 Labs has been and continues to be for the cannabis community. This is also why it has been easy to overlook some of the little things, without another option in sight.


The crack began with the pandemic, arguably a tough time for all and one we are still neck deep in. Cannabis sales sky-rocketed with unemployment benefits for everyone and an additional $600 dollars per week! Every cannabis company started to take off during a pandemic, leaving some producers I’ve spoken with feeling some guilt for their good fortune. With the whole country dying, people decided to look around and stop ignoring the constant and daily reminders that an armed force stands among us, terrorizing huge segments of American citizens. However, 710 did their loyal deed by attesting to the riots as any patriotic American would and recognizing the importance of protest (even when small fractions loot and riot) as fundamental to preserving whatever liberties and freedoms we have left. This, despite serious damage done to their Oakland facility. Seemed like a good time to start saving and slowing down on my hash consumption, but 710 Labs assured me things were cool and even celebrated the event (more genius marketing) by releasing “The Loot” and some other flavors left behind.

The Coveted (but public) LIST

They seemed to not miss a beat to be perfectly honest, until I heard the coveted List was open to the public. Seemed like a diligent way to show their appreciation to the 710 community by allowing anyone within Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego to get a drop. At the same time, I wondered how those already on The List would feel about it. I’m not sure if the List wasn’t selling out all the way and needed the public support, or if they did it out of the goodness of their hearts, but when semi-personalized email invites kept coming with passwords to order, their word began to not line up. So, for years they flaunted an insider’s List, one that requires an email with a password, that is no longer what it appears to be. I wondered when they would close the list to members only, but it never happened. Having collected as many phone numbers (hashline, text-drops) and email addresses as possible in the months prior to the List going public, anyone who has any interest whatsoever would receive passwords. They showed their hand.

Early 2018 Drops

Let’s go back in time to see how it started. A friend gave me word that 710 Labs was expanding to California and it seemed just that quick their product was hitting shelves. For their first 6 months to a year or more, 710 Labs would drop at a couple dispensaries in each town. Problem was, they never came back. It was almost a guarantee back then, if you had 710 Labs in your store you probably wouldn’t again. Maybe it was their way of feeling out the dispensaries and seeing who they liked and who to avoid, however if that’s the case they did a very poor job. I can’t tell you how many dispensaries selling 710 Labs hadn’t the slightest clue about the product, that is, if they even bothered to inform their workers that the products on the shelf. Despite dispensary outreach, training, and bud-tender tutorials, it absolutely did not show. For this and many other issues consumers are running into, it is a failure of the dispensary to not explain each and every product to their bud-tenders. Restaurants communicate the menu, the specials, what's new, and what's 86-ed (sold out) at the beginning of every night to their wait-staff. Dispensaries need to adopt this practice fast!

No, this was a genius way to drop their unrivaled products and bounce without a trace. As quick as real cannabis hash entered your life, boom it was gone, leaving everyone who had a taste literally hunting (@huntinghash) for more. Throughout the whole state of CA, I watched as the same towns would get the next drop, but always different stores. Seems they had made it a point not to drop at the same place twice. From the very beginning of 2018, almost no one carried 710 Labs, yet everyone had begun to hear their name.

This was around the start of 2018 when drops were shown on IG. Finally, a few stores started to become regulars and it was finally possible to locate, purchase, and consume hash the way it’s supposed to be. The gap in knowledge was so wide, I felt it a necessity to begin sharing everything I knew and everything I learned about solventless hash. Anyone smoking those early jars of Live Rosin could see what was coming… The Solventless Revolution of course!

Me, the ultra-critical consumer could find nothing bad about these hash gods. They have stayed on top longer than I expected and continue to produce phenomenal quality hash. That is, when they aren’t too busy making $500-dollar neutral-pastel faded sweatpants and three-quarter sleeve crew necks. The merchandise is great, but great when free. This is the kind of stuff they used to hand out in dispensaries after you spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the hash.