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Some Seriously Exotic News: Quantum Exotics Live Rosin ONGOING SALE!

Finally, after years and years, the Hashwriter community has the opportunity to share and taste in the same glory. The dream was always the same, the same since 2019 when Hashwriter.ORG came from the ether, materialized, and shockingly reached into the minds and hearts of readers around the globe. Thanks so much.

Again, the dream was always the same: Offer education to improve the quality of the market and help others find the best options. With's traffic, it was only a matter of time until things changed and we were able to take advantage of our site traffic, while rewarding our following and readership with access to amazing flavors.

In addition to wanting reviewers and writers to report their local scenes, the real dream was to offer each one of these brands to my readers. We've just been waiting for the day that this thing goes Federally Legal, and then we realized it ALREADY DID.

live rosin vape pens.
THCA ROSIN PENS in 3-4 Flavors. Click for Link.

If you missed some of the prior articles, I would start here. AND then give this one a read, but is the new main squeeze. 100% Federally legal THC-A, Fresh frozen, Live Hashish Rosin fresh from the PNW, the Emerald Triangle, & surrounding regions, sent legally, to you. Mind-blowing simplicity. Totally legal

At some point they may be forced to make the chop and prevent new customers from accessing, so get an order in early to preserve your seat long-term. Long term Hashwriter readers can reach out if necessary (we got you).

dab of hash rosin thc-a
Tier 1 Nam-Wah Looking INSANE. Limited Stock.

They're starting a VIP list with the potential for some other makers to hit the stage. That's a bit in the future, albeit not far. Hit us up if you're interested in VIP drops.

For now the party has already kicked off. Thanks to many of you, they're off on a good foot and supplying great living soil, live rosin heat with easy accessibility all over the Nation. is your source for the fire. If you haven't already, go check it out now!


I will continue to write, promote, and let you guys know what's going on with the latest flavors and deals, but go subscribe to Quantum and give a follow @quantumexotics710.

Ladies & Gentleman, the time has come to "Get Exotic. Super Exotic."



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