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NetFlix's PainKiller: The White-Washing of Genocide & Lists of The Best Books and Movies on opioids

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Now with several documentaries and books on the still murderous opioid genocide, they've taken things into their own hands to produce a full-frontal, docu-drama reenactment of the villains, The Sacklers, and their company known as Purdue Pharma. This six-part Netflix series called Painkiller does its very best to whitewash a criminal catastrophe bordering on genocide, now that the information is available and documented from a number of other sources. Having experienced this opioid genocide that I've written on before, I wanted to comment and direct those interested to better literature and documentaries.

If Painkiller is your only notion of the problem it will suffice, however the real story goes so much deeper and the harms go further than this retelling even begins to imagine. With enough content out there, some real research done to trace pain and pain management's purposeful evolution over the last 100 years into the "fifth vital sign" (Dreamland), Painkiller comes across as an attempt to close a chapter that is far from over.

The final scenes in Painkiller had me going for a bit there, even providing a small bit of relief in the violence of the last episode. As one Sackler is pummeling the other, his face covered in blood, the hits keep coming. Painkiller ends by showing old Mortimer punching the younger Sackler into oblivion. A real climax moment of shared anger and pain, only to remember this is completely fabricated. It did not happen but it works to calm the anger generated throughout six episodes. These criminals tailored the industry to their liking, killing more people than any other drug, while enriching themselves. Without the barrage of civil suits, now coming from every state in the Nation, Purdue admitted no wrongdoing and was prepared to move forward, bringing Oxycontin to the global markets under MundiPharma. A far cry from the fictional violence of the final scenes.

Best Shows/Docs/Etc. (2 lists with crossover) on the opioid genocide

  1. The Crime of the Century HBO

  2. Opioids Inc. Frontline-Insys and John Kappoor

  3. Dopesick

  4. The Pharmacist

  5. Heroin(e)

Best Books

  1. DreamLand: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic (The only book explaining the black market emergence and full history of pharmaceuticals in America).

  2. Hitler’s New Shower: Opiates Made Clear (Mind Blowing Accounts)

  3. The Dope

  4. The Hard Sell (John Kapoor & Insys)

  5. Warning this Drug May Kill You

  6. Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic.

  7. Dr. Feelgood


DreamLand by Sam Quinones is the textbook piece of literature on the opioid scourge, tracing the history of pharmaceuticals while discovering the "heroin cells" appearing across the country, that I experienced first-hand and wrote about here. Before Oxycontin was the Blockbuster drug, the Sackler's changed the pharmaceutical industry through advertising and corporate capture, by owning both the advertising agencies, the trade journals and scientific publications, and the pharmaceuticals in development. This is how the Sackler's made Valium the first drug to earn one-hundred million dollars, claiming it's use for literally everything under the sun. Sounds like a familiar line of rhetoric, “use for everything-medications” just like Oxycontin for generalized pain.

"Hitler's New Shower: Opiates Made Clear" by Judah

Hitler's New Shower: Opiates Made Clear presents a striking globalist view of the mere "epidemic". While the other works center around the Sacklers and Purdue, Opiates Made Clear traces the lesser-known John Kapoor of Insys and their rapid delivery Fentanyl spray, before turning to the Sacklers who in Judah’s words, “are the financial and legal trailblazers for our current opiate plague.” This work packs a serious punch in the fewest pages possible, discussing the all too obvious. For example, Oxycodone had been on the shelves for years and years as five and ten (.75-10mg) milligram Percocets and yet somehow, our smartest minds thought that prescribing 100's of milligrams of the same drug (minus the Tylenol) would be safe. Sure pal. Sure.

Anti-Cannabis Propaganda Traced To Big Pharma

A source of anti-cannabis propaganda was traced back to John Kapoor and Insys Therapeutics in Opiates Made Clear. With the first and only approved schedule two mind you, cannabis sublingual spray (Drominol), Insys spent heavily to defeat legalization measures. So while cannabis remains a schedule one with no medical purposes, Dronibinol somehow found its way to schedule two. Just insanity. “These inconsistencies are alarming red flags since human lives are at stake, and should no-longer just be blindly accepted by Americans.” One of our greatest natural pain killers, cannabis, has remained a schedule one, allowing prescription opioids to do the severest damage.

Talking about drug schedules based upon potential for abuse and medical application, “alcohol killed nearly ninety-thousand Americans in two thousand eighteen according to the National Institute of Health—well-over double those killed by opiates”. Alcohol defines a schedule one drug.

Through comparison of the numbers and lot of information already laid out in other works, the label of opioid Genocide is more than warranted. And through what used to sound like conspiracy theories, Judah connects the Nazi scientists, missing from the Nuremberg Tribunals, who found a new home in the United States working for Big Pharma. As such his work published under the name "Judah," connects the pharmaceutical companies making Xylon-B for concentration camps, with our current pharmacology brands.

While it is deserving of an article alone, I cannot finish this piece without making mention of Fentanyl. “What most sources didn’t mention about these Fentanyl deaths, however, is that fentanyl had been killing opiate addicts for decades”(Judah). During my years of abuse, fentanyl patches could be found, bought, and used. It was fairly common to inject the gel from within the fentanyl patches. When the patches changed to a harder plastic, they could be smoked off tin foil. The only time fentanyl was prescribed to someone I know, it malfunctioned and killed my sister's boyfriend in his sleep, who was just 15 years old. The surge of fentanyl use was predictable and foreseeable.

Wrap Up

What remains consistent throughout all these works is the FDA's failure, Big Pharma's power, and the criminal connections between politicians/legislators and big corporations. Witnessed in Painkiller although briefly, the FDA agent who initially approved Oxycontin (after tremendous pressure, prestige, and unspoken rewards) goes on to work for Purdue Pharma! "Wright did join Purdue two years after leaving the FDA, with, according to Empire of Pain, a first-year compensation package of $400,000." Textbook example of the greed these people possess.

As a P.O.W. in the War on Drugs, victim of big pharma while still a child, with numerous accidental overdoses, and even years of incarceration as a result of my own overdoses, it's the topic I planned to write on. After watching everything that has come out and reading most of the works written on opioids, Painkiller appears to be little more than a whitewashing of death and despair. Then again, maybe its the motivation needed for others to get on board...

Ill let Judah summarize:

“An Act of Congress in the nineties paved the way for long-term ‘pain management’ in the United States, at the behest of a privileged family who was awarded a new patent for a painkiller which was merely a sixteen-times stronger version of Percocet, which passed the scrutiny of the DEA and FDA—who should be our greatest minds in a field in which they are paid to protect Americans—and this ‘Atomic Percocet’ went-on to snuff the lives of who-knows-how-many human beings. Twelve Congressmen then went through the trouble of writing this harsh letter to the World Health Organization, warning of an ongoing genocide in the United States—as if they were desperately appealing to the grace of a comic superhero—because they feared it would consume the rest of the world. And you mean to tell me that if all of these checkpoints would’ve just been paying attention, they all would've realized that OxyContin simply amounted to a handful of ordinary Percocet? Meanwhile, where are these ‘twelve Congressmen’ now?” Nowhere to be found…

Let me know if I missed any other books or docs you think should be mentioned by dropping a comment below...

Judah. Hitler's New Shower: Opiates Made 'Clear' . Kindle Edition.



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