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The Similarities Are Staggering Cops & Convicts

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The closest comparison that can be made to a police officer, is not the usual run of the mill arrestees, but the real institutionalized convicts covering America the prison system. No other person or position in modern society compares as equally and wholly to a police officer, than the gang members they mimic.

The level of hatred for police came almost as a surprise to me. A level of pure hate that I cannot fathom, realizing my fight is not at all like theirs. I had to set my sights much higher, finding true displeasure in those responsible for such legislation. Maybe it was the convict code and certain behaviors that truly displayed the level of hatred toward the man and anyone caught talking to the man alone. The usual convicts daily battle both in prison and on the streets is simply to evade them, fool them, and get away with petty drug deals chasing bottom feeder dollars. Right there's the counterpart cops to best handle those most similar in stature.

Or maybe it was the level of civility that confounded me. I realized right away that doing time meant going unnoticed. On the inside, the cop always wins, and so a level of decency bordering on respect is normally paid from convict to Overseer. This deep seeded hatred for the men in blue was juxtaposed by a civility and respect between offender and guard, that I needed to learn. Both parties despise a rat, which guards made surprisingly clear.

Choosing to enter these horrible confines daily, the police evolved into an element more criminal than any I've ever come across to this day. They emulate the convicts they oversee, feeling inadequate to control groups of gang members. Watching convicts work out daily, leads the cops to do the same (using the same prison gyms). The yard's plastered in full-sleeve tattoos, leading police to hand their hard-earned money over to someone who is probably an ex-convict, to further emulate those they oversee. There wasn't a guard in prison without full sleeves finished or in the works. Between working out and getting tattooed, these cops have embodied the criminals they supposedly dislike. I watched as new cops were employed, and saw how fast they transformed in less than a year, becoming a kind of convict themselves.

Is this a surprise? NO. Hell no. They are followers and only following along with what society deems normal, (despite society remaining clueless about what is really occurring). You do not sign up to be a prison guard without the intention of being a cop, otherwise some guards are retired cops. It goes both ways. I don't know what is worse now that I think about it: A prisoner expected to function in society after such barbaric and inhumane treatment, or the new cop sent to protect society, who is also coming fresh from years of institutionalization. They pose equal threats outside of prison and to society at large, although one of them always has a gun...



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