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Live Rosin VS. Live Resin: All You Need To Know Chart

The word "Live" in Live Rosin vs. Live Resin, denotes the use of freshly harvested and frozen cannabis materials, rather than the traditional use of dried and cured cannabis material, but this is just about where the similarities cease between the two latest extracts. While this was intended to be a visual post only, here comes the words...

A two column chart with live rosin on the left and live resin on the right. Each side provides the input material, final products styles lists, and a paragraph about how each is made and precautions for live resin.
Rocking The Live Rosin Vs. Live Resin Charts

Live Resin often employs trim, trash, scrap, and even contaminated materials, frozen just prior to extraction (if at all). Live Rosin on the other hand, requires some of the highest quality cannabis materials, gently harvested and trimmed by hand, before freezing the material right on the farm. Lower grades of frozen material that aren't yielding for Hash and Rosin, are the best case scenarios for Live Resin quality. The worst case scenarios include the use of material tested and deemed contaminated, which head to the chemical solvent lab for "remediation."

The Evolution and Understanding

One of the easiest ways to understand and remember both of these products is to understand the products that led to their development. Understanding the evolution of these products involves tracing their predecessors. If we strip away the "live" designation and revert to the use of dried and cured cannabis, we can trace the progression:

Wax<Shatter<Crumble<Cured Resin<Live Resin

For LIVE RESIN, the precursor was Cured Resin, blasted with butane just like Live Resin, but with dried cannabis materials. Prior to a cured resin, we saw our fair share of shatter, wax, crumble, and of course the secondary processing of distillates. Live Resin can be seen as a continuation of Cured Resin, distinguished by its use of frozen cannabis material.

Bubble Hash<Flower Rosin<Live Rosin<Ice Water Hash

Take the live  away from LIVE ROSIN and you just have rosin or "flower rosin" to be more specific. Unlike Live Resin, Live Rosin brought real progress to ancient methods, by combining previous bubble hash techniques with the rosin press to provide smokers with a product unlike anything before it (in terms of quality). Unlike live resin, Live Rosin combined techniques to create a Live Rosin product without a direct prior comparison.

These latest styles represent a progression of techniques, with Live Rosin as the revolutionary product changing our ability to experience the plant. Achieving higher quality extracts than ever before, Live Rosin surpasses the chemical solvent possibilities to bring lovers of the plant closer to nature than ever before. 

The genetic variety in the evolving market challenges the notion that certain strains are only viable for chemical solvent extraction.

Built In Protocols

Unlike chemical solvent extractions, which enable the producer to use trim, trash, scrap, and even contaminated biomass, solventless techniques require at least a baseline of quality cannabis flower material. Using only agitation and gravity to remove trichomes from the plant's surface (where they grow and reside), Live Rosin is NOT able to use poor quality materials like trim and bulk biomass the way chemical solvents allow. In a new industry, chemical solvents give agency to vast consumer manipulation.


While BHO and Live Resin is able to be produced from the lowest of the low, a fairly high quality product is achievable with solvent extraction and Live Resin. One or two local companies usually employ solvents and make a high quality Live Resin from quality cannabis materials. The issue is, there’s almost no way to tell the difference between live resin from quality inputs versus live resin from trim and scraps. The CRC column enables any black sludge to become a bright yellow extract called Live Resin. 


There are plenty who point to cannabis strains unwilling to yield anything useful under solventless techniques, claiming Live Resin and BHO to be the answer to those non-washable strains. As time has gone on, we've seen a never ending stream of new Live Rosin flavors, with no shortage of options in a constantly evolving market of genetic variety. The genetic variety in the evolving market challenges the notion that certain strains are only viable for chemical solvent extraction.

Maybe some additional pheno-hunting is necessary for those difficult varieties or better yet, since there is so much overlap in our genetics that maybe it isn't worth growing if it only yields in chemical solvent extraction? Just a thought.

In Conclusion

Live Rosin stands out as a revolutionary product, pushing the boundaries of extract quality and changing the way we experience cannabis. The market's constant evolution offers a myriad of options, challenging assumptions about strains that were once considered unsuitable for solventless techniques.

Rocking the charts as usual...

In the end, both products are comprised of organic cannabis materials from the trichome glands. THC of course, CBD, and over 200 other cannabinoids have been discovered in the same trichome glands and may be included in the extract. In addition to cannabinoids, terpenes are also included. If you wanted to bad enough, you could call a distillate of pure THC mixed with food grade terpenes, LIVE RESIN with little repercussion.

In the end the highest quality product and the aim is to preserve the natural trichome gland contents, delivering the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids as they appear on the day of harvest. Ice Water Hash does it best, followed by Live Rosin.

Let's hear your thoughts below...



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