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Focus V Carta E-Rig Smashes: A Real Rig for Real Hash Smokers and Beginners Alike

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

While today's cannabis extracts are evolving quickly, SHO is running away with the... SHOw. Never have we been able to preserve entire trichome heads, instead using harsh chemical solvents like butane to dissolve trichome heads, before purging the butane to extract THC. Now using just ice and water to extract, today’s hash represents the purest possible expression of each cannabis cultivar, and the highest quality product across the industry. By preserving the whole trichome head, ice water hash can be dabbed or pressed into rosin, but for many people busting out a blowtorch isn’t exactly ideal. Thankfully, the Carta is the perfect rig for everyone regardless of experience, to easily and conveniently enjoy the Solventless Experience.

For a third less than other devices, the Carta by Focus V delivers a powerful product suitable for solventless extracts. While good-American quartz and a torch remain king (with a Terpometer), the Carta gives you the freedom to dab outdoors and on the go. For years I’ve been tied to my desk or coffee table when smoking hash with all the little tools necessary for consistently great dabs. The idea of bringing a torch, quartz, a glass rig, a carb. cap, a dab tool, and q-tips outside of home is unthinkable. With the Carta, you can load one small hit of hash rosin, put it in the carrying bag that comes with it and know you’re set wherever you go. A nice dab of hash rosin just 6-clicks away. Plus, it’s getting far more use than originally expected, providing the convenience I’m often looking for.

Don’t Usually Dab?

For anyone who missed dabbing during the BHO decade, but are drawn to ice water hash and rosin, the Carta is the go-to device. Using the Carta makes dabbing water hash and rosin as easy as loading wax into a pen, yet the Carta provides so much more. From the water filtration, to the atomizer and quartz insert, the Carta is a vastly improved experience compared to prior electronic devices that destroy solventless dabs.


While previous pens used red hot coils to vaporize butane hash, these coils destroy solventless extracts. The ceramic cartridge pen eliminates direct contact between your hash and red-hot coils and was an improvement, but still a meager experience considering the possibilities. Combining nearly a decade of research and design, the Carta utilizes the best elements and technologies to deliver the perfect electronic dab rig at the right price. Plus, you get everything necessary without needing to purchase all sorts of accessories. It’s ready to go right out of the box.

Inside Carta Everlast Atomizer with Quartz Insert.


Everlast Atomizer

The Carta comes with the Everlast atomizer that’s built to last. The atomizer attaches to the Carta base but should be fully assembled first. Use the quartz insert for solventless dabs. It sits directly inside the atomizer base and the ceramic top with rubber sleeve screws on top. The reverse threading of the ceramic top piece prevents over tightening the atomizer and will unscrew right as the atomizer is sufficiently tight into the base. There’s a sweet spot when the atomizer base and ceramic top piece are sufficiently tight, just before the top piece begins to unscrew.

Glass and Water

The Carta’s no-spill design provides the same level of filtration as any solid dab rig. Remove the glass attachment before filling it with water to prevent damage to the electrical base. Keep the water level low at no more than an inch or two deep. Reattach the glass with the small hole on the bottom facing toward the atomizer. Attach the carb cap and rubber leash and you’re ready to rock!

Dab Time

Once everything is attached, preload your dab into the Carta’s insert. Five clicks will turn the Carta on. Once it flashes on, press the button again when you’re ready to dab and it will cycle through temperature presets. Each click will cycle through one of four preset temperatures and automatically turn on at the preset chosen. I recommend starting at the first preset for ice water hash and the second preset for rosin. Once the Carta vibrates and flashes green, it's ready to hit. I usually run it for two cycles with each dab. You will begin to get a feel for it and dial things in to your exact liking.

Here’s Some Tips

  • Try to apply your dab to the bottom of the insert and not on the walls. This is often the trickiest part and you will notice the walls do not get as warm. Before the first use or when your Carta is cold, let it run one cycle on the lowest preset. This warms the insert some and makes it easier to then apply the dab.

  • Hit the Carta lightly! Inhaling too hard causes the hash to spill out of the insert and down into the atomizer. Long, steady pulls work best, so save your breath early for a good 30 second dab.

  • Immediately Q-Tip the insert after each use. The Carta comes with some alcohol wipes that are useful for cleaning the ceramic top and carb cap. Keep it clean! Q-tips and alcohol will help keep everything running smoothly.

  • For thicker and heavier smoke, the third preset works, but remember to keep hitting it and removing the cap between your hits to prevent it from becoming too hot and burning up your valuable terps.

Lose the Carts

While pre-filled cartridges used to make do they are an inferior product to today’s solventless methods and do not contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The use of CO2 and the distillation process isolates THC but removes up to two hundred other cannabinoids only found in cannabis flower and ice water hash. It’s beyond time to ditch the pens, prefills, and all other distillate products for modern hash using the Carta by Focus V.

A Real Rig for when you need it most

For the cost of a good American quartz banger, you can have an entire E-rig without the need for torches and butane. The often intimidating and unsightly blow torch is removed from the equation. The Carta heats up in a matter of seconds, delivering even temperatures that will ensure successful dabs even for the brand-new user. And for all those still rocking the torch like myself, the Carta is a luxury to have around. I've found that the Carta gets a lot more use than I’d have ever assumed. I honestly should have bought one years sooner.


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