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Headstash Championship 2023: Win $10,000 at the Cannifest Bowl

After a long and storied history in Humboldt County and supporting the cannabis industry nationwide, the Cannifest crew is back home where it all began. Humboldt is where it all started, including some of the first cannabis centered events, when the Humboldt Garden Expo transitioned to Cannifest back around 2015. Years removed (nearly a decade) since the first bold attempts to throw public cannabis events (go Steve), this September's Cannifest will be one to remember.

Cannifest teamed up with Hashwriter to put out a final call and alert the hash heads California-wide:


Don’t miss out on what will undoubtedly become another legendary chapter in the early days of this new industry and make sure to get your rosin and flower entered for a chance to win $20,000.00 in total cash and prizes. The deadline and drop is set for July 29th, (with regional drop-off locations), and the awards party will happen on Friday September the 8th. The main event will unfold that weekend of September the 9th and 10th at Halvorsen Park in Eureka, CA.


Headlining the Cannifest Humboldt 2023 Cannabis Festival & Trade Gathering, is the Cannifest Bowl Head-Stash Championships! Tons of prizes and some serious cash will be given away after blind testing the samples. And, anyone residing in California (21+) is able to enter. The 2023 Cannifest Bowl Head-Stash Championship is giving away a staggering $10,000 in cash and prizes to the best Flower entry and $10,000 in cash and prizes for the winning Rosin entry. No license is necessary and there’s time left to enter your flower or rosin and be a part of the festivities.

With ten grand in cash going to the best flower and ten grand to the best rosin, they’re certainly making it worth your while. Whether you’re after the glory of greatness and the Cannifest Head Stash Trophy or a green payday, the Head-Stash Championships will be a prime opportunity to elevate your brand and receive some of that always needed street-cred.

Entries for both flower and rosin are still available. Drop offs are due by July 29th, 2023 (drop-offs located with regional partners). Sign up now on the Cannifest website.

Head-stash Gala Brand Premier & Awards Party at Cannifest

We’re kicking things off with the invite-only Headstash Gala Brand Premier & Awards Party on Friday, September the 8th (just the day before the Cannifest event weekend). All finalists will be notified in advance and the awards event is happening in a pretty dope (undisclosed theater) venue, allowing us to smoke and party the night away. It will be a night to remember, circling the wagons and bringing California's elite cannabis community together in the heart of Humboldt, surrounded by the legacy of the Emerald Triangle.

De La Soulzzzzzzzzz

Me, myself and I, will be judging the rosin entries and plan to post on and write about each of the numbered-only entries (as time and logistics permit). Blind testing will be done by many of the Humboldt farmers and others who were selected to judge. While my personal input will be one of many voices and votes, I'm hoping it provides a touch of clarity and transparency, being able to witness each entry and the reasons for each choice. And if nothing else, you will get to hear my feedback and arguments for why one jar is chosen over another.

More Prizes

Along with the two $10,000 Grand Prizes, they will also be awarding several categories with prizes, such as two rosin categories (a Fruity/Floral/Dessert category and an Earthy/Gassy/Dank category) and two or more flower categories (One for Purples and the other for Greens). Bag appeal, nose, flavor, and other specifics will be highlighted and awarded with contributions from generous sponsors at the awards show and kickoff party. We're spreading the love at this one, with a ton of prizes and awards in addition to the two grand prizes. Distinguished cultivators and hash makers will be in the limelight with a rare opportunity to share and interact with the culture.

Wrap Up

Come on out and celebrate the monumental victory of legalization with cannabis’ best farmers, hash makers, creators, breeders, bands, brands, artists, and so much more. This event is packed with features and festivities, with a ton of support from the city of Eureka. Many of the legendary Emerald Triangle farmers who risked it all to make this industry a reality, will be present. If there is one event you get to, make it an original and come on out and let's smoke already!


photo of greenhouse growing greens


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