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Killer-Cops Are nothing New: 100 years of Blood From Pigs in Blue

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I've long been an agnostic, forced to wrestle with the underlying truths of atheism, only to reconsider the agnostic approach. I've long been in favor of our partial-system of socialism toward communism, only to wrestle with the violence and catastrophic events under communist-regimes. And from day one I've remained a peace-nik, dead-set on desertion before forced murder in unjust wars, a Bob Marley devotee, denouncing Che Guevara and violent revolutionaries. I can remember back to one of my oldest beliefs, adopted at a young age, that said war will only cease when peace is the protest or response to violence. Power must turn the other cheek. With age comes cynicism, understanding, totality. With age my dream of peace is shattered and I am reminded almost daily of the violence ensued through poverty, policing, mass incarceration, unending global conflict, and of course, citizens slain by police.

The long-slow hands of time have done wonders to enhance power, with the ability to dictate the historical narrative, while the creature comforts of consumer life and its insulating properties leave everyone to forget the violent tragedies perpetrated by the powers we pay to be American. New investigations have uncovered tragic injustice after tragic injustice, with Netflix becoming a thesis for a fascist regime, mass-injustice, and tyrannical rule over the last hundred or more years. False-convictions, executions, blatant police department criminality and corruption to the top of the chain of command dot the history of policing's past (police meaning local, county, state, sheriff, drug tasc forces, DEA, FBI, CIA, National Guard, and its supporting military forces).

The People Murdered

With the recent brutal murder of Tyre Nichols, many are quick to point to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, and about twenty other individuals recently murdered by police, but it's time for the long-arm (not of the law), but of perspective. See, this isn't new or unusual (and the rate reduced significantly now that the people have again awoken) and it has been taking place in this nation for the last hundred years.

Much of the killing has its roots set in the 1960's when The People's voice momentarily crippled power, uniting the people, until the brutal slayings and massacre of the Black Panther Party in 1969. Fred Hampton was drugged and murdered in cold-blood by the Cook County Sheriff's Department. This was such a blatant and tragic injustice, that the government has since reneged:

"It was resolved in 1982 by a settlement of $1.85 million (equivalent to $5.19 million in 2021); the U.S. federal government, Cook County, and the City of Chicago, each paid one-third to a group of nine plaintiffs. Given revelations about the illegal COINTELPRO program and documents associated with the killings, many scholars now consider Hampton's death an assassination at the FBI's initiative".

Cold-blooded Police slayings, opening fire on a residential apartment filled with innocent bystanders. They fired over 90 rounds into the apartment killing two and injuring many, after drugging Hampton. See, killing citizens isn't a new tool or tactic, but one firing on all cylinders to silence revolutions and leaders around the world. While Martin Luther King and Malcom X were likely murdered by the punk police, Fred Hampton's killing is cut and dry.

Kent State Killings

On to the next year in 1970, when the people crossed their allotted bounds of protest and execution was evidenced again. Key in the Kent State shootings and killings during relatively peaceful, college-campus protests over the War in Vietnam. Students were shown the same truths known by the Viet Cong a world away, which was this:

The U.S. Government is not afraid to murder citizens to reach whatever aims

As opposition to the War in Vietnam mounted, the National Guardsman there to control the protests opened fire into an unarmed crowd of student protestors. Four students were murdered and another nine students were injured. The point was made, a point that has remained close-to-heart in the minds of Americans everywhere; firmly entrenched in the subconscious of the American psyche.

The War ON Drugs

With The People finding truth and power in numbers, (and mind expanding drugs) alternative methods were necessary to silence and control the population. How convenient that in 1971 Nixon (a criminal) declared a war against our own citizens who choose to consume or possess very specific substances. "Tune In, turn on, Drop Out" was solved with a prison sentence and new legislation. It was no longer necessary to murder leaders of the people with criminalization through drugs leading us to mass incarceration. We have several generations now locked behind bars with millions more disenfranchised for life. Mandatory minimums, habitual offender, three-strikes, and a never-ending-list of "sentence enhancers", provide the tools to silence any rebellion.

Yeah, a government funded encounter with the Contras made cocaine easily accessible to wealthy Americans everywhere. Shortly after, crack cocaine would be released in our Nation's ghettos, criminalizing huge wafts of society. No longer was the government pursuing those committing isolated criminal acts, but criminalizing entire neighborhoods. As crack cocaine lingered in the shadows, the new opioid epidemic was being unleashed upon an unsuspecting general population, which would go on to kill more Americans than the violent, gang-ridden ghettos of the crack cocaine epidemic, and far more than the police could kill alone. A decade of heavy narcotic opioid sales, requires F.D.A. & government oversight, repeatedly.

Mass Incarceration = Mass Warehousing = Mass Murder

Despite having no reason whatsoever to have hope, my faith in fellow humans remains. It is not the individual's intention to operate corruptly, however the systems set-up by a prior generation lay the foundational channels and framework that hides, shields, & incentivizes over-policing, barbarism, violence, murder, and mass incarceration. A group of well intentioned individuals come together to create the persistent injustice, inhumanity, and disease that enriches corporations, while entire nations remain starving. It's beyond time to draw the line.

You're either with them or you're not. You're either working for the problem, or helping the solution.

We have a never before seen problem with a never before seen solution.

Peace, Love, & Solventless Hashish



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