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Thoughts from the Hash-Brain: Mr. Scientist & his Institutional Form of "Corporate-science"

Updated: Feb 24

As an advocate of science, or rather, Truth, learning, and information, I’ve always leaned to the side of science when confronted with mounting heady theories and the endless bro-sciences that seem not only welcomed, but wanted industry-wide. I’ve always relied on research, what very little we have, along with a lifetime of first-hand experience when our limited research quickly runs out. And to be frank, if fresh-frozen harvests and ice water refinement didn’t show us a vastly better way, I’d still be smoking BHO dabs all day long.

Long story short, there's no need, no use, and no desire for any cannabis product made from solvents when solventless options have appeared.

The battle we face is against institutional-science, or rather, Capitalist-Science with an agenda. For many who raked in the money, running chemical solvents through bulk “biomass,” the motivations to deceive are in the multi-millions. They’re quick to point out other agricultural industries who utilize the same mechanisms of extraction, which seemed to be a good enough reason for acceptance (ten years ago). If you’re seeking only one cannabinoid this may make sense, otherwise there’s nothing else like the cannabis plant. This is an important point often overlooked, as this plant is truly incredible & unique for a long list of reasons many never encounter. Of all the essential oils using hydrocarbon extraction techniques, they seek to isolate the one active molecule. Cannabis doesn’t have just one active molecule, but a cornucopia of cannabinoids and terpenes that act in unison. While THC was long considered to be the sole active compound, more recent science (and experience) proves otherwise.

"Science Doesn't Stop For Heady Bois"

A caption read: “Science doesn’t stop for Heady-bois,” as though solventless fans are science deniers. An appropriate response to this bulk-biomass distiller would be:

1. Solventless refinement is a science. It uses our understanding of science to improve the product. In fact, continued use of chemical solvents denies our scientific understanding of the plant, serving a profit-motivated form of science, I'm calling "institutional or corporate science."

2. Science isn't here to find out what product and method has the largest upside & greatest profit margins, (although so-far that is all science is concerned about) despite our scientific research and understanding of the plant being far from complete. Talk about counting chickens before hatching the eggs. If only "science" worked to help the people, what a crazy notion.

B.H.NO Thanks to Mr. Scientist

It’s funny to remember that BHO extraction wasn’t the scientific industry researching the plant and lending us a helping hand (when we needed it the very most). It was anything but, with countless home extractions blowing up like meth labs in the process. Only then did Mr. Scientist make his presence known in a swift swoop of capitalist opportunity. Opportunity is key here, as the chance to pay pennies on the dollar for contaminated cannabis trash, with all-but-guaranteed solvent-extraction yields, is a pretty penny for the founder. While they may have their boom, just like the food we eat, the people will catch on and demand better.

And when you have made a fortune buying bulk cannabis biomass (regardless of contamination or infestation) and in fact, usually bought because of contamination for the purpose of remediation, life was way too easy. Remediation being the industry's new favorite word for packing a steel pipe full of biomass, blasting chemical solvents like butane through it, and collecting & purging the liquid butane and cannabis biomass-mix to save whatever is left. Further distillation will isolate THC & remove leftover solvents, but THC is far from the whole picture.

Long story short, there's no need, no use, and no desire for any cannabis product made from solvents when solventless options have appeared. Then again, I am the first to admit the need for BHO and distillation will remain and should remain to provide dirt-cheap (free) edibles to those most in need. The entire industry is massively overpriced as no adjustment whatsoever has been made to account for the revolutionary new techniques of ice water hash and live rosin. Rather, a whole new level of pricing sought to gouge consumers for quality, while keeping trash-quality products at an exorbitantly high-priced-premium and they wonder why the market's failing. And yet, no other product on retail shelves provides anywhere near the value of Live Rosin in a real-world comparison to the plant and all other products.

Whenever I doubt prices or other options, I'm quick to remember that quality cannabis plants, healthy cannabis plants, matter. With remediation as a regulation and a rule, it's safe to say we know where ALL of the cannabis goes that has failed testing: to Mr. Scientist & his chemistry set.

We now have two methods to remove trichomes from the plant:


Shake the plant until all of it's perfect trichome gland heads (containing all of the plant's cannabinoids and terpenes) fall free for collection (ice water hash). Agitation causes whole trichomes to break free for collection as if "meant to be". Gathered, the perfect trichomes are pressed by hand into live rosin. Hand-made. No machines. No chemicals. Tiny batches of quickly trimmed, loosely packed, chosen and frozen flowers.


With Chemical Solvents

Drench the plant in Butane causing the trichome gland heads to melt from the plant and dissolve into the liquid chemical solvent. Destroyed trichome glands & contents liquefy, carrying with the solvent. This "Butane-cannabinoid-terpene-mixture" is purged and evaporated to remove the butane and leave behind whatever remains from the plant. Or soaked in ethanol and further distilled to provide, roughly estimated with 200 cannabinoids and over 200 terpenes, 1/400th of the plant. Gross.


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