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Six-Star Truth: Elevating Consciousness And The Irony of A cannabis-Economy Called "Culture"

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

At this junction, where the truth is better marketing material than any lie, the irony of a consumerist commercial industry is in opposition with the principles inherent in the product and plant. I'm not a marketer in the old sense of the word, more of a journalist, with skilled methods to drive traffic through an effective content marketing campaign and Search Engine Optimization (that should be called search engine integration). For a journalist it was required to uncover industry truths...

With six-star hash and live hash rosin finally rising to the top, the only motivation necessary toward enjoying these products is the dead truth. The truth of the plant, the truth of the people, the six-star truth: it doesn't get any better and we have tried to achieve these results for generations. A truth that helped confirm the latest theories, while proving the seemingly impossible to be doable.

cannabis farm photograph inside the greenhouse
Hashwriter Photography

Hype and lies are irrelevant in comparison to the revolutionary nature of modern hash. Rather than educating the people about their products and low quality alternatives, marketing hype, flash, and pizzazz are once again, back on top, unfortunately. Many left education by the side of the road in order to sell-out... again. Most aspects of consumer culture disgust me, but to see it in cannabis is repulsive. The industry norm is not defensible and it wasn't until the solventless solution arrived that I had a reason to contribute or speak.


a ven diagram showing solvent Live Resin versus Solventless Live Rosin as well as previous methods of butane extraction and old-world solventless products.
Dry Cannabis Materials and Their Extract Options


Elevating Consciousness

The irony is overwhelming. Cannabis at it's core is about elevating consciousness. Similar to LSD in the 1960's and 70's, cannabis is included in the mind-opening and awareness generating molecules. Why do you think it was so feared and illegal? "Cannabis reveals you to yourself," in the words of Bob Marley. With six-star hash and live rosin the need for meaningful education is paramount and no amount of marketing sensation can outdo a simple explanation and comparison with prior methods and alternative techniques. The ones who understand the nature of the plant and the products they consume, will remain loyal to whoever shares the education with them.

Ethical Cannabis Content Marketing

Content marketing is the ideal to strive for. Facts and product truths, not deception and hype. Leave the hype to brands and products who need it, letting the hype be a warning. This is the first time a product can stand on its own without the need for vast industry and consumer manipulation, but before helping others was considered, the industry Chad's clutched at their meager strings of power and dove headfirst into the next profitable endeavor. All you need to know is how to consume as many of their products as fast as possible, apparently.


fresh frozen cannabis can be made into live resin or live rosin and this chart shows the two side by side and their various final forms, along with the dangers of solvent extraction and the bulk-biomass they use for solvent-based extract products.
A Highly Useful Breakdown of Modern Cannabis Extract Options


Solventless Democratizes Quality Access

These solventless methods equal a return to the back yard, a democratization of high quality cannabis. It represents the taking of a plant and a product away from the non-cannabis concerned, bomb-proof labs, stainless steel butane extraction and distillation equipment, Big Chemical and board rooms, and giving the plant back to the people it belongs to. It's revolutionary in every turn of the phrase, both symbolically and in practice. The full-circle evolution, back to where it all started with Bubble Hash combined with modern methods, is a story far too amazing and too beautiful to make up.

More Truth

Learning that everything we smoked during the prior years was bulk "biomass" of trash and trim, left little respect for industry methods. It's only a matter of time before the public understands how their processed-cannabis products are really being produced, along with the industry use of chemical solvents to "remediate contaminated cannabis". This is called, Corporate Capture or Regulatory Capture, where the regulations are influenced, if not dictated, by the brands who aim to profit.

A Hash Rosin Brand For Everyone

What they didn't realize is the evolving nature of this industry and plant, that will soon spread coast to coast with too many hash makers to count. It's already become comical to see the slew of "brands". A slew that all use the same two or three farm’s materials and even white label live rosin. I'm at the point where a high-brow hash brand is an afterthought and I'd rather enjoy a jar from a friend without a label or a brand. Intention is everything. For all their nonsense, 710Labs remains indifferent to cannabis competitions. Something I valued immensely in the beginning and respect them for. There are no good intentions in the world of deceptive marketing, hustling, and this sick-entrepreneurial spirit that screams all for me and nothing for anyone else.

A Revolutionary Spirit of Mutual Aid

It's exactly the spirit which allows our people to be incarcerated for the plant you make millions on. It's the spirit that's allowed a catastrophe, an all-out war on the people, and the building of small hidden cities to hide generations of slave laboring humans. Human products that generate tax revenue for their incarceration, while providing slave labor to our biggest corporations including the military. This is what cannabis the drug was used for. Now as a new generation grows up with the best cannabis has to offer, the inklings of a raised consciousness falter.

In the words of William S. Burroughs:

"Thanks for the American dream,
 To vulgarize and falsify until
 the bare lies shine through."

Alright, now let's see those arms...


Thanks for Reading and make sure to grab a copy of my work to spread the solventless information to the core groups of consumers who need it most. "The Hashish Manifesto" 2nd Edition is for everyone regardless of experience and begins with lessons in flower, before revealing the simple nature of the plant through six star hash. There's something for everyone...


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