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Welcoming The Best Since 2010: BoldtBags Custom Commercial-ONLY bags Are now available to all...

Updated: May 17, 2023

We are happy to welcome another industry leader into the fold. If you haven't noticed by now, we take promotions seriously around here and we certainly do not write about or promote brands that haven't earned our trust and the trust of a long list of hash makers. This decision was all but automatic, given the history and circumstances. A warm welcome is in line for the leader in commercial & small-batch hash washing applications. None other than the premium provider of American Made hash washing bags: BoldtBags is now officially in the house.

About a year or so back we welcomed the leading maker of rosin presses, who also used and sold BoldtBags. That article is still up and you can see for yourself who the top-quality bag brand is. While we have vouched for a few hash equipment makers so far, this is the first for hash-washing bags. An easy decision when the top hash makers the nation-over proudly use Boldt and Boldt's custom built commercially designed model of hash bags that are now available to consumers for the very first time. Boldtbags teamed up with Hashwriter to deliver the lowdown on the latest designs developed for and by the best retail hash makers.

American Made Premium Quality = Boldt Bags

Proudly made in the USA with only the highest quality materials, BoldtBags provides the level of quality many miss on. There are more than enough types of fabric or mesh to choose from, some cheaper and less effective than others. China-made and sourced bags & cheap nylon knockoffs are increasingly common from those late to the party, who want to cash-in. BoldtBags stands both on their hard earned reputation as the leader in high quality bags over the years, but backs it up with new designs and top quality sourcing of materials.

Cheaply made mesh bags stretch leading to varied sizing in the filtration process. With each bag finely measured in microns, stretching and strain on the mesh material will cause inconsistent filtration, when precision is quite literally, the name of the game. This is exactly why BoldtBags chooses to use only the highest quality FDA tested and approved poly material across their product lineup, which retains its shape throughout the wash and cannot be stretched and manipulated.

Culture Based Evolution

While modern Ice-Water Hash and Live Hash Rosin are still relatively new techniques, it's easy to forget that traditional bubble-hash and the process of hand washing dried and cured buds is nothing new. I still remember when cheesecloth was a real & viable option, long before industry designed products came out. With an Emerald Cup award for best new product all the way back in 2010, BoldtBags has a track record of proven success, evolving with the industry and helping to enable today's top solventless tech. BoldtBags was an industry favorite, used and preferred by everyone in the solventless space, despite more recent claims.

Boldt Bags Hashish Washing Bag Kit. 3 bag kit shown with box.
Boldt Bags traditional models are perfect for those who need quality, without breaking the bank. Solid walls with mesh bottoms.

Unlike some others attempting to pile on and capitalize on the more recent solventless evolution, BoldtBags has played the part for more than a decade now. Some of the traditional hash bags with solid walls, and mesh bottoms are still available (as shown above), but the all-mesh bags allow for faster drainage. A ten-plus year evolution has led to a product for every person and a solution to every issue, just like their line of Lock Top Stackers.

Lock TOP Stackers

The "Brett Byrd Approved'' Lock-Top Stackers (what's good homie!?) allow for secure customization in the length or hanging height of each full-mesh wash bag. Thanks to the solid Lock-tops, these full-mesh bags fulfilled the needs of top hash makers everywhere. Lock them in during the rinse and pull the bag and re-lock it for easy access to carefully scrape or spoon trichomes from each bag's surface (as shown in the center picture below).

A hash making favorite, the full-mesh Lock Top bags are an obtainable item for every lab, regardless of volume or size. With the recent Emerald Cup Winner Brett Byrd signed on, what more of a recommendation could anyone need? With so many variables during the solventless process that can have significant effect on the final product, high-quality reliable wash bags should be your baseline. Setting up your home lab, then I'd look no further...

Commercial exclusive now available to Everyone!

For the past two years and counting, BoldtBags worked with hash makers to develop a commercially exclusive style of hash washing bags designed with and for top-tier and high volume production. These basket shaped bags retain their shape thanks to the reinforced ring and fixed flat bottoms, providing maximum efficiency in high-volume production settings. In heavy duty operations, these bags are a welcomed relief, designed to make every aspect of the hash washing process faster, easier, and more efficient. This especially includes rinsing, washing, hanging and drying, and re-using your bags. Now, for the first time, the custom bags made for top-tier producers only, are available direct to the public.

Maximize efficiency and forget about tangled up, folded, and creased wet bags, while never needing to dig into the pesky corners again. Multiple sizes of bags, come in kits of four or eight -and single or individual bags are available. Sets of four will have you covered, but the eight bag sets give you options and adjustments for your preferred wash. If you are washing different types of cannabis, the eight bag set will keep you covered for years to come. Large-scale commercial production designed, tested and proven, now available to all. Trust the best, use the best. Decision done.

Custom Quality Bags = Hash Heroes

Thanks in part to their wire rimmed bags with flat bottoms, along with the highest quality materials meant (and proven) to last in commercial applications, it's no wonder why top California hash brands like Papa's Select choose and rely upon Boldt Bags. Papa's Select has won one Emerald Cup trophy after another for ice water hash and live rosin, working with top-tier farms across the Emerald Triangle. Thanks to their premium products, custom build capacity, and technical ingenuity, BoldtBags has been a favorite for many of our favorite hash makers over the years. Down the line, the top retail, commercial, and black market brands all stand proudly behind BoldtBags and their proven tools for success.


  • Byrd Extracts

  • Punch_extracts

  • @Papas_Select

  • Pez_Bros

  • Truelieve

  • and many more...

From some of the largest operations like Trulieve, to retail hash legends like @Papas_Select, and low-key creators of top quality melts, all turn to BoldtBags for a worry free wash and finish.


But when I walked in the back door, through the warehouse space, and into the climate controlled lab the first time, the sex-swing hanging in a shower-stall threw me for a loop. It's not a sex-swing after all, but it surely looks like one.

suspension system for hash washing bags

Why lift heavy bags of hash and water, while waiting for them to drain when you can go weightless? If your back hurts, try working with gravity not against it using BoldtBags Suspension Kits. It's all downhill from there, literally. Just one of many ways to find your perfect set-up and customize your lab with Boldt's lineup of problem-solving devices.


With the relatively low start-up cost compared to chemical solvent extraction labs, hash bags play a central role in your production quality and capacity. With cheaply made alternatives becoming more and more prevalent, there's a lot of unknown brands and makers coming into the mix. Stick with the ones who have been there and done that, proving themselves year after year and with brand after brand, to be the hash makers first and last decision for hash washing bags.

Use code: "Hashwriter" during checkout to save ten percent off your entire order at and give them a follow. It's thanks to sponsorships from brands like BoldtBags that enable to continue delivering the information and insight the industry desperately needs.



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