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Badder-Tech for Dry Hash-Rosin

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Disappointed by solventless hash rosin that is already buttered-up? I have a solution! You can turn dried and buddered rosin into a dripping wet badder by reading the techniques below.

Different strains (cultivars) of hash rosin act and react differently. This means certain strains or phenotype, butter-up faster than others. Cold storage of solventless hash is always crucial to keep hash in a fresh and translucent state. If hash rosin warms at any point after production, it will begin to lose the stable and clear consistency everyone is looking for. I've written about storage and the process of rosin buttering-up here, but regardless of why your rosin is buttered, here's a couple secrets from the Hash Gods, working wonders for myself and many others.

Before the Tech
Live Rosin After the Badder-Tech

For the unfortunate jars of Rosin coming buttered-up, like the gram below (no longer translucent and solidified into a shade of white), let it warm up to room temperature. Once your gram has sat out and completely warmed up, use a tool to break off any outliers, or thin pieces of rosin on the walls or rim of the jar, but DO NOT WHIP. There's no "whipping" or "stirring" after rosin budders. Whipping only works with fresh rosin and will work against buttered rosins, drying them out even more.

710 Labs Buddered Up Hash Rosin

Once everything's gathered, place your finger on the hash and then gently apply pressure until you can feel the gram give just a bit. I used to sit there and use my tool, slowly working over the hash, but found it's much faster to start by smashing everything together under my finger. Press just hard enough to have felt the whole chunk of rosin slightly give or shift into the bottom of the jar. Work around by pressing or tapping and very carefully packing the rosin down with one finger. Sometimes that's really all it takes, as the heat from your finger and the agitation really works to soften the hash and bring some of the moisture out. Flattening the surface works sometimes and other times disturbing the top layer is all that is necessary for it to change. You will begin to get a feel for the tech and the rosin the more times you try it with your finger. Every jar is different.

Persy Rosin flattened under my finger.

By pressing down on the rosin, it allows for agitation without exposing additional layers to the air. Wear a glove or get some finger condoms if you want, but I just wash my hands first. The heat from your finger can have a significant impact and fast, so tread lightly until you get a feel for it.

Once the hash rosin is flattened, l work around the edges with my dab tool as it gathers the rosin toward the center of the jar. Otherwise use your tool to gently tap and shape the rosin, packing it all together like the shot below.

In the video below you will see how I used to slowly work the rosin down and together with repeated light taps and shallow chops into the surface of the rosin. Now, I usually start by using my finger and then using the technique in the video below to finish the job and bring out the terps! Either way works. Careful agitation is everything.

Using a thin metal dab tool, like the steel punch-card ones from @710labs, slightly chop about a millimeter or so into the surface of the hash rosin if it's hard or wax like. Slowly knead the rosin almost like dough, trying to work it all around without cutting too deep and exposing excess surface area. Quick, small-tapping chops repeatedly across the surface of the hash will help liquefy the terps. Do this carefully across the entire surface of the hash, while trying to keep anything from crumbling. As molecules begin to warm from the heat of agitation, hash rosin can turn into a soft-fluent consistency, even when you least expect it.


This is when you can really smell and taste your hash like never before. I'm often surprised how strong the terpenes stink while it undergoes this #baddertech process. You will also be surprised by how incredibly different the consistency can turn as well. This is especially true for 710 Labs Persy rosin that always bounces right back.

I usually leave my hash rosin out at room temperature for a few hours after the #baddertech to let everything settle and a thin terpene layer to rise, smooth, and glisten. I refrigerate it after this and in between uses as normal and it will maintain this rosin badder texture.


Hash Rosin 710
Gleaming Terpene layer on this Hash Rosin #baddertech

The texture achieved in the shot above is when those wet terpenes will really sweat out and smell up the room. Knowing I can achieve this consistency regardless of the starting material, makes dried hash rosin no big deal anymore. I'm not nearly as disappointed to see a fresh jar already buddered.

After the hash sits and settles it will slightly harden, but maintain the glossy-wet appearance and be easier to dab. Remember to take your time and work the rosin slowly, and you will begin to see the hash transform.


There's a few different ways to achieve the same wet badder results I'm looking for, as each jar and strain acts differently. While some people prefer to whip their fresh and translucent hash rosin into a badder right away, I recommend allowing the rosin to budder naturally before turning it into a badder. This way you will get to try the rosin in all of its consistencies, from translucent to chap-stick and back to badder. The tech becomes a near necessity once you get it down, and takes just minutes to enjoy wet-baddery solventless hash rosin, every time. Enjoy.

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