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710 Labs Tier Pricing & Buyer's Guide

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

710 Labs built their second facility in Oakland a few years back, as California's recreational market was severely lacking solventless products and good indoor flower. Having made quite the name for themselves in Colorado's intensely competitive markets, 710 Labs "honed their iron" long before expanding into California's market. With an almost strictly solvent based California extract market, it's been a warm welcome to 710Labs.

The Tier Pricing System

Expanding from Colorado, 710 Labs unleashed the first 6-star solventless hash onto California's unsuspecting retail market. They redefined quality, setting the bar high for butane extracts, while all but introducing solventless hash. And with the quality 710 Labs is known for, their tier pricing model is another industry innovation that just makes all too much sense.

  • Tier 1 = The Best (of the best) ($$$$)

  • Tier 2 = Perfection ($$$)

  • Tier 3 = Greatness ($$)

  • Tier 4 = Goodness ($$)*

710 Labs implemented the Tier system to account for the natural and unavoidable variances in quality from batch to batch. As a small-batch, craft producer, the tier system accounts for these variations in batches allowing them to be priced accordingly. Each product from 710 Labs will have a small circle on the label with the number one 1 through 4 indicating the tier (as seen below). The tier system allows consumers to pay considerably less for tier 3 and 4 products, while reducing the guess work in finding the absolute best hash available.

Tier 1: $85 -$130+

Only perfection from seed to sale of exotic, low-yielding, or difficult strains will ever obtain the Tier One rank. For most of 710 Labs genetic library perfection from seed to sale equates closer to a tier two. This allows for special batches to be released as a Tier one for those looking for peak quality. I've seen Tier 1's going from $140 down to $80 bucks. Tier 1 is often reserved for the wealthy connoisseur, who isn’t fazed by exorbitant prices. This allows 710 to offer incredibly low yielding strains that are otherwise unprofitable as water hash.

Tier 1 Papaya #35 by 710 Labs

Tier 2: $7o to $95 a Gram

Tier 2 is considered perfection from seed to sale for many of the strains, or phenotypes 710 labs fans have come to know and love. While the tier rating system takes unlimited variables into account, you can rest assured that a Tier 2 product is an elite extract. This group is reserved for healthy harvests and full-melt water hash.

Example of a Tier 2 Rosin by 710 Labs

Since not all strains can be considered a Tier 1, Tier 2 is often the cream of the crop. While Tier 1 prices can occasionally skyrocket, like recent Black Mamba Persy Rosin for $130.00, Tier 2 pricing remains on the higher end of the scale, but without the price hikes. By making tier 2 flawless cannabis extracts, it also helps illuminate the intricate quality of a Tier 1.

Tier 2 Live Rosin by 710 Labs.

Tier 2's usually fall in the $70.00 to $90.00 range at California's normal retail costs.

Tier 2 Live Rosin by 710 Labs.

Tier 3: $55 to 85$

Tier 3 is more affordable than Tier 2’s, yet they still often resemble Tier 1 or 2 products. For high-yeilding, easy and fast growing, plentiful varietals they often fall into a Tier 3, without losing or lacking any of the quality seen in the Tier 2 range. This allows for some of the more common and easier to produce solventless strains to be offered at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

Tier 3 Blueberry Haze by @710Labs

Pricing on Tier 3 Rosins are beginning to rival the price of the markets higher end B.H.O. products. A batch that is less than perfect, but often still phenomenal will get the Tier 3 rating.

You can find the Tier listed under each jar from 710 Labs.

710 Labs Tier 3 Grease Monkey Live Rosin

It can be slightly hit or miss on tier 3's, but as 710Labs continues to dial in their operation the characteristics between Tiers is reduced. Check out this Tier 3 Blueberry Haze that was recently picked up for $54.oo:

Tier 4=$65 or less.

Tier 4’s are a steal and used for two things: Affordable extracts and collaborations. I’ve seen quite a few 710 Labs B.H.O. products listed as Tier 4’s lately and sold for extremely reasonable prices that rival other B.H.O. products. While this is the low grade for the company, 710 Labs is committed to only selling hash that they themselves would smoke. I’ve had a few Tier 4’s that were amazing, especially considering their price.

Recently, second press live rosin has been sold under this Tier 4 rating as well. While second press rosin lacks a bit of the flavor compared to first press, second press can often have a heavier, sedative, couch-locked effect. This is due to a higher conversion of THC-a to CBN from the additional heat of a second run through the rosin press. You get all the boom for your buck in second press pricing.

Second Press Rosin by 710 Labs sold for tier four prices.

Tier 4 is also reserved for collaborations, as 710 Labs honors their commitment as a Single-Source provider. This means that everything that comes out of the 710 Labs facility was grown, extracted, labeled, and packaged in house. For the rare and occasional collaboration 710 Labs does with other brands, the products will be Tier 4 on this principle. I’ve only seen one or two collaborations from 710 Labs, but I hear there are more collaborations headed our way. Let’s hope they honor the Tier 4 collaboration rating as well as price


An area of common confusion around tier ratings needs to consider that all strains are not tier one worthy. This means one strain can be perfection with a Tier 2 rating, while another strain capable of Tier 1 quality can become a tier 2 if it's just less than a perfect batch. The Tier system judges specific varieties of cannabis against previous batches of the same varietal. The result: two different strains or varieties both with tier two rankings don’t necessarily equate in quality. As each phenotype has different characteristics, the tier ratings consider numerous aspects of the batch. Everything from flavor and smell to its melt-ability and the amount of ash left behind from dabbing it as water hash, is all considered and compared to prior batches, and overall quality of the hash.

One downside to the tier pricing model fell outside the immediate control of 710 Labs. With these retail stores new to carrying the product or with a limited selection, the tier pricing can be ignored causing customers to pay tier 1 or 2 prices for tier 3 or 4 hash. This happens when stores try to set a consistent price without taking individual products into account. 710 Labs has done well in preventing this sort of thing, and it has also worked in the customers favor at times.

By grading their cannabis against previous batches, “quality over everything” is achieved as growers learn the specifics of each strain. Batch to batch comparison for the same phenotypes gives consumers a level of transparency when choosing products, while helping the growers and extractors dial in a particular variety. This system allows not only for the best cannabis to be produced, but also a range in prices making quality solventless hash and hash rosin accessible to all sectors of the cannabis community.


We have seen some pretty creative ideas behind everything 710 Labs does, but despite hearing numerous interpretations, Persy is just what it sounds like: "personals". Slang representing the best of the best, the pick of the litter, etc. etc. Persy Rosin applies to 6 star water hash that's been pressed into rosin, whereas the normal live rosin doesn't make the same guarantee. The Live Rosin is pressed from hash considered just under 6 star and doesn't have a perfect melt. Persy Rosin is pressed only from the finest of 6 star/full-melt ice-water hash extractions. This way the Persy Rosin is always sold for slightly higher costs then the live rosin and can still come in the full range of Tier rankings.

Tier 3 Persy Rosin.

Persy Sauce (solventless)

710Labs most expensive product is their Persy Sauce. Despite many's ideas, Persy Sauce is indeed a solventless form of water hash pressed into rosin and then undergone a secretive operation turning a perishable hash rosin into a shelf-stable product that mimics BHO sauce and diamonds. And like everything else coming out of 710 Labs, the Persy Sauce is also graded by the tier system.

Persy Sauce Solventless Hash

L.S. (living soil grown)-

If your hash has the initials L.S written on the package after the variety type, it indicates the cannabis was grown in Living Soil beds. Growing indoor living soil allows for a pesticide and fertilizer free method of sustainable indoor growing. Living Soil products can sometimes call for a $5 price hike compared to non LS products. This isn't always the case and occasionally I will receive a living soil gram without even realizing it until I get home as stores often fail to list this detail on their menus. The packaging often has a small sticker or slightly altered decorative boxes showing fungi and other undergrowth. Living Soil hash often has an extra layer of earthy, wholesome terpenes altering the flavor just slightly into a more robust sensory representation.


710 Labs implemented the Tier system to account for the natural and unavoidable alterations in quality from batch to batch. The tier system allows for these variances in batches to be priced accordingly. Only perfection from seed to sale of exotic strains, low-yielders that are rare and difficult to work with will ever obtain the tier one rank. For most of 710 Labs genetic library, perfection from seed to sale equals a tier two. This allows for certain special batches to be released as Tier 1 with customers understanding that a tier one is a true gem to be gauged as special, unordinary, beyond the usual scope of perfection.

Tier 1 is reserved for perfection, from seed to hash. Tier two are top notch batches with nearly full-melt water hash that hits on every level. A Tier 3 product is still high quality, and should be viewed as an average quality batch. Tier fours produce nearly unmatched quality in solventless hash to almost any other solventless brand, but are not their best work. Every batch of flower is graded on this tier system allowing varying batches to be priced accordingly and reflected.

From the "OG's" Themselves:


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This may be the best bs, full of garbage, propaganda article ever written, and that's saying a lot. Zero information, probably paid for by the overpriced garbage supplier 710. And you wonder why the black market is alive and well in CO and CA. Garbage men.

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lol if you knew the CEO Brad and them you would love them, its definitely pricey almost too much in my opinion but its one of the few companies that respects the game

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