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710 Labs Tier Pricing & Buyer's Guide

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

710 Labs built their second facility in Oakland a few years back, as California's recreational market was severely lacking solventless products and good indoor flower. Having made quite the name for themselves in Colorado's intensely competitive markets, 710 Labs "honed their iron" long before expanding into California's market. With an almost strictly solvent based California extract market, it's been a warm welcome to 710Labs.

The Tier Pricing System

Expanding from Colorado, 710 Labs unleashed the first 6-star solventless hash onto California's unsuspecting retail market. They redefined quality, setting the bar high for butane extracts, while all but introducing solventless hash. And with the quality 710 Labs is known for, their tier pricing model is another industry innovation that just makes all too much sense.

  • Tier 1 = The Best (of the best) ($$$$)

  • Tier 2 = Perfection ($$$)

  • Tier 3 = Greatness ($$)

  • Tier 4 = Goodness ($$)*

710 Labs implemented the Tier system to account for the natural and unavoidable variances in quality from batch to batch. As a small-batch, craft producer, the tier system accounts for these variations in batches allowing them to be priced accordingly. Each product from 710 Labs will have a small circle on the label with the number one 1 through 4 indicating the tier (as seen below). The tier system allows consumers to pay considerably less for tier 3 and 4 products, while reducing the guess work in finding the absolute best hash available.

Tier 1: $85 -$130+

Only perfection from seed to sale of exotic, low-yielding, or difficult strains will ever obtain the Tier One rank. For most of 710 Labs genetic library perfection from seed to sale equates closer to a tier two. This allows for special batches to be released as a Tier one for those looking for peak quality. I've seen Tier 1's going from $140 down to $80 bucks. Tier 1 is often reserved for the wealthy connoisseur, who isn’t fazed by exorbitant prices. This allows 710 to offer incredibly low yielding strains that are otherwise unprofitable as water hash.

Tier 1 Papaya #35 by 710 Labs

Tier 2: $7o to $95 a Gram

Tier 2 is considered perfection from seed to sale for many of the strains, or phenotypes 710 labs fans have come to know and love. While the tier rating system takes unlimited variables into account, you can rest assured that a Tier 2 product is an elite extract. This group is reserved for healthy harvests and full-melt water hash.