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Farming & Pheno-Hunts for Hash: @SouthFaceFarms & @Uncle_Mac's Hash Flavor Factory

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

I've now ventured through Northern California's Emerald Triangle numerous times to meet murderers on their own turf. Fortunately, the only thing killer are terpene drenched hash farms and my own onslaught of their trichomes. That must have been what they were talking about in Murder Mountain. Slaying terps is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.

ocean and rocks roadside.
A quick pit-stop just before Ft Bragg on the Coastal Highway 1.

Unlike other farms hidden down dirt roads and unsuspecting driveways deep in the heart of Southern Humboldt's land-locked wilderness, @southfacefarms took me all the way to the coast. After winding through the woods for well over an hour, I was spit-out from behind the Redwood Curtain onto the Coastal Highway 1 in Mendocino County. Just ten to fifteen minutes from the small seaside town of Ft. Bragg, lies an oasis of exotic genetics, classic cultivars, and throwback favorites.

Feast your eyes upon the the 2021 Emerald Cup Bronze Medal farm in Water Hash and the reigning People's champion of the First Annual Hashwriter Awards for Fresh Press Live Rosin. That mimosa by @uncle_macs is truly something else, checking all of the boxes I look for in a favorite.

Now Presenting: @SouthFaceFarms, @Uncle_Mac's, and @FlowerWheelNursery:

huge hash farm outside.
Behold the Dazzling Beauty that is South Face Farms, Uncle Mac's and Flower Wheel Nursery.

Just when I thought @Papas_Select had found the finest farms and flavors, here came Mac with enough unique and fabulous genetics to require a Benjamin Moore paint swatch book to show off his garden. A newer farm for @Papas'_Select in 2020, it only took a gram or two to leave a lasting impression. Any @Papas_select hash or rosin with the infamous @SouthFaceFarms written on the box became instant must-haves.

After rising to the top of my favorite hash farms list with the incredible Garlic Juice aka #TheGruice and Papaya Punch, I learned of his own hash brand titled aptly enough: @uncle_mac's. Having given @uncle_mac's Mimosa fresh press rosin of the year, I have a feeling it was only the beginning, with plenty of favorites still to come.

In order to offer new and unique genetics, a third of @Southfacefarm's permissible living-soil space is dedicated to finding the next "Unicorn" of cannabis varieties. Pheno-Hunting as it is referred, requires growers to "pop" or germinate numerous seeds of the same genetic or genotype, to narrow down a winner. Only the best resulting plants are selected, as producers look for certain dominant or recessive traits displayed in each plant or phenotype.

Narrowing down the phenotype of choice requires extensive R&D and numerous rounds of growing to find and hone-in the best versions of the plant. To make this incredibly difficult two-to-three-year long process more feasible, the winners are eventually offered through the family-owned nursery in clones or small plants. By January 2022, the cult-classic Garlic Juice and Strawberry Mochi will be available from @FlowerWheelNursery. In partnership with @SouthFaceFarms, @Flowerwheelnursery is maintained on-site by the hard working team pictured below. Mac was quick to mention that "@rymarie333 and her team of Queens crush that side BIG TIME."

nursery for cannabis
@FlowerWheelNursery Staff. Kicking Butt and Loving Plants.

To offer the best version of a genetic from one generation to the next, pheno hunting becomes a crucial part of farming, especially for hash. It helps ensure that the best variation of a genetic cultivar is achieved, that will also yield in solventless refinement. That's why numerous test washes and several full rounds of growing is required before a winning phenotype is chosen to be cloned for hash or flower and released through the nursery. It's truly a labor of love and something that requires far more passion and dedication than your average Big-Weed, or auto-flower farmer is willing to put forth. I'll let the landscape speak for itself a bit...

While opinions have varied drastically on the best growing methods, living-soil and light deprivation, like @southfacefarms employs, might lead to the best hash making material on earth. Covering the rows with tarps serves the same purpose as every indoor grow, where the light cycle is controlled and reduced to twelve-hour days. The grower determines when the plants will flower by adjusting the light cycle. Same premise with light deps, that allow this outdoor producer to harvest three times per year, rather than once in the Fall.

This is the best set-up for constant variety and pheno hunts, with faster growing periods and several harvests to keep a rotation of new flavors for hash. Farmers shorten the length of daylight hours by covering the plants at the end of every day and uncovering them in the morning.

Light Deps.: Farming Hash isn't easy.

Outdoor "deps" are similar to an indoor grow, but with the major advantage of the sun's natural light spectrum. While plants won't be as enormous as a full-term outdoor grow, the dynamics can be watched closely, with more attention paid to trichome production in each plant. @SouthFaceFarms and its relative closeness to the ocean, just so happens to create one mean hash making terroir. The micro-climates across northern California continue to produce some of the best hash and rosin on the market and Mac's terroir calls my name like few others have before.

Keep an eye out for those impeccable and rare @uncle_mac drops (guaranteed to please) and all of the continuing work @southfacefarms does with other hash makers. Flavors come and come quick from this terpene-drenched slice of heaven. Everything seems to have just a touch of taste above the rest on his unique terroir. He's #UndeniablyAuthentic, been doing it as long as anyone, and it shows in everything @Southfacefarms produces.

It was truly an honor to stand on this legendary farm and even see #TheGruice up close and personal. In an industry full of financial pursuits, out-right liars, and bold-faced thieves, Mac's an original. As crazy as it may sound, It was refreshing to smoke hash with a farmer who smokes hash... In the now immortal words of Uncle Mac, "Say Less."