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The Power of Cannabis Content Writing

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

With the Corona Virus reorganizing our daily lives, retail cannabis markets are booming. With the number of cannabis consumers growing exponentially, educational cannabis content written by an experienced writer and consumer is a powerful tool. As brands attempt to reach consumers, legal parameters prevent the usual marketing and advertising tools, with cannabis remaining Federally illegal. The solution lies in cannabis blogs, social media, and engaging content writing. Those at Netfly say, "content is the most important part of a website," driving traffic through S.E.O (search engine optimized) articles.

With online marketing and advertising campaigns geared largely toward fleeting banner ads, a better solution lies in quality content writing. Content marketing campaigns often make the mistake of relying on short-term ROI (return on investment) figures. While paid search banner ads may generate a handful of clicks tomorrow, the next day they’re gone. They require all new investments for repeated or additional exposure to continue displaying ads. Quality content writing and blog posts are a one-time investment with permanent and compounding returns. After the initial investment of an educational blog post or article, it will continue to drive traffic day after day, for free. Spending on quality content writing for cannabis education and information is the best way to create continuous and compounding leads, while exposing your brand and earning the trust of consumers. '

These types of S.E.O. articles lead to customer success and satisfaction, an invaluable asset as market competition matures. Search engines drive the success of every business with billions of daily users and interaction. I'll be blunt when I say nothing beats smoking the best hash, while seeing pictures of it from the source.

Emerging from years of prohibition, cannabis science and research is skyrocketing and consumers are looking to the brands they consume for authoritative answers and explanations they can trust. If you‘re looking to grow your brand, take advantage of my training as a literary scholar and content writer to boost your online exposure and increase customer engagement. Feel free to contact me concerning projects, ideas, suggestions, and offers to augment your brand's blog or write informational guides and educational promotions.

-Nick ☠️


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Sep 14, 2020

Wonderful content as always. I love how you talk about the projects and topics in detail. Keep the articles coming.

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