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Let The Hashish Timeline Begin: Your Input Is Needed To Make the official Timeline

People have a tendency to exaggerate and think everything happened years before it actually did. Especially the youth in and around the industry as time shrinks with age. As always, there's outliers and exceptions, but a key turning point happened after legalization in California and the retail industry helps to decipher a hashish timeline. As some of the same medical dispensary stores from the Prop 215 years became legal weed stores, inventory was pretty similar across California (as it remains). Dry crumbles had replaced waxes and shatter completely by 2014, until 2015-16 when Live Resin BHO blew us all away...

A Hashish Timeline

If my terrible memory serves me right, Live Resin and therefore, fresh frozen harvests, first hit medical- and then retail- shelves in California in 2016. By 2016-17 Raw Garden had seventy five million flavors of Live Resin BHO, all blasted in a bomb proof lab with liquid butane dissolving trichomes from the frozen plant material (Gross, right? I know, and I smoked a ton of it).

2018: 710 Labs appears with Live Rosin. Everything else is older and the Terp Preservation Jars came from Emerald Cup 2016. (I remember Rosin Tech Labs doing flower rosin displays this year and years prior but only the equipment was for sale).

Extract Evolution Timeline

The first year of legalization things were changing, as retail establishments weren't allowed to open until 2017. And it wasn't until the last year of Prop 215 into the first or second year of retail that fresh-frozen harvests and therefore, Live Resin appeared on retail shelves & black market delivery services in Northern California (I know you Norcal bastards love when I call it Norcal. How about those Niners?). Lucky for us solventless quickly followed the very next year with two brands: 710 Labs & Papas Select. This was 2017 to 2018 in California.

Meanwhile, Colorado was ahead as usual and live rosin and ice water hash was already becoming the norm by 2017. With an eye toward Colorado, I patiently awaited 710's arrival and scored on a few of their earliest California drops. One taste of their Live Rosin, the monumental moment when it clicked and made sense was revolutionary. A moment I will never forget.

Flower rosin had hit the scene by about 2012-ish. But with the terpene drenched dabs of Live Resin BHO in 2016, flower rosin fell to the wayside for a period of time. This modern solventless miracle would come again, after fresh frozen harvests were implemented in the making of bubble-hash.

article photo of the definitive history of live resin.
A Fresh Frozen Timeline in the Making

Hash Dicks

After another "hash-dick-off", claiming fresh-frozen or at least live resin in 2010, it led me to a quick search of our lovely-major cannabis publications, claiming live resin didn't hit California until 2019:

"California started seeing “live resin” products begin to hit the shelves of dispensaries about a year ago (written in 2020)... Fresh frozen trim is not common in California."

What a stunning display of Prohibition/pre-2020 understanding. The thought of using the whole plant - let alone the whole harvest- for extracts was something that still didn't register. "Fresh Frozen Trim isn't common" and fresh frozen flowers aren't even imaginable. As discussed, Live Resin was clearly present in California long before 2019, as the article claims.

Kind Bill's Live Resin

This article lends Kind Bill of Colorado credit for inventing and implementing fresh frozen harvests (called "wet plant extraction") and Live Resin BHO in 2013 and claims butane was used as far back as the 1990's. Growing up in Colorado, we legalized in 2012, several years before California and a lot of new tech followed. A lot of my early writing was geared toward Colorado tech (working as