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Hash Edibles Have Arrived: SPACE GEM WINS!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Who's tired of mass-produced edibles infused with the same THC distillate used in cheap vaporizer cartridges? Gross! Or didn't anyone tell you those Khana gummies (and nearly every other edible brand) infuses their products with the exact same extract used in the cheapest low-grade vape-carts? Well it's true.

Those vape-carts you may have heard about using "non-cannabis derived terpenes" for taste, well they're adding these "food-grade" terpenes to Distillate. The same single cannabinoid, devoid of all terpenes, has been masked as "medicinal" and stuffed into edibles for too long without consumers fully understanding the science. Lookout distillates, your run is done.

Space Gem is the original solventless hash edible brand in CA. Humboldt County, Sun-grown, Cannabis edibles at their absolute finest.

There's a good reason seasoned smokers gravitate toward solventless hash and good cannabis flower. Everything else is processed with chemicals and lacks a natural profile of molecules. While some cannabis concentrates use hydrocarbon solvents like butane and can preserve some of the naturally occurring terpenes, this isn't what's being used for edibles. Edibles and vape carts take extraction to its scientific limit by distilling and isolating THC, meanwhile removing hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to the effect. Viewed in the correct light, distillates do provide an incredibly cost effective way to extract THC, but for the average consumer distillates are best avoided entirely. Especially with the epic breakthrough in solventless extraction and the multitude of products offering so much more.

Infused with Premium ice water hash from Talking Trees Farms, Space Gem Space Drops and Gem Juice aren't the stock and standard distillate edibles that leave so much to be desired. Nor are they a crossover company trying to do it all and their attention to detail speaks volumes. Space Gem has spent the past seven years working to perfect the solventless, vegan edibles offered today. Experience the real and noticeable effects of 200+ potential cannabinoids and countless terpenes only found in ice water hash. Trust me when I say this: once you go solventless, there's no going back. The concentrate market has firmly grasped this, now it's time for edible consumers to do the same. It takes one Space Drop to realize what others have been missing all along.

In-A-Tin of Space Gem Space Drops! The best edibles around.

For the medicinal patient, it angers me that you have been led so far astray. With most edibles still made from distillate, their claims of Sativa and Indica, day-time or night-time, etc. are blasphemous. Aside from removing hundreds of cannabinoids and countless terpenes that could potentially cause these effects, there's more:

Distillation removes all of these fatty acids, plant lipids, and waxes. So aside from the complex array of cannabinoids and terpenes removed from distillates, even their ability to deliver THC into the body is highly flawed. Research as far back as 2016 found:

Simply stated, cannabis edibles should contain fats to maximize their effectiveness. What better fats to use than the cannabis plant’s own fatty acids? This study showed THC exposure to increase 2.5 to 3 times when combined with fatty lipids, which are removed from distillates. Certain brands have keyed onto this by infusing their edibles with canna-butter instead of distillates and the science is now confirmed. The list of negative aspects surrounding distillates just keeps getting longer the more we know.

Washed by hand from small-batch Humboldt County cannabis flowers, the full spectrum preservation of Space Gem edibles is sure to have an impression. Hell, the re-usable tins that Space Drops come in are worth their cost alone! As the OG's of ice water hash edibles, Space Gem has earned my support and willingness to write about both their product and their brand. I've waited for years to find solventless edibles and Space Gem is the first to bring quality solventless edibles to California's Recreational cannabis market.

Available ONLY on AMAZON! The complete guide to retail cannabis, solventless methods, theories, and descriptions with illustrations to drive home the point. Reach a thorough understanding of what is really going on and find definitive answers to many of the questions everyone has. You will thank me later. Promise!


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Hashwriter, your right, once you go solventless you never go back! Lol!! So true, after the gems, I can’t eat anything else! But, never say never. gteat article!! throughly enjoyed reading this!!

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