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The 5mm Show! Presented by Evan Shore Bangers X Small Werld Glass X Positively Vibes

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Over 100 works from the world's premier glassblowers and artists converged on Positively Vibe for a functional glass miniatures showdown for the ants, I mean ages. We caught up with Evan Shore and crew to recap the already infamous 5mm Show and share the work with you, the people.

The 5MM Show Rules

The baseline and premise went as follows: Order the tools needed from Small Werld Glass to construct mini dab rigs with 5mm joints. The kit includes a 5mm brass "reamer" and a 5mm quartz joint (still available on Small Werld Glass). Artists were free to enter their works, with Evan Shore Bangers providing the quartz and in-person voting to decide on a top three.

5mm Mini and Micro sized Slurpees & Bangers by ESB available here.

The heads came out in numbers, selling well over 50 VIP tickets to the Positively Vibes hosted event. A little creative restraint was all that was necessary to set the scene for an outpouring of ingenious artistry and unique micro work.

"It started out as something niche or fun and turned into a movement. People love it.” - Evan Shore

A Bit of The Old Back Story

With hash and rosin becoming the water-pipe's latest mainstays, we saw a major reduction in the sizing of common dab rigs over the last five years. While the science remains out, less surface area inside the rig allows more smoke to expand in the lungs, so the theory goes, anyways. One thing is certain, smaller rigs are effective (and more affordable), while helping to retain the flavor, but 5mm!?

E.S.B. 5MM Titty Rig Sets Available Here

With traditional glass joint sizes only being reduced to 10mm sizing in recent years, 14mm and 18mm have been the standards since "glass-on-glass" joints first arrived (thank you Roor). While 18mm is a bit much, today's hash pipes normally come with 14mm or 10mm female joint sizes. Switching to a 5mm joint tested the intricacy and resolve of our finest glass artists and to be expected, the results are nothing short of stunning.

Hondo Glass with the incredible pineapple 5mm hashpipe


Before unveiling the goods and festivities, we need to thank everyone who came out, along with all of the generous sponsors.

Sponsors for the 5mm Show included:

  • Moodmats

  • The Terpometer

  • Dablogic

  • Mystic Timber

  • Northstar Glass

Thanks to our vendors as well, Bubba's Cheesecakes, Polar Provisions, and Stroman’s Denver. Couldn't have done it without you and thank you to everyone who came to the event.

HashWriter's Picks

With so many entries from everyone's favorite artists, there's almost too much to get to. I put together a few galleries consisting of my favorite works, as well as anything unusual that catches the eye, like this mind-blowing fully-functional marble rig.

Avant Garde Glass: "The Ingressive" 5mm

Positively Vibes describes the work from Avant Garde as follows: "This (approximately) 3" marble has a 5 mm ingress that leads the smoke into the walls before passing through 5 holes of diffusion into the center of the sphere. After the smoke and water mix, they are pulled through an aperture at the top of the marble back into the walls, recycling the water back down to the core of the sphere. The smoke travels out of a 10mm dewar seal through the detachable mouthpiece." With a removable mouthpiece and intricate interior flow, this rig from Avant Garde Glass is next level. A wild concept, executed flawlessly.

Niko Cray

Symmetry is pleasing, especially in a mini glass rig. Niko Cray with some seriously loud work and brilliant, eye-popping-bright colors. Digging the line-work and the yin & yang aesthetic.

Frosty's Fresh

We have always had a thing for Frosty's Fresh and his gnarly scrunched-faced jammers. Throw in some nostalgia, as fleeting memories of a Junior High pottery course flash every time we see his work. Ah, memories.

A Small Sample of Entries

Check out this gallery of work, some of which is still available for sale on the Positively Vibe website.

Top 3 Finalists

3rd Place: @AF_Glassworks

A pretty spectacular little rig from @af_glassworks took home the third prize. This thing recycles water more times than I can count. Max function in miniature.

2nd Place: Bear Mountain Studios

The photos do little justice to how small these rigs really are. Bear Mountain Studios (@th3ydidit) killed this little guy that sits at 3.25 inches tall. With everything from Haterade Emerald Dichro to mystique crushed opal and a reinforced four hole shower head perc, this pocket rig could go just about anywhere.

1st Place: Dan Hoffman Glass