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A @Pez_Bros Wrinkle in Time & Galleria Extraordinaire

Updated: Mar 11

These shots were entirely too sexy not to share in full size and get out on the Inter-Web. Hold onto your pantelones! Watch as Mendocino County cannabis makes sweet-sweet love to my camera hole, and indulge yourself in the fine workings of the HashWriter X Pez Bros X Farmacy Bros Galleria Extraordinaire!


These next few jars were the most photogenic jars of hash rosin I'm yet to come across, but first, a short story…

hash rosin
"Ridgeline" Fresh Press Hash Rosin By @Pez_bros

Walking into Organicann in Sonoma County, I believe it was in 2015, I'd just finished up my probation period out of Florida and was looking for all of the wax and shatter I'd missed since that fateful day in 2013. That day the Pinellas County Pigs lit me up. They arrested me during a third or fourth controlled buy, raided my downtown apartment, and left it unlocked and wide open for the whole crack-smoking city of Saint Petersburg, Florida to pillage. And pillage they did…


As usual, I had questions... Questions that nobody in the Santa Rosa, CA area of dispensaries (there's about a thousand) could answer. I'd heard enough about flower rosin and decided to take my first stab in the dark on what was @Pez_Bros flower rosin. That was my retail introduction to solventless rosin and while it wasn't hash rosin, I knew the concept was making waves.

New fresh frozen harvests and “live” resin were just taking off around this time. BHO dominated the scene for the next two years to the extent that flower rosin disappeared from shelves entirely, before hash rosin finally arrived.


Fast forward to 2021 and the @Byrd_Extracts hash class (that you can see and read about here). I was ecstatic to see @Pez_bros there teaching the class and on top of his game, whipping up some of the best fresh press hash rosin I saw in 2021. I'd often thought back to the original flower rosin makers wondering if they put two and two together to keep up with the hash rosin (not flower rosin) revolution. Sure enough my man Paul aka Pez Bros., was fully dialed in.

picture of paul and rosin
Byrd on the left, Paul of @Pez_Bros on the right.

Pez_bros used to rake up the awards on the gray side of things. I'd seen his name and logo over the years represented at most of the Cannabis Cups and other events, where he often dominated the competition. With everything changing up in such a hurry, It's good to see an original California solventless brand still on top.

The start.
@Pez_Bros List of Awards During the recent evolution of hash as we now know it.


Since then we have worked together and Pez Bros has always treated us right. A stand-up dude, a friend, a family man, and a brand to pull for is Paul & @Pez_Bros. (Shout out to Byrd, MendoBudSmith, FrankityDankity, Rakkems, Rosin Bell, and the rest of the hash-Class crew.)

OK now Enjoy!..

hash rosin pez bros
Fresh Press Rosin from Pez Bros.

hash rosin lung
I call this one: "Hash-Lungs" by Pez Bros., Farmacy Factory Farms, & Hashwriter

Check out those fat slabs of hash rosin! Definitely a few of my favorite jars from the year prior. Genetic is "Unicorn Shake".

Gold and Black Fresh Press Hash Rosin

*Prints available.


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