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More than five decades after it was first identified as a dangerous drug with no medical value and a high potential for abuse,   the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has reportedly agreed to reclassify marijuana ... A move we have waited our entire lives for, or almost... Pretending something is true is almost as rewarding as the truth and the government likes to get people's hopes up for a while. From canceling student loans and erasing the student debt to legalizing cannabis, to healthcare for all (and all a good night), the discourse of those in power rarely materializes. Here we go again with rescheduling cannabis from schedule one, alongside other drugs of abuse with no medical value such as psychedelics and opioids, to a... wait, what? BEFORE POINTING OUT THE LUNACY OF OUR LAWS, LET'S HANDLE THE ISSUE AT HAND... After calling for a review of Federal Marijuana laws back in 2022 by Prez Joey "bitty" Biden, the DEA has proposed a change in Federal classification of cannabis, which is supported by the recent recommendation of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (to no one's surprise). At this point it's a recommendation and a proposal, nothing more. Here is what would need to happen for the recent rescheduling news to have an effect: The change requires a review by the White House Office of Management and Budget, after which the DEA will hold a public comment period. Following public comment, the final rule would be published. Marijuana's federal status will then change 30 days after the DEA's final rule is published in the Federal Register .  Additionally, there is a likelihood of litigation through lawsuits filed by conservative State Attorneys General to delay implementation of the rescheduling process altogether (and whatever other anti-plant tactics and methods are yet to be employed). We just cannot wait for the commentary period, when lied-to citizens wield inaccuracies with the religious fervor of Jesus. Plenty of hoops and hold-ups remain before we get too excited. If student debt relief wasn't a lesson and a warning, you must not have student debt. State Programs & State Medical Programs Would Remain Federally Illegal In terms of the law, rescheduling the plant keeps it a criminal affair, although a misdemeanor instead of a felony. However, legality of the plant on a Federal level is rarely a concern. The Federal government has already agreed to allow states to regulate cannabis as they see fit and a Federal cannabis felon is hard to come by. Tax Status If marijuana moves to Schedule III, businesses would be able to deduct expenses on federal taxes, which is where a large majority of support for the change is rooted. A change from Schedule I to Schedule III would remove the punitive provisions of Section 280e of the tax code that have plagued the industry for decades – and fix their balance sheets almost overnight. Another potential upside of reclassification is to allow the research we desperately need and the funding for colleges and institutions to conduct the research. Positive Direction or Another Misdirection? While it is a move in a positive direction, we have waited too long to give in now and cave over something as ridiculous as our drug schedules. We would be in favor of changing all schedules and revamping a vastly outdated system, which denies scientific understanding and ignores much of what has already been learned the hard way in the War (on drugs). Rescheduling the plant should be the bare minimum offer, a pathetic-whittled down remnant of an original plan or philosophy. The result of rounds and rounds of argument, debate, and compromise with full Federal legalization the object to strive for and the continued criminality of cannabis something we already know (too well). To start at rescheduling is a bar far too low to leverage, which will reinforce if not reinvigorate the remaining set of drug-related statutes, also desperately in need of change bringing us back to where we started... Psychedelics Have Immense Medical Value What's needed is a total overhaul and revamp of criminal law pertaining to controlled substances. A children's doctor can hand out opioids more powerful and deadly than heroin (a class one) and they're called a class two controlled substance. Well those class two Oxycontin's killed more people than class one heroin, or led people from one to the other. And with a newly forged general acceptance of psychedelics, the legalization of mushrooms and Ketamine for depression for example, why double-down on misguided legislation? Knowing the many flaws already on the books, making cannabis a schedule three confirms the errors of past beliefs and continues to sanctify psychedelics as dangerous and without medical application, which is clearly false. There is an endless list of contradictions inherent in our controlled substances list. The time to declassify (and decriminalize) is upon us, rather than new legislation for a future generation to fight. Keep fraudulent and contradictory laws off the books. Wrap Up The minimal upside to reclassification is obviously true for legalization and we can wait... Keep cannabis away from Big Pharma and making cannabis a controlled substance is the checkered flag for them to win the race. Rather the plant be illegal, then regulated by the same people responsible for the opioid overdose epidemic.



There is an endless list of contradictions inherent in our controlled substances list. The time to declassify (and decriminalize) is upon us

May 1, 2024

Cannabis common-sense  comes from a stockpile of poor sources. As cannabis markets proliferate the country and cannabis media publications emerge, no one is willing to tell the truth. Bits of misinformation from the past bump up against the pretty packaging and deceitful rhetoric of Big Cannabis, all forming the current notion of a pervasive & hegemonic cannabis common-sense. In Capitalism & Consequences: Manufacturing  Discontent  & Resistance  Noam Chomsky looks at the major media and what's missing. We can learn a lot more about the intent of the media publications, by asking what are we missing? What are they not saying... or in the words of George Orwell, what would it simply "not do to say?" I can think of a plethora of topics (most of what I've written on), as cannabis consciousness remains stuck at least a decade or so in the past. Here's one direct example proving ulterior motives, rather than informed consent. Example When over ten thousand people read my article on  710 Labs gummies  in one day, bringing very meaningful and proven criticism (journalism) to the market, major media declined to publish the piece. The exact words went something like this: "We have enough positive things to look at in cannabis and we avoid being critical of anyone," to which I responded: "And that's why no one reads your magazine anymore". This was an eye-opening event, similar to when I was asked how to smoke hash by a well-known judge the night before Emerald Cup judging... who now holds an event... (industry is truly a hilarious farce). "The control of the press by “wealthy men who have every motive to be dishonest on certain important topics,” reinforced by the “general tacit agreement that ‘it wouldn’t do’ to mention that particular fact,” keeps the hegemonic common-sense in line with Multi-State-Operators and corporate cannabis brands". Cannabis Common-Sense Ignoring  the falsities of labeling products sativa/indica, celebrity hype brands and strains, and seeking the highest THC percentages, all adding up to the market's common sense, let's just start at the top: Solvent Versus Solventless. I wrote the first of many articles that claimed the top Google search results, proving the need for consumer information. The main topic, the revolutionary theory and method now common to black markets, has barely been noticed by the mainstream cannabis press. These articles that explain solvent versus solventless and how and why the products differ, were written back in 2019-2020. It has taken over four years of fairly common availability and usage (along with over 100 articles here) before picking up on these revolutionary methods. And while they have finally shown a small light on the extract space, they fail to make the piece relevant or applicable to buyers. The reason being is what I've said again and again: “You cannot grasp or understand the revolutionary Nature of solventless hash, without a direct comparison to the products and methods available and/or previously in use.” Without this comparison (or admission), solventless methods fall flat on consumers. "So, you make your hash with ice, water, and pressure? Cool, but what does that mean?" I think you know by now what that means, but just in case you're a newer reader it means that whole cannabis flowers are used. Normal, right? Well it's more about what solventless isn't. It isn't bulk biomass of mixed cultivar trim and trash, (often contaminated) using harsh chemical solvents, which make a usable product of the lowest quality. The automatic ease of hydrocarbon extraction and further distillation enables large companies to ensure maximized profits, while chemical solvents are also used for  contaminated cannabis remediation, thanks to those corporate friendly  regulations in California (see regulatory capture). What It "Wouldn't Do to Say" Consumers cannot imagine the depths this industry sinks to to make a profit through misinformed consumers and harsh chemical solvents. It's truly disgusting, beyond even my worst assumptions. However, this just wouldn't do to say. “The sinister fact about literary censorship in England,” Orwell wrote, “is that it is largely voluntary. Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without any need for any official ban" (try a shadow-ban or better yet, an algorithm). The control of the press (& social media) by “wealthy men who have every motive to be dishonest on certain important topics,” reinforced by the “general tacit agreement that ‘it wouldn’t do’ to mention that particular fact,” keeps the hegemonic common-sense in line with corporate cannabis brands, while failing to shine the light on smaller producers who made the industry possible. As a result, “Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness.” In Chomsky words: "Relegated to the category of wild men in the wings, if noticed at all." Thankfully we have been noticed, but the material needs to reach many, many more. Unfortunately, the "hive-mind" aspect of social media continues to propagate the prevailing line of cannabis common-sense. "If publishers and editors exert themselves to keep certain topics out of print, it is not because they are frightened of prosecution but because they are frightened of public opinion" (public opinion of paid advertisers). "In this country intellectual cowardice is the worst enemy a writer or journalist has to face, and that fact does not seem to me to have had the discussion it deserves'' or warrants (Orwell). While buddying up to legislators who promise reform for the last decade, others such as myself, sat in prison on drug charges. Time's up. The gigs up. Creating the Market Environment With new markets popping up daily, the rampant greed outweighs understanding, creating the perfect market environment to maximize profits. For a plant so feared, you’d think proper education would be important, but that's just not lucrative. Considering "capital, when uninhibited by constraints against mobility, goes around the globe looking for the conditions that will maximize surplus value and profit. Historically, these have often included cheaper labor or resources, and/or more lucrative markets" (Chomsky). What could be more lucrative than capitalizing on corrections as well as brand new market space filled with misinformed consumers? Without Federal legalization or declassification there can be no FDA approvals, in an attempt to prevent competition with big pharma. State legalization with half-ass markets to passify the duality in state and federal law. Follow The Leader And the great folly, of receiving your information from those who sell to you, is now accepted as "common sense". This despite the fact that many of today's brand owners often have no understanding of the products they produce . Looking to maximize profits, the facts and aspects of production detract from the quality of the product, but that wouldn't do to say.  Corporations have already stolen cannabis and the industry from those who fought for it. People like myself remain cannabis felons, making employment difficult, but prevailing lines of ignorant cannabis common sense are deeply rooted, and now several years later, continues to prevail. This hegemonic common sense is also used to discipline, instilling self-disciplined principles that change how we live and behave, but I’ll save that for my Foucault article coming next… What You Can Do to Help Please, send a copy of "The Hashish Manifesto" to all of your cannabis using friends. It's the message that will liberate consumers, answering all of the top questions while steering people away from the rumors, half-truths, and misinformation that comes standard in current hegemonic cannabis common-sense. Empower your people, while supporting  and our continued work on the blog with every purchase. Chomsky, Noam; Waterstone, Marv. Consequences of Capitalism (p. 40). Haymarket Books. Kindle Edition. Orwell, George; Unpublished Preface to Animal Farm.


Hegemonic Cannabis "Common Sense": The Exploitative rhetoric in Retail Cannabis Stores

The prevailing lines of cannabis "common sense" keep consumers in the dark, while seeking to maximize profits and mislead smokers...

Sep 1, 2023

We are super psyched to welcome a hashish legend into the Hashwriter fold; Someone who has been after those trichomes for the last twelve years, and someone I've been meaning to highlight for a while. We share many experiences in this all-too-American life, making it nothing short of a miracle for this article to exist. A few incredible jars of fire hash rosin for smoking-review, required two lives recovered from the terrors of pharmaceutical-fascism and enslavement to the morphine molecule, along with the Hash Gods ultimate blessing as the stars aligned for this piece to come into creation. We caught up with Todd of Resin Ranch Extraction, the Wisconsin native, fellow opiate-recovery-miracle and ex-Colorado resident, before diving into the hash-rosin reviews. Come along for the ride (or feel free to skip to the hash... (rosin). Flavors Reviewed (Click to Jump) Lemon Limez  Lemans #7  Sour Diesel  The Epidemic Rages On This opioid epidemic affects and has affected nearly everyone in some capacity, yet disclosure is often restricted behind the prideful veil of American exceptionalism. My experience as a P.O.W. in the War on Drugs, a swift four-year-ride through the Prison Industrial Complex for petty-possession, took priority away from cannabis in my writing and my work. Just as I was finishing a Bachelor's Degree from U.C. Santa Cruz, however, high-end solventless hash hit ... and voila  A couple years removed and it's time to circle back to some common threads, killing friends and family, while feeding the penitentiary-monster. I've slowly realized this platform and the cannabis community are still central in the fight against opioids and the for-profit human warehousing of state prisons today. Thankfully, Todd of Resin Ranch  was willing to open-up and share some of his experience with addiction and recovery. The Message Todd's message is much like my own, "If I can do it then so can anyone". Speaking for myself, numerous accidental overdoses led to my incarceration where I served four years for dying on a pill previously prescribed. And just like Todd, it was for a back injury while living and skiing in Colorado. That doc "that was way too lax with her prescription pad," ended up being the norm, not the exception. Resin Ranch:  "My opiate addiction started after a minor back injury while snowboarding. I finally got myself out of that mess after moving back to Wisconsin in 2008 and my parents helping to flip the bill for rehab. I got clean and never looked back. To anyone struggling with addiction of any sort, just don't give up. If I could do it I guarantee you can too. It takes a lot of hard work and patience with yourself.  But a normal life can be lived again." It's wonderful to see ex addicts, or ex-opiate addicts sharing a new style of life. The propaganda of 12-step meetings make it appear impossible  and only total abstinence is the answer, but  a whole different idea of treatment and recovery needs to be shared . Disease or no disease, genetically passed along or not, everyone can become physically dependent upon opioids and this dependence causes all of the same symptoms and behaviors as full-blown addiction. While some get clean and never look back, others like myself tried and failed too many times to count, before finally finding some sort of success. While hash has become a large part of my life, for the first few years of recovery abstinence was my answer. Only after a few years of sobriety did I slowly bring cannabis back into my life. For Todd, the plant never left allowing the quick transition back, an ideal situation. Everyone's experience differs, but the point is: there's more than one way to recover. About Resin Ranch & The Farm Grass Valley, California is where the single-source magic happens, using numerous methods keen to the hash loving population.  "In our outdoor gardens we utilize hugelkultur techniques. We also make many of our own inputs utilizing JaDam fermentation methods," ... the latest in living soil gardens.    -R.R. When asked where the information came from or who played a major role in Resin Ranch's solventless development, a familiar name arose:  "Honestly, I learned most from watching Bubbleman's world on YouTube. Taking that information and applying it in my situation and learning to tweak things along the way."  -R.R.  Bubbleman's Youtube  first introduced me to the idea of higher-grade bubble hash back around 2013-14. Breadcrumbs along the way to Live Hash Rosin.  Where We Headed? In this wild new world of weed, the direction we head is vital to the future of the plant.  "For the first time I don't currently have a prediction on what direction the market will go. Until they change a lot of the regulations on the recreation market side, the black market will continue to dominate." -R.R. This multi-generational fight for decency is purposefully fractured and strewn into loose-ends. One generation's tactics become the next generations' principles, taking two steps back for every step forward. This is why it's important for hash brands to share, collaborate, communicate, and help one another as no one can fight the corporate sector alone. I challenge all hash-makers to lead the way, (or send the smokers here), otherwise corporate cannabis will keep us headed for boof-town. Cultivar Reviews Terpene profiles have layers and the more depth, the more meaningful (or unique) the experience. Smoking a lot of rec-market-rosin, these jars came as a nice relief from the mundane and straightforward palates of larger-batch, retail production. Or, it may have nothing to do with batch size, but is simply intention transmitted across time and space, allowing a connection to form in the spiritual realm, which depletes the more hands (and labels) it touches. Coming straight from the farmer and hash maker himself, intentions speak louder than words or terpenes, ever could. Lemon LimeZ #2 (90-149𝛍) ... Is zesty and spry, with a greater range of flavor than others tried. That extra added unknown of "funk-n-filth" tasting terps always challenges the senses before cutting out again to offer a zesty lime flavor. The texture of this jar is insane, becoming smoother and silkier with each additional dab. By the time 3/4 of the jar was finished, the final quarter sits in an oil-spill of perfectly, pre-ripened citrus juices, with the acidity running high into excruciating flavor. The Lemon Limez combo continues to crush, and this rendition adds something special to the back-end flavor. A phenom of a cut bred by @420nomad, expressed and presented in perfection thanks to Resin Ranch. Lemans #7 (Lemon Tree X TKM#10) 90-149𝛍 THE UTTER DEFINITION OF EXQUISITE LATE-STAGE EXHALE FLAVOR EXPERIENCE ... ONLY THE FINEST CANNABIS ENTAILS. This Lemans #7 is the definitive rosin badder consistency, so enticing it becomes difficult not to devour. The type of jar you can't get enough of, with that hue of yellowish-to-orange, as she sweats her sweet-sweet terpenes for our enjoyment. It's wild how one jar can be smoke-able, but not necessarily appealing, while another is so pleasing you can't help but crush through it. Maybe it's the shared history of living in thin air, but apparently Resin Ranch has a terp preference much like our own. Plenty of fruit, citrus, and acidity to boost the cerebral effects of the flower. Lemon Tree was an instant favorite when partnering with Cookies in 2018-2019-ish, but with little hope for a solventless sample any time soon. One of many flavors claimed to be "un-washable" in the very recent past. Riding the staunch and stern TKM 10 (Triangle Kush Mints), placates all parties and provides the body high and effects of wide-leafed varieties, with the psychologically stimulating Lemon Tree. The best of both worlds combined into a well packaged high. Sour Diesel 90-149𝛍 When solventless hash and live rosin were early in the retail market game, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance pumped out the Super Sour Diesel flower, delivering the trademark uplifting effects and reminding me of a simpler time in cannabis. We didn't expect to see her wash anytime soon... Talk about a flavor in Colorado that many grew up on. The classic Sour Diesel cuts rolled through the mountain towns of Colorado by 2002-2004, filling every bar room and aprés ski with fire reeking of lemony-skunk & diesel gas. An early new-school flavor that helped bring cannabis into the modern age... Believe it or not, along with a small sample of flavors I can count on one hand, a specific cultivar with a name was fairly new and a novel idea around this time, at least to the smoking public. Described by our go-to for cultivar history, "Cannabis Pharmacy" by Michael Backes describes the effects of Sour Diesel as similar to "cannabis and coffee." A bit extreme I'd say, however there's a swath of the smoking population truly energized from the cut. He continues to say, "In 2002, Sour Diesel was perhaps the highest priced cannabis in the world, fetching $11,000.00 per ounce on Wall Street, in the days when an ounce of gold was less than $400.00." A cerebral cultivar that exhibits the typical uplifting effects of the “S'' word, is where our love affair began. Big dabs of Diesel Hash Rosin is where we’ve arrived, without looking back. I just made up a new rule that I believe applies... "Never trust a man that doesn't love lemon in their smoke"... "for they know not what they do"...               -H.W. Wrapping-it-Up Looking forward to a new season and new flavors, Todd of Resin Ranch said,  "I'm most excited about the Trop Cookies X Romulan seeds I’m going to look through this season." New flavors abound. Huge thank you to our readers, supporters, followers, and haters. And thank you Resin Ranch for sharing so much about yourself with total transparency playing a prominent role. Resin Ranch "always puts good practices, intention, and 100% transparency above all else" and the willingness to share shows. Subscribe for Notifications of Future Articles! Want to be featured on  Hit is up! And Whatever you do, smoke Resin Ranch Extracts and read   Support the blog and hit the new store! 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Hashwriter Presents: @Resin_Ranch_Extracts In The house: Opioids/recovery/hashish & rosin Reviewed

We caught up with Todd of Resin Ranch, the Wisconsin native, fellow opiate-recovery-miracle and ex-Colorado resident, before diving into the

Apr 15, 2023

The word "Live" in Live Rosin vs. Live Resin, denotes the use of freshly harvested and frozen cannabis materials, rather than the traditional use of dried and cured cannabis material, but this is just about where the similarities cease between the two latest extracts. While this was intended to be a visual post only, here comes the words... Live Resin often employs trim, trash, scrap, and even  contaminated mat erials , frozen just prior to extraction (if at all). Live Rosin on the other hand, requires some of the highest quality cannabis materials, gently harvested and trimmed by hand, before freezing the material right on the farm. Lower grades of frozen material that aren't yielding for Hash and Rosin, are the best case scenarios for Live Resin quality. The worst case scenarios include the use of material tested and deemed contaminated, which head to the chemical solvent lab for "remediation." The Evolution and Understanding One of the easiest ways to understand and remember both of these products is to understand the products that led to their development. Understanding the evolution of these products involves tracing their predecessors. If we strip away the "live" designation and revert to the use of dried and cured cannabis, we can trace the progression: Wax<Shatter<Crumble<Cured Resin<Live Resin For LIVE RESIN, the precursor was Cured Resin, blasted with butane just like Live Resin, but with dried cannabis materials. Prior to a cured resin, we saw our fair share of shatter, wax, crumble, and of course the secondary processing of distillates. Live Resin can be seen as a continuation of Cured Resin, distinguished by its use of frozen cannabis material. Bubble Hash<Flower Rosin<Live Rosin<Ice Water Hash Take the live   away from LIVE ROSIN and you just have rosin or "flower rosin" to be more specific. Unlike Live Resin, Live Rosin brought real progress to ancient methods, by combining previous bubble hash techniques with the rosin press to provide smokers with a product unlike anything before it (in terms of quality). Unlike live resin, Live Rosin combined techniques to create a Live Rosin product without a direct prior comparison. These latest styles represent a progression of techniques, with Live Rosin as the revolutionary product changing our ability to experience the plant. Achieving higher quality extracts than ever before, Live Rosin surpasses the chemical solvent possibilities to bring lovers of the plant closer to nature than ever before.  The genetic variety in the evolving market challenges the notion that certain strains are only viable for chemical solvent extraction. Built In Protocols Unlike chemical solvent extractions, which enable the producer to use trim, trash, scrap, and even contaminated biomass, solventless techniques require at least a baseline of quality cannabis flower material. Using only agitation and gravity to remove trichomes from the plant's surface (where they grow and reside), Live Rosin is NOT able to use poor quality materials like trim and bulk biomass the way chemical solvents allow. In a new industry, chemical solvents give agency to vast consumer manipulation. THE BHO TRUTH While BHO and Live Resin is able to be produced from the lowest of the low, a fairly high quality product is achievable with solvent extraction and Live Resin. One or two local companies usually employ solvents and make a high quality Live Resin from quality cannabis materials. The issue is, there’s almost no way to tell the difference between live resin from quality inputs versus live resin from trim and scraps. The CRC column enables any black sludge to become a bright yellow extract called Live Resin.  BUT IT WONT WASH! There are plenty who point to cannabis strains unwilling to yield anything useful under solventless techniques, claiming Live Resin and BHO to be the answer to those non-washable strains. As time has gone on, we've seen a never ending stream of new Live Rosin flavors, with no shortage of options in a constantly evolving market of genetic variety. The genetic variety in the evolving market challenges the notion that certain strains are only viable for chemical solvent extraction. Maybe some additional pheno-hunting is necessary for those difficult varieties or better yet, since there is so much overlap in our genetics that maybe it isn't worth growing if it only yields in chemical solvent extraction? Just a thought. In Conclusion Live Rosin stands out as a revolutionary product, pushing the boundaries of extract quality and changing the way we experience cannabis. The market's constant evolution offers a myriad of options, challenging assumptions about strains that were once considered unsuitable for solventless techniques. Rocking the charts as usual... In the end, both products are comprised of organic cannabis materials from the trichome glands. THC of course, CBD, and over 200 other cannabinoids have been discovered in the same trichome glands and may be included in the extract. In addition to cannabinoids, terpenes are also included. If you wanted to bad enough, you could call a distillate of pure THC mixed with food grade terpenes, LIVE RESIN with little repercussion. In the end the highest quality product and the aim is to preserve the natural trichome gland contents, delivering the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids as they appear on the day of harvest. Ice Water Hash does it best, followed by Live Rosin. Let's hear your thoughts below...


Live Rosin VS. Live Resin: All You Need To Know Chart

The word "Live" in Live Rosin vs. Live Resin, denotes the use of freshly harvested and frozen cannabis materials, rather than the...

Jan 21, 2024

Well, well, it's Spring again and time to plant this year's stock of future flavors. Working with a long list of hash makers and brands, Eric Walz of @HumboldtKineFarms is dialed in and pumping out the heat. We made an impromptu visit, which quickly became episode one of Growing For Hash.  Come along and check out some of the ins and outs of producing world class fresh frozen cannabis for California's favorite hash makers. Hop on over to YouTube, linked below for the full length feature and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all that is yet to come. Plenty more is planned and we intend to keep the videos flowing. Having covered the basics and pretty much everything consumers need to know to find, distinguish, store, and smoke  six-star hash and live hash rosin, our attention moves to the best farms, brands, and makers of modern hash. If you missed the last article with Todd of Resin Ranch , be sure to check it out next. Ah yes, and age restriction requires you to sign in to view the video on YouTube. Peace and Love from the Hash World. #humboldtkinefarms #hashwriter #hashwriterorg #hashrosin #growingforhash


Growing For Hash Episode 1: Humboldt Kine Farms and its Youtube time!

Well, well, its Spring again and time to plant this years stock of future flavors. Working with a long list of hash makers and brands, ...

May 20, 2023

The following is our word-for-word close encounter with a strange, fraudulent, and down-right scary new technology to have emerged during the earliest years of retail cannabis in California. What resulted from this experience has kept us from returning to anything of the sort, starting that day forward in 2016-2017. This was when solventless extracts still required an obsessive passion to locate and crazy price markups, yet the alternatives became not just unthinkable, but wholly un-stomacheable. Here's the occurrence documented just as it was before, with these notes and a follow-up at the end of the encounter. Enjoy!.. Sunday, April 2nd, 2023  -Hashwriter C.R.C. Extracts: The Fast Food of Weed? (2019) With endless companies putting forth products extracted from cannabis, a long list of terminology has developed, often describing a product's final texture rather than the extraction technique. B.H.O., or Butane Hash Oil comes as live resins, cured resins, sauce, badder, budder, sugar, or diamonds and each one requires varying techniques.  BHO and distillation techniques fill vape carts, make shatter and other less expensive crumbles. Recently, a solid white hash hit the Bay Area as: "Frosting". Sold for cheap, C.R.C. cannabis extracts are white like the background to this post.  Not an off-white gorgeous rosin, where different shades of white coalesce into a buttery delight, but a shelf-stable, powder-white extract. Appearing to be the cleanest B.H.O. ever, I made sure to get my hands on some... Opening a gram of Papaya Frosting the scent is overpowering with an intense floral bouquet that my nose reads with a skeptical delight. We were immediately turned off, stacking price, appearance, and smell. It smelled too good and looked too clean to be sold for half of what live resins sell for. Playing around with this extract, I was able to compress the chunk of frosting into a puck-like mold in the bottom half of a wide, clear jar. I compressed it with my fingers until it was about a third of its original size. It felt like pressing my thumb into densely packed-condensed baking-flour, but leaving almost nothing on my fingers, unlike sticky live-resin. I don't normally stick my finger in a jar of cannabis concentrate (wink-wink), but this stuff was too strange not to touch.   Its texture looks like real cake-frosting, but lacks the weight or density you would expect. Anyways, I took a big, strange first dab. Overwhelmed by the taste of papaya fragrance, I threw the rest in my drawer until I could figure out what the hell I was smoking. Understanding the techniques used to extract cannabis goes a long way in earning the trust of consumers. I asked around and was given a lot of half-ass, dodged answers that all wanted to tell me it was just B.H.O. , which it is. Partial answers, misinformation, and customer confusion reigns in the early awakening of the C.A. recreational cannabis industry. While a certain amount of procedural integrity surely must be given to manufacturers and producers, sustainable and successful companies know the customer deserves to know more. For a brand new product and industry, the information is desperately lacking regarding methods like C.R.C. cannabis extracts. Here's the real scoop on C.R.C. cannabis extracts: C.R.C. is a "color remediation column" helping to produce the colorless and white concentrates extracted with chemical solvents and sold in California. Through this second-stage extraction-filtering technique called "color remediation," dark hash oil can be drastically lightened in color. The butane or solvent passes through a secondary column that uses a combination of "T5 Clay", "Silica Gel," and "Celpure P1000," otherwise known as commercial fryer grease filtration powder, to help filter solvents and other impurities from the hash oil, according to TrimScene. "The CRC is a secondary column used as a filtration cartridge for hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction systems," states the C.R.C. product kit on's  website. Using this additional filtration column for BHO, a purely white and even clear extract is coming out of buckets of dark brown shit with consistent results. Sounds pretty sketchy to me, but who knows as it's passing lab testing in order to be on CA shelves, but then again, so are cigarettes and alcohol. The high was similar to other low-grade B.H.O extracts and deserves recognition for its price alone, however until learning more about the method, I'm good, and will not be purchasing C.R.C. extracts anytime soon. Overall, I'm somewhat torn on C.R.C. and the use of food-grade materials that are seldom used outside of fast-food. Whether it is safe or not, I do not want my cannabis filtered through "fryer grease filtration powders" that are packed into the Color Remediation Column itself. I demand so much more in my  hash , and see C.R.C. cannabis concentrates as the fast-food of cannabis extracts. If I'm looking for really inexpensive extracts that do not taste like hotdog water, then CRC extracts begin to make sense. The real fear however, is that the quality of cannabis, which solvent extraction already helps to hide, will matter even less in relation to the final product. C.R.C. concentrates are produced from cannabis trim and scrap, rather than buds, making it even cheaper. Without the use of C.R.C, a product's color is determined naturally by the trichomes, the quality, and freshness of the product or plant. Dark brown extracts have always been the enemy, but thanks to C.R.C., the features that make for quality hash can be overlooked, opening the door to even more mass produced, mid-grade, trim-run products that will sure as shit, white. -2020 2023 Final Thoughts Why Would I Be Partially Torn? Just like my feelings toward distillates, some of the solvent methods can turn otherwise useless scrap and trash materials, referred to commonly as "biomass", into an effective form of THC. If we were trying to help those most in need, then solvents and distillates are the perfect solution. While something like a CRC column could be used to provide highly affordable, if not free, extracts to those most desperately in need, that isn't likely to be their intended use anytime soon. Used with total transparency and without profit motives, solvents and distillates can provide for the many, but my hopes of this being the case died long ago. A Few Final Thoughts A ton of information and an endless list of bad arguments have been made over the years, but one thing is for certain, even today's top BHO brands refuse the use of the CRC column, as it is not necessary to make a quality BHO extract. And here's exactly where things get sketchy, as products are not required to state whether or not any of these CRC elements are in use. Hell, they don't even require producers to state whether a product failed testing and was remediated  with solvents, (or if a second remediation attempt was needed)so of course this will be concealed. Furthermore, many modern BHO extract labs have the color remediation column built into their labs and transparency is their last concern. Solventless or Death should be the mantra of every cannabis consumer shopping retail markets today. 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C.R.C. Cannabis Extracts are the fast food of weed: An updated look back at a close encounter

The following is our word-for-word close encounter with a strange, fraudulent, and down-right scary new technology to have emerged during th

Apr 2, 2023

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