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The Life of a Cannabis Trichome Gland-Illustrated; Part One: Living That Best Life at 6-Stars

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

With a long history of confusion, misinformation, and deception, the ease and simplicity of the modern solventless process, along with the precision achieved is truly mind blowing.

It's as if we are growing two or even three plants simultaneously, rather than just one...


First, we grew cannabis plants for their flowers. Most of the plant material was scrapped (or used for BHO), while the buds or flowers sold for top dollar. We know now the real prized possession isn't the plant or its flowers, but rather, what's growing from their surfaces:

Ex. #1. Above is a model of a fully mature and ripe trichome gland (with a round head sitting on the trichome stem) containing all of the plant's cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

While the solventless method is fairly new, anyone who understands the plant and it's trichome structure, can logically comprehend ice water hash and the solventless refinement process (trichome structure explained later). The goal of which, aims to remove, isolate, and preserve ONLY the round head of each trichome gland, using only ice and water.

hash jar model
Ex. #2: 6-Star Ice Water Hash Consists of Whole Trichome Gland Heads.

Trichome Glands (Capitate-Stalked)

These trichomes begin to appear at the start of the flowering stage (just like the flowers) and have been our measure of readiness, harvesting plants based upon inspection and the color of the plant's trichome glands. Despite farmers paying close attention to the trichomes for decades, they've been largely ignored after harvest until recent years.

The graphic below illustrates the start of the flowering period (roughly 30 to 60 days in) through harvest, when trichomes mature and start to exhibit a milky, white, and amber hue to their heads:

Ice Water Hash/Trichome Anatomy

Six-star ice water hash (the highest grade), when perfected, is a jar consisting of only the round heads from each trichome gland (free of the trichome stems even!) (See Ex.2). Knowing what is contained in each trichome from Example 1, here's a more realistic anatomy of a single trichome gland:

Ex. #3. One Trichome Gland.