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The Ice-Water "Acid Test" & Humboldt Kine Farms

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Dissenting in Abrams v. United States, Justice Holmes proclaimed that “the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” Economic markets have since become a pervasive metaphor for free speech, with market tendencies, sales numbers, and all-around HYPE dictating truth and quality. In a culture of consumption, the ability for a brand to speak their truth (the truth that they are in-deed the best) is often relegated to market manipulation and advertising that capitalizes on post Prohibition's rightfully uninformed cannabis consumers. Thankfully, solventless hash-making serves as the perfect "acid test", helping to distinguish the best cultivators and cannabis across the market.


With Humboldt Kine Farms and @Papa's_Select taking Gold and Silver in the 2019 Emerald Cup, it's the category I cling to. Ice water hash is the truest measure of quality cannabis in California and Humboldt Kine Farms is (was) the current number one. Who better to begin with as I tell the next chapter in hash making history?

Hearty Melonade by Humboldt Kine Farms

With the cannabis consuming community slowly waking up to the quality solventless products require, I've been waking up to the immense quality of sun-grown Humboldt County cannabis. With the precision required to produce solventless full-melt hash and rosin, I'll be honest when I say, I didn't think outdoor flower stood a chance. It took some time and some solid evidence from @papas_select to win me over after a lifetime of indoor preference. Thanks to the undeniable "acid test" of ice water hash and rosin, I'm a believer in sun-grown Humboldt hash and I'm not one to jump ship (clearly proven by my Philadelphia fandom). The results are irrefutable however, and carving out a new place for hashish royalty, rightfully enough, back where it all began.

Humboldt Kine Farms Full-Season Living Soil Beds

There's no better example of pristine sun-grown cannabis than the reigning hash champion of the Emerald Cup and my favorite hash producing farm: Humboldt Kine Farms. With their over-the-top grape flavored THC-Bomb, washed by the very best at Papas Select, Humboldt Kine locked up the Gold Medal during 2019's Emerald Cup for solventless ice water hash. Don't let the name fool you, the THC-Bomb tastes like a mouthful of Ground Ball Grape Big League Chew. Sugary-sweet grape bubblegum candy, packing a punch that remains the best hash and rosin I'm yet to come across.


Just in case there was any doubt, they took the Silver Medal also, for their impeccable rendition of Peanut Butter Breath. And with their latest Zberries Premium Rosin pictured below, you could say Humboldt Kine's a cut above...

ZBerries by @papas_select and @Humboldtkinefarms

After putting together an impressive resume of prestigious awards, Humboldt Kine is taking the fresh-frozen hash-making and cannabis world by storm. And for most cannabis smokers who are yet to venture into the dabbing domain, the secret is out- the best hash on earth, undoubtedly comes from the best flower. No other product rips away the flashy veneer of swanky packaging and rapper recognition, quite like solventless hash.


Using only cannabis, ice, and water to remove and preserve cannabis trichomes, there's little room for error and cultivation practices are put under a microscope, quite literally. Solventless hash is an industry indicator and true test of one's ability to grow thriving, healthy, and hash-producing cannabis crops. With ice water hash successfully yielding no more than five or six percent of the total starting cannabis material, you can begin to imagine the precise metrics involved.

Humboldt Kine Farms Mixed Light Greenhouse 1 of 2.

It has taken just four short years since relocating from sunny So-Cal to his new Humboldt County farm to strike gold. Working with Papa's Select, who hunts the most sought-after farms across the Emerald Triangle, makes Humboldt Kine's early success even more impressive. With Eric Walz at the helm, Humboldt Kine has quickly gained notoriety and is geared for long-term success in the new industry. Using tried and true methods of living soil, full-season beds, and two dynamic mixed-light greenhouses, a professional touch of old-school wisdom comes included with the infamous @Mr.Miyagiwax helping to tend the gardens. Generations of cannabis growing and hash producing wisdom converge to grow the finest cannabis and hash producing plants on Earth at Humboldt Kine Farms.

Eric Walz of Humboldt Kine Farms

With a keen interest in cultivating, Walz wasn't just determined to succeed, but to succeed in the most prestigious of cannabis growing climates. A bold move for anyone and one that is paying off handsomely, in ways that weren't entirely foreseeable before fresh-frozen harvests and solventless hash making took off. Ice water hash has helped uncover gems across the region and right now, no one is prized higher than the mighty Humboldt Kine. The climate of Walz farm is proving to be perfectly suited for solventless hash making and the results are impeccable. With such minimal yields using only ice and water, minute climactic detail can make a world of a difference.

Pure Cannabis Trichome Heads Extracted With Water and Ice.

The latest miracle in the evolution of solventless hash is happening outside, in the Emerald Triangle. While Mother Nature can be recreated and even dialed-in to minimize variables and maximize indoor results, there’s just no substitute for fresh air and California sun. And while cannabis has grown freely under the sun elsewhere before, few places on earth can compete with Humboldt County’s climates, serving ice water hash expertly. The area’s uniquely fertile hills and valleys are nothing short of miraculous, earning the Emerald Triangle global cannabis fame. That legacy is quickly turning from quantity to the highest quality hash and craft-cultivated cannabis. Luckily enough, we are sure to be seeing plenty more from the likes of @Papas_Select and @HumboldtKineFarms.



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