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Big Hashishin Byrd-Tech Styleé: Hash Class with the Current Emerald Cup Hash Champ!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

What better way to kick off an early 420 of 2021, than a rendezvous meeting among several of the best hash makers on the west coast. For the hash-passionate consumer such as myself, it was honor meeting and smoking with some of the best. The classes taught by several hash makers revealed the thread that ties us all together: a love of cannabis and sharing that love with others.

Moobie the Dog, Chilling at Hash Class.

A conversation I had more than once this weekend, consisted of the way it used to be when you met another cannabis consumer. You could almost tell instantly that they were cut from a similar cloth as yourself and cannabis consumption was still symbolic of the cerebral, independent thinker and rebel at heart.


Just consuming cannabis isn't enough anymore with today's gamut of users. In today's market we see all kinds, from those that always consumed, to those that would never consume unless it was legal in their state (despite cannabis still being federally illegal in every single state). Regardless, with widespread use the consumption of cannabis isn't symbolic as it once was, making events like this weekend's hash class all the more revealing of like-minded individuals serving the plant.

Byrd getting things going bright and early!

Before I proceed, I want to thank Frank@Dank for having me down and giving me a couch to crash on, (along with moobie the house dog for keeping me warm). Same to the Byrd man himself, thank you for having me and congratulations on another Emerald Cup Gold and Bronze for the 2021 Personal Use category. I was super stoked to learn of Byrd's repeat gold medals, having won last year's personal solventless division, just days before the class!

Although not teaching the class, this year's second place Emerald Cup finisher, Gold Country Resin came down, and it was awesome to sit and sample some of their bests. Respect to all who entered the Cup and came to the class.

Day 1- Lazy-Ass-Stoners

Kicking things off bright and early Saturday morning, unlike some lazy stoners, we were treated to a live wash of fresh frozen cannabis beginning at eight AM. The two-day event was split up among teachers and topics, covering most of the solventless spectrum of techniques.

This included some of the older and less "in demand" techniques of solventless refinement, which I agree are particularly important to any and all who didn't grow up experiencing the evolution of concentrates first-hand. This is true for the young-bucks who may have never tried flower rosin, traditional bubble hash, or dry-sift that dominated for decades, prior to BHO's (Butane Hash Oils) emergence around 2010.

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