Cannabis Copy Writing: A Blogging Solution for Dispensaries, Deliveries, and Brands!

Updated: Mar 21

There's Great News! Paid advertising is off limits to cannabis and related brands! For Corporate Cannabis this is a huge bummer, but it plays right into the hands of small businesses and providers, especially dispensaries, who can take advantage of a democratized advertising field, before it's overrun!

It's an exciting and opportune time to gain internet notoriety, as proven by's ability to crack into Google's number one spot, without paid advertising:

With dozens of new cannabis stores opening constantly, whoever wins the google search results game, will be successful. Here's what The Search Engine Journal, a leader in digital marketing, had to say in their lengthy piece devoted entirely to Cannabis SEO or Search Engine Optimization:

"Organic Google traffic and SEO are the new best friends of the cannabis industry."

Your Business depends on Google Search Rankings, and I have THE SECRET!

Google's top search result spots would usually go to the highest dollar, but lucky for small businesses, "Paid advertising is either tricky or straight up impossible for many cannabis-related products due to the terms of service of many advertising platforms." With the two largest marketing companies, Google and Facebook declining all cannabis related ads, The Search Engine Journal, understands why SEO is the industries new best friend.

A Catch 22

The site with the most traffic will show up first on Google, but for a new brand or store, this is a catch-22. If you had heavy site traffic, you wouldn't be concerned with improving your SEO or reading this blog. So how do you get traffic to your site, without Google rankings to drive it?

Without paid advertisements to gain site traffic, most cannabis websites remain exiled in internet purgatory: A "ten-thousand-dollar professional site" is useless to consumer's and search engines alike, without SEO blogging.

If we can't pay for the top search spots, who gets them?

  1. Sites Optimized for accessibility from all devices

  2. Sites that people spend the most amount of time on (possibly reading blogs)

  3. Sites that show their expertise and reliability (through relevant blog articles)

  4. Articles show reliability through readership and back-links to other websites and blogs (join's massive network of blog-links).

Blogging is the Solution (even if no one reads the blog)

I can't stress this enough. It does not matter whether people read your blog posts or not, Google does. Just like this article, whether its heavily read or not, whether it brings immediate business opportunities or not, it's going to vastly improve my sites chances of appearing in searches for "cannabis blog writers" and various cannabis marketing searches. Forever!

Google crawls webpages constantly to read the material and provide the most relevant results to each search. A few blog articles is usually all it takes to blow the competition out of the water and is proof.

With a responsibility to educate and endless material to write about, blogging should be every dispensaries highest priority for a list of reasons.

Since a few posts is all it takes for a dispensary to hurdle the sweltering local competition, earn consumers trust, and communicate with fans, what are you waiting for? And it gets better.

Double Edged Sword of Visibility

Driving followers to your website through an Instagram feed is the perfect way to gain traffic to your website and improve your google rank. Since google has an ocean of material to choose from, I took advantage of my Instagram following to initially drive traffic to my blogs.

After a few hundred social media followers read my blog, it had the traffic to rank and improve on google search results. Google understands if the person likes the article, which can increase your reliability and eventually prove your site's mastery over topics relating to your business.

Now those same blog articles appear often in relevant Google search results, leading to my site, and even back to my social media. Its a double edged sword of visibility that should be every new cannabis brand or store's preferred method of marketing.

Permanent Compounding Returns

Thanks to a few hundred reads by my Instagram followers, those blog posts now work for me and continually strengthen my website, my business, and my online visibility, forever.

This is why there is no better investment for cannabis brands, cannabis dispensaries, and all related businesses than the permanence of a simple blog page and its compounding returns.

To Conclude

I have been shocked at the ease of cannabis SEO, a clear indicator that the big boys are yet to venture into this domain. Beat them to the punch now, with personalized educational blogging that your consumers are going to thank you for, anyways. The rewards and incentives to pay for blogging are vast and diverse, covering so many positive aspects that it's hard to find a more valuable way to invest in your own success.

Nine times out of ten, the only reason someone will come across that "ten-thousand-dollar-website," is because you paid a blog writer a few hundred bucks to write a post. You will quickly wonder why you paid for an expensive website, without including a blog. This is an opportunity to communicate who you are and earn loyal support by informing your consumers through a powerful blogsite. I sell my prior educational work as Copy for reduced prices and write fresh material for branded blogs.

Book a free thirty minute zoom, send me an email, a DM on IG, or give me a call and lets get the ball rolling!

Don't have a website? I can build you a simple site with your blog.

Want an article about your brand on Reach out and if it's up to my standards, I may agree to write about your brand or product on

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