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dry-farmed hash by "TheilGanjier"

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

TheILganjier, originally from Oregon, is no stranger to plants. Growing up, his house was filled with them as his mother was passionate about reforestation, having learned about horticulture out of necessity before moving to the Prairie State to find work. Since then, his botanical affinity evolved into a passion for growing great medicine that provides empowering relief, and one standout cultivar rules his garden: a Strawberry Banana cut known as SBOG borne from a DNA Genetics hunt by Smokinart Industries.

The flavor, potency, and combination of effects made SBOG an instant keeper in theILganjier’s book, and he began reversing it to itself and breeding it with other complementary strains, like Mother’s Milk from Bodhi Seeds, to test the range of terpene and cannabinoid expression that resulted. He would soon discover that the Smokinart cut was a true resin dumper for bubble hash, exceeding 7% yields. Though his indoor flowers are dried and cured, lately, he’s been converting his outdoor crop to WPFF for hash rosin, with GG4 x SBOG being one of the latest out of the press.

Gram of hash rosin
AKA Ape Shake, AKA Go Strawnanas, AKA Pimpanzee

TheILganjier’s usual method of full-term outdoor dry farming in native soil is a practice that he believes yields the best quality hash by encouraging plants to grow large, metabolite-rich trichomes with hardy membranes that won’t rupture in the ice wash. He amends the soil with only a light touch of mycorrhizae and worm frass for the express purpose of offsetting transplant shock. As a slight deviation, GG4 x SBOG was grown directly in a compost pile and watered occasionally, but still under the sun with minimal interference.

Colas of indoor and outdoor cannabis
Terps that run in the family

The goldenrod clump of putty-like rosin badder glistens lightly on the exterior, as a sweetly fermented aroma of banana yogurt wafts from the puck. It handles easily with a semi-firm consistency, releasing a clean, chemmy note when a dab is carved away. TheILganjier, a longtime musician, compares the process of designing flavor profiles through phenotype selection to engineering a track, tweaking proportions of fruit and funk like the frequency ranges of a song’s melody and a bassline.

A gram of hash rosin
Dry-farmed resin, honest and complete

The 120u grade provides a hearty hit with holistically therapeutic, balancing effects. It swiftly quells gastrointestinal pains and relieves muscle aches, unclenching knots of tension in the legs, back and shoulders. The calm state that follows is still energetic enough to remain active at a casual pace while focus is drawn inward to needs both bodily (like appetite regulation) and spiritual (like savoring a moment of solitude). When irritation is flaring and patience wears thin, GG4 x SBOG smothers the flame and replenishes the tank. To put it another way, this hash can take a user from full systemic freak-out to a feeling of stability in the time it takes for the solventless concentrate to melt, vaporize, and traverse a set of lungs.

A dab of hash rosin
A spoonful of rosin helps the medicine go down

Tangy dairy and strawberry add an uplifting bite to the smooth banana bubblegum flavor, with a pocket of dank, earthy Glue terps underlying in the foundation. This uncomplicated and balanced taste profile persists through the course of a dab, as well as throughout the life of a gram. TheILganjier keeps a low public profile, but in 2020 he led a virtual tour of his garden for Future Cannabis Project’s YouTube page.


Contributions by @Medsforheads. Give him a follow.


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