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Gas Station Heroin: For-Profit prisons Need New Products & Welcome New Laws

Updated: Jan 15

The latest Vice article, titled "Gas Station Heroin," sheds light on the ironic reality of the "war on drugs," which seems more like a war on the American mind. This prolonged battle has resulted in the incarceration of two million individuals, channeling immense wealth into the system while creating entire towns, communities, and economies. My reflections on the latest opioid threat lead me to share several points for those seeking a deeper understanding of these issues from someone with firsthand experience.

People are dying because drugs are illegal, and it's the government's fault. If you outlaw drugs, drugs you invented by the way, you're now responsible for eliminating them. But since there's more drugs than ever before, you have totally failed. Failed on a monumental scale of unimaginable proportion and doubled down on the measures for nearly 200 years. It isn't the drugs or the drug dealers who are the problem. They are the foreseeable consequences of a systemic failure stemming from a strategically flawed prohibition.

The correlation between an increase in law enforcement and rising crime rates underscores the problematic nature of our approach. More cops equal more arrests, funny how that works. Crime goes up in proportion to their surveillance increase. To be broke is to be criminal, at the mercy of the lawman's disposition.

A matter of thought control, to blame the disreputable "cartel" chemist for making a dangerous product is to admit your own failure in the drug war, and refusal to provide a safe alternative. A denial of reality, backed by tremendous research requires wholesale thought-control.

Research Chemical Loopholes

The evolution of substances like spice and bath salts illustrates the impact of reactionary legislation. Misguided laws create loopholes, leading to new, often more dangerous, products. The need for regulating the production and manufacturing of reliable drugs for consenting adults becomes apparent.

Years back kava and kratom spiked my attention on my first release from my first period of incarceration. A long list of 'replaceable' substances were now available at smoke shops. That was my introduction to kratom in 2013. It had little effect with my vast experience, but works well for many. The Kratom leaf acts on the opioid receptors and is used commonly in other nations.

After hooking the U.S. on pharmaceutical dope, the reversal has led many to find other sources and less common opioids, including deadly fentanyl and its many analogues. A totally foreseeable outcome. After a flood of opioids and addicts that reached every facet of American life, the remnants remain and rely on Kratom supplies making it no wonder why a new "gas station heroin" is popular.

Tianeptine= Gas Station Heroin

Now kids are having seizures from this gas station molecule drink, with horrible withdraws. It's called  Tianeptine, a tricyclic antidepressant (created by guess who?), sold as a liquid that acts on the opioid receptors. "Neptune's Fix" offers the most powerful of these elixirs sold over the counter in gas stations and smoke shops. Like anything else, too much is dangerous, but my warnings stop there.

Sticks = The New Spice

This is at the cost of people. Minor changes in the chemical structure may produce similar results, but often with horrifying new side effects or withdrawals. Something we have plenty of experience with thanks to spice (JW-H) and bath-salts. Our psyches are so biased that research drugs like "bath-salts" are considered a dangerous and mysterious "other," rather than informing people that it’s just another amphetamine. Spice went from a rather safe and mellow cannabis type of high to a hallucinogen used by strung out addicts living on the streets.  After legislation led to numerous changes in the molecular structure, spice became a mixture of bath-salt-amphetamines and a new molecule replacing the JW-H.

John W. Huffman, an organic chemist at  Clemson University, synthesized a variety of chemical compounds that affect the  endocannabinoid system. JWH-018 is one of these compounds, with studies showing an affinity for the cannabinoid (CB1) receptor five times greater than that of THC. The  John W. Huffman research group at  Clemson University  synthesized over 450  cannabinoids,” more than enough for manufacturers to cycle through in the face of dangerous prohibitive legislation.

How many people are going to die before we understand the only progress, the only means of a solution is regulating the production and manufacturing of reliable drugs for adults who choose to take them? Power understands this very clearly, they're just playing both sides of the coin. Regulate and dispense the drugs that are being injected and the deaths and craziness, along with the vast majority of crime would immediately subside. And with it go the billions of dollars made by the prison-industrial-complex. Less crime is no good, no good at all.

Research Chemicals

As more and more substances make their way to the market, this evolution is fueled by bad legislation with short term goals. Not the other way around. Addicts want drugs that are safe and powerful. From the legislation side of things, the logic goes as follows: make drugs illegal to eliminate them and their use. It's not going so well, in fact, it couldn't possibly be going any worse, unless the motivations are different. They are.

The narrative around drug use needs to shift. Prohibition has proven ineffective, mirroring past failures like alcohol prohibition. The current approach, influenced by those in power, has led to a dangerous environment that profits from human suffering.

Today's Cartel Drugs are Marketed by Looking Like Popular Pharmaceutical Pill Designs

The so-called "cartels" now mimic our strongest regulated dope, using U.S. pharmaceutical pill designs to package and market their products. Blatant enough for you? We have already regulated our best dope to those deemed appropriate to use it. The level of appropriateness increases with social and economic standing.

From today's cleanest speed to today's best opioids that make morphine and heroin look like child's play, Big Pharma lays out a pharmacopeia of chemical concoctions to fit every moment or mood. As absurd as it is, people still think a prescribed drug is different. It is not. Taken as directed, or not, these powerful substances and our biological systems do not differentiate between prescribed pills or black market fentanyl. Just remember, doctors across the country showed us that they are more than willing to prescribe massive doses of dangerous opioids for decades.

suddenLy, Nation-wide trend of massively prescribing


Suddenly, five and ten milligrams of oxycodone in Percocets weren't dangerous enough. They decided to remove the Tylenol, the acetaminophen, the one thing drug addicts are unable to remove, making abuse difficult and injection impossible. They took the Tylenol away and turned those five and ten milligram (oxycodone) Percocets into 20, 30, 60, 80, and even the gargantuan, 160mg Oxycontin. Same drug.  It's this fact that makes me question the motivations and intentions of those in power.

Power has motivated this dangerous drug environment, constantly pushing us toward more dangerous, deadly, and expensive drug supplies, while controlling the population and profiting from human warehousing. It is a mission of Mind-Control to support such flawed legislation and chemical warfare (opioids) and can be labelled as genocide by International Genocide Tribunal standards.

The further I dug into the history, the more apparent something darkly sinister became. Many of the world's elite scientists and pharmaceutical chemical companies came from Germany, and at the close of WW2, many of the top Nazi scientists were nowhere in sight. Some fled to South America, while the Cold War efforts brought the best to America. The same companies and the same scientists who created and supplied the Zyklon-B in concentration camp showers, now make the pharmaceuticals killing a generation of people. While this all sounded like bizarre conspiracy theories, continued research over the last year lays bare this horrible truth. (See the book, Opioids Made Clear by Judah).

In the post-modern, post-solventless, post-punk, post-industrial age of spectacular catastrophe, humans are no longer valued for their labor and are worth more as products. Products bought and sold to everyone from advertisers to prison wardens. Our labor power is really only effective when slave rates can be paid, while the person as a product generates income through their incarceration. Why hire or contract anyone when you can contract slave labor from indigenous populations or any one of our thousands of state and federal penitentiary systems? There's over two million slaves behind bars that are free game for forced labor, while the rest of us are sold to advertisers.

After they wear us thin, use us up, weaken the nation, its every major industry, while enriching themselves, they will flee and leave us (the victims) to be victimized by our government and military's victims= The World. Not a day I wish to wait around for. Corporate theft of our institutions has eliminated real competition, stalled progress in its tracks, and supported economic incentives regardless of their use or morality. A bloated bureaucracy. Effectiveness is no longer a metric to be calculated. Money equals effectiveness. Especially when it does not.



The term 'Genocide' was coined by Polish writer and attorney, Raphael Lemkin, in 1941 by combining the Greek word 'genos' (race) with the Latin word 'cide' (killing). Genocide as defined by the United Nations in 1948 means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, including: (a) killing members of the group (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group (e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.


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