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Rigging the Game with "Real CA Cannabis": "Taming & Taxing" Time in Corporate Capture

Updated: Feb 28

So they say the grass is greener in California, but is it really? With state after state modernizing their stance and alignment with this petty little plant, we apparently can't wait to make the same mistakes over and over again. In a bid to claim name recognition and eliminate competition, “Real Cannabis CA” looks like the latest corporate scheme to rig another industry to unfair advantage, wasting tax dollars on "public persuasion" campaigns, while the streets are lined with homelessness.

According to the Department of Cannabis Control, Real Cannabis CA is a widespread "education and public persuasion campaign to teach Californians about the importance of purchasing exclusively from licensed retailers and the crucial differences between regulated and unregulated cannabis.” This Department of Cannabis Control initiative is "designed to educate consumers on the importance of purchasing cannabis products from licensed retailers, and make it easier to locate and identify them". Sounds good in theory, but is completely unnecessary.

real ca cananbis advertisement
Real Ca Cannabis Ad. But is it really?

You’d be hard pressed to find an unlicensed dispensary anywhere, except for a few in each of California’s major cities. It doesn’t require a brain surgeon to find a regulated local dispensary. They’re everywhere. What requires work is finding black market brands. Is this all a marketing campaign? What happened to all of the laws that should already outline safe testing and licensing? After failing to implement useful legislation, we’re supposed to take your word for it the second time around?

Rather than using tax dollars generated from cannabis sales to right the wrongs of the last hundred years or help the businesses they claim to support, Real CA is using the money to attack cannabis growers and hash makers, with public persuasion campaigns in a desperate attempt to destroy black markets. Their idea of safe and effective products are a far cry from quality herb. A far cry from safe either, if judged by the last six (or 60) years, as previously written upon here.

California's Entitled: The Proud History of Violent Persecution

They say the grass is greener in California, but is it really? "Real Cannabis CA" certainly thinks so, claiming its stake as a state-product, backed by the history of CA cultivation on their website.  Yes, the recent history of cannabis is tied to California, but largely for reasons unrelated to the actual plants. A wine inspired land-grab seeks to profit from the dark and disturbing history of CA cultivation. As if to say, after ruining your lives for decades, we now want to claim cannabis from California as “special”.  How cute.