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PUNCH Extracts 2023 Flavor Pack: Part #1 Badder-Up!

Updated: May 17, 2023

Happy opening day there hash fans! That's right, it's baseball season and Punch came through with a grip, aka "hella," or a lot of new flavors to get down with. Rather than saving the best for last, let's give the people what they want from the top, followed by a brief discovery of how Papaya went Poochies. Aside from one quick fresh press I couldn't help but share, we're keeping part one in favor of the badders. Let's go...

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Punch Extracts 2023 Flavor Pack

Candied Oranges

(Zkittlez X Mimosa V6)

Tier 1

Fresh Press rosin

Get this one fast. A standout new flavor from the storied lineage of Z-stock meets a newfound favorite that has made the rounds of the hash & rosin racing circuit of Northern California in recent years, taking home one trophy after another. Mimosa has quickly become crossed with a list of solventless yielding cultivars with a flavor not to be missed. We even witnessed a special cut of Mimosa take home Emerald Cup awards under the moniker: Strawberry Jelly.

Punch Extacts Fist punching logo

After doting in strawberry fields forever, Mimosa decided to get back to her citrus ways with a bubbly concoction of sweet orange mimosa, blended not with orange juice, but with the sweet orange-drink flavor, multiplied by orange skittles. It’s basically like a tall glass of mimosa with a handful of orange skittlez dissolved for added flavor, chopped-up, and sprinkled on top.

a jar of hashish rosin fresh press
Candied Oranges is Pure Fire

Unlike plenty of other citrusy cuts or fruit flavors riding on gas, spice, and a cookie’s base, this Candied Oranges provides a crystal clear perspective into its candy-orange flavor. The mimosa is the dominant cut, however without the perfectly sugar-sweet touch and taste of a legendary Z cut, we may still be calling her a strawberry. And unlike many modern strains that overlap and share the same dominant terpene profiles as one another, this Candied Oranges stands out for its sharpness and clarity of conviction. An undeniable sweet orange drink flavor, that isn’t overwhelmed by cross breeding. As the genetic evolution continues to unfold, it's a rare occurrence when a mix of prior genetics and flavors all combine to provide a bold new flavor all their own, like this Candied Oranges.

Fresh Press Rosin Dab on Dab Tool Ready to be Dabbed. Hashish
Fresh Press Rosin Dabs for Life...

Lemon Limez Rosin Badder

(Keylimepie x Headbanger)

Tier 1

Rosin Badder

These lemon and key lime cuts from @Lumafarms_ are worthy of being called new classics and check all of the boxes we're looking for. We have seen several flavors combined with Key Lime Pie recently, which all reflect unique and distinguishable flavors. This year's badder tastes of zesty lime peel, sprayed lightly with lemon pine-sol, before being doused in the sour-sweet sugar from a pack of Sour Patch Kids. And just to note, this is indeed a new batch of 2023 flavors from Punch Extracts...

hash rosin in jar

And just like her powerful terp flavors, she delivers an uplifting Punch. A real wake-up call to the cranial senses, with a euphoric boost providing clear thoughts and new cerebral connections. She’s the perfect mid-afternoon realignment, as you break for a moment of clarity and reflection. As the flavor subsides and we’re left on cloud nine, a refreshing aftertaste is all ice-water with a slice of lemon and a spritz of lime. Don’t let her loud terps fool you however, as the Key Lime Pie (a cookies lineage favorite) brings with it momentous highs. They can go ahead and lock this flavor in for the long haul and keep her in the wheelhouse. This one's the perfect level of loud terps without sacrificing effects, making it an any day or everyday flavor on par with best papaya.

Limeade Badder

(Lemon Limez X Amarelo)

Tier 1

Rosin Badder

Just when we thought we’d seen the best of the Key-lime combos, Amarelo #11 (the 2022 breakout celebrity-of-a-strain) joins the party to provide a boost of lemon and a whole lot of what used to be called a “Sativa-like” effect. A knockout flavor of uplifting cerebral energy.

Amarelo #11 (Banana Punch #9 X Str8 Lemonade) has a distinctly fermented and musty touch, leaving behind a citrusy aftertaste of freshly-squeezed Lemonade. Add the lemon-limez and we have a new school sweet and sour combo to stay. The nearly-fermented, semi-musty smell emanating from the Amarelo #11, is now enshrined in the glory of Lemon-Limez’s sour-citrus-wave of flavor and powerful effects.

Punch Extracts hash rosin badder in a jar.
Getting Neon. (In camera effect). Vivid eh? Punch Extracts

The cookie’s lineage cut of Keylime provides the powerful base to round out this newfound favorite. At times a purple influence is noticeable from the banana punch, while the acidic Lemonade helps to create a flavor comparable to a Papaya cut. With a fairly familiar tropical palette, throw in the legendary lemon-limez cut and it might be a cult-classic.

Poochies Papaya Badder (Papaya X White Bubba)

Ah yes, good old papaya is back and banging harder than ever. For those newer to the solventless scene, Papaya #35 was one of the first blockbuster flavors people just could not get enough of… (and still can’t). The flavor of a papaya is truly otherworldly in the world of weed; a bonafide original in a sea of sameness.

Once papaya made its way around the Poochie's cut surfaced, quickly becoming the dominant Papaya cultivar to go to. Since then we have seen little of the straight papaya with Poochie's placating not only the sweet, but the sour fans, as well. The early batches of Papaya #35 exploded with a Purple Smarties candy-like flavor. The Poochie’s Papaya cut condors up an eternal funk, so potently foul that a smell from up close is likened to a whiff from a bottle of tequila. A rotting funk of fermentation, gives that up close smell an overpowering likeness.

It was unknown (at least to us) what differentiated Poochie's cut of papaya, in terms of genetics, from the standard papaya everyone quickly came to love. It appears the answer is a White Bubba crossed with papaya. "The White X Bubba Kush" are the unsuspecting genetics providing an array of intriguing (and unsuspecting) flavors to say the least.

This year's latest Poochie's Papaya highlights the evolving nature of cannabis strains that change from season to season, batch to batch, garden to garden, year to year. This latest Poochie's highlights LumaFarms_ ability to consistently produce phenomenal flavors, keeping this winner in rotation to please the Papaya-people. This is one of the better Poochie's Papayas yet, with a bit less of the funk and foul, and an acceleration of depth into organic fruit-tasting flavors.

Luma farms and their veganic living soil pairs perfectly with Punch’s ability to scout and wash undeniable winners. Dialing in to express the essence of the living plant is what hash making is all about and few do it better than the new classic that has quickly become a solventless staple itself: Poochie's Papaya.

Poochiez Dirty Papayaz Badder-

VG X Luma X Punch

(Poochies Papaya X Dirtyz)

Imagine Poochie’s Papaya wrapped in one gigantic skittle shell. A funky papaya-fruit crusted with a sugar-shell coating, an added touch of spiced gas, and the rare palatial experience known fully as the Z. As this badder warms, the zkittlez scented jar invokes an increasing likeness to some of the best zkittlez cuts we have come across. Both cultivars remain noticeable as the combo blends papaya's sweet, candy-taste with a sugar coated Z cut.


The DirtyZ (LEM OG × Zkittlez Baller Ben Cut) alone has taken home some recent trophies, such as 3rd in solventless at the 2019 Emerald Cup. Two storied strains. A DirtyZ cut mixed with Poochies Papaya provides some heavier gas and a unique palate to play around with. Dabbing her hot and Poochie’s undeniable papaya flavor takes over… Take those dab temperatures down a notch, and out comes DirtyZ with its skittles-shells of sugary flavors. Best of all, the Papaya genetics provide all the heavy highs anyone could desire, without sacrificing an ounce of the Z flavor.


Another multi-farm combo adding up to yet another killer Tier One Rosin Badder flavor from Valley Grove and Luma Farms. Luma’s Papayas and Valley Groves Dirty Z cross to bring us the latest generation of zkittlez flavors. So often these combos do not blend well and one flavor overtakes another, (especially among the Zkittlez lineage) but when they slap a Tier 1 on the package, you know this cross added something special to each, creating a flavor worthy to be called: Poochie’s Dirty (ass) Papayaz.

Sour Sherb Dawgy Badder

(Sherbet, Sour D, Stardawg, Wilson)

Tier 1

Rosin Badder

Valley Grove x Luma Farms

An unlikely winner, this surprise Tier #1 standout has all the makings of a solventless favorite, mixing three uniquely independent flavors, along with the solventless savant: Wilson. A solid offering of Sour Diesel, Sunset Sherbet, and the Dead-head favorite Stardawg, provide the reminiscent flavors that ruled the 2000’s, along with Masonic’s Wilson cut, a proven solventless savior. The Wilson provides a silky smooth undercurrent of vanilla hues and creamy notes that are met with mercy by the normally overwhelming diesel-gas of a Sour D, or the often-times muddling base of too much Sherbet. We may have gotten lucky with this mix, but the final result solidifies the storied legacies of each flavor.

hash rosin in a jar

Take this one apart and do the genetic research and we may have a touch and a taste of nearly every cultivar to hit the scene, culminating in a flavor worthy to be called the Dawg. Dawgy Dogg as, "The sounds of the Dogg bring me to another day”...

We’re calling this one the “Snooper-Bowl.”



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