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@Punch_Extracts X The King of Cakes: A @HumboldtKineFarms Flavor-Pack

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

With our previous article collaboration running in WeedWorldMagazine under the title, "The Farmer and the Hash-Maker," another trip was made on Friday to touch base with Eric Walz of @HumboldtKineFarms, and to discuss some of the phenomenal new flavors dropping in collaboration with @Punch_Extracts.


What To Look For

Punch_Extracts just dropped a bunch of new flavors and offerings from the legendary Humboldt Kine Farms. Here's a detailed description of the best new cuts to keep an eye out for, along with a few shots from the visit.

Pictured is a new flavor of Papaya X THC Bomb. Look forward to this flavor in the near future.

Working with Punch_Extracts, the self-declared #kingofcakes (inside joke) is back with a slew of flavors that represent one of the most unique and abundant terroirs for growing cannabis intended for hash. A terroir that speaks to the heart of the matter, delivering some of the tastiest and terpiest profiles around. Longtime followers will remember the phenomenal 2020 Emerald Cup winning THC Bomb from @Humboldtkinefarms and be pleased to hear she's back in the rotation, but we will save her for last.

hash farm cannabis
The Terpiest Terroir Around, HumboldtKineFarms

Punch Extracts LOGO
Punch_Extracts Logo

JBMO Rosin Badder (Tier 2)

(Small Batch)(Plug Smoke)

JBMO or JMO, is a garlic-cookie fan’s favorite, bursting with everything a GMO is known for and legend to be, with a sweet and swirling soiree of Jelly Beans dotting the flavor profile. Another fabulous Humboldt Kine Flavor, with a welcomed reminder of what the best GMO’s are packing: clear-white resins, exploding flavors, and one of the more functional highs out there. Those who laugh at the lightness of many perceived “daytime smokes,” will welcome the cerebral nature of the high paired with full-bodied effects. Exactly what modern cannabis is supposed to be: The best of all worlds.

hash rosin
JMO or JBMO Hash Rosin Badder Dab

The actual garlic palette is light, while the hazy and grizzled gas is prevalent. Those without the expectation of a GMO flavor, may miss the mark entirely. For such a distinct cannabis cut, the many varieties and new interpretations of the famed Garlic Cookies a.k.a. GMO, helps this solventless savant to be highly adaptable to new flavor combinations. While some simply combine two flavors, GMO mixes have a unique ability to adapt two flavors into a unique third. JBMO is just the latest variety to sing in the good graces of garlic cookies, with yet another modern twist.

Peelout Fresh-Press Rosin (Tier 1)

(small batch)

(MotorBreath X Banana Punch )

product jar of hash rosin
Peel-Out By @Punch_Extracts and @HumboldtKineFarms

Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, we the people are grateful to indulge in another terpene masterpiece. Unique, Unique, Unique. The icy-cool banana profile has something special to it. After the initial flavor-blast, an icy banana peel emerges from the smoke in a dazzling array of new banana flavors.

Expecting the traditional thick, gassy, and often muddled banana, the initial flavor is crisp, leading some to think she might be named for her horsepower instead. Sure enough, as the initial taste subsides, a glorious, perfectly proportioned banana (half-peeled) slowly rises out of a blueish-white light and rotates. Sometimes mental imagery does more justice than trying to explain flavor away.

dabbing dab hash
PeelOut Dab Shot

After the spectacular bubble-gum glory of Rainbow Beltz, the idea seems to have rubbed off and Peelout shares the same scent. Pink Bubblegum scented banana hard-candy terps turn-up! The sweetly-soft banana taste lingers. Expect a rosin badder Peel-Out to drop next.

Rainbow Beltz Rosin Badder (Tier #1)

(Small Batch)

Archive Seed Bank combined a Zkittlez cut with Do-si-do’s to bring us “moonbow,” which was crossed with Zkittlez again to arrive at 2021-2022’s most hyped solventless variety… and the winner is... Rainbow Beltz, and for a list of good reasons.

hash rosin rainbowbeltz
Rainbow Beltz is a unique winner. Punch X HumboldtKine

Bubblegum flavored terps is what the heads say… while inferences of the full skittles rainbow of flavors make their appearances known. The new school variety that takes the cake (quite literally and throws it out). She’s quickly become a solventless legend, overhearing comments like: “if you have a rainbow beltz dumper you’re killing the game”. The bubblegum scented rosin takes on a yellowish hue, always a sign of a flavorful cut.

Rainbow Beltz Canon of Lore

Both adding to and detracting from the Rainbow Beltz canon of cannabis lore, are the mostly cerebral effects that remain consistent regardless of the farmer. For all the flavor chasers out there this comes as an added benefit, with a highly functional effect some would deem appropriate for daytime use or for social settings and situations. Rainbow Beltz will leave you feeling light on your feet, with a clear mind and a mouthful of candy flavored terps.

THC-Bomb Rosin Badder (Tier#1)

(Small Batch)

Thc Bomb is Back! The phenomenal 2020 Emerald Cup winning THC Bomb from HumboldtKineFarms, is a pleasure to have back in the rotation. Sure enough, a yellowish hue is noticeable right away, a distinguishing feature of the Bomb that’s been especially noticeable in the ice water hash.

hash rosin
2022'sTHC Bomb from Punch Extracts and HumboldtKineFarms

Don’t let the name lead you astray, as it does little justice to the clear pop of ground-ball grape big league chew bubble-gum. When dialed in, she’s sweet like candy, without the muddled taste of gas or garlic, so common to the solventless arena. Originally bred and developed by Bomb Seeds, the THC Bomb genetics remain proprietary, bringing an added touch of intrigue to the already distinguished variety.

hash rosin dab
Corduroy Dabs of THC BOMB from Punch and HumboldtKineFarms

As an ice water hash, she exudes grapetastic blasts of flavor, while the rosin can take on a few new flavors. Pop the lid and smell the scent of a blueberry yogurt. Sugar cookies, angel food cake, and vanilla cream pies, replace gas and garlic, while retaining a hard hitting effect.

The Terroir

Humboldt Kine Farms location and climate, otherwise known as “terroir” produces accurate and precise presentations of every cultivar grown. As a multi-time Emerald Cup winner, it's a safe bet to bet on the best. Another batch of hard hitting staples from the #KingofCakes, @humboldtkinefarms.

Next Up...

Keep an eye out for several tier three rosins that will be reviewed and discussed in an upcoming article. And if you're lucky enough to encounter any of the flavors mentioned in this article, it would be wise to pull the trigger. Fast. Subscribe below and stay in the know with, and please, feel free to leave comments, join the conversation, agree, disagree, or ask questions and we got you!



Matt M
Matt M
Sep 03, 2022

Great article highlighting Humboldt Kine’s awesome flowers! It‘s unfortunate that Punch limits these awesome flavors to tier 1 making them both hard to find and the price hard to stomach (80+ per gram after tax in Sac). Hard to justify paying that much for what is most likely a full spectrum product (using full spectrum 45-149 if it looks “immaculate” or otherwise just the 70u)for tier ones specifically. I realize this isn’t punch’s fault the dispensary‘s set the price in store, but the end result is still limiting the accessibility to the average consumer. Hopefully direct to consumer sales will become the norm for solventless cultivators and processors!

Sep 07, 2022
Replying to

Very true. Very true. Dispensaries are some real hacks quite often, but always doubling plus ten-twenty-or whatever. All while doing a poor job maintaining products. It seems we are just beginning to see competition play a factor in what dispensaries remain, too bad so many are dug in for the long haul. More direct to consumer is the way.

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