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Checking All The Boxes: Punch X THE KINE FLAVOR PACK: August-September 2023

Updated: Sep 24

Episode 5 of Growing For Hash will be out fairly soon, and highlights the best round of the year for Eric Walz and Humboldt Kine Farms. Here are a few of my favorites from the farm that you can find on the shelves, thanks to @Punch_Extracts. A few killer tier ones that check all of the boxes, as well as three of my favorite Tier #3 value jars will be revealed at the end. With a bunch of new tier ones entering the market, let's define exactly what those boxes are I'm looking for, while taking a behind-the-scenes look at the farm.

With the El Niño weather patterns bringing in some warmer evenings and nights, this round has exceeded all expectations. The farm is on point, just gushing in terp drenched flavors. There's going to be a whole lot of clean hash out there in the coming months. HKF terroir has proven itself year after year, to dump hash and rosin.

HKF hash plants growing on farm. multiple greeenhouse rows of mature cannabis flowers.
hkf hash plants

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cannabis farm
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HKF 3 weeks or less out.

Checking All of the Boxes

It's extremely rare that I want the same flavor over and over again, as changing things up also helps to deliver the effect I'm looking for. Like anything else, too much of the same thing is no good. It begins to lose its power when smoked over and over again. It's rare to find a cut that checks all of the boxes I'm looking for, let alone doing it over and over. Checking boxes is something mentioned repeatedly, so let's define them (usually).

  1. Hard hitting highs, euphoric, stimulating, & cerebral with solid body effects. A high that's felt in the forehead. Basically, the best of all worlds. A real head changer.

  2. Visually Pleasing (So important). (Looks can be meaningless (or ), however all of the best cuts always stand out in appearance. The two are inseparably tied together... almost & usually). WHITE ROSIN WINS

  3. It tastes amazing and unique. Flavors are sometimes layered and deep. (Sugar on Sugar on Sugar, with a side of OG Gas is what I want).

  4. Smell (less important than taste). Occasionally something has no smell that just smacks with flavor upon the dab.

  5. Develops & advances taste.

  6. Continues to deliver effects after repeated daily use has a category of its own. It's like a PHD on it's certification.

  7. Numbers: I no longer look at numbers. Only the price. God help us.

The Papaya #35 from years back checked these boxes. The THC-Bomb did the same. Now its Grease Bucket & ZBerries turn.


Grease Bucket*

Grease Bucket couldn't be anymore distinguished in the garden, erupting with neon pink, ropes-for-hairs. From across the garden these bright pink hairs are noticeable. As the plant matures, these neon pinks will naturally evolve into an orange-ish hue. And while the rosin is ghost white, seeing it in the BIG JAR blew my mind. The most pleasing and appetizing rosin I think I've ever come across. The clear liquid terps that gather around the baking flour white rosin, appear glow-in-the-dark. There's an effervescent day glow hue, that looks like it would react to a black-light. I taste nothing but a mouthful of sugar with every dab.

*Insider Tip: Keep an eye out for the sequel: Grease Pit comes next...

Grease BUCKET cannabis strain macro photo of flower and trichomes.
Grease Bucket

cannabis plant with neon pink hairs nearing completion.
Grease Pit: The Evolution Continues


The Zberries taste like Zberries. Thank god, they're back and better than ever. That jar disappeared fast, but I was lucky to grab a bunch of beautiful shots of this phenomenal cultivar.

Satsuma Sherb

A surprising find, one that didn't stick out on the farm as much as others, but explodes with flavor in the lab. I wonder how often this is the case, as pheno-hunting and deciding on cuts is complicated. Besides, everyone experiences taste and smell differently.

satsuma sherb logo with open mouth next to letters
Satsuma Sherb

Everyone also experiences cannabis effects in their own way, so making decisions is difficult. Anyways, this Satsuma is what I would call a textbook heavy-gassy strain, with just as much sweetness blanketed in. It's also one of the more powerful cuts of rosin I've had this year. And a near-white appearance.

Hawaiian Slider

Bud structure, bud structure, bud structure. An absolutely beautiful plant, with giant-perfect colas. Some of the prettier looking cannabis I've seen.

VALUE JARS * Tier #3 Punch Extracts

1. CAP JUNKY BADDER by @_stayconscious_




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Peace, Love, & more Hashish.

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