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Growing For Hash: Humboldt Kine Farms x Punch_Extracts Episode #4: Pheno-Hunting

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Episode number four just dropped on Youtube and is by far our best episode yet. As I dial in the videographer skills and we figure this thing out, there will be much more to come. Rather than waiting and wishing for a video studio, more and better gear, an audio person, an editor, a writer (wait that's me), a producer, etc., I'll play all of these roles... wait, add graphic designer, website updater, & promoter... in order to deliver what the fans really want and need: insight and behind the scenes access to the best farms and the best flavors in ice water hash and live hash rosin.

Episode Number 4 dives into the results of pheno-hunts from episodes one and two, detailing the final flavor and intricacies of each cut. In case anyone is new to the scene, or not, Humboldt Kine has been making waves for years. Starting with his domination of early Emerald Cups, to providing some of the Punch fire I like best, to supplying the quickly developing solventless space on the retail market.

That was the goal all along: Bring better cannabis and solventless products to the people. Now that hash and rosin are evident everywhere I look, we can indulge in the finest flavors from weed porn, to farmer insights, to the cleanest looking hash rosin on the California market thanks to the Little Homies they call @Punch_Extracts.

It's the perfect cut all day everyday.

hash rosin
2023 Z-Berries from Punch Extracts

2020-2022 Hash Flavors

This round brings back the famed Z-Berries. This was one of the first cuts that let me know the Kine is what it's all about. After devouring jar after jar of his phenomenal THC-Bomb (Grape Big-League Chew flavor), both in Ice water Hash and Live Rosin, the Z-Berries appeared and quickly turned heads. I've seen the ZBerries from a couple other sources, and they don't even compare. If you have had the zberries elsewhere, you need to try these Z-Berries and if you haven't tried it, it should be your most sought after flavor on the list.

{All but the bottom right two photos are from 2020-2022 with ZBerries and THC Bomb}

Punch Extracts did a phenomenal job at preserving and curating these resins. From the harvest witnessed and documented in Episode #3 of Growing For Hash, everything is carefully cut and immediately frozen after a light trim. From there it's up to the hash people to refine flavors just like this. It is still amazing what is achieved with water, ice, a bit of pressure, and some of the finest cannabis found worldwide.

jar of hash rosin zberries by humboldtkinefarms
This year's Z-Berries are better than ever

There has been enough flavors to come our way, but this one undoubtedly stands out. There is yet to be another flavor as pronounced and impactful, as the Z-Berries undeniable red-cherry taste. It's like a mix of red and purple fruit-snacks, melded into such a staunch flavor, it hangs around as it resides. This is one that can be tasted by second hand smoke alone. Inhale Z-Berries, exhale cherry flavored air.

Too often people rave about various flavorings, often using terminology and smells from words we can barely pronounce, let alone understand, pulling at the strings of hardly noticeable flavors. This is not and will not be the case with Z-Berries, which is just as pronounced if not more-so than the Papaya's of old. This shockingly bold flavor comes from basic stock, nothing crazy. The cross combines Skittlez with OGKB 18 to create an immense palate of cherries and berries, that lean toward a red-cherry cough syrup flavor. Just as quick, a grape flavor emerges and you're left with a mouth full of sugary sweetness. It's the perfect cut all day everyday.


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