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Shocking Discovery! A Crucial Interview with the Internal Cannabis Horticulture Affairs Department

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Hashwriter Media Group and Prestige World-Wide are absolutely honored to have our latest esteemed guest & distinguished colleague in the house. I could rant and rave about this person's contributions all day long, totally enamored by their greatness. So, without further adieu, I bring to you the heart of cannabis and the core culture of cannabis' next generation...



... It's Chad-himself.

H.W.: Hey Chad. Glad to be able to talk with you, and ask a few questions and get your side of the story. There has been quite a bit of-


Chad: "Sup, bro! I was just here at the Hall of Flowers rubbing shoulders with the real cannabis industry types. That shit was poppin' yo!"

H.W.: Oh, cool Chad. Corporate P.R. events are my favorites. Hopefully you brought in all of your event people and the HR department from your fortune 500 company.

Chad: "Yeah, no way in hell I'm employing anyone who has worked in the cannabis industry before or smokes the shit. We try to push as many of those types out of the industry as we can. It's criminals like them, giving today's consumer a bad name with all of their peace and love and hippy bullshit."

H.W.: Hippy bullshit. Right!

"It isn’t about a good or a bad cannabis brand. It's about manipulation and the brand being celebritized." -Chad

Chad: "We seek corporate professionalism and we drug test our employees weekly."

H.W.: Do you watch them pee?

Chad: "We're looking to maximize profit margins and the first step was getting rid of the lazy stoners the 215 market's endorsed. We like to measure productivity on an individual level and our numbers remained consistent, even after replacing the so-called 'skilled-worker,' our head of cultivation, with some hush-hush, "cheap labor."

(note to reader: “cheap labor” was said using air quotations with fingers).

Chad continued: "Off the record, we're off now right? O.K. cool. Can you believe they're willing to do the job for pennies on the dollar? We cut 75% of payroll hiring rich heady kids willing to work for us for free and gave the money to upper-management as bonuses. Hell, we fired our entire marketing department and rely on our consumers for free marketing now."