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Growing For Hash Episode 1: Humboldt Kine Farms and its Youtube time!

Well, well, it's Spring again and time to plant this year's stock of future flavors. Working with a long list of hash makers and brands, Eric Walz of @HumboldtKineFarms is dialed in and pumping out the heat. We made an impromptu visit, which quickly became episode one of Growing For Hash. Come along and check out some of the ins and outs of producing world class fresh frozen cannabis for California's favorite hash makers.

eric walz of humboldtkinefarms inside the greenhouse.
Growing For Hash now on YOUTUBE! Video is linked in article below.

Hop on over to YouTube, linked below for the full length feature and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all that is yet to come. Plenty more is planned and we intend to keep the videos flowing. Having covered the basics and pretty much everything consumers need to know to find, distinguish, store, and smoke six-star hash and live hash rosin, our attention moves to the best farms, brands, and makers of modern hash. If you missed the last article with Todd of Resin Ranch, be sure to check it out next.

an outdoor "hoop-house" growing cannabis flowers
Last Season at Humboldt Kine Farms

Ah yes, and age restriction requires you to sign in to view the video on YouTube. Peace and Love from the Hash World.



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