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Hashwriter Presents: @Resin_Ranch_Extracts In The house: Opioids/recovery/hashish & rosin Reviewed

Updated: Mar 6

We are super psyched to welcome a hashish legend into the Hashwriter fold; Someone who has been after those trichomes for the last twelve years, and someone I've been meaning to highlight for a while. We share many experiences in this all-too-American life, making it nothing short of a miracle for this article to exist. A few incredible jars of fire hash rosin for smoking-review, required two lives recovered from the terrors of pharmaceutical-fascism and enslavement to the morphine molecule, along with the Hash Gods ultimate blessing as the stars aligned for this piece to come into creation.

We caught up with Todd of Resin Ranch Extraction, the Wisconsin native, fellow opiate-recovery-miracle and ex-Colorado resident, before diving into the hash-rosin reviews. Come along for the ride (or feel free to skip to the hash... (rosin).

Flavors Reviewed (Click to Jump)

hashish jars from resin ranch extraction
Resin Ranch in the House. Hit him up on IG @resin_ranch_extraction

The Epidemic Rages On

This opioid epidemic affects and has affected nearly everyone in some capacity, yet disclosure is often restricted behind the prideful veil of American exceptionalism. My experience as a P.O.W. in the War on Drugs, a swift four-year-ride through the Prison Industrial Complex for petty-possession, took priority away from cannabis in my writing and my work. Just as I was finishing a Bachelor's Degree from U.C. Santa Cruz, however, high-end solventless hash hit ... and voila

A couple years removed and it's time to circle back to some common threads, killing friends and family, while feeding the penitentiary-monster. I've slowly realized this platform and the cannabis community are still central in the fight against opioids and the for-profit human warehousing of state prisons today. Thankfully, Todd of Resin Ranch was willing to open-up and share some of his experience with addiction and recovery.

The Message

Todd's message is much like my own, "If I can do it then so can anyone". Speaking for myself, numerous accidental overdoses led to my incarceration where I served four years for dying on a pill previously prescribed. And just like Todd, it was for a back injury while living and skiing in Colorado. That doc "that was way too lax with her prescription pad," ended up being the norm, not the exception.

Resin Ranch:

"My opiate addiction started after a minor back injury while snowboarding. I finally got myself out of that mess after moving back to Wisconsin in 2008 and my parents helping to flip the bill for rehab. I got clean and never looked back. To anyone struggling with addiction of any sort, just don't give up. If I could do it I guarantee you can too. It takes a lot of hard work and patience with yourself. But a normal life can be lived again."

It's wonderful to see ex addicts, or ex-opiate addicts sharing a new style of life. The propaganda of 12-step meetings make it appear impossible and only total abstinence is the answer, but a whole different idea of treatment and recovery needs to be shared. Disease or no disease, genetically passed along or not, everyone can become physically dependent upon opioids and this dependence causes all of the same symptoms and behaviors as full-blown addiction.

While some get clean and never look back, others like myself tried and failed too many times to count, before finally finding some sort of success. While hash has become a large part of my life, for the first few years of recovery abstinence was my answer. Only after a few years of sobriety did I slowly bring cannabis back into my life. For Todd, the plant never left allowing the quick transition back, an ideal situation. Everyone's experience differs, but the point is: there's more than one way to recover.

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About Resin Ranch & The Farm

Grass Valley, California is where the single-source magic happens, using numerous methods keen to the hash loving population.

"In our outdoor gardens we utilize hugelkultur techniques. We also make many of our own inputs utilizing JaDam fermentation methods," ... the latest in living soil gardens. -R.R.

When asked where the information came from or who played a major role in Resin Ranch's solventless development, a familiar name arose:

"Honestly, I learned most from watching Bubbleman's world on YouTube. Taking that information and applying it in my situation and learning to tweak things along the way." -R.R.

Bubbleman's Youtube first introduced me to the idea of higher-grade bubble hash back around 2013-14. Breadcrumbs along the way to Live Hash Rosin.

Where We Headed?

In this wild new world of weed, the direction we head is vital to the future of the plant.

"For the first time I don't currently have a prediction on what direction the market will go. Until they change a lot of the regulations on the recreation market side, the black market will continue to dominate." -R.R.

This multi-generational fight for decency is purposefully fractured and strewn into loose-ends. One generation's tactics become the next generations' principles, taking two steps back for every step forward. This is why it's important for hash brands to share, collaborate, communicate, and help one another as no one can fight the corporate sector alone. I challenge all hash-makers to lead the way, (or send the smokers here), otherwise corporate cannabis will keep us headed for boof-town.

resin ranch extracts circular logo and font
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Cultivar Reviews

Terpene profiles have layers and the more depth, the more meaningful (or unique) the experience. Smoking a lot of rec-market-rosin, these jars came as a nice relief from the mundane and straightforward palates of larger-batch, retail production. Or, it may have nothing to do with batch size, but is simply intention transmitted across time and space, allowing a connection to form in the spiritual realm, which depletes the more hands (and labels) it touches. Coming straight from the farmer and hash maker himself, intentions speak louder than words or terpenes, ever could.

Lemon LimeZ #2 (90-149𝛍) ...

Is zesty and spry, with a greater range of flavor than others tried. That extra added unknown of "funk-n-filth" tasting terps always challenges the senses before cutting out again to offer a zesty lime flavor. The texture of this jar is insane, becoming smoother and silkier with each additional dab. By the time 3/4 of the jar was finished, the final quarter sits in an oil-spill of perfectly, pre-ripened citrus juices, with the acidity running high into excruciating flavor.

a fat yellowish dab of live rosin cannabis extract
Lemon Limez By @Resin_Ranch

The Lemon Limez combo continues to crush, and this rendition adds something special to the back-end flavor. A phenom of a cut bred by @420nomad, expressed and presented in perfection thanks to Resin Ranch.

Lemans #7 (Lemon Tree X TKM#10) 90-149𝛍


This Lemans #7 is the definitive rosin badder consistency, so enticing it becomes difficult not to devour. The type of jar you can't get enough of, with that hue of yellowish-to-orange, as she sweats her sweet-sweet terpenes for our enjoyment. It's wild how one jar can be smoke-able, but not necessarily appealing, while another is so pleasing you can't help but crush through it. Maybe it's the shared history of living in thin air, but apparently Resin Ranch has a terp preference much like our own. Plenty of fruit, citrus, and acidity to boost the cerebral effects of the flower.

Lemon Tree was an instant favorite when partnering with Cookies in 2018-2019-ish, but with little hope for a solventless sample any time soon. One of many flavors claimed to be "un-washable" in the very recent past. Riding the staunch and stern TKM 10 (Triangle Kush Mints), placates all parties and provides the body high and effects of wide-leafed varieties, with the psychologically stimulating Lemon Tree. The best of both worlds combined into a well packaged high.

Sour Diesel 90-149𝛍

When solventless hash and live rosin were early in the retail market game, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance pumped out the Super Sour Diesel flower, delivering the trademark uplifting effects and reminding me of a simpler time in cannabis. We didn't expect to see her wash anytime soon...

hash rosin dab cannabis on a metal tool. hashish is yellow in color and looks like a toothbrush from a distance
"Toothbrush Dabs For Everyone"... An all new shot of Resin Ranch's Sour Diesel Hash Rosin

Talk about a flavor in Colorado that many grew up on. The classic Sour Diesel cuts rolled through the mountain towns of Colorado by 2002-2004, filling every bar room and aprés ski with fire reeking of lemony-skunk & diesel gas. An early new-school flavor that helped bring cannabis into the modern age... Believe it or not, along with a small sample of flavors I can count on one hand, a specific cultivar with a name was fairly new and a novel idea around this time, at least to the smoking public.

Described by our go-to for cultivar history, "Cannabis Pharmacy" by Michael Backes describes the effects of Sour Diesel as similar to "cannabis and coffee." A bit extreme I'd say, however there's a swath of the smoking population truly energized from the cut. He continues to say, "In 2002, Sour Diesel was perhaps the highest priced cannabis in the world, fetching $11,000.00 per ounce on Wall Street, in the days when an ounce of gold was less than $400.00." A cerebral cultivar that exhibits the typical uplifting effects of the “S'' word, is where our love affair began. Big dabs of Diesel Hash Rosin is where we’ve arrived, without looking back.

I just made up a new rule that I believe applies... "Never trust a man that doesn't love lemon in their smoke"... "for they know not what they do"... -H.W.


Looking forward to a new season and new flavors, Todd of Resin Ranch said, "I'm most excited about the Trop Cookies X Romulan seeds I’m going to look through this season." New flavors abound. Huge thank you to our readers, supporters, followers, and haters. And thank you Resin Ranch for sharing so much about yourself with total transparency playing a prominent role. Resin Ranch "always puts good practices, intention, and 100% transparency above all else" and the willingness to share shows.


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