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Cold. Gold. Solventless. Say. Less. Part 1: Methods, Dynamics, & the Sauce

Updated: May 17, 2023

Them boys with the dirty little word now associated with their names, proved to be the beacons of truth and light for an emerging retail industry. Some of the originals to this way of the world and wisdom of the flower, now reduced to being called, dare I say it, ...

cold gold solventless logo and hash rosin jar
Cold Gold Solventless

a "Legacy"- market brand?

Invading On A Way of Life

As the corporate world invades a sacred space, its brands like Cold Gold Solventless that hang on to the hope– the hope for a decent and humane industry, focused on people and informed consumption, rather than preying upon the uninformed. As those who railed against cannabis, investing and profiting from the sprawling prison-industrial complex, now push their chips in on cannabis, we the people get to witness the contradictions of a sociopath, aka the 'corporate mind'.


We were lucky enough to meet up with Cold Gold Solventless several times to discuss their brand, products, methods, and so much more. Always generous, these guys put us on to a grip of flavors to review. I'll share some insights into our conversations and a few key aspects setting the Emerald Triangle's Cold Gold Solventless apart, before diving in on their immaculate new single-source and third-party flavors.


The Best & The Worst: Rosin Badder

Some of the best Terps we've ever come across are cold-cure live hash rosins, however the same can be said for some of the worst. With cold-cures and rosin sauce too-often becoming answers to lower quality, flavorless fresh press rosin, there remain producers like Cold Gold Solventless, whose aim and experience allow the rosin to dictate the ideal texture. Only years of experience lead to this type of hands-on know-how, while an endless stream of new hash makers continue to give rosin sauce & badder a bad name. These terp crusaders and their Cold Gold Frozen Cannabis resins, breathe new life into these ambiguous and often arbitrary methods.

Despite my usual preference for fresh press rosin, a quick and fresh side by side comparison made their cold-cure the clear cut winner. They even brought me around a bit on the idea of rosin sauce, with yet another full-circle story.

Concept Dynamics & Theory

Hand-Wash or Machine Mixed Hash Rosin

Distinguishing themselves from the flock, Cold Gold Solventless was happy to go into detail and explain their theories around the ice water wash and the rosin press. While hand-wash versus machine-wash dominated early solventless discourse, the dynamics of each method can drastically differ. The discussions over machine agitation (of the frozen cannabis, purified water, and ice), versus hand mixed (think boat oar), each present a long list of variables, stifling this overly-generalized discussion.