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#HAF Supporting the Real Ones: Corporate Cannabis Has its Foot on Our Necks

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

During trips and visits to different Emerald Triangle farms, I can't help but to imagine how things used to be, long before Legacy farms called themselves a "Legacy farm." I've been taken-back by the visibility and easy accessibility of many farms that I assume must have been built in more recent years, but @HashandFlowers was hidden deep.

While some rows were clearly constructed in more recent years, under relaxing laws, what circles the house is far more reminiscent of a good-old, Prohibition Era Home-Grow and cannabis farm. Or what I'd always pictured an Emerald Triangle farm to look like under the most draconian of laws.

Newer Rows Easily in Sight From the Driveway. Quite the spread, indeed. @Hashandflowers

The property's physical features bear witness to a history of paper laws, written in far off places, by far off people. The ground itself seemed to tell me the story and evolution of State and Federal cannabis laws, or more importantly, the choice not to enforce them. Let me remind you that cannabis remains Federally illegal, meaning nothing has really changed, other than a choice to not enforce Federal law. A choice, not a right, that leaves everyone in the business without a solid foundation, or a set of rights, to fall back or build upon.

The back yard garden circling close to the house and largely out of sight.

But it fits the mold, per se. Use legislation to destabilize the competition. It's an ingenious tactic used countless times before in all walks of life, now enabling a new industry to be created under corporate control, where corporate interests dictate legislation. Only big business can put up with changes in regulations, B.C.C. demands, and heavy taxation. It keeps all of the small players in check, with their foot on our necks and without access to things like banking, payroll services, insurance, employee benefits, small business loans, or even advertising channels!

A Back Yard Garden Reminiscent of Past Days Under Past Laws. @HashandFlowers beautiful gardens.

But despite Facebook and Google's ban of cannabis related advertising, multi-state operators or M.S.O.'s like, Columbia Care, seem to do as they please. Every google search for cannabis stores when I was in Orange County, was topped by paid advertisements from guess who? Columbia Care. Apparently, if you throw enough money at any set of regulations or rules they won't be enforced. This selective application of laws and regulations fits right in with the double standard of state and federal law, shaping yet another dangerous tool in the cap of corporate interests.

It's also a dead giveaway as to who is writing the laws and calling the shots. This is such a gross perversion of the free market that I'm calling for an outright boycott of all products made by the Big M.S.O.'s. (Multi-State Operators). This shouldn't be difficult as their products are made from the lowest quality cannabis trash. Please help spread the good word.

top brands to boycott
A List of the Big Losers. #boycott them all. Notice how California doesn't break into the top ten.

Thankfully, California still has a few retail brands left that I can spend money on and not feel like I'm being punked. @HashandFlowers, hailing out of Trinity County, California, is certainly one of them. Recently hitting retail markets, they've sent consumers home with more for less, earning them plenty of fans in recent months. As a single-source producer, everything is grown and washed on-site as a small team/family unit. Most of today's hash-makers out-source their cannabis, freezing it and transporting it to be washed elsewhere and often down south.

Unlike many of the farms, @HashandFlowers refuses to go with light-deps, choosing full-sun and full-term traditional growing methods instead. While this cuts down on the number of yearly harvests, it allows plants to grow into full maturity. Full-term plants grow from April to October giving them six full months to mature. This potentially allows for a greater flush of nutrients from the plants. While indoor and light deprivation grows will cut off nutrients and flush the plants with only water for the last two weeks or so before harvest, it hardly compares. Indoor and light deprivation grows usually take around 60-90 days to mature once the flowering stage begins, but take only three to four months total from start to finish. That's half the length of time it takes for a full-term outdoor plant to grow.

hash being washed.
Big Spoons! Masive Hash Production from @HashandFlowers

While full-term outdoor plants were never my ideal cannabis smoke, the new solventless world has shown that outdoor flowers pack a serious punch in solventless forms. It has caused me to completely re-evaluate my beliefs about outdoor cannabis for hashish over the last year or so. The cold-cured hash rosin from @HashandFlowers is some of the best I've tried, but you know I needed to see the fresh press....

And man did they deliver. When done right and with fresh quality cannabis you grew and washed yourself, the fresh press rosin has just as much flavor from the first dab to the last. Sometimes even the best rosin lacks scent until it really warms up, but has all of its flavor from the first dab to the very last.

Everything I tried was loud and right. I've smoked more than enough versions of GMO hash and rosin to know when you have the right phenotype and a rocking terroir. After being thoroughly turned off by anything with a banana from 710labs last year, @HashandFlowers fully restored my faith in the "nanner" cuts. Honey Bananas and Modified Bananas both smacked with flavor and hit hard with effect. With all kinds of sweet and fruity cultivars like "fruit by the gram," I'm looking forward to trying everything they put out.

hash rosin
The Solventless Standard GMO looking Just Right. @HashandFlowers

Out-sourcing cannabis material for hash and rosin has proven successful, but I will argue that a single-source producer, like @hashandflowers has the advantage. Many advantages in fact, some that only a gardener who spends every day with his or her plants can effectively communicate to the hash making process. Seeing a small team that grows and washes the same plants in the same area is extremely rare in today's retail market. Their ability to grow numerous cultivars that excel in solventless refinement, speaks to their extensive expertise.

End of June and barely mid-season, these plants will double in size.

All of these pictures were taken on July first, but I'm told they have taken off since. This is the size most indoor and light dep. plants grow to at full maturity, but is merely half their finished size. I'll be heading back out in the coming weeks to document the growth and show off some absolutely gigantic plants that I'm told will hover a couple feet above the wooden posts!

Before medical markets and hydrocarbon chemical extractions were involved, farmers had been saving their trim and scrap from harvest. They used it to make bubble hash in ice and water. It wasn't until chemicals came around that trim became desirable, bought and sold, and used for every product on retail shelves today. The thought of washing whole cannabis flowers, let alone whole crops, was so taboo it wasn't even mentioned. Thankfully that is all over for some, and the whole crop, no the whole damn farm is now committed entirely to producing hashish.


Run by a group of amazing people, I had an absolute blast smoking a ton of hash with everyone at @hashandflowers. They're pumping out incredible amounts of high-quality cold-cure hash rosin, but I was able to influence them into dropping some fresh press rosin and even ice water hash in the coming months. Terry, the owner is the first one I've met that just might smoke more hash and rosin than me...

Check them out on the gram and stay tuned to see some real monsters of cannabis plants. Subscribe or member up to receive notification of the next @hashandflowers articles and many more!



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